Best Camera Reviews 2022

Choosing the best camera can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We have researched the top industry brands and chosen our best picks to help you make an unrivaled investment. We think we have a little something for everyone from the simple point-and-shoot style to the complex, professional quality DSLR – and everything in between. Whether you want that perfect action shot or the breathtaking landscape photo, one thing we know is these best camera brands offer a wide variety of quality camera types. So, even if the ones we feature are not the perfect fit for you, there are plenty of others to choose from!
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Our Top Choice
Panasonic LUMIX FZ1000 Digital Camera
Made by Panasonic, a worldwide leader in consumer electronics, the LUMIX is packed with features and cutting edge technology to help you capture professional grade photos.
DFD technology to catch those action shots. LEICA lens for blur resistance. 4K video capture. WiFi connectivity. 16X Optical Zoom.
Larger camera. Consumer guide can be difficult to navigate.
20.1 MP
3” LCD
16X Optical Zoom
WiFi connectivity
Best Value
Sony RX100 Advanced Digital Camera
Innovators in technology Sony often leads the way in consumer electronics. Their 20.2MP Compact Camera is packed with cutting edge technology in a pocket sized package.
High ISO capabilities. Exmor sensor. Built in creative controls. LCD screen visible in sunny conditions. Adjustable aperture, exposure, zoom and more for the perfect shot.
High humidity can compromise the camera.
20.2 MP
3” LCD
3.6X Optical Zoom
HD 1080/60p
Pop-up flash
Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital Camera
You can’t browse for a camera and not come across Canon, the leader for decades in the industry. Their EOS Mark lll Camera is just one in a range of high-quality SLR cameras.
61 Point High Density Reticular AF. Extended ISO range. Intelligent viewfinder. 6.0fps for burst shooting. 22.3 megapixels. Full HD Video.
Pricey for someone looking for an everyday camera – but the price reflects the features.
LCD 3.2”
None. DSLR body only.
1080p HD
WiFi connectivity
Nikon COOLPIX L840 Digital Camera
Nikon’s Coolpix camera gives consumers superior photos with simplicity. Want to get those action shots or maybe take a crystal clear close up –Coolpix gives you the capability without complex terms to learn.
Comfort grip for photo stability. 38X zoom for long range shots. Full HD 1080p video capabilities. Built in WiFi.
Auto-focus struggles with fully extended zoom.
16 MP
Flexible LCD
38X Optical Zoom
Full HD 1080p
Samsung WB350F Digital Camera with 16.3 MP and 21X Optical Zoom
Samsung needs no introduction. Designed for social media lovers, the WB35OF camera comes equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and new “tag & go technology”.
Image stability. Manual capabilities for maximum creative control. Impressive zoom for camera size.
Noisy photos on higher ISO settings
16.3 MP
LCD 3”
21X Optical Zoom
HD 1080p

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What is the Best Camera?

It’s our hope you’re now knowledgeable about the cameras and already have a snippet of the features you want in your camera. Now, let’s look at our selected products from our top brands and explore their pros and cons. We believe that you’ll get a camera that’s in tandem with your needs, style, and your budget.
Our Top Choice
Want professional quality photos but not the price tag? The LUMIX by Panasonic is a great choice. Full of features such as a 16X optical zoom and a high 20.1 mega pixels for crystal clear images. Love the camera but not the price tag, then check out the 16.1MP Panasonic LUMIX, which will save you a few bucks and still produce reasonably crisp images.

Panasonic LUMIX Camera - 21.1 Megapixels, 1-inch Sensor, 4K Video, Leica Lens & 16X Zoom

Panasonic is a worldwide leader offering technologically advanced household products with superior quality to the consumer marketplace. They back all of their products with varying product warranties, easy to navigate customer service, and multiple how-to videos.

With the introduction of the LUMIX FZ1000 into the marketplace, they have successfully catered to the consumer that wants professional grade photos without the complicated DSLR technology and hefty price tag. This camera has an impressive optical zoom bringing far off objects into focus for crisp photos. Equipped with advanced Depth from Defocus (DFD) technology, the user can capture moving targets with clarity – excellent for sports and action shots.

This LUMIX digital camera easily switches from still photography to high-resolution 4K videos, and even more impressive, you can capture still images while in video mode with the 8MP hybrid photos straight from your video footage. This camera can capture all your important moments with ultra-high-resolution.

Check out these other impressive features::
  • 360 shots per charge (CIPA standard).
  • High Sensitivity MOS Sensor to reduce image noise
  • LEICA lens resists blur
  • One-handed video shooting
  • 20.1 megapixel lens
  • Built-in creative/artistic controls.
If this 20.1 megapixel camera from Panasonic’s Lumix camera range isn’t for you, don’t worry! Panasonic make a whole selection of high-quality cameras including compact cameras, DSLR cameras, waterproof cameras and all these coming with a range of different features depending on your skill level and preference!
Best Value
Take this camera with you anywhere. Sophisticated technology in a compact lightweight model allows you to snap professional grade photos without the bulk. Low-light capabilities make this your anytime, anywhere camera. If you don’t need something quite so flashy then check out the point-and-shoot compact W800 camera from Sony, for a very affordable price.

Sony Advanced Cyber Shot Compact Camera with 20.2MP, 1.0 inch Sensor & 3.6X Zoom

Leading the way in innovative consumer technology Sony has been producing quality life-style products since 1948. Their digital cameras are just one area they excel in, making durable, quality cameras for all sorts of occasions. If you need a small, compact camera to tuck in your back pocket for everyday use or you want a larger professional camera that’ll take the crispest images, then Sony has what you need.

The Sony DSC-RX100 is a sophisticated little camera, housed in lightweight aluminum with a pop-up flash and retractable lens this camera has a sleek design meant to be taken with you anywhere – anytime. An impressive 20.9 megapixels, wide aperture and ISO ranges all lend to superior, professional grade photos in any light. Built-in artistic features, background defocus and manual capabilities put creative shooting in your hands without overly technical jargon.

Here are some other details on what this little camera can do::
  • Reduced noise for low light imaging,
  • SteadyShot for blur free movies when moving,
  • Customizable front control ring and rear control dial
  • Face registration (up to 8 faces) and face recognition
  • F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens to capture light with great efficiency
  • Memory recall feature to store up to three groups of settings
Whether you are a professional looking to take the perfect studio or action shot or you are an amateur who just wants professional quality photos, the Canon Mark III will give you razor sharp images. Make sure you take a look at this great starter lens, rated as an amazon #1 best seller, the Canon EF 50mm lens is a must with this camera.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP SLR Camera with 1080p Full-HD Video Mode

Canon prides itself on their exceptional customer support. They provide service for their products through industry leading tech support for all levels of expertise to high quality repair teams.

Their Canon EOS Mark III, DSLR body is a professional grade camera body (lens sold separately). This camera comes loaded with customizable features to allow for optimal creativity and adaptability to any shooting situation. Whether you are in the studio or outdoors, a wide ISO and 22.3 MP give you crystal clear images. The additions of the enhanced high-definition video features make it possible with cinematic quality.

Here are some of its key features
  • 6.0 fps for burst shooting,
  • 100-25600 ISO range,
  • Dual card slots for CF and SD
  • 22MP full frame CMOS sensor
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
Canon is THE brand when it comes to professional-quality cameras. If these features don’t tickle your fancy, then they’re bound to have a camera that does!
This great point-and-shoot camera takes the guess work out of getting beautiful photos. It fits comfortably in the hand for added image stability and weighs less than 2 lbs. You can shoot high-definition video or shoot far-off images with the extended 38X optical zoom. If you want something a little less expensive with the added bonus of being waterproof, you may like the Coolpix S33, rated as an amazon #1 best seller.

Nikon COOLPIX L840 Digital Camera with 38x Optical Zoom and Built-In Wi-Fi (Black)

Nikon is a brand name that is synonymous with camera quality. Their line of Coolpix digital cameras comes with varying features and price points. The Coolpix L840 is one of their highly consumer rated cameras noted for its ease of use, and comfortable grip design. The extended long zoom and built-in Wi-Fi help you take and share beautiful images. With smartphone compatibility, you can quickly and effortlessly upload your images to share with friends and family.

Check out some of its key features.
  • 3” tilt LCD view screen
  • Auto scene selector (19 modes),
  • HDTV connectivity
  • Built-in microphone
  • Lens shift Vibration Reduction
  • Intelligent autofocus.
Love sharing your photos? Well with the Samsung WB350F you can get even better quality than your smartphone could ever capture, and share them instantly with family and friends. A smart, portable, lightweight design with impressive zoom and megapixel features allow you to take high-quality images anywhere. Don’t want a point-and-shoot but love the Samsung name? Check out their 28MP Interchangeable Lens Camera with Power Zoom Lens and Flash for professional looking photos.

Samsung EC-WB350FBPBUS 16.3Digital Camera with 21x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom with 3-Inch LCD (Black)

With over 70 years in the technology industry, Samsung takes pride in bringing top-notch innovation to the consumer market. Taking into consideration the tech savvy consumer who is well-versed in social media, the Samsung WB350F digital camera is designed specifically to please the photographer who loves to share their images. “Tap and Go technology” and built in Wi-Fi make it simple to upload, edit and share your photos. One of the smallest cameras on the market the impressive 21X zoom allows you to shoot images from a distance with 16.3MP clarity.

Check out these other features.
  • HD video capabilities,
  • Automatic scene recognition mode
  • creative effects modes,
  • Superb image quality for the novice photographer
  • Fast maximum aperture

How Do I Choose the Best Camera?

Maybe you’re asking yourself why you should spend your hard-earned dollars on purchasing a camera when your phone’s camera works just fine. Well, we agree with you, today’s smartphones are equipped with top-notch cameras that take incredible photos.

However, there’s a huge difference between pictures taken from a smartphone and a camera. A camera’s photo is crystal clear and is purposely manufactured to only take pictures and record videos. A smartphone cannot be compared to a camera when it comes to the quality of the photo. A camera has a larger sensor than a smartphone even though the megapixels may be the same. You all know how bad it feels when you want to take a photo using your phone but you can’t because the battery is too low. A camera will solve such a problem as it comes with a longer battery life as well as a better flash and lens.

If you desire to take amazing photos, you will want to invest in a DSLR camera. This camera will allow you to take breathtaking photos that are crystal clear without having to worry about the blur brought by a moving object. You can also share your photos in your online spaces using this camera. Cameras are lightweight, and you can easily slip them into your pocket or even a bag. Become a photo pro by investing in a camera today!
High-quality cameras will cost you between $400 and $2500. The huge difference is due to various factors such as the technology used in the manufacturing of the camera. The most advanced cameras come with a higher price tag compared to a basic camera. The brand name is also a price determinant with the most popular and trusted brands being much more expensive than the little known ones.

While there are cheap cameras on the market, be wary of them. These cameras may not live up to their expectations and may produce low quality photos. They are also prone to breakdown due to poor manufacturing standards. To be on the safe side, you should stick with the brands featured in this review.
The first feature you should consider while purchasing a camera is megapixels. Cameras with higher megapixels produce high-quality photos but come at a higher price. However, that doesn’t mean that models with lower megapixels produce bad images. A camera with about 16 MP will work well for you.

Here are other important features to look for in a camera:
  • What’s the display size?
  • What’s the storage capacity?
  • What’s the battery life?
  • What are the connectivity options?
  • What’s its size and weight?
  • Does it come with a warranty?
  • How easy are the menu system and controls?
Go for the camera with most, if not all, of these features.
Construction and Design
It is important to consider the size and weight of the camera before purchasing it. If you travel a lot, you’d want a portable camera that is light. A light camera will also allow you to take many pictures compared to a bulky model. You may miss important moments with a bulky and heavy camera, so go for the right size and weight for you.

You also want to consider the camera’s display. Check the size of the display and decide whether it is the right one for you. A display size of about 3” LCD will work well for you. However, if you’re a professional photographer you’d want a larger display.

It is also important to consider the camera’s storage capacity. A larger storage capacity will allow you to take and store as many photos as you want, but you’ll pay more for the camera. A camera whose storage capacity can be enhanced will be ideal for you as you’ll have leeway in deciding the right capacity for your needs.

Check the camera’s battery life as you don’t want to run out of power while in the middle of your photography session. Lithium ion models have a longer battery life but are expensive. You’d also want to check how you will charge your camera. There are cameras that require you to remove the battery and charge it while others have an internal charging system. Go for the one that interests you most.
Performance and Ease of Use
How a camera performs should be the most important thing. The menu system and controls should be easy to use so that it isn’t a challenge for you to change the camera’s settings to suit your needs. You need to understand that you will probably change the camera settings frequently, so it will be better for you to have a camera that is user-friendly.

You’ll probably need to share your photos with other people at times. It is, thus, important to check the camera’s connectivity options. Does the camera have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections? This is a question you should ask yourself as this will allow you to easily send the photos to others, share online, and send to other devices like your phone.

Finally, read and understand the warranty terms and conditions just in case of a manufacturer’s defect. You would want a longer warranty period as it protects you for a longer time against manufacturer’s faults.

Get the Best Camera of 2022!

We believe this review has helped you identify a camera that fits your needs and lifestyle. We have reviewed five great cameras from highly reputable brands, but, remember, if our picks do not interest you, these brands have a wide array of other cameras to choose from. Go ahead and purchase that camera that will allow you to take photos like a pro!

Our Top Choice
Panasonic LUMIX FZ1000 Digital Camera
Best Value
Sony RX100 Advanced Digital Camera
Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital Camera
Nikon COOLPIX L840 Digital Camera
Samsung WB350F Digital Camera with 16.3 MP and 21X Optical Zoom