Best Camera Pen Reviews 2022

Go undercover like James Bond or simply record your lectures and watch them later when you’re less ticked off by your professor. Whatever you want to do, you’ll need the services of the best camera pen possible. Thankfully, we have some of the best camera pen brands here that have lots of options in stock. So are you ready to roll? ‘Cause we’re ready when you are!
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Battery life
Frame Rate
Our Top Choice
Toughsty HD Portable Hidden Camera Pen
Since 2009, Toughsty Tech has pooled its expertise and channeled it towards the manufacturing of quality tech devices such as cameras, video recorders, and the likes.
Comes with 1920x1080p resolution. Battery life of 1 hour. 2-hour charge time. 16GB storage. Microphone built into it. Can take photos.
Charge time is longer than runtime.
1920 x 1080p
1 hour
Support snapshot
Best Value
Fuvision Spy Pen Camera Video Recorder
Dedicated to creating the best viewing experiences, Fuvision satisfies its customers with its range of high-quality devices, from cameras to surveillance gadgets.
Features 1080p Full HD resolution. Comes with 16GB built-in memory. 30fps video frame rate. Features motion detection. Can take photos. 65° viewing angle.
Some received defective products.
1 hour
Motion detection
GSmade Full HD 2K Camera Spy Pen
GSmade seeks to help you get more out of every day by supplying you with every possible technology to make life a little more fun and efficient.
1296P Full HD video resolution. Comes with motion detection function. Compatible with Windows and Apple. 60fps video frame rate. 65° view angle. Features clips to hide lens.
Operation might take some getting used to.
2340 x 1296p; 720p
1 hour 30 minutes
2 USB cables
Minicute Hidden Camera Spy Pen
The German brand, Minicute, is sold out to ensuring that people around the world enjoy the digital world with its electronic peripherals.
Built-in digital recorder for high resolution videos and photos. 1080p HD resolution lens. 70-foot recording. 32GB SD card. PC- and Mac-compatible. 12mp camera.
Figuring out the works takes a little while.
1280 x 1080p
1 hour 30 minutes
8 ink refills/card adapter reader
ENKLOV Spy Camera Pen
Equipping its customer with the most up-to-date recording devices, ENKLOV helps its customers capture and keep their best moments forever in mind.
1920x1080p HD resolution. 30fps video frame rate. Supports Windows, Apple, and Linux. Supports up to 32GB SD card. Can take photos. Comes with 5 refills.
Does not come with motion detection function.
1920 x 1080p
1 hour
5 black ink refills

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What is the Best Camera Pen?

If you’ve read the preceding guide, then you should now know what camera pen is best. Making a choice shouldn’t be so difficult anymore. Go on to our reviews now and find out what’s the dopest among camera pens right now.
Our Top Choice
Camera pens hardly get better than this! With the Toughsty HD Portable Hidden Camera Pen with Real Time Video Recording Function, you get a great resolution of 720p for good quality video! How about something more elite? This comes with a 950mAh battery capacity, supports TV output, and records while charging: 8GB 1920X1080P HD Pen Meeting Recorder.

Toughsty 16 GB HD Portable Hidden Camera Pen with Real Time Video Recording Function

Since its inception in 2009, Toughsty Tech, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Magic Technology Development Co., has remained committed to its mission to supply the highest-quality wearable devices, cameras, and video recorders. With clients in different continents across the globe, it has grown from an indigenous brand to an international one. This brand promises to uphold its brand values which include: quality, efficiency, and detail. This it believes will enable it to serve its customers better, not just with its products but with top-tier customer service like they deserve. With its track record, it’s apparent that Toughsty has held true to its promise—and its customers think so too.

Have you ever thought of joining a spy agency? Well you can begin practice with the Toughsty HD Portable Hidden Camera Pen. And here are some major reasons you can:

First off, this pen comes with a hidden video recorder, as expected, but an amazing thing about the camera (aside from its beautiful resolution) is the amount of storage space it offers you: 16GB, with ability to keep up to 32GB with an SD card!

This camera pen also offers a pretty swanky video resolution of 1920x1080p, so that you can take truly high-quality videos when you need them most. This feature also helps you in terms of memory space. The more HD your video, the larger in size it will be, understandably. So, depending on how necessary it is for a particular video to be in really high HD, you can think through and make a choice.

With a built-in microphone too, you won’t have to worry about the audio quality of your videos. They come out clean, and you get to hear every word of your professor or your team lead during a meeting. This is pretty awesome, seeing as the video will remain there long after you’ve forgotten about the meeting or lecture—talk about a lifesaver!

This pen is battery-operated (and that’s included, of course). But how long does it last per charge? And how long does it take to charge? Well, it charges for about 2 hours. With one charge, this camera pen can deliver up to 1 hour of uninterrupted runtime. (Not crazy long, but certainly more than enough for most recording tasks.)

If you want to know if this camera pen takes pictures, then the answer is a resounding yes! It does! With a JPG picture format, of course!

This device is really user-friendly. It doesn’t require more than a tap of the button to begin, and even at that, it still comes with clear and easy-to-understand instructions just to be sure that you get the hang of it completely. This camera pen is a keeper.

PS: This camera pen is so dope, it can even work from your shirt pocket!
Best Value
Record just about anything in full color high definition with the Fuvision Spy Pen Camera Video Recorder. It comes with a 1080p video recording resolution and a 30fps frame rate for sharp and smooth video quality. There’s a more affordable option with a 720p video recording resolution, 70-minute run-time, and that can support 32GB SD card. See the Fuvision Pinhole Video Recording Pen – 1280x720p.

Fuvision 16GB 2K HD Spy Pen Camera Video Recorder with Loop Recording

Over the years, Fuvision has lived out its passion and its customers are the happier for it. It has consistently delivered on its promise to offer its customers an enhanced viewing experience whether they’re recording a family reunion or setting up surveillance in their Fortune 500 company. This brand is sold out to making its products the most functional they can be. Improving on its antecedents, it has maintained a culture of research and innovation that allows it to continually reinvent; and with the reinventions come even more pace-setting devices that customers welcome with open arms.

When it comes to cameras and videos, some things just don’t change: it just has to be High Definition. And the Fuvision Spy Pen Camera Video Recorder delivers just that. It comes with a 1080p Full HD video resolution so you can get quality videos for every recording.

Plus, its 30fps video frame rate makes for a smooth, non-choppy video experience. You’ll definitely catch it all on camera with this pen, as no detail will be left out or blurred. With this device, you literally see it all. Better yet, it comes with 3 modes of function depending on what the situation demands per time.

There’s a mode for photos alone. Yep! It comes with a still photography function. And don’t expect crappy pictures just because it’s not a Nikon. While it might not be able to compete with a Nikon in picture quality, it definitely can hold its own even beside many smartphones.

It also comes with a mode for video recording alone, as expected. We’ve already raved about the video quality so we won’t dwell much on that any more.

And then there’s motion detection. You don’t have to record every single thing. Here’s why this is important: The pen comes with a 16GB memory capacity, but then it also records videos in high definition, which means they end up being relatively large in size. You wouldn’t want irrelevant videos overriding the pretty important ones. So, when it isn’t absolutely necessary to record, you can always put it on motion sensing mode and it picks motions. Space is saved and you still get what you want. Doesn’t that sound like a plan?

To organize your data, there are date and time stamps on each recording. Now you can easily reference events and make your necessary deductions and conclusions, whatever they may be.

This pen comes with a rechargeable battery that gives up to 110 minutes’ runtime per charge and comes with a 65-degree view angle. Really great product!
It’s time to go undercover with the GSmade Full HD 2K Camera Spy Pen. Aside from the fact that it features an amazing 1296p video recording resolution, it also comes with clips to hide your lens for covert monitoring. How about a more affordable option with 1080p HD video recording resolution, 60 minutes’ run time, and a 32GB built-in memory? See the GSmade Full 1080P Spy Camera Pen.

GSmade Full HD 2K Camera Spy Pen -1296p HD Video Resolution, 32GB Built-in Memory, 2 Refills and 1 Pen Clip (To Hide Lens)

GSmade is indeed a friend to the tech-savvy—and the not-so-savvy. Partnering with world-class manufacturers, it helps the customer make more out of every passing day with technology. Its products range from really sophisticated surveillance gadgets to everyday home appliances. It believes strongly that technology should be used by man to make things easier and save him some time so that he has the vigor and time to attend to other necessities. This ideology has led it to commit to non-stop consultations from experts and customers alike to create products that are not only smart, but user-friendly enough for its customers. In truth, this is a forward-thinking brand you can rely on to always perform.

This guy here, the GSmade Full HD 2K Camera Spy Pen, is a smooth undercover agent. It comes complete with every single detail—from video quality to lens clips. So, before we get in over ourselves, let’s take it slowly.

Number one feature we will discuss, of course, is the video recording resolution; what else? It’s Full HD with a spec detail of 2304px1296p which means that you’re so going to love your videos when you play them back on your PC or Macbook. Pictures so clear, you could almost see through them.

Yes, it does come with a motion detection function; this way you don’t have too many useless videos occupying useful space in your storage. And the possibility that they will rewrite useful ones will be drastically reduced. To the function itself, the sensor is pretty sensitive and picks up even slight motions quickly.

Like we mentioned earlier, this pen is a great spy. It actually comes with clips to cover the lens so no one suspects a thing. Is that cool or what?! Your pen be looking like some 007 spy agent with dark shades and all. We love!

Of course, this device comes with a rechargeable battery and 2 USB cables. It has a capacity of 380mAh, which is pretty good and will last you a reasonably long time, about one hour by our deductions.

PS: This pen is still a pen, you know, despite all its sophistication. It comes with 2 refill cartridges for you, so you can actually get some writing done with it too.
The Minicute Hidden Camera Spy Pen is a genius device! Even from a distance of 70 feet, this pen still gives you crispy clear High Definition videos with its 1080p video recording resolution. Would you also like something similar, but this time a wall charger? This comes with a built-in 32GB memory and a1080p resolution: The Minicute USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera.

Minicute Hidden Camera Spy Pen - 1080p Video Resolution, 1920p Picture Resolution, 32GB SD Card and 8 Refills

Minicute has carved its niche in the digital world, and that niche is not hard to spot. All you need to do is look at its robust product lines to see that it’s heavily vested in all things ergonomic. In fact, when it launched in 2002, its debut was the Ezmouse which was an ergonomic mouse, one of the first of its kind. Since that time, it has continued to come up with more ways for people to interact more intuitively with the ever-evolving ergonomic requirements that come with owning a PC or a laptop. And in truth, its product line has grown to accommodate even more products that better your interactions with not just your PC and laptop, but other electronic systems such as your console game, and even your home-entertainment system. With this brand, it’s always about more productivity—and more fun.

Here’s a camera pen that offers you quality on both videos and pictures: The Minicute Hidden Camera Spy Pen.

It’s incredible but true that a camera pen can deliver crystal-clear High Definition videos even from a distance as far as 70 feet—that’s quite a feat! Although, understandably, it would require a level of brightness to get this done… we’re talking 70 feet people! That’s like more than the length of 10 hefty men lying head-to-feet!

Aside from its video resolution of 1920px1080p, it also boasts a picture resolution of 2560px1920p. You could literally take a photo of your friend unknowingly with this pen and s/he would swear that you’re now a magician or something. The pictures are really that sharp. It’s hard to differentiate from a normal photo you’ve take with, say, a smartphone.

It even comes with a memory space of 32GB so that you can record and record and record for as long as you want. To be specific, for as long as 500 minutes. Wait, let’s run the numbers—that’s almost half a day! (We have 1440 minutes in a day.) And it will still have space enough for 48k pictures. Truly impressive!

This pen also works well with most any device, operating system regardless; whether it’s Windows or Apple, you’re good. Simply plug and play. No drivers required at all.

The battery of this device is okay with a capacity of 220mAh; not as high as some other camera pens, but by no means poor. It should give you a runtime of about an hour. It could push an hour thirty though, but of course, it all depends on how actively you’re using the pen.

You might experience some difficulty using this camera pen at first, but you’ll figure it out. It’s really easy once you work it out, going by the words of a number of satisfied customers.
Meet the ENKLOV 1080P HD Portable Mini Spy Camera Pen. It’s crazy affordable and delivers terrific video quality with 1080p video recording resolution and 30fps video frame rate, all for your viewing pleasure. You may also like this wireless IS security camera with a 1080p resolution, 30fps frame rate, and built-in microphone and speaker. See the ENKLOV Wireless 1080p IP Security Camera.

ENKLOV 1080P HD Portable Mini Spy Camera Pen

ENKLOV hopes to achieve two major things by which it will measure its success. One is to help its customers retain their best moments and keep them forever in mind. The other is to keep itself and its loved ones safe. Identifying a common thread that links up both ideas, it has built a business around it; that is, digital recording, whether it be video recording or surveillance. With a bit of creativity and a lot of hard work, this brand has continued to supply its customers some of the most out-of-the-box recording devices that are so smart, it’s a wonder that they are so user-friendly.

If you’re working on a shoestring budget and you think you should give up on your desire to own a camera pen, you might want to hold on a little and read through this. There is a camera pen for you, and this is that pen: the ENKLOV Spy Camera Pen.

Because it’s crazy affordable, there might be questions regarding how it performs. But this device delivers and delivers well. Don’t take our word for it, check out the features yourself:

It comes with a video resolution of 1920px1080p and that’s HD. Your videos will be clear, clean, and sharp. No blurry images and all the what-not’s that get in the way of a pleasurable viewing experience.

And then it has a video frame rate of 30fps. For the record, an average movie you see online might be 24fps. This camera pen already delivers higher than that. That’s a major deal already.

Your videos are taken real-time and even come with date and time stamps. These stamps help for reference, sorting, and organizing data. You won’t have issues recollecting events and when they took place with this pen.

And yes, it does take beautiful and sharp pictures, in the JPG format.

Regardless of your operating system, this pen will perform well. It supports Windows, Apple, and Linux. You don’t need to do any other thing such as installing drivers or all of that; you simply plug it into your computer, and watch your High Definition videos or scroll through your pictures in peace. Life is already complicated enough as it is, and we don’t need camera pens coming to make it worse.

PS: This camera pen can even record just audio if you want. It comes with a built-in microphone, and that should tell you that both video and audio quality with this device are going to be top-notch!

How Do I Choose the Best Camera Pen?

You don’t have to wait to be James Bond to be your own undercover agent. You can conduct your own surveillance right in your office and catch that thief who’s always stealing that last piece of juicy chicken you hoped to enjoy alone during a long all-nighter you intended to pull at the office.

And who says you have to pay big bucks to get some crazy CCTV or surveillance set up in your office? Aside from the fact that that’s a pretty senseless venture if you’re not looking to sell it to your company, it’s a dead give-away—everyone will know! Those things aren’t exactly Santas that climb in discreetly through the chimney. They have to be installed and all.

Anyway, we have technology to thank again for taking yet another one for the team. It has gone ahead to help our undercover ambitions by providing us with camera pens; now we can spy all we want, without anyone suspecting a peep!

But it’s not always about catching the suspect. Even James Bond deserves to unwind with family and catch some good times. And many a time, those good times need to be relived.

So, while we’re all smiling for the camera, the pen can stand by and catch all the beautiful moments, and days later when we play back on our computers or MacBooks, we can smile awkwardly to ourselves and finally admit how much we miss everyone.

For those going back to school, the camera pen is an ally too. In all honesty, there are some days that lectures are the furthest things from our minds, but that don’t mean that the professor is going to chill for you. He’s got a syllabus to cover! But you also have your personal business to deal with.

Instead of complaining and flunking classes, we could instead think proactively and get ourselves a camera pen that completely records all that the professor is going on and on about.

In fact, this is doubly advantageous because whether or not we’re in the mood on the day of the lecture, the brain just has a way of doing some pretty creepy selective remembrance. Like how you can remember what after-shave Brian wore to high school prom but miraculously can’t remember what Professor said barely 10 minutes after the class.

Now, if you have a camera pen, you can record all your lectures high-definition and take your time to digest them at your pace when you’re less pre-occupied. Who knows? You could even open a website where other students can download lectures for free or for a small fee, and you’d be solving a big problem! Way to go!

Of course, we know that some would want this device to catch others while they go about their clandestine activities. Hmm! We could actually suggest a more affordable device for that; it’s called minding your own business. Very free and works like magic!
You’re probably already thinking that a camera pen will slice your purse in half; while that’s quite intelligent, especially after considering the mad engineering that would most likely go into its production, it’s not necessarily true. There are all kinds of camera pens for all budget ranges. Some can cost as low as about $20, while others will cost up to $90 or even more.

Things like whether or not the pen comes with an SD card, or the resolution of the camera, will definitely affect price. Obviously, a camera pen with an SD card and a 1080p resolution will cost more than another without an SD card or a lower resolution. If this scares you and you’re thinking of going for a cheap camera pen, you’ll be sorry. Most have poor resolutions and don’t even last. You won’t enjoy using them at all. In fact, the video quality will give you a tummy ache. Spend a little more and get yourself something nice.
There are quite a few basic features that cut across all camera pens regardless of their make. We’ve listed a few of them below to help you in your quest to snag the best camera pen that gives value for money.
  • Camera resolution
  • Video HD storage
  • Battery size
  • Audio recording
  • Extras
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
So, by now, you must have guessed that a lot of technical jargon will be flying up and down in this guide. Well, we cannot deny that; but because we are lay-people like you, we’ll try to translate all the technical jargon into something that isn’t wired for aliens alone to understand. In other words, we will try to translate it to English.

So, camera resolution: If you own a smartphone, or a TV, or a camcorder, you already know a thing or two about camera resolution. In fact, that’s the first thing most people check before ever purchasing a phone. We didn’t say vanity, you did!

For those who don’t know, when we talk about resolution, we talk about the video and picture quality. How crispy clear will your videos and pictures be? How sharp the detailing, colors, and such? Now you see why it’s about the first thing anyone would want to know—and even should know—about in terms of their camera.

See, the human tastes have increased to a certain level that’s too late to go back on. In other words, we are already used to certain luxuries and there’s no way we can settle for less anymore. It’s too late.

What are we really saying? If you want to enjoy your camera pen at all, then you must be thinking of going for a resolution that’s high definition, which means sharp image and video quality. There’s barely anything that doesn’t come in HD these days. Trust us, if you see anything less, you could probably puke.

So, this resolution can actually be measured. For the HD we just mentioned, 720 pixels is just okay, and 1080 pixels is the real deal. In fact, most movies you see on your computer come in 1080 pixels, so imagine your camera pen delivering that level of image and video to you; wouldn’t you love it for the rest of your life?

Then there’s something else that adds to the quality of your video. Have you seen some really crappy video footage on the internet that’s jumpy and choppy? Quite annoying, really. The reason for that is related to their FPS, or frames per second. Let’s do the numbers; a typical movie, what’s your favorite movie? Okay, let’s say Game of Thrones or something, since no one will shut up about it. It most probably plays at 24 frames per second. Hey, we aren’t saying that on authority. We are just giving you the rule of thumb. So, you can guess that if your camera pen comes with a higher FPS, then you’re in for an ultra-smooth video experience. Fast motions will play as fast—not slow-mo—and there will be little to no blurring. Fantastic experience!

Next, we need to talk about storage. While some manufacturers care so much as to include an SD card to your package, others don’t really care that much how you feel. If you need storage, you really should up and get yourselves one (we do not speak for them).

Anyhow, it’s not uncommon to see camera pens come with built-in hard drives, but for those that use SD cards, you might care to know that a 16GB memory will be able to store up to 320 minutes of video and 48k of photos.
Performance and Ease of Use
Now let’s look at another aspect that’s equally as important as video quality; can you guess what that is? Of course you can. Audio! It’s extremely important that you be sure that your camera pen records audio. So, it’s only commonsensical that your pen comes with a microphone to pick up sounds. A camera pen that doesn’t record audio is a fail. Send it back!

What’s the point recording your best friend trying to play the oboe and fail terribly at it if you can’t play him a good video (with good sound!) where he can actually hear how he sounds and earn yourselves a good laugh? None at all!

Apparently, there are models of camera pens that work for recording at night, but here’s why we said we will leave the judging to them—they cost way more than ordinary camera pens. Aside from their cost, they typically record only about 5 feet or thereabout in front of you and nothing more. Feel free to rethink your mission.

So, we will quickly do a rundown checklist of other small stuff to tidy up about the features of a camera pen before we run off.

So many camera pens come with replaceable ink cartridges, which is really cool. At least it reminds all involved that the camera pen is still very much a pen in case we start getting too excited and forget that part.

Also check to see what OS your camera pen supports. It should be compatible with Windows as well as Apple, since you’ll be playing back your videos or viewing your photos from computers with either of these operating systems.

Some might require drivers or memory card readers to read, as well, but get the manufacturers’ instructions on that before you purchase to prevent buying wrong.

Motion detecting is another feature to look out for. Some camera pens can be set not to record or anything, but they pick up on motions and that could save you some storage space.

So instead of the pen recording useless videos of your cat walking around the cat deterrent in a bid to get across to that place you told him not go to, it just detects the motion instead so you can have space to record other important stuff like the 4th of July parade or something.

If your camera pen comes with lights that blink like the lights on an emergency response vehicle, then just avoid. It has totally lost the purpose of going covert in the first place. Lights should be as unnoticeable as possible.

Then, of course, be sure to know if your pen takes photo shots. If photos matter to you a great deal, then you don’t need to be told to look out for such a feature in a camera pen.

Get the Best Camera Pen of 2022!

Thanks for all the time you took to read this review. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Go ahead and make that purchase!

Our Top Choice
Toughsty HD Portable Hidden Camera Pen
Best Value
Fuvision Spy Pen Camera Video Recorder
GSmade Full HD 2K Camera Spy Pen
Minicute Hidden Camera Spy Pen
ENKLOV Spy Camera Pen