Best Cake Stand Reviews 2023

It may not matter just how coordinated your party is, or how much detail you have put in every single aspect to make it a success. The lack of a well-presented cake can mean all the difference, and this is where some of the best cake stand brands around come in. A cake can make or break your event, and the stand you have for it plays a significant role as well. Now, you don’t want any disapproving stares as the party goes down. Then plan well and give your guests a memorable treat.
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Our Top Choice
Amalfi Decor 12-inch Metal Cake Stand
Amalfi Decor offers their customers hand-crafted, professionally inspected, top quality products.
Sturdy frame and weighted base. Gold hand-painted finish. Antique style to your arrangement. It is made of 100% food safe material. Felted bottom that keeps it from wobbling.
This stand is not dishwasher safe.
Decorating turntable
12 x 12 x 6 inches
Holds cakes up to 12” wide
Champagne, silver, gold
Best Value
Anchor Hocking 2-Piece Canton Cake Sever
Anchor Hocking offers customers a wide variety of high quality, beautiful, and functional glassware.
It is dishwasher safe. Can be used as a punch bowl. Sturdy base allows the stand to hold heavy cakes perfectly. It is a 2-piece glass dome.
Only holds cakes that are eleven inches and below.
Cake dome with lid
13 x 9.4 x 25.6 inches
Holds cakes up to 11” wide
Deco 79 Aluminum Cake Stand
Deco’s observation of standards based on integrity, honesty, and quality in their every business decision has been integral in the company’s success.
Sturdy frame to withstand heavy 3-tiered cakes. Easy to clean. Can display large cakes. Top is fixed well to the stand. Durable.
Might be heavy to move around.
Set of 4
22 x 22 x 6.5 inches
Aluminum metal alloy
Holds cakes up to 18” wide
Dahlia Studios Beaded Mirror Cake Stand
Dahlia Studios commitment to innovation has seen the company offer customers inviting and stylish products for their homes.
Materials used on the stand are food safe. It is versatile to display different pastries. A mirrored top giving it an attractive design. Can hold a 2-tier cake. It is easy to mount.
It is not able to hold very heavy cakes.
Mirrored glass top
8.5 x 10 x 1.25 inches
Holds cakes up to 8” wide
Wilton Trim ‘n Turn Decorating Cake Stand
Wilton is a leading manufacturer of innovative and comprehensive products for projects such as cake decorating, baking, and cookie making, among others.
Can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. Can be used both left and right handed. Has a non-slip design. It is dishwasher safe making cleaning easy. Has a soft grip ring to hold the cake in place.
Might feel too light, so it is easy to slip from your hands.
Rotating stand
12 x 12 x 3.2 inches
Holds cakes up to 11” wide

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What is the Best Cake Stand?

We have selected some of the most popular brands on the market when in it comes to cake stands. And now that you are well informed on the features you need to look out for when purchasing it, let’s look through the brands that made our top five list.
Our Top Choice
The Amalfi Decor 12-inch Metal Cake Stand comes with a sturdy steel frame, weighted base, and felted bottom that keep it from wobbling while in use. If you are looking for a cake stand that will add an extra sparkle to your event then check out the Amalfi Decor Sophia Collection Metal Cake Stand with Crystals. It has crystals draped around the stand and is available in seven colors — a real showstopper.

Amalfi Decor Victoria Collection 12-inch Round Metal Cake Stand — Available in Champagne, Gold or Silver

After more than two decades, Amalfi Decor has perfected their design and conceptualization of products to become a leader in home décor industry while still ensuring reasonable prices to their customers. The company deals with a broad range of products, from contemporary crystal chandeliers to antique cake stands, ornate candle holders, and cupcake holders, to mention but a few.

The Amalfi Decor 12-inch Metal Cake Stand is exclusive in nature due to a design that outshines most competing brands. Its base and plate are detachable to ensure easy handling, storage, transportation, and cleaning.
This stand also offers other exciting features such as including:
  • Offering a wide surface efficient in holding cakes up to 12-inches in diameter.
  • It is suitable for cakes between one and four tiers.
  • The simple base and plate ensure that it doesn’t take up much space on the setup table.
  • Only taking a few screws allows for easy assembly.
  • A hand-painted gold finish offers antique-style brush strokes and stunning artisanship, adding to its stylishly outstanding and collectable look.
  • The solid frame on this stand makes it unbeatable in the realm of stability.
  • It is made of 100% food safe material, keeping worries and risks at bay while serving your desserts.
  • Above all, the gold finish and the artisanship in this stand make it a stylish décor worth adding to your collection.
The Victoria Collection cake stand comes in champagne, silver, and gold; each displaying a touch of class and elegance to your wedding, birthdays or just dessert arrangement.
Best Value
The Anchor Hocking 2-Piece Canton Cake Sever offers ideal height and a sturdy base design that helps withstand heavy cakes without wobbling. If you are interested in a four in one item that can be used as a cake dome, chip-n-dip, punch bowl, and tiered platter, check out Anchor Hocking 4-in-1 Presence Glass Cake Stand.

Anchor Hocking Canton Cake Stand Dome – Available in 8 Sizes and 7 Designs

Since 1905, Anchor Hocking has been producing fashionable and affordable products, lending to their growth as the leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer glass in America. Their extensive experience, spanning over a century, is just one of the reasons why the company outsmarts most of its counterparts in the industry.

The way a cake stand is made can mean the difference between it and other alternatives, with Anchor Hocking 2-Piece Canton Cake Sever proving as a true example of this. Among its best features, the stand is a 2-piece glass cake dome with a tiered platter to add to its overall appeal. This is not all, check out its other interesting features and see why this is the king of the table, such as:

Here are several features you cannot afford to miss out:
  • You can either display your desserts or invert the dome to create a punch bowl, allowing for a two in one bargain.
  • It can be used as three separate plates or stacked, giving versatility in usage.
  • When you consider the fact that it is dishwasher safe, you know you never have to worry about retaining its sparkle after use.
  • If you are looking for a solid stand for your heavy cakes, the combination of perfect height and weight in this stand will give you just that.
  • The glass dome in the stand has been made of durable material and makes for easy to access treats in addition to keeping them well preserved inside.
If you are looking for variety, then this is exactly the cake stand you need, as it comes in eight sizes and seven designs, ranging from 3-tier to the 8-inch sizes with clear/presence to Annapolis/clear finishes. You are truly spoilt for choice.
The Deco 79 Aluminum Cake Stand has a sturdy frame, which gives it strength to withstand heavy 3-tiered cakes without hassle. If you are looking for a cake stand that will not only help display your pastries but also functions as a decorative item at a fair price, then check out Deco 79 Aluminum Marble Cake Stand.

Deco 79 Stylish Aluminum Set of Four Cake Stand

Deco is devoted to bringing the newest, most unique, and highest quality products to their customers with their products always taking the lead in the market. The company offers innovative and distinct products that are tailored to enhance customers’ profitability thanks to the company’s dedication to embracing reasonable risk-taking in building on everyone’s talent and strength.

When it comes to shopping for a cake stand, there are some features that should never be overlooked. Firstly, the Deco 79 Aluminum Cake Stand is made with a rust-resistant aluminum metal alloy and a silver coating to ensure durability. Other impressive qualities that this stand brings to the table include:

These are some of its best qualities:
  • With most small items becoming the center of interior décor, this stand does not fall short. It is made with a wonderful design and finish that makes it more than just a cake stand, but a masterpiece in and of itself.
  • Cleaning this stand is a breeze and it does not tarnish, allowing it to last for generations.
  • With a sturdy frame, well attached top, and welded legs, you can count on its ability to bear the weight of up to a 3-tier cake without wobbling under the pressure, so it’s perfect if you plan to prepare a heavy cake.
  • A well-hammered top ensures the stand holds up well for long after you buy, giving you a good return on your investment.
  • Additionally, since the legs are welded on, you have no cause for worry over the stand wobbling or toppling when in use, saving you the disappointment.
  • The sheer size of this stand dwarfs its competitors, making it ideal for large gatherings such as weddings.
  • When it comes to versatility, you can’t go wrong with this stand, as you can use it for both desserts and cakes without fault.
The materials used in the Dahlia Studios Beaded Mirror Top Round Cake Stand are food safe so your health is not at risk. How about a stand that goes beyond the norm; one that is able to hold a large cake in the center and six smaller tarts or cakes on the scroll arms? If this intrigues you, check out Dahlia Studios White with Crystals Cake and Cupcake Stand.

Dahlia Studios Antique Beaded Round 8.5 x 10” Mirror Top Cake Stand

Dahlia Studios has maintained a remarkable reputation in the industry with their wide range of high-quality products, from interior designs to art and virtual reality, all with the addition of outstanding service.

Their Beaded Mirror Top Round Cake Stand has not disappointed with its amazing quality and mirrored top, adding flair and style to its design, but there are more features, still, that boost it above its competition.

Here are several features you will come to love:
  • There is no need to be put off by fear for your health, as this stand is made with only food safe materials to ensure that having a great party does not compromise your wellbeing.
  • You can use this stunning stand with few limitations, especially when you factor in its ability to cater to cakes as well as desserts.
  • Having only to tighten a few screws to mount the top to the base and the crystals simply being hooked on, assembly is a breeze.
  • Due to its silver finish, the faux crystal beads reflect virtually any light in the room, be it sunlight, overhead lighting, or candlelight, adding to its attractive display for any event.
  • The gorgeous nature of this stand makes it ideal to use for decoration in your house even long after the party has ended, lending to its versatile and worthwhile appeal.
  • Its quality, height, and stability make this stand the right tool for the job by providing sufficient room and resistance to wobbling.
You can turn the Wilton Trim ‘n Turn Decorating Cake Stand clockwise or counterclockwise, which makes it ideal for left and right-handed users. If you love Roman architecture then the Wilton Roman Column Tier Cake Stand will blow your mind with its eight piece set designed with six roman columns that will add a touch of class to your centerpiece.

Wilton Trim ‘n Turn Turntable Rotating Cake Stand — Available in 3 Styles

Wilton designs their products with the goal of bringing ease and comfort to their customers with the experience of making something special with the use of unique style in whatever they are doing. The company has a creative group dedicated to helping individuals advance their creativity through DIY projects and crafts.
The performance of any cake stand comes down to its make, as such, the features of the Wilton Trim ‘n Turn Decorating Cake Stand are essential in determining its reliability. With its non-slip base, you don’t have to work in fear that your cake will topple and come crumbling down, so take your time and prepare your cake with confidence.
These are some of the best qualities this stand has to offer:
  • It comes with a soft-grip ring to help hold the cake from shifting toppling off of the stand.
  • Its three-inch raised base features a non-slip edge that keeps it in place on your worktop.
  • The table is versatile with a trim-and-turn make with a hidden ball bearing and locking mechanism, allowing you to rotate your cake with ease as you decorate it, while also able to lock it into place, preventing rotation for forming delicate decorations or display purposes.
  • With the rotational capability of this stand, you can save time and work easily, keeping it under your control. Preparing your cake has never been this exciting.
  • Now here is the best part, do you know you can lock your stand to prevent the rotation? Well, if you are working on lettering and delicate flowers, you can always lock it and work without struggle.
  • This stand is also versatile, so you can use it for both serving or display purposes; it all depends on what you want to do with it.
  • It is very easy to clean with the options of using the dishwasher or hand washing with soap and water.
The cake stand is available in three styles; Tilt ‘N Turn Ultra, Trim ‘N Turn Plus, Trim ‘N Turn Ultra. Each offering an attractive centerpiece at your table.

How Do I Choose the Best Cake Stand?

Be it cupcakes, simple desserts, or wedding cakes that need to be served, an impressive stand can push your display to a whole new level of intrigue and class. You may have planned for everything else, and yet, if you still don’t have any idea of how your cake will be presented, you’re not quite ready enough – but don’t fret, we’re here to help! So, take out your cake pop maker and get ready to make those interesting treats that your guests are bound to enjoy!

One of the best aspects of cake stands is their versatility. You can serve all types of deserts from mini pastries to scones and delicious éclairs and they come in various design styles and sizes to match any occasion, making them a fun and easy shopping endeavor. It all depends on the event at hand, but throwing a little extra pizazz towards your desserts is not always the easiest task seeing as having the best decorating set to help create cute designs or a beautiful serving set that complements the theme of the event may not help much if your cake is not well placed, so getting the right size for your stand will go a long way in enhancing the overall elegance of your display.

Before looking through the best cake stands we have reviewed for you, be sure to check out their features first.
The aspect of price is very enticing when you consider buying a cake stand. With most of them going for anything between $20 and $100, you can have a great stand without breaking the bank and if you are ready to spend a little more, you can go over the top to get an even higher quality product with all the show-stopping frills.

Of course, you will come across several cheap cake stands in the market and these are not for you. You want to be proud of to display and, because most of these low-cost stands fall short of some vital features including stability, food safe material, and overall appeal, they simply aren’t worth buying. These features are so essential for a stand, having to work with one that is lacking them can spell doom – not only for your cake, but even the whole event.
When shopping for your cake stand, you must be very keen on choosing the best product for your investment and the most surefire way to determine exactly what you need is by examining the features, some of which include:
  • Design – Cake stands come in all types of designs, from revolving trays to mirrored, some with dome lids and some as a tiered set of four, some simple and some embellished with decorative touches.
  • Size – These stands come in many different sizes and weights and, although lighter ones are better in the interest of portability, if you do need a heavy-duty stand, look for one with some added heft to it.
  • Material – Cake stands are offered in many different materials from various metals and metal alloys to plastic and, with near all options being food safe, the decision of material rests solely on personal interest and desired>
  • Capacity – The size of the cake weighs heavily when determining the ideal stand for it, as each stand can hold cakes of different widths and heights and, although the width needed can be determined by the cake’s diameter, ensure that you do not exceed reasonable height measurements to avoid the stand being too short for multilayer options or everything toppling over from imbalance.
  • Color- These stands come in a wide array of colors to offer appeasement for everyone and their individual needs.
Construction and Design
The diversity of cake stands provides users with copious options to cater to their needs, as such, when looking at construction and design, several aspects play a crucial role in determining the right stand.
  • Material: In most cases, these stands feature food-safe materials, which are essential for your health and, in combination with the artisan-ship, gives them an attractive feature that can transform your party without any unwanted risks.
  • Space: Seeing as most stands are built for easy storage and the idea of taking up as little room as possible, space is not usually an issue, especially seeing as they can even be used for interior décor at home or in the workplace when not being used for their primary purpose.
  • Design: Most cake stands come with their own distinct design, so whether you need a simple stand for a family party or a complex look to compliment a wedding cake, you will find the perfect match. Some feature a revolving top for easy decoration of your cake, while others have a lid for an enclosed display.
  • Visual Appeal: With a majority of parties and weddings, adding a splash of beauty to the event is a high consideration. As such, the color used for the cake stand goes a long way in adding to the aesthetic appearance and overall décor of the event.
Performance and Ease of Use
Your cake collapsing in the middle of the event would be an absolute catastrophe, meaning that high level performance to prevent such unfortunate surprises is ideal when looking for a cake stand.
  • Capacity: Getting the right stand for your cake is necessary to ensure that you don’t overload it, lest it ends up disappointing you at the most critical moment. The good news is that the wide variety of stands out there can work pretty well with different cake sizes, as most have been designed with a sturdy base, so finding the right one for the job will not be a challenge.
  • Cleaning: Once you are done with the day’s event, the next thing you need to do is clean the stand, which is where things can get tough, but you don’t have to shy away from your preferred stand for worry over the task of bringing back its sparkle. Fortunately, even the most complicated stands can be detached for easy washing and are typically easy to clean as you can simply drop them in your dishwasher or hand wash them with soap and water.
  • Storage: Parties are not typically an everyday occurrence, so you will have to store your stand after use until the next big day. As such, most of these stands are lightweight for easy transport, handling, and storing when not in use.
  • Easy Assembly: Most simple stands come as one piece and, although the more complex ones can have several sections to combine, even the most complex stands are easy to assemble and use without a fuss. In most cases, all you need to do is stack the sets or screw a few sections together to get things ready.

Get the Best Cake Stand of 2023!

You can now make a wonderful display of your starters, pastries, cakes or sweet goodies that you want your guests to indulge in for your next event. We hope you have identified the best cake stand for you, if not, not to fret. These reputable brands have a wide selection of cake stands. Check them out today!

Our Top Choice
Amalfi Decor 12-inch Metal Cake Stand
Best Value
Anchor Hocking 2-Piece Canton Cake Sever
Deco 79 Aluminum Cake Stand
Dahlia Studios Beaded Mirror Cake Stand
Wilton Trim ‘n Turn Decorating Cake Stand