Best Candelabra Reviews 2023

Dinner parties are fancy to begin with, but there’s always a way to make them fancier. And how would you do that? Well, why not add a centerpiece to your dining table? And why not make that centerpiece a candelabra? Candelabras are very distinguished centerpieces that can turn any old boring table into a dining table from a nobleman's mansion. They’re simple, but ornamental, items, and very valuable too. If you'd like to learn a bit more about these items, go ahead and read our guide! And if you'd like to buy one, read our short list of the 5 best candelabra brands, which features an item from each company!
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Candle type
Our Top Choice
SEI Black Pillar Candelabra
Southern Enterprises Inc. is a family-run business that makes minimalist, but stylish, home décor products. Their Candelabra illustrates the company’s understated designs.
Understated design fits perfectly with many types of home décor; holds 10 candles total
Candelabra uses pillar candles, which can be expensive
Flat back
10 candles
Matte black
Pillar candles
Best Value
Kingfom Antique Style Candelabra
When office furnishings and home décor is in question, you will do good to go to Kingfom. Their Antique Style Metal Pillar Candelabra is one of the classiest products on our list!
Available in 4 different finishes; can be purchased as a 5-candle or 3-candle holder; stylish and classy
Arrives disassembled; no instructions for how to put it together
3 or 5 candles
4 finishes available
Taper candles
Godinger 5 Light Candelabra Candelabra
As one of the most prominent silver art companies, Godinger creates classy and stylish products that look great in any type of home!
Affordable; stylish and beautiful centerpiece; can hold up to 5 candles; two designs available; perfect for formal occasions and themed events
Some customers received their item damaged
5 candles
Taper candles
Oenophilia Candelabra Reserva
If you’re looking for something really fun, then you’ll love Oenophilia! They’ve got some of the quirkiest candelabras available on the market.
Turns used wine bottles into candelabra; comes with glasses for 6 tea candles; elegant design; offers great excuse to drink wine, can also use flat on table.
Wobbly when moved around a lot
Round centerpiece
5 or 6 candles
Matte black
Tealight candles
Gifts & Decor Ivory Candelabra 
When home décor is the question, Gifts & Décor is the answer! This company produces a wide array of splendid items for your home, and they make wonderful gifts.
Low price point; can hold 3 candles; beautiful ivory color perfect for weddings; indoor/outdoor use; all-metal construction
Some complaints about the candelabras not all being of the same quality
3 candles
Pillar candles

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What is the Best Candelabra?

A guide can only go so long to describe the features of a product, but it cannot influence your decision. After all, you have your own tastes and your own needs, so a certain product may not cater nor appeal to you. There are plenty of candelabras out there, and out list features just a small number of them. Our guide is a stepping stone and a place to start your search, and the list is meant to give you an idea of what a good product is. You may find what you need on our list, but, if not, feel free to explore on your own.
Our Top Choice
Extravagance doesn’t always mean “good taste.” Minimalism can be stylish too, and SEI’s 10-candle Candelabra is one such product. If you want a different layout, and don’t mind having one less candle, you can try out the SEI 9-candle Candelabra.

SEI Southern Enterprises10 Candle Candelabra for Pillar Candles - Matte Black Finish

Our first product comes from a family-owned business in Dallas. Founded in 1976, Southern Enterprises Inc. has been redefining home décor and furnishing items ever since its inception. Items found in SEI's stock are multifunctional, affordable and subtly stylish with minimalistic tendencies. The speed of delivery is also one of their chief concerns, so you can be sure that any ordered product will be delivered promptly.

Their SEI Candelabra is one such minimalist product. It’s simple, which allows it to fit in any environment and not be intrusive. Not only that, but its modest design gives off an air of dignity and spirituality. The product has a matte black metal frame with pillars arranged in two rows. Each row holds 5 candles, and each platform is 3 inches wide. Candles are not included in the purchase, but they are usually bought together with the candelabra.

As we said, SEI makes affordable items. Indeed, their Candelabra is the most affordable item on our list. However, the special pillar candles you need to buy for the candelabra are a little expensive, and can exceed the actual price of the item. Still, considering other products on this list don’t come with candles, either, this one is still cheaper overall.

In the end, we like SEI’s Candlebra a lot. We like its design and its ability to fit in with most decors. With its low price tag, there’s no arguing that this candelabra is one awesome product.
Best Value
Kingfom’s Antique Style Metal Candelabra is one of the classiest products on our list. It’s vine-style branches and range of select finishes will certainly get it noticed! Are you looking for something antique that you’ll use more often than a candelabra? Then we suggest Kingfom’s Antique Two-Sided Vanity Mirror, which is available in 2 sizes and 3 colors.

Kingfom Antique Style Metal Candelabra - Candlestick Design Available in Multiple Colors with 3 or 5 Branches

Our second product comes from Kingfom, which is a prominent manufacturer of office supplies, home décor, and furniture. They concentrate on making affordable, lasting products, and simple, elegant furnishings. Their products take on a more antique air, and they're very classy. This goes especially for their candelabras, one of which we're presenting today.

The product we're talking about is their Antique Style Metal Candelabra. As the name says, this product is made of metal (zinc alloy, to be specific), but features a bronze plating to make it look more like an antique. Indeed, the candelabra looks like something out of a Georgian-era home, and makes a great, low-key centerpiece, especially if you put it on a darker colored wooden table.

Where capacity is concerned, this candelabra comes in two variations. One version holds three candles and the other holds five. The product also comes in several finishes—gold, silver and matte black (the antique bronze finish is, of course, the one we’re talking about here). This allows the candelabra to be more diverse, and allows you to fit it in with your décor more easily.

All in all, Kingfom makes a very neat piece of décor that you’ll certainly like! But if you still aren’t sold, here are some of the brand’s other antique-style products:
  • Kingfom Antique Decorative Metal Ash Tray with Embossing – Available in antique pewter rose or copper rose
  • Kingfom Decorative Metal Toothpick Holder with Retractable Lid - Available in antique pewter vine; holds 30 toothpicks
  • Kingfom Antique Tea Cups with Split Pedestal & Metal Flower Pattern Saucers – The saucers actually have handles so you can carry your cup around naturally without worrying about it dripping or spilling
  • Kingfom Silver Metal Decorative Serving Tray with Handle – Available in 7 sizes, two of which are circular
If a centerpiece is needed for a formal occasion, you should definitely go with Godinger’s Classic Nickel Plated 5 Light Candelabra And if a more prominent product is needed, then try Godinger’s Silver Art Tradition Candelabra Centerpiece.

Godinger Nickel Plated Candelabra 5 Light – Available in 3 Classic Styles

Our third product comes from a rather prominent manufacturer, Godinger. This company was founded in 1974 by Arnold Godinger and William Lefkowitz in New York, and is a family-run business. They offer some of the best table pieces, such as sliver plates, crystal glasses, and, of course, candelabras. The superb craftsmanship of their products is undeniable— and affordable, too!

Today's item is their Nickel Plated Candelabra. This product can hold 5 candles and comes in either traditional or ribbed, Both cost the same and look similar, with the ribbed version having a more stylized center shaft. The ribbed version also comes with hanging crystals which reflect light beautifully, but this addition costs a little more. The candelabra has been nickel-plated, as the name states, giving it a very stylish look and the impression that it's been made from real silver.

The product is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and is an excellent choice for a centerpiece for a party or a wedding. The candelabra is stylish and suited for any kind of special occasion. Needless to say, a lot of effort has been put into creating such a durable piece!

It’s always a good idea to buy a product from a trusted brand, and this is the case with candelabras, too. Godinger is one of the best companies in the business, and their Classic Nickel Plated Candelabra is a great buy!
If you’ve got a taste for wine, why not buy Oenophilia’s Candelabra Reserva and put all your empty bottles to use? And if you think the ring attachment is too wobbly, try out Oenophilia’s Afterglow Bottle Candelabra with a plug attachment!

Oenophilia Candelabra Reserva Wine Bottle Attachment – Tealight Candelabra

One of the more interesting candelabra manufacturers is certainly Oenophilia. This company actually makes excellent wine bar accessories for their customers, and they've got several lines that deal in different types of items. Oenophilla features classic and colorful, but sometimes unusual, items while Greenophile makes them eco-friendly. There’s also Vintage 82, which makes some of the best wine accessories on the market.

One of their unique products is the Candelabra Reserva. This neat candelabra is special because it can turn your wine bottle into a candle holder. Unlike other candelabras that have a base, the Reserva instead has a ring in the middle that lets you balance it on the neck of a wine bottle. This item also has tiny glasses that can hold 6 small tea candles.

The matte black finish of this candelabra makes it look really stylish, especially when combined with the design of the arms, which are like butterfly wing shapes. The ring that goes on the neck of the wine bottles is a fairly firm, but you should exercise caution when carrying the candelabra around, as it might slip or move. The product does no come with tea lights, so you should buy those elsewhere. The glasses come with the candelabra.

Oenophilia’s Candelabra Reserva is definitely one of the more interesting products on our list. Its ability to turn a wine bottle into a candle holder makes it well worth the consideration, and when you add its very stylish design to the equation, you get one candelabra that’s incredibly unique! By the way, the base is also designed so you can sit the candle holder directly on the table without a bottle.
If you want your centerpiece to look extravagant, try the Gifts & Décor’s Ivory Candelabra! Three candles not enough? Then why not check out the Gifts & Décor Crystal Trimmed Candelabra.

Gifts & Decor Ivory Candelabra Wedding Gift Centerpiece Candle Holder

If you need home décor, go to Gifts & Décor, the company that deals in home improvement items of all kinds! Within their stock, you’ll find much more than just candelabras, so you can refurbish your home from top to bottom. They offer pillows, mirror stickers, handmade oriental lights, beds and sofas. All the products are really high quality, and they have many customers who praise the company for its durable items!

The product we’ll be presenting today is their Ivory Candelabra. This is a beautiful, 3-candle holder centerpiece that’d be perfect for a wedding because of its ivory white finish. It also features acrylic crystals hanging from its arms, which gives the candelabra an even more dignified look.

As for its construction, the candelabra is made of metal, so it’s plenty sturdy, and suited for both outdoor and indoor use. Because it’s so durable and has such a neutral design, it can be used for multiple types of formal events or occasions. It’s also really affordable, which means this candelabra will give you the most bang for your buck!

All in all, the Gifts & Décor Ivory Candelabra is one of the best products on our list. It’s superbly extravagant and gives off a feel of unrivaled class, and its white finish makes it a very good choice for weddings.

How Do I Choose the Best Candelabra?

As we said, there are many candelabras out there, and they come in various shapes and sizes. However, they're all made from two types of materials. The first type is sterling silver and the other is silver plating. Sliver sterling products are made out of 92.5% silver, with the rest being some kind of metal alloy. Sterling silver products are usually quite expensive, and you need to polish them to keep them shiny all the time. It’s best you use them on a regular basis, too, along with your aging barrel, champagne flute or fine flatware, but, if not, you’ll have to wipe them daily, and use silver polish to keep them from tarnish.

The other type of candelabra is made entirely out of metal alloy and only has a thin layer of silver coating, which is called plating. These candelabras are much less expensive, but they look as shiny and as beautiful as sterling silver ones. However, they’re much more susceptible to tarnish, and, with regular use, the plating will slowly be worn away, revealing the metal underneath. Silver-plated candelabras carry much less worth, and they cannot reach the prestige and value sterling silver ones can. Still, if you’re on a budget, or if you simply don’t care to buy an extremely expensive candelabra, it’s always a good choice to go with silver-plated.

When it comes to shapes and sizes, candelabras can be found in many configurations. Some can have three, five, and even ten pillars or arms on which to set your candles. Certain ones support pillar-type candles, while others use tealights, and still others are fitted with just common stick candles.

Candelabras can be washed in the dishwasher, but this is not recommended. When caring for it, especially sterling silver types, you can use either silver polish, lukewarm water, and very mild soap, or baking soda and boiling water.

If all this talk has got you excited about what to expect to pay for a candelabra and what types of features to look out for, then we recommend reading on, and, of course, continuing to visit our page since you know it so well!
When you’re looking at the prices of candelabras, you’ll see a sharp discrepancy between high-end products, sterling silver candelabras and silver-plated ones. Sterling silver is much more expensive, especially if the candelabra originates from the 19th century and is a proven antique. Silver-plated candelabras are readily available anywhere, and you can buy them for as little as $20 – but of course you will pay a lot more for ones that are gold plated. These are great for larger parties and formal occasions where you want to show class or fit a theme, but can’t afford 20 antique pieces.

Because the silver-plated ones tend to be fairly inexpensive, it’s best to pass on super cheap candelabras. Even if you just need them for a few nights during an event, or for a single, special occasion, cheap candelabras are at high risk of getting broken (usually because they’re made of really lightweight, shoddy materials).
Candelabras are very simple items, so they don’t have many features. However, there are a few things that they’re recognized by. Firstly, they’re ornamental, and they feature some kind of pattern along the shaft or arms. Naturally, candelabras have arms onto which you put candles, as well as a base on which the entire construction sits. They also sometimes come with acrylic crystals or other faux-gems attached, but you can also find ones that have real crystals or gemstones affixed to it.

To sum up all the features, here’s a short list:
  • Arms for candles
  • Ornamental shaft and patterns on the arms
  • Extras, like gem attachments or other decorations
  • Base - is it a tall or short centerpiece or flat against a wall design?
  • Candle types and what the arms can accommodate
Construction and Design
We already talked a bit about the construction and the design of candelabras. To summarize, they're essentially ornamental candleholders that are classy, distinguished and look extravagant. You can buy a candelabra with silver plating—the most likely purchase option for people—or you can try and find a candelabra that’s constructed totally out of sterling silver.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance and ease of use, there’s not much to say. Candelabras are, ultimately, candleholders, and all you need to do is put a candle on its platforms and light it. If we were to think about it, we can say that well-cared for and well-looked after products will perform much better than ones that are ignored. If you don’t take care of your candelabra, it’ll become tarnished. If you use too much heat when cleaning it, or when you’re removing wax from the candles (it’s suggested you use a hair dryer for this purpose), the candelabra might become warped (especially if the metal is very soft, which silver is). Aside from that, all candelabras will perform the same, no matter if their material make-up!

Get the Best Candelabra of 2023!

And that's it for our little guide. As you've seen, candelabras are simple items, but can sometimes be very valuable if you opt to go with silver sterling or even gold (if you’re lucky!). In any case, now you know some of their great features, and you can make an informed decision when buying your candelabra. We wish you luck in your search for the best one, and, if you can't find it, you can always check our list for some great choices!

Our Top Choice
SEI Black Pillar Candelabra
Best Value
Kingfom Antique Style Candelabra
Godinger 5 Light Candelabra Candelabra
Oenophilia Candelabra Reserva
Gifts & Decor Ivory Candelabra