Best Camera Slider Reviews 2023

Camera sliders come in handy when you need to take video shots from various angles or positions without shaking your camera. With all kinds of sliders on the market, it can be hard knowing what to pick. We’ve researched five of the best camera slider brands on the market, showcasing a model from each to help you find one that best meets your video shooting or filming needs.
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Our Top Choice
Konova K3 Series Camera Slider
Konova is a leading company based in South Korea that manufactures and retails photographic, studio and video equipment.
Mountable in different angles. Advanced rubberized feet. Accurate, supports resistance adjustability. Has a modularization system.
The soft aluminum construction easily dings up.
Portable camera slider
Adjustable angular design
0.8 x 2 x 31.5 inches; 5.5 pounds
All DSLR cameras
Aluminum & high carbon steel
Best Value
IMORDEN Dolly Track Middle Camera Slider
IMORDEN is a global company that manufactures high quality video and photographic equipment and related accessories.
Affordable, durable and portable. Unique structural design. Compatible with almost all DSLR cameras.
Shakes the camera when used with an incompatible tripod.
Portable middle camera slider
High precision adjustable design
2.5 x 4.7 x 48 inches; 5.8 pounds
All DSLR cameras
IFOOTAGE Shark S1 Camera Slider
IFOOTAGE was founded in 2011 to design innovative video equipment such as sliders, tripods, controller systems and jibs, among other photography accessories.
Easy to setup, pack and carry around. Made of high quality components. Supports smooth camera movements and can extend easily.
More costly than most camera sliders on the market.
Portable middle camera slider
Modular & extendable design
4 x 5.5 x 31 inches; 12.5 pounds
All DSLR cameras
Anodized aluminum & carbon
Movo Track Glider Camera Slider
Movo Photo is a company with highly experienced photographic professionals who design high quality video and audio equipment.
Affordable, sturdy, portable, smooth and quiet. Universally mountable. Adjustable legs work anywhere.
Not ideal for high-end videography/filming.
Portable camera slider
Lightweight mini dolly design
2.8 x 3.5 x 23.6 inches; 2 pounds
All cameras & tripod heads
Neewer Shoulder-Mount Camera Slider
Neewer is a global company that was founded in 2010 to develop products used in the film, photography and music industries.
Lightweight, affordable, ergonomic and stylish. Durable, customizable and portable.
Uncomfortable shoulder pads. Takes time to set up.
Handheld shoulder-mount slider
Ergonomic & customizable design
3.9 x 6.7 x 15 inches; 3.6 pounds
DSLR & camcorders with ¼” holes
Aluminum alloy, steel & rubber

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What is the Best Camera Slider?

Choose a lightweight camera slider you can use on the go. Make sure it’s compatible with your existing DSLR camera and tripod for maximum stability and thus performance. Let’s see if one of our recommended camera sliders is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Konova K3 Series Camera Slider supports video shooting at various angles. You can mount it horizontally, vertically, diagonally or sideways. Are you looking for a more advanced camera slider that can support your heavy-duty camera system at a slightly higher price? Opt for the Konova K5 Slider Camera that’s designed to handle heavier equipment.

Konova K3 Series Camera Slider with a Modularization System - Available in 5 Sizes

Konova focuses on manufacturing camera sliders and other related accessories. The company constantly improves its existing products to meet the evolving needs of its DSLR equipment users. The company is ISO 9001 certified and has a presence in at least sixty countries across the globe, including Germany, USA and UK. Committed to advancing its products to benefit filmmakers and photographers, Konova has invested in a world-class research laboratory.

The Konova K3 Series Camera Slider allows you to take shots vertically, diagonally, horizontally and sideways. It has advanced feet fitted with rubber to stand on all types of surfaces ranging from uneven to straight grounds without destabilizing the camera. The angle and height of the legs can also be adjusted easily; you can set up the legs at different angles for use anywhere. The legs are also lightweight and easy to install.

It’s made of a high carbon bearing steel with a hardened surface for sturdy use. The slider also features a ruler sticker and double row angular contact bearings for high stability and precise shots.

You can use the slider close to the ground on its legs or mount it onto a tripod. It comes with a carry bag for safe storage and portability. The modularization system supports upgrade to additional options such as the crank handle kit, video head, ball head, quick release, light stand, articulating arm, and stand adapter for sliding sideways. These extra, optional features are paid for separately.

Here are some other Konova camera sliders you might like:
  • Konova Dolly K7 Camera Slider
  • Konova K5 Camera Slider
  • Konova Jib J1 Camera Slider
This camera slider is available in five different sizes with varying lengths: 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, and 150cm. Our featured product has a length of eighty centimeters.
Best Value
The IMORDEN Dolly Track Middle Camera Slider comes in a high-precision design to support movie, video and digital cameras, and other equipment used in photography. Do you want a carbon fiber camera slider for Sony, Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras? Opt for the IMORDEN Carbon Fiber Video Camera Slider that’s ultra-light, has adjustable legs and supports vertical and horizontal shots.

IMORDEN 120cm-Long Dolly Track Middle Camera Slider - Available in 3 Sizes

IMORDEN designs high quality products and offers outstanding customer support services. The company believes the key to amazing photography lies in innovative solutions. With an integration of research, design and production, the company is able to deliver one-of-a-kind photography equipment and accessories such as jib arms, camera stabilizers and camera sliders. The company tests each product for safety and functionality before releasing it into the market.

The IMORDEN Dolly Track Middle Camera Slider is made of aluminum and features a slider rail and non-skid rubber feet for smooth and stable use. The adjustable eagle-claw legs can be used on the table, ground or any other surface; it can also be positioned on one or two tripods. The camera slider also supports multiple mounting options from the side holes or middle bottom.

The slider is easy to set up and comes with a carrying bag for portable use and easy storage. It also comes with an L-shaped hexagon wrench for loosening or tightening the slider during setup or disassembly. The mounting screws packed with the slider come in handy during installation. Built for fast performance, the camera slider can work from different angles. It measures 2.5 x 4.7 x 48 inches and weighs 5.8 pounds for increased portability.
The IFOOTAGE Shark S1 Camera Slider is built in a modular and extendable design for easy set-up, versatile use and easy tweaks for the convenience professional photographers need on the go. If you want a compatible tripod to use with our featured product, opt for the IFOOTAGE Wild Bull T5 Professional Tripod. It’s lightweight and has adjustable feet for proper positioning.

IFOOTAGE Shark S1 Camera Slider with a Carrying Case & Extension Rods

IFOOTAGE uses superior workmanship and high quality components to make innovative photographic solutions that deliver unmatched performance. Aware that customer satisfaction comes first, the company offers high quality services and cost-effective products to meet the needs of each photographer. IFOOTAGE equipment targets professional photographers with high demand for innovative solutions.

The IFOOTAGE Shark S1 Camera Slider is built in a modular design with low mass due to reduced size and weight to support portable use. Photographers with the need to conveniently travel with their camera sliders can easy tweak it easy packing. The slider is also easy to install in minutes and disassemble in seconds. In addition to being versatile for use in various scenarios, this camera slider is easy to carry and clean.

Unlike standard bearings, the Japan-imported quiet bearings are five times stronger and more durable to withstand regular use over prolonged time periods. The imported synchronous belts offer high accuracy and torque, and exceptional performance. The three-wheel locking system and carbon fiber tubes keep the slider in top shape as long as the load is within the acceptable limit. The slider is robust and works under any weather conditions.

The extension tubes allow the slider to be extended if need be. Based on a damping effect and powered by centrifugal force, the flywheel supports easy camera movements through smooth acceleration and deceleration. Vibrations that might result from the movement are prevented through a perfect connection between the synchronizing wheel and the belt. The slider is also triangular for optimum stability. The bottom plate is screwed to prevent wobbling when the slider is being mounted onto a tripod.

Here are a few other IFOOTAGE camera sliders to consider:
  • IFOOTAGE Wireless Motorized Camera Slider
  • IFOOTAGE Motorized DSLR Camera Slider
  • IFOOTAGE Motion Bundle Camera Slider
Designed for smooth and quiet video shots, the camera slider measures 4 x 5.5 x 31 inches and weigh 12.5 pounds for easy carriage and portability.
The Movo Track Glider Camera Slider is mini and lightweight for increased production value and smooth, fast video shoots. If you prefer a stylish, high-end circular track on four pairs of independent and adjustable legs, opt for the Movo Photo Panaramic Circular Track Camera Slider. It comes with a deluxe carrying case for easy portability and a one-year warranty.

Movo Track Glider Camera Slider with Adjustable Legs - Available in 3 Sizes

Movo values craftsmanship and offers exceptional customer support. With a combination of manufacturing manpower and years of experience, the company is able to deliver high quality and affordable products. Movo backs up its products with at least one-year warranty for protection from manufacturing faults and also offers after sales services.

The Movo Track Glider Camera Slider features a precision engineered aluminum rail in a sturdy, lightweight and durable design for constant use. The camera platform is mounted on a roller bearing for smooth and quiet tracking of video shots. It comes with ¼” and 3/8” male threads to support universal mounting of various tripod heads and cameras.

The adjustable legs are built with an integrated bubble level for stable or level positioning on any surface, hence preventing wobbling. The camera slider requires no special tools for assembly, making the setup process easy. It has dimensions of 2.8 x 3.5 x 23.6 inches and weighs 1.6 pounds for easy carriage. It also offers tension control and the carrying case supports portability and easy storage.

Here are a few Movo camera gliders to consider:
  • Movo Rail Track Camera Slider
  • Movo Aluminum Track Camera Slider
  • Movo Carbon Fiber Rail Camera Slider
This camera slider comes in an all-metal construction for durable use and silver finish to blend into any environment.
The Neewer Portable Shoulder-Mount Camera Slider is a handheld shoulder-mount filmmaker system that offers stability, balance and comfort when shooting videos. Do you want a track dolly slider that you can carry easily? Opt for the Neewer Carbon Fiber Track Dolly Camera Slider with a load capacity of 17.5 pounds. It has a gear-shaped joint interface and comes with a carry bag.

Neewer Portable Shoulder-Mount Camera Slider with Dual Handgrip - Available in 2 Colors

Neewer invests heavily in research and development to continuously develop innovative photography equipment that meets the evolving needs of the modern photographer, filmmaker or videographer. The products range from complete studio setup equipment for professionals to basic equipment for beginners. Neewer has a large collection of cost-effective and premium camera slides in various designs.

The Neewer Portable Shoulder-Mount Camera Slider is lightweight to support continuous mobile filmmaking. It has a customizable design to ensure you can add or remove parts and accessories as you deem fit. The slider is ergonomic and supports angular positioning and flexible adjustments for precise shots.

The camera slider is compatible with camcorders and DSLR cameras with ¼” screw-holes. It’s both shoulder-mountable and usable with tripods. The shoulder rig, shoulder bracket and dual hand grips support calm camera positioning for easy video filming. The shoulder mount is made of rubber to minimize motion-related issues. The slider measures 3.9 x 6.7 x 15 inches and weighs 3.6 pounds for easy carriage.

Here are some other Neewer camera sliders you might like:
  • Neewer Tabletop Mobile Rolling Camera Slider
  • Neewer Pro Version Track Dooly Rail Camera Slider
  • Neewer Two-Way Macro Shot Focusing Rail Camera Slider
This camera slider comes in two color combinations to choose from based on your personal preferences: blue and black, or red and black.

How Do I Choose the Best Camera Slider?

Nothing beats the beauty of an amazing photograph. Sliders stabilize cameras, adding motion to each shot. They’re rod or track systems that any DSLR for video camera can be mounted on to slide at various angles and directions. Dollies, unlike sliders, are often mounted on tripods and run across longer tracks to roll camera. On the other hand, jibs or cranes are arms with a base for lowering or raising cameras.

Basically, sliders support side to side movement. They can also be used to angle tracks up or extend tracks over the edge of buildings for rising shots. Unlike pans, camera sliders are based on the parallax effect for smooth, easier movements. Sliders change camera backgrounds for different effects and shots.

Sliders are built with various camera and base mounting options. Whereas some sliders have simple legs for use on flat surfaces such as tables, others come with adjustable legs for use anywhere, even on uneven surfaces. You need to choose between drylin and roller bearing slider systems before making a purchase.

Since sliders are designed for light to heavy duty and beginner to professional use, you need to buy one that’s suitable for your level. The focus of this review is roller bearing sliders. We hope that this guide can help you choose the best camera slider for your DSLR camera or camcorder.
Whereas drylin camera sliders are inexpensive, roller bearing systems cost much more. The latter are more advanced and offer hands-free use. They cost more due to the convenience they come with. Although you can find drylin sliders for under $100, roller bearing systems can cost anything from $100 to $1000. There are high-end models that cost even more. For instance, wheeled sliders cost much more than roller or drylin systems.

Since features increase the amount you can pay for a slider, only buy what you need. Don’t bother with cheap camera sliders as they might be made from cheap materials that barely last. If you’re a beginner, buy an inexpensive slider to begin your journey towards becoming a professional filmmaker, photographer or videographer. Consider the slider as an investment in your career or passion for filming; therefore, buy one you’ll use year after year.
Camera sliders are built with various features to support their usability. Whereas basic sliders simply hold cameras for stable filming or video shooting, advanced versions come with more features. Knowing what to expect your slider to come with goes without saying. With the right knowledge, you’re also in a better position to pick a slider that’s suitable for your intended area of application.

Here are some features to look for in your camera slider:
  • Type such as dryling or roller bearing slider systems
  • A suitable design for your intended use
  • Reasonable size and lightweight for portable use
  • Compatible with your DSLR camera and tripod
  • Material such as aluminum, carbon steel, alloys, etc.
  • Accessories such as carrying bags and optional features
  • Warranty for protection from manufacturing faults
A camera slider with all the features you need isn’t just easy to install and use, but also works under any weather conditions.
Construction and Design
Consider the following factors when shopping for a camera slider:

Type – Decide whether you want a drylin or roller bearing camera slider system.

Design – Camera sliders are built in different designs ranging from angular, adjustable, modular and extendable designs to mini dolly, high-precision, customizable and ergonomic designs. Choose what’s suitable for your given area of application and type of video camera.

Size – Do you want a portable camera slider to use on the go? Choose a reasonably-sized and lightweight slider designed for portability. Decide if you want a hand-held, rolling or stand-alone system.

Compatibility – Buy a camera slider that’s compatible with your DSLR camera or camcorder. If you’re going to use a tripod, make sure it’s also compatible with the slider. If you’re not sure, opt for a universally mountable model.

Material – Whatever reason you’re buying a slider, it’s important to buy one you can use for years. Look out for aluminum and stainless engineered construction for sturdy and durable use.

Accessories – Buy a camera slider that comes with carrying cases or bags for easy portability and compact storage. Look out for extra features you might need such as fluid heads for mounting purposes; note that these come at an additional cost.
Performance and Ease of Use
Buy a camera slider that’s easy to install and use. Look out for user instructions and manuals for a guide on installation and proper use. If you’re always traveling, buy a camera slider designed for portability. Consider a slider with adjustable legs you can use almost anywhere – be it on rocks, uneven ground or flat surfaces. With an angular design, you can take video shots from varying angles.

There are also sliders that position horizontally, diagonally, vertically or even side to side and back and forth. It must be durable to last years of use and perform under any climatic conditions. With a warranty, you’re protected from manufacturing faults. Finally, ensure the slider is compatible with your camera and tripod system.

Get the Best Camera Slider of 2023!

Whether you’re a beginner or professional photographer, filmmaker or videographer, there’s a camera slider out there for you. We hope that, with our review of five top camera sliders, you’ll be in a position to pick the right slider to meet your photography needs. Pick a slider that suits your personal or professional requirement and balanced shots are just a few clicks away.

Our Top Choice
Konova K3 Series Camera Slider
Best Value
IMORDEN Dolly Track Middle Camera Slider
IFOOTAGE Shark S1 Camera Slider
Movo Track Glider Camera Slider
Neewer Shoulder-Mount Camera Slider