Best Cake Serving Set Reviews 2023

Wedding cake server sets not only make cutting the first slice of your wedding cake a – well – piece of cake, they also make fabulous memorabilia that allows you to reminisce on your magical day for years to come. They are also great for anniversaries and milestone birthday parties, as well as just to have a around for holidays and special occasions. But as simple as they may seem, buying the best one is not an easy task given the plethora of styles and design options to choose from. However, that’s where we step in to present you with 5 of the best cake server brands and 5 great sets that will add a little touch of glamor to your auspicious occasion. By the way, we have another review with more options and designs of cake knives (some of which also come with serving utensils) that you might want to look at. You will love them!
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Our Top Choice
Lenox Adorn Cake Knife & Server
With over 340 years of expertise, it would probably be right to say that Lenox is a market leader in high-quality giftware and collectibles.
Ribbon motif. Superior quality silver plated metal. Knife measures 8 3/4" and 8” cake server.
Packaging box is not great quality.
Ribbon motif
1 knife and server
13 x 4 x 1.2 inches
Silver plated
Dishwasher safe
Best Value
Hortense B. Hewitt Sparkling Love Server Set
Hortense B. Hewitt is one of the biggest names in the wedding accessories and gifts space and is distinct for its exceptional quality, fine fabrics, and competitive prices.
High quality silver plated handles. Sculpted hearts and rhinestone accents.
The engravings on both the knife and server may have small scratches inside the hearts.
Sculpted hearts/rhinestone accents
1 knife and server
5.5 x 1.5 x 16 inches
Silver plated
Dishwasher safe, silver polish
Godinger Baroque Cake Server & Knife
Godinger sets the gold standard when it comes to crystal, pewter, silver and other handcrafted items, and offers all this at highly competitive prices.
Baroque style design. Decorative handles. Dishwasher safe.
Silver plating needs maintenance to avoid tarnish.
1 knife and server
12.5 x 4.75 x 0.5 inches
Silver plated
Dishwasher safe, silver polish
Weddingstar Elegant Vintage Rose Serving Set
With over 34 years of expertise, Weddingstar knows a thing or two about how to make dreams come true with their massive selection of unique wedding accessories.
Measures 14.5 inches by 4 inches. Great choice for engraving. Crafted from poly resin, hand painted with crystal accents. Fitted with stainless steel blades.
Designs are not uniform.
Vintage rose
1 knife and server
4.5 x 4 x 1.5 inches
Poly resin, stainless steel
Dishwasher safe
Fashioncraft Interlocking hearts design cake knife/server set
If you’re looking for high quality and stylish fashion accessories such as baby shower favors, and religious party favors, Fashioncraft is the name to go with.
Crafted of high quality poly resin. Interlocking hearts design on handle. Fitted with a sturdy steel blade. Arrives in a delightfully packed box.
Contents may fall out of place during shipping
Interlocking hearts
Available in 3 sets
14.57 x 13.19 x 12.2 inches
Poly resin, stainless steel
Dishwasher safe

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What is the Best Cake Serving Set?

Buying the perfect knife and server for your momentous occasion will truly depend on personal tastes, but our wedding cake server set buying guide hopefully has provided you with some insight on the basic elements to look for. Now that you have an idea of what to look for, you should now be able to choose your set from our top 5 options so without further ado, let’s get right to them!
Our Top Choice
The Lenox Bridal Adorn Cake Knife and Server set comes with a 8 3/4" cake knife and an 8” cake server, both accented with a ribbon motif. However if you’d like a much bigger cake knife for generous servings, the Lenox Butterfly Meadow Bouquet Cake Knife and Server Set might be a perfect fit. It comes with a 100% porcelain crafted cake server topped by a beautiful butterfly meadow and insects design.

Lenox Bridal Adorn Cake Knife and Server – Available in 8 Styles

Backed by over 340 years of tabletop and giftware expertise, Lenox is today a market leader in superior quality giftware and collectibles and its product portfolio includes ornaments, figurines and home décor items. Founded by Walter Scott, the company’s mission to this day has remained unchanged; to create and develop high quality products, which is truly evident from the product lineup.

The Lenox Cake Knife and Server Set is appointed with handles that are embossed with a visually appealing ribbon motif with delicate loops. It’s crafted entirely of silver plated metal, where the knife measures 8 3/4" with an 8” server, making it a great choice for more than just wedding occasions. It makes a wonderful gift owing to its shining plating and is backed by the Lenox Replacement Policy.
Best Value
The Hortense B. Hewitt Sparkling Love Cake Knife and Server Set showcases a great design with sculpted hearts and rhinestone accents. But if you’d like to tone it down a couple of notches with an understated design, the Hortense B. Hewitt Glittering Beads Cake Knife and Server Set is worth a second look. This two piece cake server set is outfitted with silver accented, clear handles that are populated with sparkling, glittering glass beads.

Hortense B. Hewitt Sparkling Love Silver-Plated Cake Knife and Server Set

Founded by Hortense B. Hewitt in the early 1940’s, Hortense B. Hewitt first took center stage with its original lineup of products - Glamour Garters® - and today boasts a rather expensive range of exceptional quality products such as cake accessories, tabletop accessories, invitation kits, decorations, balloon kits, coasters, and napkins.

The Hortense B. Hewitt Sparkling Love Cake Knife and Server Set is a perfect choice for any occasion that requires a touch of romance and beauty. This 2-piece knife and cake server set are outfitted with silver plated handles complete with sculpted hearts and rhinestone accents. This versatile set is dishwasher safe and can be easily matched with a wide assortment of contemporary and stylish accessories.
The Godinger Baroque Cake Server/Knife set features a classy Baroque style design with decorative handles. But if you’d like a server set that can be used for fancy dinners and events, the Godinger Gold leaf (twig) Cake Server Set is worth a look. This set is crafted from stainless steel with a brass leaf handle design, and makes a great gift for Christmas, mother’s day and even housewarming events.

Godinger Baroque Cake Server/Knife - 12.5 Length

Founded by Arnold Godinger and William Lefkowitz in 1973, Godinger is a family owned company that has garnered a stellar reputation for producing superior quality and exclusive gift items such as barware, candlesticks, tea sets, bakeware, frames and wedding gifts.

Measuring 12.5 x 4.75 x 0.5 inches and weighing in at a modest 14.4 ounces, the stylish and versatile Godinger Cake Server/Knife comes in with Baroque styled handles that are stylish and versatile. This high quality silver plated set is dishwasher safe, and can be used for a wide range of occasions including office parties, anniversaries and other special get-togethers.
The Weddingstar Elegant Vintage Rose Wedding Cake Serving Set makes a great choice for vintage inspired weddings given its amazing detail and unique design. But if you’re after something that’s totally romantic and a set you can use to make your anniversaries memorable year after year, the Flower of Love In Romantic Red Cake Serving Set might be a better choice.

Elegant Vintage Rose Wedding Cake Serving Set - 14.5 inches x 4 inches

Weddingstar, for the past 34 years, has designed and developed a wide range of amazing and unique wedding accessories. Be it traditional or contemporary, you can rest assured you’ll find accessories that match your personal style within the expansive product lineup.

The two piece Weddingstar Elegant Vintage Rose Wedding Cake Serving Set showcases both elegant and antique chic design. It’s a great choice for a vintage inspired wedding theme. Handcrafted with poly resin and hand painted with silver accents, and fitted with high quality stainless steel blades, this is a charming set. The server and knife both measure 14.5 inches by 4 inches and are lightweight at just 6.4 ounces.
The Fashioncraft Interlocking hearts design cake knife/server set features a high quality steel blade and is appointed with highly romantic interlocking hearts on the handle. But if you’re looking for a wedding cake server set that will be one of the highlights of your evening, the Paris with Love theme cake server set won’t disappoint. The poly resin handles of this two piece set are detailed with Eiffel Tower designs and embellished with crystals.

Fashioncraft Interlocking hearts design cake knife and server set – Available in 3 Sets

Fashioncraft is one of the biggest suppliers of a wide range of party items such as religious favors, baby favors, wedding favors, bridal shower accessories, graduation favors, glass and crystal collections, centerpieces and silver and chrome collections.

The Fashioncraft Interlocking hearts design cake knife/server set can be ordered in three different package variants, where each set arrives in a delightful package that consists of a clear topped box completed with slate gray and white damask. The cake knife measures 12.125" x 1", while the cake server rings in at 9.75" x 2”, both crafted of high quality poly resin with carved interlocking hearts design on the handles, which support the stainless steel blades. Fashioncraft offers other accessories to match this set as well if you want to complete the look.

How Do I Choose the Best Cake Serving Set?

Although there are several wedding traditions that have been skipped in recent years, cutting the cake is still one that remains top priority for most newlyweds. And if you’re one of the many looking forward to following this timeless tradition, you can’t just go out and pick up a traditional cake knife or kitchen knife set to cut the centerpiece of your big day. You will want to consider buying a wedding cake server set that matches not just your wedding cake, but the overall theme of your wedding - just like you would buy the best candle holder that matches the overall décor of your bedroom.

Our cake server buying guide will provide you with necessary information so you can buy the best accoutrements to make your wedding day unforgettable (or any other special occasion when cake is served).
Before you go out shopping for the best cake server set, it is best to decide how much you’re willing to spend. Given these utensils symbolize your union and your promise to forever provide for each other, you should really try and refrain from buying a cheap cake server set and rather opt for a cake knife and server that will make excellent keepsakes. The price of cake server sets depends on several factors including size, design, material and the ability to customize. But to give you a rough idea, price of wedding server sets can range from $20 for those with plastic and wooden handles to hundreds of dollars for those made from distinctive metals.
Two of the biggest factors that come into play when choosing the best cake server set are size and style. If you’ve got yourself a mammoth wedding cake that stands 3 or more levels high, using a 5” knife to cut it will look and possibly feel fairly awkward. Furthermore, if you wish to have your wedding cake knife and server engraved with your initials and wedding date, you should definitely look for sets that offer this option.

That said, here are a few features that make a great cake server set.
  • Size – choose a knife and cake server that matches the size of your cake. This ensures you’re able to cut and serve equal pieces
  • Sharpness of Blade – the blades do not have to be sharp enough to cut through your wedding cake stand, but stainless steel blades that make a clean cut should work well
  • Design– most handles of both the knife and server generally feature a wide range of designs from ribbon motifs and sculpted hearts to Baroque and vintage styles so choose ones that’s appropriate for you
  • Care and Cleaning – look for cake server sets that are hand wash or dishwasher safe such as those made with poly resin. Even though the respective set may be dishwasher safe, it is a good idea to gently wash by hand to avoid scratches on the detail
  • Package – if you’re going to be giving these as a gift, look for cake server sets in decorative boxes
  • Engraving Options – some cake server sets can be personalized with your details
Construction and Design
Cake server sets can be ordered in a plethora of different styles and designs, leaving you spoilt for choice. Most of them are crafted with poly resin or silver plated with a stainless steel blade. High quality options are generally rustproof, and feature timeless designs, making them a great choice for several other occasions. The cake server is generally the same size as the knife and ensures you serve the right size for all your guests to get a piece. If you’re going to be giving this set away as a gift, consider buying one that comes in a nice display box, and check to see matching wedding cake boxes are available if you’re going to be packing cake for guests to take home.
Performance and Ease of Use
Several wedding cake server sets allow you the option to personalize them with details such as your initials and date of wedding. This makes the set even more personal and allows you reminisce your big day for years to come. If the manufacturer does not offer the option to personalize, you can always approach a local engraver. Most of these sets showcase highly decorative designs so they may come across as fragile, but they are actually strong enough for the job at hand. If you’re getting married in the fall or winter, choose a cake server set that brings a little warmth to the table such as one that features gold hues (they also appear more expensive than they really are).

Get the Best Cake Serving Set of 2023!

You’ve bought yourself a stunning wedding dress, booked a cake that will literally leave your guests in a state of awe, and we hope we were able to make your glorious occasion perfect by helping you select the best cake server set. If you didn’t love our picks, see what else these trusted brands have to offer.

Our Top Choice
Lenox Adorn Cake Knife & Server
Best Value
Hortense B. Hewitt Sparkling Love Server Set
Godinger Baroque Cake Server & Knife
Weddingstar Elegant Vintage Rose Serving Set
Fashioncraft Interlocking hearts design cake knife/server set