Best Call Blocker Reviews 2017

Sometimes words can’t convey the feeling of rushing to answer a phone call, only to hear a telemarketer or automated voice on the other line. These are the moments when we appreciate the importance of call blockers, especially when it’s totally legal for those calls to be made to landlines. To help you get rid of those pesky calls, we searched thoroughly and found five of the best call blocker brands on the market. We’ve focused on only one type of call blocker from each brand, but there are a variety of other options available to browse.
Our Top Choice
Digitone ProSeries Blocker™
Digitone, the brand with the first patented automated call attendant with caller ID and call routing, is recognized by ConsumerReports as one with the best call blockers to buy.
It has a 1000-number memory, an included wall mount bracket with desktop setting, a lit display and controllable time.
Its written instructions are in really small print and there are isolated cases of this blocker blocking valid calls.
Automatic blocking
1000 numbers
5 x 3 x 1.5 inches;0.3 lbs.
Back-lit; 3 line display
DSL, FIOS, digital services
Best Value
Ooma Telo Home Call Blocker
Committed to transforming the landscape of home phone service, Ooma corrects all that is wrong with home phone service today such as high cost, small features and rigidity.
It allows you to select an area code other than your own and rolls over the calls to your cell phones if the power or internet is out.
The unit often takes time to link with the Ooma service to download updated firmware and its customer support is subpar.
Info NOT provided
8.9 x 3 x 8.3 inches;1.2 lbs.
Does not have display
Compatible with many
CPR Call Blocker V5000
CPR Call Blocker helps home owners and businesses in over twelve countries around the world solve their problems of pesky, unwanted callers with its innovative call blockers.
This call blocker is easy to install, has a convenient “block now” button that permanently blocks unwanted numbers, and all this comes with top-notch customer service.
This device allows blocked calls to still appear on the caller ID list of phones.
One button blocker
6500 numbers
3.7 x 4.3 x 2.2 inches;0.24 lbs.
3-inch display
All major US line providers
HQTelecom Number Blocker
HQTelecom is a leading supplier of telephone specialty products and services. Its products include a selection of hand-picked incoming/outgoing call blockers.
It blocks up to 1,000 unwanted phone numbers, has a visual incoming call alert LED light and works on landlines (PSTN) and VOIP phone service.
This call blocker sometimes allows your phone to ring once before blocker stops the call.
One button blocker
1000 numbers
5.4 x 4.1 x 2.4 inches;0.75 lbs.
2.5 x 1 inch blue back-lit LCD
Standard PSTN lines & VoIP
Tel-Sentry Inc. Sentry 2 Call Blocker
The Sentry brand has brought peace and tranquility to thousands of homes. It's so effective that it guarantees your satisfaction with an excellent call blocking service.
This call blocker has an adjustable screen brightness and it's easy to toggle the ringer on or off.
This device only captures the phone number and not the name, lacks a backlight button and sometimes locks up on every new call.
Automatic blocking
1500 numbers
5.7 x 5.7 x 2.2 inches;0.6 lbs.
1 inch; 3 line display
All major US line providers

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How Do I Choose the Best Call Blocker?

The weekend will start in a few hours, and you’re swiveling your office chair while mentally mapping out how you will spend your night. Most of it will be invested in annihilating your friend’s freshly built castle in the new MMORPG franchise you just downloaded. Picturing yourself leaning back, legs outstretched, on your gaming chair in front of the 4K TV and reeking virtual havoc gives you goosebumps.

Whether you’re in the middle of a online battle, the final scene in the new Hollywood blockbuster or a family meal with your loved ones, it’s always irritating when the phone rings at an inconvenient moment. Upon answering the telephone, you realize it’s just an automated voice message. Seething with anger, you hang up. What a sour taste to end a great meal.

Your sleep wouldn’t have been interrupted if you had a call blocker to prevent unsolicited calls from reaching your phone. Call blockers allow you to save phone numbers on a blacklist so they are intercepted without your disturbance.

The best call blockers stop unwanted calls automatically and have a high capacity for numbers you can blacklist. They have bright, easy-to-read screens so you can see incoming calls and then decide to allow or block them. Most call blockers are compatible with several line providers and even Voice Over Internet Protocol. Read further to learn all you need to select the best call blocker to meet your needs.
The amount of technology and capabilities packed into a call blocker is the primary determinant of its pricing. You’d love to have the coolest call blocker with all the bells and whistles, although you might not need all of them. Even if you can afford it, you should probably think twice about spending your hard-earned money on it.

The most expensive call blockers can reach up to $200, while a less-expensive option that could suit your needs only costs around $40. Watch out for the cheapest call blockers; they can cause more harm than good. You certainly don’t want to spend your money on a call blocker that will allow unsolicited calls and block calls from your loved ones.
If you are tired of pestering, unsolicited calls, a call blocker can help. Here are some features to consider when deciding which one to purchase:
  • Type
  • Capacity
  • Size
  • Display
  • Compatibility
  • Extras
As you read on, you will have a better understanding of how these features affect the performance of a call blocker.
Construction and Design
Call blockers can help you reclaim the rest of your day by keeping unwanted calls at bay. There are two ways they do this: either automatically by identifying calls you have previously blacklisted or by you hitting the ‘call block’ button. The automatic types usually rely on memory to store your blacklisted numbers and use your call provider’s Caller ID service to block unwanted calls. If any unwanted calls still get through, you have the option of rejecting and blacklisting the call with the single press of a button.

There are probably also certain people you know who you just don’t want to talk to on the phone, coupled with the long list of unsolicited calls. This list can sometimes run high, but don’t worry. Some call blockers have the capacity to blacklist thousands of numbers. There is even one brand that has a 6500-number capacity. With that, you could block everyone you know if you wanted to.

Call blockers are often small devices, but ‘small’ is quite relative. They come in different sizes, but are rarely as big as the phone you’re using it with and weigh less than a pound.
Performance and Ease of Use
Call blockers often have displays that let you see incoming numbers so you can block or allow them if you want. Some displays are as large as 3 inches and are backlit for better visibility. Some screens will also show the time, date, and even battery level if the call blocker is battery powered.

Call blockers often work with your telephone service providers and their level of compatibility affects their performance. It is generally ideal to go for a call blocker with extensive compatibility such as DSL, FIOS, PSTN, or VOIP to improve its versatility, but it’s ultimately your decision and depends on what you need the call blocker for.

Some call blockers have extra features like multiple modes, pre-stored known unwanted numbers, automatic deletion of old unwanted numbers and more. Some call blockers even block incoming calls that do not have identifiers, such as those listed as ‘Unavailable’, ‘Name Not Provided’, or ‘Private’.

What is the Best Call Blocker?

Finding the call blocker that will work best for you requires consideration of memory, functionality, and, of course, budget. As you go through this review, keep those things in mind. This approach will surely make it easier for you to select the best call blocker for your needs.
Our Top Choice
The ProSeries Blocker has memory for blocking 1000 individual numbers or whole area codes. It stops calls instantly with one button as they ring in or ensures that your phone does not ring when blocked numbers try reaching you. Digitone Call Blocker Plus, another first-rate call blocker, is an alternative and more popular call blocker, if you want something different. It has memory for blocking over 100 numbers and is trusted by both individuals and businesses.
Digitone ProSeries Call Blocker - Back Lighted Display, 1,000 Blocked Number List

Digitone Call Blocker ProSeries

Digitone prides itself as the world standard in call blocking, a bragging right it has earned and worked to keep for twenty-five years. In the year 1993, its Call Command won the Innovations Award at the CES show and since then it has gone on to win other awards. These awards include the International American Award from Wyle Labs in 1996, and a recent recognition by ConsumerReports as the brand with the best call blocker. Digitone literally “hangs up all unwanted calls so you don’t have to”.

The Digitone ProSeries Blocker (DPB) blocks unwanted calls based on their phone numbers using caller ID service from your phone company. It also blocks up to 20 names besides numbers, like Unavailable, Name Not Provided, Private and many others.
Some other features of this call blocker are:
  • Works with analog phone lines with FSK or DTMF Caller ID, DSL, FIOS, cable modems or digital services from VoIP phone companies
  • Dimensions of 5 x 3 x 1.5 inches and weighs 5 ounces
  • Requires caller ID name and number service
  • Five operating modes: Standard, Business, Select, After Hours and Standby
  • Caller ID history of recent calls
  • An automatic memory management of all blocked numbers
  • A virtual memory that allows old blocked numbers to be deleted automatically
The DPB system is an advanced OS with full programmability of many desired functions, and requires users to read the operations manual in order to familiarize themselves with all the capabilities of the DPB.
Best Value
Ooma Telo automatically blocks telemarketers and other unwanted callers, gives you crystal-clear calls across the nation for free and uses top-level encryption technology to secure your data. If you are unsure of the featured call blocker, check out the Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service, which has been discontinued by Ooma. It comes with a 60-day free trial of Ooma Premier—a suite of enhanced calling services.
Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service – Available in 2 Colors & 3 Styles

Ooma Call Blocker Ooma Telo Free - Black

Since its inception, Ooma has been dedicated to helping people keep in touch with friends and family anywhere in the world for next to nothing. At the center of its efforts is the Ooma Telo, a highly sophisticated computer that, when connected to its cloud-based smart platform, presents free calling with high-quality, advanced features and connected services that turn an ordinary phone to a smart phone for your home.

The Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service utilizes PureVoice HD technology to deliver superior voice quality even under extreme conditions, using a collection of advanced technologies only Ooma provides. It’s a sleek, small, network-managed, secure Linux computer packed with processing power to keep your calls clear and reliable. With this device, you get caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail all for free. Once you pay for the unit, you pay only applicable taxes and fees. It requires high-speed Internet connection, a minimum 180 Kbps upstream network speed, corded or cordless home phone, or optional Ooma HD2 Handset. Listed below are some of its other features:
  • Integration with Amazon Echo and its voice-enabled smart assistant, Alexa
  • 911 and 911 text alerts
  • Online portal with call log, preferences and contacts
  • Fax mode
  • Free Ooma-to-Ooma calling worldwide
This device is intended for residential use only.
The CPR V5000 Call Blocker, with its easy to use control buttons, blocks all unwanted calls. It installs in seconds and works with your existing home phones. It allows you to block a number using #2. If you want a less expensive device, CPR’s Call Blocker V202, with a 1200 number capacity, is a small, discreet device that has a 3-inch caller display screen. We suggest you take a look at it.
CPR Call Blocker with 5000 Pre-programmed Scam Numbers

CPR Call Blocker Call Blocker V5000

Born out of a need to solve the problem of personal harassment calls which its sister company CPR Global was unable to solve for its customers, CPR Call Blocker has been providing a simple, low cost, effective blocking ever since. This SBD (Secured by Design) certified brand is constantly looking at new ways it can provide assistance to stopping the ever-growing problem of nuisance calls. This includes product updates, released every six months to enable it stay ahead of the newest types of nuisance calls.

The CPR V5000 Call Blocker has a call list function that displays the last twenty callers which can be individually added to the block list, if required, at the touch of a button. This call blocker comes pre-programmed with more than 5000 thousand numbers which are deemed as “known unwanted callers”. Following are some of this call blockers other features:
  • Dimensions of 3.7 x 4.3 x 2.2 inches
  • Weighs 3.8 ounces
  • Color: black
  • Manual entry to blocking list
  • Compatible will all major US line providers
The pre-programmed numbers are not accessible to the user and cannot be viewed, changed or deleted.
This sleek, ultra-modern looking number blocker has the latest call blocking technology available in the market today. No initial setup required with this device, just plug in and start blocking. If you prefer a line-powered blocker (no batteries or external power supplies required), we recommend the T-lock Call Blocker, Version 5.0, with LCD display and 4 brightness levels.
HQTelecom Incoming Call Blocker – Version 6

HQTelecom Call Blocker HQ-TM009B

From inception, HQTelecom has always worked in line with BBB's accreditation standards, which include a commitment to act in accordance with ethical business practices and to respond to customer complaints. It also seeks to adhere to simple truth and integrity in advertising and all transactions, providing sound professional advice, after sale service, prompt attention to any guarantee, claim or complaint, preventing misleading or deceptive selling and/or business practices, and eliminating the cause of any pattern of customer complaints.

The Number Blocker, which normally sells for $99.00, is selling for $38.99 on Amazon as of the last time we checked. It has 2.5” x 1” easy-to-read LCD display and a blue backlight with four levels of brightness. It also has a time and date display that it retains when power is lost if batteries are installed. To block calls from any handset (corded or cordless) simply press *0 (star key, zero key). Here are some other features of this call blocker:
  • Blocks up to 1000 unwanted phone numbers
  • Visual incoming call alert LED light
  • Works on landlines (PSTN) and VOIP phone service
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Desktop/countertop style
  • One-year warranty
Sentry 2 is a fully automatic call blocker that effectively blocks all spam calls, including those not on the black list. With this device, there’s no need to push the reject button anymore. Sentry 3, an equally good call blocker from this company, allows you to record your own outgoing message in any language. If you also want a call blocker with keypad, check this out.
Tel-Sentry Inc. V2.2 Smart Automatic Blocking, Block All Spam Calls, Election Calls without Relying on Black List

Tel-Sentry Inc. Call Blocker V2.0

Tel-Sentry Inc. boasts of inventing an easy-to-use blocker that's 99.9% effective at stopping unwanted calls and more reliable than any product in the market; all you have to do is plug it in. Its founder, Sean, created it to put a stop to telemarketers’ calls once and for all after he had searched and failed to find any call-blocking products that effectively solved this problem.

The Sentry 2 works in a couple of independent modes. The first mode pair is the parallel versus series mode and the second mode pair is the basic versus advanced modes. The White List contains the “real callers” while Black List contains the spammers, which it blocks. Some other features of this call blocker:
  • 3 levels of screen brightness
  • Uses two AAA batteries as a backup power source
  • Battery backup eliminates freeze up and resetting issues
  • Weighs 9.6 ounces

Get the Best Call Blocker of 2017!

Now that you’ve gone through these reviews, we hope you feel prepared to choose the best call blocker for you. It’s time to make your order to reclaim your phone privacy.

Our Top Choice
Digitone ProSeries Blocker™
Best Value
Ooma Telo Home Call Blocker
CPR Call Blocker V5000
HQTelecom Number Blocker
Tel-Sentry Inc. Sentry 2 Call Blocker