Best Camera Bag Reviews 2023

The right camera at the right moment can instantly capture your most precious and thrilling moments and preserve them for eternity in digital format. To be able to enjoy this pleasure for years to come, it is wise to protect your camera with a sturdy case, which will also make it easy to carry your camera with you so you have it when it’s needed. We have found five of the best camera bag brands with excellent bags and backpacks, and we are ready to present them to you. If you do not find one that meets your needs from our selection, the brands we featured offer other models, and you are welcome to browse through them to find a product that suits you better. Let’s go get you a camera bag.
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Our Top Choice
Neewer Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras
Neewer makes a wide variety of camera bags, photography accessories, and smartphone holders. Many of its products are currently bestsellers.
Available in 4 styles. Spacious and accommodating. Can hold 17 inch laptop or a large tablet as well as notebooks and pens.
Only one color option – black.
Camera backpack
13.8x10.2x21.7 inches
For laptop, camera, lenses, files
Nylon (waterproof)
Best Value
S-ZONE Waterproof Canvas and Leather Camera Messenger Bag
S-Zone makes high-quality camera bags, laptop bags, duffle bags, women's bags and other types of bags at reasonable prices.
Available in 2 color and size options. Attractive, vintage-like design. Waterproof and durable. Front pocket for smartphone and wallet.
Not extremely spacious, cannot accommodate a lot of camera accessories, but S-Zone makes larger bags if that's what you're interested in.
Shoulder messenger bag
2 sizes available
2 colors available
For camera, lenses, tablet, files
Canvas and PU leather
Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW
Lowepro specializes in camera bags and accessories for them. It currently makes some of the bestselling camera bags and backpacks on the market.
Spacious and accommodating. Can hold 15 inch laptop and Mavic Pro drones. Holds 1-2 DSLR cameras, accessories, even tripods.
A bit on the pricey side, but it comes with multiple compartments and features, so the price is justified in our opinion.
Camera backpack
13.70 x 10.63 x 19.21 in
For laptop, camera, lenses, files
Water resistant fabric
Pelican 1200 Protector Case
Pelican specializes in strong cases and bags for your sensitive or dangerous personal belongings, including cameras, laptops and even handguns.
Seriously tough, cannot be damaged easily. Successfully protects expensive gear. Internal foam absorb vibrations. Waterproof.
A bit showy, but some people like that.
Camera case
10.6 x 4.9 x 9.7 inches
For camera and accessories
Stainless steel and polymers
AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag
AmazonBasics makes high-quality products people use on a daily basis such as camera bags, small electronics, batteries and laptop backpacks.
Available in 2 size options. Padded compartments. Can hold tablet or e-reader too. Comfortable and lightweight.
Not extremely spacious, but AmazonBasics makes other camera bags which are much larger if that's a priority for you.
DSLR bag
12 x 7 x 9 in
Orange or gray for interior
For camera, lenses, tablet

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What is the Best Camera Bag?

Camera bags are quite varied, and in this review, we offered you a selection of different types. You should select a bag according to the size of your digital camera, your budget and your personal preference. We’ve done our research and found five of the best camera bag brands that specialize in high-quality carrying cases. Let’s take a look at a product from each one to see what they have to offer in terms of features and design. Look out for any that appeals to you.
Our Top Choice
The Neewer Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack is available in multiple styles and it is made from high-quality nylon. It can accommodate both your DSLR camera and your laptop as well. If your budget is less flexible, check out the Neewer Professional Sling Camera Storage Bag which comes at a smaller price and has multiple compartments for your camera accessories.

Neewer ertible Rolling Camera Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories – 4 Styles Available

Neewer specializes in camera accessories and photography gear. Most people love the camera bags made by this brand, but Neewer also crafts high quality lighting kits for professional photographers, microphone holders, complete photography sets and smartphone holders. If you're serious about your photography hobby, make sure you check out the products from this brand today.

For example, the Neewer Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack is available in several style options and it is ideal for your SLR or DSLR camera. It comes with wheels, it has up to 11 padded compartments for your lenses and other camera accessories and it can accommodate even your laptop or tablet. This is currently one of the most spacious and large camera bag money can buy today and it still has plenty of space for a couple of notebooks and pens.

One of the biggest advantages of this bag is that it comes with wheels and a telescopic handle, so if you don’t want to carry it on your back, you just extend the handle and drag it after you wherever you go. It is made from high-quality nylon, it has side handles as well and it is completely waterproof, so your expensive gear will be protected in the case rain catches you outdoors.
Best Value
The S-ZONE Vintage Waterproof Camera Bag is available in several color options and it is a beautiful and fashionable camera bag for photographers to use. If you would like a similar bag but featuring more interior compartment for your accessories, check out the S-ZONE Canvas DSLR SLR Camera Shoulder Bag which can hold more personal belongings.

S-ZONE Vintage Waterproof Canvas Leather Trim Bag – Good for DSLR, SLR Cameras, 2 Color and Size Options Available

S-ZONE is all about bags for your daily personal belongings such as cameras, laptops, books and notebooks, etc. This company uses some of the most eye-catching and durable materials out there to create laptop bags, shoulder bags, duffle bags, bags specially designed for women, even diaper bags. Its products are chic, durable and can carry a lot of personal belongings, so you definitely have to take a look at them.

Let's start with the S-ZONE Vintage Waterproof Leather bag which is available in 2 color options such as brown and dark grey as well as 2 size options. This bag features a flap which covers the contents and can be secured with two metallic buckles. It also has a front pocket which can easily hold your smartphone, wallet, and other personal accessories. The bag is designed to accommodate a large DSLR camera as well as several accessories and even a small digital camera. The interior compartments are padded and designed to protect your beloved photography gear, not to mention that this product is waterproof and made from PU leather and high-quality canvas. When it comes to design, this wonderful camera bag looks absolutely stunning and it will definitely make you feel better when walk with it around town.
The Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW Camera Backpack is ideal for professional photographers who need their gear with them wherever they go. This bag can easily hold 1-2 DSLR cameras as well as their accessories. If you are looking for a smaller bag, check out the Toploader Zoom 55 Camera Case From Lowepro which can hold one DSLR device and a few accessories.

Lowepro roTactic 450 AW Camera Backpack - Professional Protection For Your Camera Gear or DJI Mavic Pro/Mavic Pro

If you're a serious photographer and you're looking for a brand new backpack for your expensive gear, look no further than Lowepro's products. This company makes some of the most sophisticated and spacious camera bags and backpacks out there. Whether you want to transport a few DSLRs in one bag or a whole set of lenses and accessories, the products made by Lowepro can do the job safely and easily.

To prove our point, let's take a look at the Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW Camera Backpack which is capable of holding 1-2 large DSLR cameras as well as multiple lenses and additional accessories. The beauty of this backpack is that it contains a modular system of compartments, so you can set them in any way you want to accommodate your personal needs. On top of that, this backpack still has plenty of space left for a large laptop, a tablet and their accessories. Add in the fact that it can also carry a water bottle and you're probably going to feel like a snail carrying your entire house with you on your back!

If you're into drones, the manufacturer mentions that this backpack can also hold a DJI Mavic Pro drone, so no matter what you want to carry, there is enough space in this backpack for it. When unpacking stuff from this backpack, some customers managed to take out a fluffy rabbit by its ears, but we believe this is just a rumor. Kidding aside, this product comes with adjustable shoulder straps and it is made from a high-quality material designed to protect your beloved photography gear.
The Pelican 1200 Case With Foam is a strong camera bag as well as a serious statement. It is designed to protect your camera at all costs as well as advertising that you're not joking about your photography gear! If you want a larger camera bag which is also waterproof and crushproof, check out the Pelican U160 Elite Camera Backpack today.

Pelican Camera Protector Case – Internal Foam Layer, Stainless Steel Construction

Pelican takes the idea of creating protective cases and bags for your gadgets to a whole new level. It makes some of the sturdiest and most protective cases, backpacks, and bags on the market and they are designed for serious people who want to keep their expensive gear safe, waterproof, and even intimidate potential thieves and robbers.

Take a look at the Pelican 1200 Case With Foam and imagine walking with this case around town. It will eventually make people believe that you're a special agent engaged on a secret mission! This case is made from stainless steel and other durable materials such as Copolymer Polypropylene. It is completely waterproof and shockproof, so nothing can ever damage your beloved DSLR. The interior features a layer of foam which protects your camera and prevent vibrations and hits to damage its delicate internal components. The locking mechanism is very strong and it cannot be broken that easily. Some people use it for their photography gear while others find this case ideal for carrying their handgun around. Your have endless of choices at your disposal
The AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag is available in 2 color options for the interior as well as 2 sizes. It comes at a reasonable price and it can safely accommodate and protect your DSLR camera. If you want a similarly priced case for your DSLR, go for the AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR\/DSLR Cameras which is also very spacious and comfortable to carry.

AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag – 2 Interior Color Options and 2 Sizes Available

AmazonBasics is a special brand created by one of the largest online retail store – Amazon. It focuses on "basic" products people use every day such as bags, backpacks, small electronics and accessories for them. One of the greatest advantages of AmazonBasics products is the simple fact that they are available at affordable prices.

For example, the AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag is available in two color options for the interior (orange and gray) and it is available in two sizes such as medium and large. It can hold one DSLR camera and up to 3 lenses while still having plenty of space left for a couple of small notebooks, your smartphone, your e reader and several other small accessories. This bag is made from high quality materials, it can protect your camera against bumps and scratches and it features a strong and durable padded handle. It is ideal for people who are looking for a simple tool to protect their photography gear.

How Do I Choose the Best Camera Bag?

You’ve just gotten a lovely DSLR camera that you intend to make the most of. Every waking moment, you are to be seen looking for something to shoot. No scene is too unnecessary to be captured by those lenses. This means you take it everywhere with you. Now, imagine that you are rushing to catch a cab or racing to catch the elevator before the doors shut, and your most cherished camera drops from your hands and falls to the hard floor. How will you feel, hearing that jarring sound of the lenses shattering? You do not have to tell us, because we know exactly how you will feel – devastated.

It’s not enough to get a camera. To keep your camera safe, you must get some form of bag, be it a camera holster, a camera sling bag or any other type of bag that will help you carry the camera around easily while also protecting it. If you're into fashionable accessories, the Vivitar Camera Backpack Bag and the DSLR Camera and Mirrorless Backpack Bag from Altura are both eye-catching and spacious. If you want a smaller bag with an attractive form factor, check out the Case Logic Compact Camera Case. There are plenty of options out there for everyone! In this guide, we will show you how to find a camera bag that will serve you well. Regardless of your needs or the type of gadgets you own, we will help you find the best camera bag for you. Stay with us as we help you protect your investment. In no time, you will find exactly what you need to carry your camera around securely.
Buying a camera bag is something every camera owner has to deal with. What you will spend will, however, depend on the type of camera and equipment you own. Generally speaking, the material, type, capacity and other features of the bag will determine what it will cost.

From our findings, most entry-level camera bags which can accommodate a DSLR and a few lenses can cost less than $30 on average. More sophisticated camera bags can cost between $30 and $150 while large backpacks full of compartments can go over $150 and up to $250 in some cases. Whatever your need, you are likely to find something suitable. Whilst you can look for more expensive camera bags that offer more options, be sure to avoid cheap camera bags, as they may not serve your camera well because of their low quality.
When you are shopping for a camera bag, there are a few things you have to be on the lookout for, because they will help you determine which camera bag is right for you. Some of these factors include:
  • Type
  • Material
  • Capacity
  • Compartments
  • Protection
  • Security
  • Comfort
Let’s discuss this in some detail.
Construction and Design
Camera bags are not all the same, just as cameras are not all the same – they have different needs. It is important that you choose a camera bag that suits your exact needs. There are different types of camera bags, including compact bags, shoulder bags, backpack bags, hard bags and cases, waist pack bags, mini cases, DSLR bags and more.

Compact: These different types of camera bags are suitable for different needs and situations. A person who needs a bag that will hold just a camera and a lens without any other accessories should consider getting the compact camera bag or the DSLR camera bag. Either of these two is sufficient to hold your camera with its lens and, at most, one more lens.

Shoulder: The shoulder camera bag is a bigger bag that can take your camera and other accessories. This camera bag is great for freeing up your hands so you can focus on shooting your pictures. It is carried on the shoulder by means of a shoulder strap, which is usually adjustable. It is also usually tough enough to protect the camera and its accessories from damage resulting from bumping against a hard object.

Backpack: As the name suggests, a backpack camera bag is like your regular backpack and is ideal for holding your camera and a number of other accessories. This will easily hold more than one camera and all the accessories you need. This is great for when you need to travel with your full gear. Everything you need will fit into a good backpack camera bag. They are also heavy duty and very protective.

Hard Cases: Hard cases are heavy-duty cases for holding a large amount of camera equipment safely. These can be safely shipped, making it ideal for when you need to travel for major events. The hard case ensures everything inside is protected from damage, while the dividers inside ensure everything is securely arranged and won’t move around inside the bag.

Waist: Waist pack bags are ideal for hikes and other situations where you may need to whip out your camera for a quick shot. As you would expect, you cannot hold much else in this bag except your camera and lens. These are some major types of camera bags to consider.

After deciding on the type of camera bag you want, you will also want to look at the material it is made of. A camera bag can be made of many materials, ranging from polyester and nylon, to canvas and leather. Each material will have its advantages. If you need a bag that will be water resistant, you should of course rule out fabric, unless it is lined with a water-resistant material. For the highest quality, you will want to look at bags made of leather. No doubt, the material a camera bag is made of will affect its durability, among other things.

At the risk of stating the obvious, we will mention the issue of the capacity of the bag you need. A lot of photographers today work a lot with their laptops. While you will be able to save your shots on a memory card so you can transfer them to your workstation later, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to travel with your camera, accessories and laptop. Determine what you will need at any given time and look for a bag that can meet those demands. Professional photographers will need different types of bags for different situations. A hobbyist may, however, just have one that serves their major needs.

Aside from the capacity of the bag, there’s also the issue of the compartments available in the bag. It’s not enough that there is enough space; considering that many of the camera accessories are delicate, it is important that they are stored securely inside the bag. Compartments for lenses, cards, batteries, etc. will go a long way in ensuring these items are kept securely. Consider what you will need to carry and get a bag that will securely store it.

It is important that the camera and accessories inside the bag are well protected. As we mentioned above, the material used will affect this. Another thing that will affect it is the padding. A well-padded bag will provide a cushion that will absorb any impact that would have a damaging effect on your gear. Any camera bag that is not well padded cannot do the job of protecting the camera and its accessories well. Padding is an important feature to note.

In addition to protection, securing your precious gear is very important. You do not want a bag that anyone can easily reach into and pick something out. Zippers and other forms of closures can increase the security a bag offers. The higher the security, the safer the equipment inside the bag will be.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are a few factors that will make a camera bag comfortable to use. One of the major ones is how it is carried. You should not focus so entirely on the protection and security of the gear that you forget that you will need to carry it. If the bag has a strap, an adjustable strap is usually preferred, as it offers the user the ability to adjust the length to a comfortable position. The material and padding available on the strap will also determine if the strap will dig into your shoulders, making it a painful task to carry the bag.

Depending on the type of bag, it may have wheels that allow you to roll the bag along the street. This is usually common among the heavy-duty bags that pack a lot of gear. This is great since you would not enjoy lugging such a heavy bag around.

Carefully look at all the points mentioned above before choosing a camera bag, and you will be sure to find one that will serve you well.

Get the Best Camera Bag of 2023!

It’s great to know you stayed with us through this guide and review. We do hope you found the information here helpful. If you have found a camera bag that is just right for you, it’s time to take that next step by placing your order. Get one of the best camera bags out there and you will have more peace of mind while traveling around town with your photography gear.

Our Top Choice
Neewer Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras
Best Value
S-ZONE Waterproof Canvas and Leather Camera Messenger Bag
Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW
Pelican 1200 Protector Case
AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag