Best Camera Holster Reviews 2023

If you’re an outdoor photographer, we bet you’d love to have quick access to your gear and have your hands free. A camera holster is a great solution. As with all great solutions, the downside is making a choice from among the many options you have. That’s no longer a problem for someone smart enough to be reading this; we’ve already done all the work researching those options. We came up with 5 of the best camera holsters available from 5 top brands. Do also note that these brands make other variants besides the ones we featured in our review, so feel free to check those out as well.
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Our Top Choice
Case Logic SLR Zoom Holster
Since 1984 Case Logic has been adopting innovative ways to create smart solutions for you to enclose and store your devices.
This holster has an interior design that suspends your camera above the bottom to protect it from impact, and is padded with memory foam to protect the camera screen.
The bottom is easily scratched.
SLRs with zoom lens
10 x 6 x 6.5 inches
0.7 pound
Best Value
Movo Photo Single Camera Vest Holster
Movo is committed to manufacturing superior quality photo and video gear that offers practical performance, making outdoor photography a lot more convenient.
The vest design of this holster efficiently distributes the camera’s weight over both shoulders and your upper torso, making it easier to carry for longer.
The design doesn’t offer much protection for your camera.
DSLR or Camcorders
10.7 x 9.9 x 2.4 inches
1.05 pounds
Think Tank Photo V2.0 Digital Holster
Think Tank creates high-quality, inventive, and effective camera carrying solutions that make life easier for professionals and serious hobbyists.
This holster has a high-density foam in its interior to protect your camera from bumps and scratches and its stretchy front pocket can securely hold lens caps and other accessories.
There are no cons reported so far.
Regular DSLR
8 x 5.5 x 9.5 inches
1.1 pounds
Ape Case Pro DSLR Camera Holster
Ape Case is a popular manufacturer of camera cases and accessories that have come to be trusted by professionals and amateurs alike.
The Hi-Vis Yellow Interior used for this holster makes it particularly easy to see all its contents because of the color contrast and is also spacious to easily reach into.
There’s no room for extra lenses.
Compact DLSR with lens
6 x 8 x 8 inches
Shoulder, belt, handle
0.43 pound
Evecase DSLR/SLR Camera Case Bag
Evecase specializes in manufacturing high-quality, yet affordable cases and protective cover for portable devices such as phones, tablets, and cameras.
This holster has 2 detachable separators on the inside with Velcro and it closes with heavy-duty zippers.
There’s an isolated complaint that the shoulder strap slips.
9.5 x 6.1 x 7 inches
Shoulder, handle
1.25 pounds

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What is the Best Camera Holster?

You’ve done well reading through the guide and hopefully now know which features your camera holster should have. Now go through our individual reviews of brands/products while keeping your needs in mind. It’s our wish that you’ll easily find the best camera holster for you at a price that’s within your budget.
Our Top Choice
The Case Logic SLR Zoom Holster is ruggedly designed to go with you anywhere. Great shots need to be taken and its interior organizes your gear for easy access and protection. If you’d like a more compact design that’s compatible with DSLR, you may want to go for the Case Logic DSLR Day Holster.

Case Logic Black Waterproof SLR Zoom Holster with 3 Zippered Compartments

It all started when Jamie Temple crafted two audiocassette storage cases to keep his collection in one place. Those cases succeeded because of their practicality and usefulness, which led to the birth of Case Logic. Since then, Case Logic has become one of the leading manufacturers of jackets and storage for laptops, tablets, smartphones, cameras and much more. The quality and innovation it infuses into its products are what make its numerous users keep coming back for more.

The Case Logic SLR Zoom Holster is built tough both in and out and its interior is well cushioned, so you’re assured of maximum protection for your gear. Its hammock system suspends your camera above the bottom case, further protecting it from impact. This holster’s made of nylon and weighs in at a mere 0.76 pounds, and is available in a sleek black color. The following are some more great features of this protective SLR holster:
  • Water-resistant molded EVA base
  • Patent-pending suspending hammock system
  • Memory foam interior to protect your LCD screen
  • Detachable and padded shoulder strap
  • Memory foam interior
  • Three zipper pockets to store accessories
  • 25 years warranty
Best Value
The Movo Photo Vest Holster has a universal design that eliminates the worry of finding the right size as it can hold SLRs, DSLRs, and even a compact camcorder. If you’d prefer a belt holster from this same brand, then go for the Movo Photo Belt Holster for DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Movo Photo Universal Single Camera Carrying Vest Holster System – One Size Fits All

Operating out of SoCal, Movo is a reliable company that manufactures video and photography equipment. It has a staff base with over 100 years of video and photography experience combined. As a result, this company can be trusted to know what issues are experienced in the video and photography industry and be able to proffer practical solutions for them. This is why this brand has been so successful over the years.

The Movo Photo Vest Holster has a design that lets you literally wear your camera on your body. This design relieves you of the stress and fatigue associated with slinging heavy camera and accessories over your shoulder for long periods, which could lead to less than perfect shots. The design spreads the weight over both shoulders and your upper torso, making it a breeze to carry your gear all day.

This holster is made with durable materials and is built tough to withstand heavy-duty use. It lets you move freely and allows you to do whatever you want with both your hands until you need to take a shot. There are no worries about getting a holster that will fit your camera anymore as this one comes a one size fits all. You can use it with whatever type of camera you have, even if it is a compact-size camcorder. How’s that for versatility?

This vest holster has a secure locking system that keeps your camera in place for as long as you need it. It still allows you to quickly and easily release it for those sudden and perfectly timed shots you need to take. It also sports a safety strap that serves as a backup line of defense for your camera. This holster is ideal for photographers that need to wait for the right moment to take a shot as this holster offers you quick access to your camera while keeping it secure.
The Think Tank Digital Holster has a durable water-repellent coating and abrasion-resistant zippers, making it one tough holster that fits all standard DSLRs. If you’d like a bigger version of this holster, go for the Think Tank Digital Holster 50, which also has a pop down to increase height.

Think Tank Photo 20 V2.0 Digital Camera Holster with Additional Space for Lens

Think Tank was founded in 2005 by a group of product designers and a Pulitzer prize winning photographer. This brand was created with the mission of studying how photographers work and listening to their feedback. They, in turn, convert the feedback into innovative designs that are made to solve particular problems end users face. This has made serious-minded photographers trust and patronize this brand.

The Think Tank Digital Holster can fit standard DSLRs and has a pop down design that increases the holster height to fit in a telephoto lens or a lens hood. This holster is compatible with the Digital Holster Harness and can be carried with the top handle or the shoulder strap included with it. There’s a business card holder on top of the lid, so you can network while you go out working - good thinking by the designers. The following are some other great features of this practical holster:
  • Ultra stretch front pocket
  • 3-ply bonded nylon thread
  • 2 polyurethane coated nylon rain cover
  • High-density closed cell foam in the interior
  • LCD screen protector
  • Lens hood can be reversed, attached, or in position
  • It has inner lid pocket to put your SD card or lens cloth
  • It has side attachment rail for connecting accessory
The Ape Case DSLR Camera Holster is made with tough nylon that resists wear and tear and is designed to house any standard DSLR that has up to 5-inch lens attached to it. If you’d like an expandable holster from this same great brand, try out the Ape Case Expandable Holster which comes in 3 sizes.

Ape Case Pro Series Medium Black DSLR Compact Camera Case Holster

One of the biggest challenges photographers are faced with is keeping their gear secured, especially when they’re shooting outdoors. Ape Case is aware of this and it responds by designing and creating high-quality and protective bags and cases of different shapes and sizes to keep your camera and accessories secured and well organized.

The Ape Case DSLR Camera Holster (Suggested Retail Price: $23.84) has a robust padding interior to keep your camera and accessories safe from impact. The pocket zippers are recessed to prevent scratches and when you close them, they stay closed so your stuff won’t accidentally fall out of the bag.

This holster has the Hi-Vis Yellow Interior which is customizable and has a camera cradle system. The interior is so spacious, and with the yellow color, you can see all the contents all at once making it easy to quickly find and reach whatever you need in there. This interior is reached through the holster’s large top access flap that opens away from your body with a dual zipper.

This holster offers you three types of carriage options: the padded top handle, the integrated belt loop, and the removable and adjustable shoulder strap. This holster also sports a built-in retractable waterproof weather cover that protects your gear from all forms of weather.
The Evecase DSLR/SLR Camera Bag is designed with durable water-resistant canvas that’s compatible with DSLR camera kits and has a well-padded interior for maximum protection. If what you’re looking for is a holster for the Canon EOS series, the Evecase DSLR Camera Nylon Holster is what you need, and it’s available in 3 colors.

Evecase DSLR/SLR Canvas Water Resistant Case Bag with Shoulder Strap – Available in 2 Colors

Evecase was founded in 2012 with the aim of breaking into the market offering superior quality and innovatively designed products which will offer practical solutions to the end user at affordable prices. So far, it has achieved this with its creation of protective covers and cases for portable devices which its customers can’t seem to get enough of.

The Evecase DSLR/SLR Camera Bag is ruggedly built to withstand regular use for shooting in the great outdoors. It has multiple pockets inside and out that lets you store memory cards and other small accessories. It’s compatible with Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and many other DSLR brands. The following are other great features of this awesome camera holster:
  • It’s also compatible with compact system, hybrid, and high-zoom cameras
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Front and 2 side pockets for storing accessories
  • Anti-slip top handle
  • Closed cell foam padding interior
  • Back belt loop for travel convenience
This cool camera holster is available in 2 colors.

How Do I Choose the Best Camera Holster?

Whether you’re a pro photographer or you just enjoy taking pictures of everything you see, you’ll agree that carrying your camera and gear around has a lot to do with the type of shots you get to take. A camera bag lets you carry a lot of gear to take the best type of pictures regardless of the situation - so long as you’re fit enough to carry the weight! If you want to travel light and be able to take quick shots and easily change your camera lens without setting the bag down, camera holsters are the best for you. They come in different types but are all made to keep both your hands free so you can do other things at the same time.

The best camera holsters are compatible with most brands of DSLRs and offer your gear adequate protection. They’re comfortable to carry around and are spacious enough to contain most relevant accessories. They’re built with sturdy materials that will stand the test of heavy usage and time. They’re also designed for easy access and practicality. Most are waterproof or have water-repellent covers.
As with most products, camera holsters vary in price even if you find some that offer the same benefits. The materials used, size, compatibility, and a number of options included in the design are some of the factors that will affect the pricing. Those high-end holsters that are waterproof, wear-proof, and compatible with most DSLRs will cost over $100 while those that won’t drill a hole in your pocket, but still give great benefits, will go for a little less than $30.

The cheap camera holsters we came across while researching are made with watered-down materials; they won’t last and will start showing signs of wear in less than a month. The price might seem tempting, but if you fall for it, you can kiss your money goodbye and kick yourself for making such a choice.
A camera holster is said to be the best camera bag type for a blend of accessibility and mobility. Depending on the type of photographer you are, a camera holster just might be all you need for your outdoor photography. So, if you’re looking to get yourself one, here are some of the features you should be looking out for:
  • Compatibility
  • Type
  • Material
  • Interior
  • Design
  • Protection
The above list shows you the important features of a good camera holster. The features you consider the most critical will depend on what you need the holster for and what kind of style you personally prefer.
Construction and Design
Choosing a camera holster can be a daunting task, but you can make it a whole lot easier by knowing how you’ll be using your camera. The first thing you might want to consider is your camera type and if the holster you’re looking at is compatible. You don’t want to buy a feature-rich, sleek holster that won’t fit your camera. Most camera holsters are compatible with standard SLR/DSLR cameras with their lenses fixed and other accessories that come with it. There are some holsters that can even house a compact camcorder. That said, it’s still important that you confirm if the holster will fit your camera, especially if you’re buying online.

Most holsters come as a shoulder bag, but there are some that are worn like a vest or around the waist. The shoulder bag types are actual bags that house your camera and gear, offering total protection. The vest and waist holsters just have secure clips you can hang your camera with. Even though this leaves your camera rather exposed when not in use, you have the advantage of quick access when you need to take those spur-of-the-moment shots. The vest type has the extra advantage of weight distribution. Unlike the shoulder bags that put all the weight of the camera on one side of your body, the vest type spreads it over both shoulders and your upper torso. Unless your camera is built with rocks, this makes the weight almost unnoticeable!

The protection your holster has to offer is essential, and the material it’s made with has a lot to do with that. Most holsters are made with fortified nylon or canvas. Most of them are water resistant and will protect your gear in all weather conditions. A lot of camera holsters are designed with recessed zippers to prevent it from scratching your camera and lenses, while some zippers are designed to be abrasion-resistant making them durable with heavy usage.
Performance and Ease of Use
Still, on protection, some camera holsters will keep your lenses suspended above the base of the bag so it doesn’t come in contact with the surface. This is to further protect your camera from impact and scratches especially when you have to set the bag down. There are some camera holsters that have a molded base that’s meant to absorb impact shocks, starting the defense of your camera from the outside.

The interior of camera holsters is where the practicality comes into play. They’re well-padded on the inside, securing your equipment from bumps and scratches. Some brands even use memory foam for the padding while others use high-density, closed cell foam. This is to make sure your camera and gear stay as safe as possible regardless of what is happening on the outside. The interior not only protects your stuff, it also helps keep things organized. Some holsters have spacious interiors to keep your camera, lens, and other accessories in easy to reach areas. Some have detachable separators on the inside and let you customize the interior, so you can arrange your gear the way you want.

Manufacturers have been very creative with how they design their camera holsters. There’s one particular brand that designs the interior of its holsters as yellow. This is to provide a sharp contrast between the interior and its contents to enhance visibility so you can easily see everything in the bag. Some holsters have multiple pockets both inside and out so you can carry more things you need. Some holsters have space to keep your complimentary card so you can network while you’re out shooting. An ideal camera holster will open away from your body while you’re carrying it so you can have unencumbered access to the interior. Most camera holsters have anti-slip or well-padded handles on top. They’re usually sold with shoulder straps bundled in so you carry them around with both hands free. One awesome quality some brands add to their holster is embedding metal wires in the straps to prevent them from being slashed. That camera thief is in for a shocker!

Get the Best Camera Holster of 2023!

Now that you’ve come to the end of our review, we hope you now have made your choice and are confident enough to make the purchase. What else are you waiting for, go get your holster and start taking pictures of the great outdoors. If you still haven’t made your choice, however, remember that there’s always other products from these great brands for you to browse through.

Our Top Choice
Case Logic SLR Zoom Holster
Best Value
Movo Photo Single Camera Vest Holster
Think Tank Photo V2.0 Digital Holster
Ape Case Pro DSLR Camera Holster
Evecase DSLR/SLR Camera Case Bag