Best Cake Pop Maker Reviews– Silone and Electric Cake Pop Makers for Mini Donut Holes, Cake Lollipops, Brownie Bites, and More!

Looks like a lollipop but tastes like a cake! Isn’t it sweet when you get two treats in one? Suffice it to say a lollipop makes everyone smile, but a cake lollipop satisfies your cravings just a little bit better. These cake pop makers offer unique creations by clever manufacturers. They bring delicious creations to the table that put the icing on the cake when it comes to simplifying your desserts. Let’s check out the best cake pop maker brands—it’s time for something sweet to eat…

Before we get to our featured review, we need to mention the fact that there is more than one way to make a cake pop or donut hole. One way is to use batter and an electric cake pop machine. Since this is one of the easiest, and most convenient way to get the job done, all our featured products are electric cake pop makers.

Another way to create them is to use a Cast Iron Poffertjes Pancake Pan. Although these won’t make perfectly round cake pops, these mini Dutch pancake pans offer a great deal of versatility.

Finally, many people like to use silicone cake pop molds. What's nice about these is they come in a variety of shapes. Many of these cake pop makers also come as kits with cake pop stands, sticks and decorating tools. If that’s what you were looking for, we wanted to save you some time and highlight some of our favorites.

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# of Cakes
With Sticks?
Our Top Choice
VonShef Electric 12 Cake Pop Maker
VonShef products are flying like hot cakes off the shelf, empowering home cooks to take control over the ingredients in their favorite food creations.
Beautiful candy-red cake pop maker with a non-stick surface. Decorate your lollipops to suit the occasion with the stand and sticks that are included with purchase.
Takes a little time to get your batter and pouring technique just right.
Up to 12 at once
50 paper sticks included
Cake pop stand
Best Value
Babycakes Electric Mini Cake Pop Maker
A company that puts the joy back into cooking, Babycakes has adorable little cooking irons to make your favorite cake pops, mini-pies, or fondue.
Feel the love with these cake pops that can be decorated with the included syringe and tiny fork after dipping in chocolate, or other delicious toppings.
Some complaints of parts breaking. No "extras" included, but the larger 12 pop one does.
Up to 9 at once.
None included
None included
Holstein Housewares Large Cake Pop Maker
Named after the tradition of keeping a Holstein cow for good luck, these kitchen gurus have many gadgets up their sleeve to improve your cooking repertoire.
Makes lollipops that are actually mini-cakes for large gatherings. Comes with a recipe book to give you creative ideas for party-pleasing treats.
Does not come with a squeeze bottle for batter, but probably a good idea to buy one to keep the cooking process neat and streamlined.
Up to 35 at once
None included
Manual & recipes
Nostalgia Retro Series Cake Pop Maker
If you are a sucker for saddle shoes and drive-in movies, then you are going to love this 1950s-style cake pop maker by Nostalgia.
With a bright pop of cherry red, this cake pop maker is simple and fun to use. This model comes with an injector and decorating tool to make wonderful party-pleasing desserts.
Not dishwasher safe, but comes with an easy-to-clean non-stick surface.
Up to 10 at once
25 bamboo sticks included
Injection/decorating tool
Disney Mickey Mouse Cake Pop Maker
Disney lovers proudly display the iconic Mickey Mouse emblem on t-shirts, hats, and toys. Now you can make your very own Mickey Mouse cake pops.
Little kids and big kids will love the Mickey Mouse shape this popper provides. Dip in chocolate and red candy for an adorable decoration.
Amazon lists the number of cakes it can cook at one time as 9; the actual number is 4.
4 Mickey cake pops
25 paper sticks included
Piping bag

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What Is the Best Cake Pop Machine? Read Our Cake Pop Maker Reviews!

We have selections from some of the most popular brands on the market when it comes to cake pop makers. These selections include Disney-themed cake pops, and cake pop makers that can make just a few delectable bites at a time, or enough for a huge gathering. And please keep in mind that this isn’t a one-hit wonder appliance. You don’t have to limit yourself to something sweet; you can also make lots of savory appetizers. Make anything from rice balls to shrimp and crab appetizers. Whatever you can imagine, these handy devices will bring them to the table in just a few minutes. So, go ahead and pick a model that suits your needs.

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Our Top Choice
A great way to impress the guests at your next gathering, this cake pop maker creates adorable little lollipops. What could be better than dipping your mini cakes or donut holes in melted chocolate? If you love the idea as much as we do, check out the Electric Chocolate Fondue Melting Pot from VonShef.

VonShef Electric Cake Pop Maker – Bakes Dozen Round Mini Cakes at Once, Comes with Stand and 50 Sticks


VonShef is enjoying a surge in the popularity of their products. Their unique kitchen aids allow you to produce your own sweet creations at home. Makers of appliances that allow you to create tasty delights to tickle your palate, VonShef is excelling in the marketplace thanks to their innovative designs that empower the home chef to customize their very own delectable treats.

What’s great about this cake pop maker is that in just a few minutes you can have a little mini cake dessert that is simply adorable when dressed up on a stick. Perfect for parties, these cake pops are just the right size to satisfy that craving for sweets and make the whole crowd smile.

This cake popper makes 12 cake pops at a time, so you can deliver a delectable treat for large gatherings such as weddings, family reunions, or any huge bash in a short period of time. It comes with 50 sticks and a stand that allows you to prop up your cake-lollipops for decorating. The non-stick tray makes it easy to clean, and it adds a sparkle to your kitchen with the candy red design. You will also enjoy the compact size that makes it easy to store when not in use.

Best Value
A great gift for the chef that has everything, Babycakes helps you to make fabulous miniature treats and appetizers in just a few minutes. This electric mini cake pop machine makes 9 at once. However, you may also want to check out the fan favorite Babycakes CP-12 Cake Pop Maker. It makes 12 at a time and comes with plastic cake pop stand, fork tool, 50 cake pop sticks and recipes

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker – Choice of Baking Either 9 or 12 Round Lolli-Pop Cakes/Donut Holes at Once


Babycakes has cornered the market on adorable cooking irons that make way more than just waffles. Whether you want to make beautifully decorated cake pops, miniature pies, cupcakes, or fondue, Babycakes has a full range of choices in cookware to tickle your fancy.

Select from the 9-pop or 12-pop options in these crowd-pleasing mini-cake makers from Babycakes in bright, cheerful colors. With the non-skid feet, cord wrap, and non-stick surface, they are easy and fun to use. Makes mini-cakes, hush puppies, pizza bites, or Swedish meatballs—you name it, and you can make it in just a few minutes.

A good tip when making your treats is to use a pastry bag for your filling to keep the process neat, even, and streamlined while filling the wells. It is also a good idea to freeze your cake balls after baking for 10-15 minutes, so they will hold up nicely when putting them on a stick and dipping them into your favorite toppings.

There are lots of creations to choose from! Let your imagination run wild.

If you’re looking for baking versatility, the Babycakes Multi Treat Baker comes with 3 interchangeable plates for cake pops, mini cupcakes and donuts.

Make enough cake pops to feed tens, if not hundreds of people with this thirty-five capacity cake pop maker. Thirty-five too many cake pops? Holstein Housewares has a Mini Cake Pop Maker Kit that makes 7 at a time—perfect for baking with kids.

Holstein Housewares FUN 35 PC Cake Pop Maker – Makes 35 Round Mini Cakes or Donut Holes at Once, Available in Two Colors


Have you ever heard of a Holstein cow? Folklore has it that keeping one of these dairy cows in your kitchen will bring you good luck for years to come. And who couldn’t use a little good luck? But let’s face the facts: you’ll need a few more weapons in your arsenal if you’re going to please the crowds at your next gathering.

Enter this large-capacity cake pop maker by Holstein that pops out 35 mini-cakes at a time. If you have just ten minutes to spare, you can make a delicious treat that will satisfy every person in the room with this cake pop maker. It comes with an indicator light to tell you when it is ready, and non-slip feet to keep it stable while you fill the wells with batter. In no time at all you will have a huge array of cake pops you can decorate with an assortment of accoutrements to bring your delectable creations to the next level.

A terrific bonus is the recipe book that will give you ideas for your next party. Everyone will love you when you arrive with a basketful of these unique creations, made with love, and a little bit of help from Holstein.

This retro-style cake pop maker will bring a smile to your face and a little joy to your kitchen. This machine makes up to 10 donut holes or cake pops at once. However, you could also opt for the Nostalgia Mini Cake Pop Maker kit. It can make 7 brownie bites, cake pops or donut holes in under 7 minutes. Perfect for singles or couples!

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series '50s-Style Cake Pop and Donut Hole Maker


Drive-in movies and roller skates take you back to the good old days, don’t they? Nostalgia is making appliances to bring your sweet memories back to life with this retro-style cake pop maker that brings classic style to your modern creations.

A terrific addition to any party-pleasing chef, this cake pop maker allows you to make ten donut-hole sized cakes in just a few minutes. The non-stick plate makes cleanup a breeze, and the stylish red design will brighten up your kitchen decor.

To make your life just a little bit easier, Nostalgia has included 25 sticks to make your own unique lollipops. There is also an injector that comes with this purchase, so you can fill your dessert creations with jelly, chocolate, or pastry cream for a delightful surprise. Wouldn’t you love to take a batch of these adorable cake pops to your next party?

Mickey Mouse never tasted so good! Makes four Mickey Mouse lollipops out of cake to satisfy all those Disney fans out there. Prefer to make molded mini cakes and cake pops? Check out the Disney Parks Exclusive Mickey Mouse Silicone Muffin Mold.

Disney Classic Mickey Mouse Mini Cake Pop Maker – Bakes 4 Cake Pops with Mouse Ears at Once


Telling tales as old as time, Disney broke open the hearts of the entire world with magical fairy tales. Spinning stories full of laughter and fairy dust, you can now get their classic mascot Mickey Mouse in a cake popper.

There are four pre-shaped wells for you to fill with your favorite cake batter. In just a few minutes, the Mickey Mouse shaped cakes are ready to decorate and devour. The inner cooking plate is non-stick, so the cakes pop right out.

This cake popper comes in a cheerful bright red design with Mickey Mouse on the front, perfect for Disney fans. The illumination light tells you when it’s ready, and the non-skid feet will keep it steady while you pour the batter. Makes delicious cake pops every time.

Best Mini Cake Pop Maker Guide – Which Kind of Cake Pop Maker is Best for You?

Nothing is more fun and tastes better than a well-baked, yummy treat. Kids especially love cakes as much as they love lollipops, and what better way to serve them than as cake pops? There are several options for baking unique and unusual food items, apart from the standard cupcakes and traditional cakes you can make with casserole bakeware.

With the myriad of choices out there for baking your delicious treats, finding the right accessories can be overwhelming. Cake pop makers provide a fabulous way to churn out those tasty treats that will be loved by kids and adults alike.

Memories have been made in the kitchen through baking cookies and cakes, but you can try something new by purchasing a cake pop maker, for a whole new twist on delicious treats for the entire family. Most people make cakes whenever they feel like giving friends or family a treat. Sometimes, the huge cakes can be too much for the group and end up going to waste. With a cake pop maker, you’ll make just the right amount of cake for the occasion and then you can just simply ice them before serving!

Cake pop makers bake cakes much faster than a traditional cake pan thrown into an oven. In most cases, you can take out your cake in just a few minutes. Additionally, these cakes are great for birthday parties or weddings where, as opposed to cutting a piece for each guest, everyone can have their own piece attached to a stick.

With that in mind, let’s delve deeper into the features of a good cake pop maker, and then you’ll be ready to make a choice.

Video: Easy Cake Pops Tutorial

How To Make Cake Pops. | Courtesy of Divas Can Cook

If you’re already thinking, “Ooh, do I really need to spend extra bucks on a cake pop maker, yet I already have a baking pan and a spacious oven?” think again. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a decent cake pop maker, but you’ll have the luxury of churning out delicious cakes quickly and more conveniently. A good cake pop maker will cost you anything between $10 and $50. That sounds affordable, right? We always strive to feature top-quality products within reasonable budgets to suit every consumer. Of course, the price will vary depending on the capacity and functionalities. If you find very cheap cake pop makers below our range, run away and thank us later. They could be just some cheap imitations made of low-quality materials that won’t live up to your expectations.


If you’re looking for the best cake pop maker, there are several features to look for, including performance, price, and capacity. Also check whether the pan is non-stick or not. A non-stick model means no heavy cleaning work after every baking session. Here are the features in more detail:

  • Capacity – Ask yourself how many cakes you plan to make at the same time. If you’re serving guests at a party or hungry kids who want their share right now, consider bigger models that can bake up to a dozen of cakes at a go. However, if you need a simple unit for creating a few sweet treats for your family, you’ll find models with lower capacities.
  • Recipe Cookbook – Not everyone is a seasoned baker. If you don’t have a clear idea of what to make, it’s good to consider models that come with detailed cookbooks with generous tips and recipes for various tasty treats. Add in a little imagination to drive everyone nuts with your cake pops. You can even make muffins, mini corn dogs, mini brownies, cinnamon rolls, and much more with this machine.
  • Extras – The power cord should be long enough to allow you to make your cakes from the comfort of your kitchen countertop or a cake pop maker stand. Consider a comfortable latching handle for convenience during baking and a light indicator to signal when the cake is ready.
Construction and Design

Cake pop makers are made of similar materials as the ordinary cake pans. If you can get a non-stick model, so much the better! These cake makers also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can get square or round shapes, but star or heart shapes are also available. Some models even come with a glass bottom to enhance aesthetics.

Non-stick surfaces usually make life easier for a wide range of kitchen appliances. Almost every baking appliance now comes with a non-stick surface to make your work easier when removing the cakes from the pan. It’s also much easier to clean the mess after trying out several recipes on your cake maker. Most non-stick coatings are made with silicon layers. Metal models are less popular and will often need cooking spray to create a non-stick surface.

A good cake pop maker will most certainly come with some accessories. Most manufacturers provide sticks for creating the final lollipop with ease. Some models will also come with a tool for decorating the cake pops and inserting any fillings. Check user reviews for the best cake pop makers to see what other customers say about the extra goodies the unit comes with. And if you’re planning to throw a party, accessories like a cake pop stand or a fork stool can come in handy. Kids will gather around the stand as they grab the hot treats as soon as you begin to serve. Fabulous!

Video: How to Make Your Babycakes Cake Pops Taste Better

Better Tasting Cake Pops. | Courtesy of CakePopLover
Performance and Ease of Use

People ask many questions when it comes to cake pop makers. One such question is whether or not you can use regular butter on a cake pop maker. Yes, you can use your regular butter, as well as cupcake butter, and the cake will take much less time to bake, as compared to oven baking. Just don’t be too generous with the butter.

As with other cakes, you should cool down the cake pops before you begin to decorate. You can be as creative with these pops as you like, and play around with different flavors and recipes to make the occasion memorable.

Models with lighting indicators can be great for warning you when the cake is ready. Some will even automatically turn off once the cake is ready, so you don’t have to worry about over-baking your cakes. It’s also important to consider models with non-stick surfaces to prevent cakes from sticking to the surface, and for ease of cleaning.

Get the Best Cake Pop Maker of 2022!

Hungry yet? Who wouldn’t be, with all these wonderful desserts and appetizers right at your fingertips? Make a few surprise treats to please even the toughest critics with these terrific cake pop makers. These models not only churn out tasty, ball-shaped treats, but can just as well be used to bake brownie bites, donut holes, and creative desserts including pancake spheres and muffin balls. We’re glad to have played a part in your quest to find the best cake pop maker. You can also check out these brands for more options to choose from.

Our Top Choice
VonShef Electric 12 Cake Pop Maker
Best Value
Babycakes Electric Mini Cake Pop Maker
Holstein Housewares Large Cake Pop Maker
Nostalgia Retro Series Cake Pop Maker
Disney Mickey Mouse Cake Pop Maker

Cake Pop Maker FAQs

How to use a cake pop maker?
To use a cake pop maker, put a slot in the dough, close, plugin, and turn on the machine. You can then wait until the cake pops are fully cooked.
How to make cake pops with a cake pop maker?
To make cake pops with a cake pop maker, pour your batter into a pastry bag. Prick one end of the bag and squeeze little amounts of batter into the pop maker. It is much easier than using a spoon to scoop the pastry. Then turn on the machine and cook for between 4 and 5 minutes to get the right cake pops.
Where to buy a cake pop maker?
The best place to buy a cake pop maker is at Amazon, the largest, most-affordable online retailer. On this site, you will find a wide variety of products in every imaginable category. If you are looking for a cake pop maker to buy, check out our review for some of the best brands.