Best Camping Tent Reviews 2023

It's not always practical to sleep "under the stars", but you can get pretty close inside of a cozy tent. The best camping tents are lightweight, weather-resistant, and easy to set up. They may also have special features such as storage pockets, so you can better organize your stuff. We chose 5 high-quality tents from some of the best camping tent brands that are sure to give you comfort while out on your adventure.
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Best for
Our Top Choice
Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 Camping Tent for Two
Big Agnes specializes in high-end sleeping gear for serious and casual camping. This lightweight 2-person tent uses fewer poles than standard tents for easy setup.
Lightweight. Packs up very small. Easy to set up without numerous poles. Eco-friendly anodizing. Waterproof polyurethane coating. Ventilating mesh. Taped seams.
Not the lightest design available for serious tripper, but still a great ratio of weight-to-durability and wiggle room.
EPS Core
41 x 20.5 x 2.5 inches & 2 lbs
HPDE Slick Bottom
Intermediate & Professionals
Up to 190 lbs
Best Value
ALPS Lynx 1 Camping Tent for One Person
Alps Mountaineering has a tight-knit team, passionate about providing quality gear. This inexpensive 1-person tent is a highly reliable option for solo adventures.
Inexpensive. Easy 2-pole assembly. Factory-sealed fly and floor seams. Half-mesh walls. Storage pockets and gear loft.
Many users prefer to have a bit more room to spread out, but this is a great option for saving space.
EPS Core
39 x 18.7 x 2.1 inches & 2 lbs
HDPE Slick Bottom & PE Deck
Up to 125 lbs
Hilleberg Enan 1 Person Tent for Camping
Hilleberg offers 4 unique tent styles for different adventure styles. This tent is part of their "Yellow Label" line, meaning it's built to be lightweight and durable.
Lightweight. Comfortable. Made with Kerlon 1000 for high tear strength.
This is a high-end tent, but it's not meant for extreme and snowy conditions.
Polyethylene (PE) Core
42 x 21 x 2 inches & 4.1 lbs
ILX Deck
Professional Riders
185 lbs and up
Kelty Trail Ridge 3 2-Person Tent with Footprint
Kelty creates camping gear that's built to last through adventure after adventure. This tent has high quality features and plenty of space for up to three people.
Removable fly and mesh for ventilation and stargazing. Two vestibules and two doors. Unique cube design for easy packing. Compact poles.
Heavier than some higher-end tents, but still fairly lightweight for a 3-person tent.
EPS Core
46.5 x 23.25 x 2.5 inches & 3.8 lbs
Up to 100 lbs
Coleman Sundome Two-Person Tent for Camping
Coleman is a large company that offers a range of rugged outdoor products. This popular tent is simple and easy to set up, making it ideal for beginner campers.
33% more water resistant than comparable Coleman tents. 2 windows for ventilation and views. High quality rainfly.
Heavier than most tents that are built for hiking and backpacking.
EPS Core
41 x 20.5 x 2.5 inches & 2 lbs
High-Density Polyethylene Slick Bottom
Beginner & Intermediate Riders
Up to 190 lbs

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What is the Best Camping Tent?

We’re sure by now you understand that the construction of the camping tent is critical, as well as the quality of the material used. In this review, you’ll find more information that will add to your knowledge of what to expect in an ideal camping tent.
Our Top Choice
The Big Agnes Copper Spur 2 Person Tent is a great choice for serious campers and anyone looking to lighten their load without sacrificing bedtime comfort. For a high-end, one-person alternative, check out the Big Agnes Fly Creek 1-Person Tent.

Big Agnes Copper Spur Two-Person Tent for Camping - Ultralight Trail Tent, Three Season Backpacking Tent

Big Agnes began operation making special sleeping bags and sleeping pads for outdoor use. They've always been passionate about exploring and enjoying the outdoors, which is why their products are made to keep users comfortable in extreme conditions – allowing them to get a good night's rest at the end of a trying journey or a day of basking in the sun.

This 2-person tent is ideal for anyone looking to travel or trip with a light load on their backs or on their bike. It offers a roomy, durable place to sleep while also pacing up into a lightweight roll for storage. Let's take a closer look:
  • The innovative pole system sets this tent apart. It uses fewer long poles than standard tents, so there's less to carry.
  • The poles snap together with simple press-fit connectors and lightweight hubs.
  • Multiple components go through eco-friendly anodizing for increased durability.
  • The fly and floor of the tent are made with ultralight, silicone-treated nylon rip-stop with a waterproof polyurethane coating.
  • The body of the tent has a nylon mesh to improve ventilation, which is especially handy on long, sweaty trips and warm nights.
  • Both sides have a door and vestibule to easily step out even when it's raining. That means you'll never have to step over your friend to "use the facilities" at night.
  • Four interior pockets and two media pockets make it easy to store valuables like your phone, keys, headlamps, etc.
  • All seams inside the tent are taped with a waterproof and solvent-free polyurethane tape.
  • 8 super light aluminum J-stakes are included so you can stabilize the tent.
  • There are also loops included for loft compartments at the top of the tent, but the loft itself is sold separately.
Best Value
The Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent is packed with extra features and made with a smart, durable design, making this tent a great choice for solo adventures. If you're looking to bring along a friend, check out the Alps Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person Tent.

ALPS Lynx 1 Tent for Camping – One Person Backpacking Tent, Freestanding Dome Tent

Alps Mountaineering was founded in Missouri with the mission of providing more average people with quality gear. They design a range of practical and comfortable products including packs, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and more. The founder never intended to create a "family business", but after his two sons graduated with degrees in marketing, it seemed right for the company. Today, the entire team (non-family members included) has grown into a close-knit business-family with a passion for performance.

The Lynx is an ideal choice for solo adventuring in a wide variety of conditions. It's lightweight, sturdy and dependable. Let's take a closer look:
  • The free-standing design uses only 2 poles for quick setup and lightweight packing.
  • Included pole clips make it even easier to set up.
  • The fly and floor seams are factory sealed for ongoing weather protection.
  • The vestibule gives you a place to store gear (that won't get rained on) and adds extra weather protection.
  • The door and vestibule have extra-large zippers so you won’t have to fumble to open them.
  • The fly buckles are weatherproof for optimal protection.
  • Walls include mesh for ventilation.
  • This tent includes mesh storage pockets, a gear loft at the top, aluminum stakes and guy ropes.
The Hilleberg Enan 1-Person Tent is extremely durable for a 3-season tent, making it a great choice for long solo journeys in warm and moderate climates. If you're looking for a 2-person version, try the Hilleberg Allak 2-Person Tent.

Hilleberg Enan One Person Camping Tent – Lightweight Kerlon 1000 Fabric, Available in Red or Green

Hilleberg was founded by Bo Hilleberg, a professional forester, as a foresting equipment brand. Soon, however, Bo's passion for camping would lead him to focus his efforts on creating a better tent – one that didn't force you to pitch a loose rain fly on top. He envisioned a tent design that let you pitch both your tent and rain fly at the same time into a single unit. Today, Hilleberg separate their tents into four categories: yellow label, black label, red label and blue label. Every label features tents that are designed for different camping purposes.

This tent comes from the yellow label, which means it's built for moderate climates or "3-season" camping. If you're trekking in arctic conditions, you'd better consider a different label – but for comfortable sleeping in a warm climate, it's hard to beat the Enan 1-person tent. Let's take a closer look:
  • This tent uses Kerlon 1000, which is extremely durable with a tear strength of 17.6 lbs.; plenty to keep you safe.
  • The poles are skinny and strong so the tent can be lightweight but also sturdy.
  • The walls are partially meshed for ventilation.
  • The large vestibule offers plenty of dry storage space and extra weather protection.
This tent is available in green and red.
The Kelty Trail Ridge 3-Person Tent is a versatile choice for long trips and casual family camping, featuring high durability and easy setup. For a more compact 2-person tent that's ideal for tripping and backpacking, try the Kelty Salida 2-Person Tent.

Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Tent with Footprint - Freestanding Two Person Tent, Stargazing Fly

Kelty is passionate about exciting adventures and being in the moment. They know great journeys depend on strong gear, which is why their products are simple and built to last. They offer a variety of packs, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads as well as general campsite and trekking gear.

This 3-season tent is ideal for moderate conditions and offers plenty of space for up to three people. Let's see what makes it stand out:
  • Almost-vertical walls provide a dome shape that offers plenty of space to sit up and hang out in the tent.
  • The rain fly easily rolls up so you can lie down and watch the stars. If rain starts to fall, you can easily clip down the fly to protect your tent and stay dry.
  • The tent condenses into a convenient cube to easily pack away.
  • The mesh sides provide tons of ventilation and helps the tent dry out.
  • The two-door and two-vestibule design means you can easily leave the tent without stepping over your friends and family.
The Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent features rugged weather-resistance and a simple design, making it ideal for short trips and family use. For a luxurious 4-person alternative, try the Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin.

Coleman Single-Door Two-person Dome Tent - Exclusive WeatherTec Waterproof System, Available in Green or Navy

Coleman is one of the largest and most dependable brands for outdoor gear around. They offer everything you can think of for a successful outdoor adventure: shelters, stoves, lights, games, sleeping gear, packs and much more. On top of camping gear, they have a broad range of cooking, trekking and hunting gear as well.

This simple tent is a versatile choice, ideal for small and solo trips as well as beginner use. It's easy to set up and waterproof so you can be sure to have a comfortable night's sleep. Let's take a closer look:
  • This tent is built with particularly rugged sealing, making it 33% more water-resistant than similar standard Coleman tents.
  • Two windows let in the light and can allow plenty of it if you decide you need it.
  • A high quality rainfly is included for added rain protection.
  • This tent uses a standard design, making it a great starting tent for beginners. It's easy to set up without any complicated hardware.
The Sundome Tent is available in navy and green.

How Do I Choose the Best Camping Tent?

After a long day of fishing out in the woods, you and your boys look for a comfortable place to roll out your sleeping bags to retire. Ten minutes later, you still can’t sleep because it’s so hot around you and the noisy mosquitoes keep buzzing above your head. Who sleeps out in the open on a warm summer night? You ponder this endlessly as you rest your head on your backpack and wait for dawn.

Well, it’s about time you invested in a camping tent to shield yourself from harsh conditions when out in the open. Camping is one of the most popular activities during summer, and nothing beats that cozy feeling of lying in a tent outdoors. With so many designs, shapes, and sizes out there, it’s difficult to identify the best camping tent for your needs.

A vital factor to consider when purchasing a tent is the number of people that can comfortably sleep in it. Always ignore the concept that a 4-man tent sleeps 4 people. You’ll find that 4 people will fit tightly, leaving no space for your portable travel fishing rod or other camping gear.

A nice summer tent will be made of light material and come with good ventilation. Keep in mind the weather conditions of your camping site and ensure that your tent can withstand any adversities. In case your camping experience includes hiking, it would be wise to get a tent that’s not too heavy to carry around.

Wow! What wonderful moments you’ll have lying inside a cozy camping tent staring at the stars and making wishes. Don’t forget to bring a portable bug zapper – it’s their territory, remember?
Just as there are many camping tents in the market today, so is there a difference in their pricing. There’s a wide range of prices, with some going for a little less than $50 and others as high as $650. It all depends on the craftsmanship of the tent.

The inexpensive ones have the basics of a camping tent and enough space for a maximum of two people. Those at the top of the range come with an inner tent as well as an outer tent, which are designed to offer balance and stability.

However, you can still get a cheap camping tent, which is made of poor quality material that’s flimsy and easily tears – oh, and their pegs can be blown away anytime by the slightest wind. We recommend spending a little extra to make sure you get the tent you deserve.
The market is flooded with camping tents of all designs and sizes. Here are some key features to look out for when picking an ideal tent:
  • Capacity – How many people can fit inside the tent? Does it allow for storage of your camping gear?
  • Material – Is it canvas, polyester, or nylon? Canvas is long-lasting and waterproof, but can get very heavy when it absorbs water. Polyester/nylon is light, but easily deteriorates when it stays too long in the sun.
  • Size - What is the height of the tent? In case you’re a tall person, you wouldn’t want a tent that makes you curl up in a ball when sleeping in it.
  • Usability – How easy is it to set up the tent? You don’t want to spend half your camping time putting up a tent, do you?
  • Additional features – How many doors does it have? Is there ventilation? Does it have storage pockets to keep your stuff? What other accessories does it have?
Construction and Design
Camping tents come either in a dome-shaped design or a cabin-style design. Dome-shaped camping tents are tall at the center and their walls slope outwards, giving the tent incredible strength and increase its wind shielding ability. The cabin style design is more of a house with compartments and other family-friendly features.

The typical floor length of a tent is between 84 and 88 inches, but if you’re a tall person you can get one with a floor length of 90 inches. Camping tents come with one or more doors, which open using a zipper. In case you intend to use one to accommodate the whole family, you may opt for one with multiple doors, to prevent clambering at the entrance.

Tent poles allow you to pitch your tent and the fewer poles there are, the faster it is for you to set up. Most tents come with color-coded corners and poles to assist you with setting up, as well. And remember that poles made of aluminum last longer than their fiberglass counterparts.

Tents also come with mesh panels that act as ventilation and allow you mesmerizing outside views. In case you’re camping in a hot, dry area, go for larger mesh panels to enhance cross ventilation and help reduce condensation.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of a camping tent greatly depends on the materials used to make the tent. Many tents are made using lightweight materials which are easier to carry.

Setting up a tent isn’t complicated once you know how, and watching a video on YouTube about pitching will give you all the information you require. When camping, you can bring a broom to sweep the tent floor mat, which is bought separately. Finally, do remember to store your tent away from direct sunlight to save it from quickly deteriorating.

Get the Best Camping Tent of 2023!

Hopefully this review has helped you identify the tent that you’ll bring along on your next camping trip. Whether it’s a family-sized tent or just a medium-level tent for you and your significant other, these expert brands have great options for you. Have a look!

Our Top Choice
Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 Camping Tent for Two
Best Value
ALPS Lynx 1 Camping Tent for One Person
Hilleberg Enan 1 Person Tent for Camping
Kelty Trail Ridge 3 2-Person Tent with Footprint
Coleman Sundome Two-Person Tent for Camping