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A capo is to a guitarist what a transpose function is to a keyboardist. It’s an important device that elevates the pitch of a guitar, allowing the player to play chords on keys other than the natural keys of those chords. With a capo, you can be fingering the C chord while actually playing on the key of D. This brings so much ease to playing the guitar, making it important to many guitarists. We understand how important this device is and how confusing it can be to choose the right one given the number of options currently available. As a way of making it easier for you to make a good choice, we spent some time researching into capos and we found five of the best guitar capo brands in the market. Some of these brands have a wide selection of capos but we only chose one from each for our review. We believe that this review will give you an insight into what these brands offer and what good capos should look like. After going through this review, you can certainly check out their other products from the brands or simply go with any of the featured ones.
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Our Top Choice
xGuitarx x3 Dual Use Guitar Capo
xGuitarx's main goal is to help musicians everywhere achieve their musical best. To achieve this, it is consistently providing them with top-quality guitar accessories.
Sturdy construction. Good quality materials. Lightweight. Easy to use. Scratch free use. Buzz free use. Versatile. Perfect intonation.
You may find playing close to the capo a bit difficult as it hangs over the bottom of the neck and may get in the way.
Spring loaded
0.8 ounces
Silicon padding
Aircraft grade aluminum
4 color options
Best Value
Kyser 6 String Guitar Capo
When Milton Kyser founded his company in 1974 all he wanted was to offer the best capos available. Today, the brand's Quick-Change capos are among guitarists' favorite.
Good quality build. Quality materials. Easy to use. Does not interfere with fingering. Does not mar or scratch the instrument. Clear intonation. Made in the USA.
May not be the best for electric guitars with thin strings.
Trigger style
6.4 ounces
Pad material not stated
11 color options
Shubb Stainless Steel Guitar Capo
Shubb is committed to enhancing the musical experience of guitar players of every level with top-quality guitar accessories that make playing both easier and more enjoyable.
Solid construction. Elegant design. Easy operation. Stays tight. Does not damage strings. Works on a variety of guitars. Does not scratch or mar the guitar. Not bulky. Durable.
Cannot be clipped anywhere on the guitar when not in use.
Shubb style
2.6 ounces
Pad material not stated
Stainless steel
1 color option
Mugig Shark Zinc Alloy Spring Capo
Mugig manufactures and distributes a wide variety of musical instruments and accessories. With its range of products, it's almost certain that it has something for every musician.
Unique design. Portable. Quality materials. Lightweight. Easy to use. Does not scratch or mar your instrument. Versatile. 6-month money back guarantee.
Requires some strength to open fully when you first start using it.
Spring loaded
4.8 ounces
Silicon padding
Zinc alloy
2 color options
Rinastore Acoustic & Electric Guitar Capo
Rinastore provides its customers with an extensive and excellent shopping experience with the wide range of products it supplies and backs with a 100% risk-free guarantee.
Good design. Good quality materials. Easy to use. Grips strings firmly. Quick release. Safe on instruments. Good resistance. Versatile. Lovely finish. Affordable.
It may not to have enough pressure in some cases.
Trigger style
2.7 ounces
Silicon padding
Aircraft grade zinc alloy

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What is the Best Capo?

There are different types of capos, each suitable for different types of instruments and different playing conditions. Determining which is best for you is something that will be done by you based on factors like the instrument(s) you need it for and others that we have discussed. It is now up to you to decide which features are important to you as we begin to review the products we selected from our five top brands.
Our Top Choice
The xGuitarx x3 Guitar Capo is a versatile clamp that can be used on acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins and some other stringed instruments. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum, making it strong but lightweight. If you need one made with a different material, try the xGuitarx x1 - Guitar Capo Acoustic and Electric Guitars which is made of high grade zinc.

xGuitarx x3 Acoustic and Electric Guitar Capo – Available in 4 Colors

xGuitarx believes that every musician should be heard. It understands that musicians will not want to be heard unless they are confident of their music. The path to this confidence begins with the use of good quality instruments and accessories so it has committed itself to providing guitarists world over with some of the best guitar accessories so they can unleash the potential stored in them.

The xGuitarx x3 Guitar Capo is a convenient and easy-to-use clamp. It is made from aircraft grade aluminum which assures of its strength and durability. It also makes it very lightweight despite its strength so it is easily clamped on your instrument without too much fuss. With this capo, you do not need to be afraid of having scratches on your instrument as it features pads made from top-quality silicon.

It has other lovely features and you will find some of these listed below:
  • Steel springs that have internal memory – It eliminates cases of fret buzz as it applies just the right amount of pressure
  • Versatile – Can be used on guitars, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins and more
  • One-handed operation – Can be used with ease with one hand
  • Easy switching – Quickly and easily move it from fret to fret
  • Lifetime warranty – An assurance of quality
Choose from any of the four colors that suits your style – Black, gold, silver and metal blue
Best Value
The Kyser 6 String Capo is one of the easiest capos to use thanks to its Quick-Change design. It is made of aluminum which makes it strong and lightweight while its padded clamps ensure your guitar stays scratch-free. Need a capo for use with 12 string guitars? Try the Kyser 12-String Capo, Black.

Kyser 6 String Guitar Capo with Easy Quick-Change Design – Available in 11 Colors

Kyser was born from the desire of its founder, Milton Kyser, to design a capo that was better than what was obtainable then. Through simple hard work and dedication to his cause, he succeeded after many years in designing the Quick-Change capo which simply became the toast of guitarists. What began as a small family business in 1974 has today become an international brand, with its products being sold in over 75 countries all over the world.

The Kyser 6 String Capo is one of the Quick-Change capos from the brand. Quick-Change means exactly that. It can be changed very quickly and with ease making it a favorite of many guitarists. It is made of strong aluminum which makes it both durable and lightweight. This capo will serve you well for many years to come.

It has some other great features some of which are listed below:
  • One-hand use – Can easily be placed or removed with one hand
  • Spring tensioned clamps – Holds firmly for a clear intonation
  • Padded clamps – Will not mar or scratch your instrument
  • 30-day money back guarantee – An assurance of quality
This capo is made in the USA and offers you an option of 11 colors which include: Black, blue, camo, gold, pink, red, rosewood, silver, white, red bandana and red/white/blue.
This Shubb Stainless Steel Guitar Capo is an upgrade of the very successful Shubb capo design. This features an improved roller design, a more functional lever and a stainless steel construction that ensures durability. If you need a capo for 12 string guitars, go for the Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30T 12 String Guitar.

Shubb Stainless Steel Guitar Capo for Steel String Guitars with Improved Roller Design

Shubb was founded by musicians whose only interest was improving the quality of accessories that musicians used. With a clear vision of what he wanted and a partner that could interpret the vision into a visible product, Rick Shubb and Dave Coontz through persistence and focus built what is today regarded as one of the best capos. Now fully into the business of music accessories Rick has this to say "I especially love being able to enhance the musical experience for so many players."

Just when no one thought it was possible to improve on the original Shubb capo design, this Shubb Stainless Steel Guitar Capo came on the scene, every bit an improvement on its predecessor. Some of the improvements made on it include the new roller design which delivers a smooth action, resisting wear from constant usage. It also features an improved lever function which makes it easier to use than its predecessor. Its stainless steel construction also ensures the capo is durable, remaining scratch and dent-free for many years.

Aside from this capo, Shubb has other great capos to meet your every capo need. Find some of these listed below:
  • Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30 (S1) Acoustic Guitar Capo – Designed for acoustic guitars
  • Shubb C1K (Capo Noir) Black Chrome Capo – Presented in a lovely black color for steel string guitars
  • Shubb Standard Series BC-20 (C5) Banjo Capo – Polished nickel capo for banjos
  • Shubb C7B Brass Partial Capo – Can cover 3 inside strings
  • Shubb L1 Lite Steel String Capo – Extra lightweight design
  • Shubb Standard series GC-20A (C1) Acoustic Guitar Capo – Polished nickel capo for acoustic guitars
  • Shubb C2 Nickel Capo for Nylon String Guitar – Presented in a stunning black finish
  • Shubb 12-String Guitar Capo – Presented in a lovely nickel finish
  • Shubb Lite GC-20UL (L9) Ukulele Capo – Anodized silver finish
  • Shubb Standard Series GC-20E (C4) Electric Guitar Capo – Polished nickel finish
The Mugig Shark Zinc Alloy Spring Capo is a uniquely designed capo. From its streamlined shark body to its shark teeth silicone pads, you will find an efficient work of art that will keep your strings in tune with ease. Need a capo for flat fretboards? Try the Mugig Zinc Alloy Guitar Clamp Suitable for Flat Fretboard Electric and Acoustic Guitar.

Mugig Shark Zinc Alloy Spring Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitar with Good Hand Feeling – Available in 2 Colors

Mugig is a manufacturer of musical instruments and accessories that meet the needs of a wide variety of musicians. Some of its products include microphones, harmonicas, cables, electronic tuners, metronomes, keyboard pedals, accordions and many more. With such an array of products, it is certainly committed to making a major impact in the music industry.

The Mugig Shark Zinc Alloy Spring Capo is one that is sure to capture anyone's attention with is unique shark design. Much more than being a unique and lovely looking capo, it does actually get the job done. With its streamlined shark-like body and silicone shark teeth pads, this capo will grip your guitar firmly but gently such that you will not find any scratches or marring of your instrument's body. This is a product of great workmanship.

Check out some of its other features below:
  • High quality zinc alloy – Makes it lightweight and durable
  • Portable design – Easy to store in any gig bag
  • Versatile – Will work on electric guitars and 9-string acoustics
  • Memory steel springs – Will retain its elasticity
  • 6-month money back guarantee – An assurance of quality
You can have this capo in any of these two available colors – grey and golden.
The Rinastore 6-String Acoustic & Electric Guitar Capo is a quick release capo that can easily be attached and detached from your instrument with just one hand to give you the increased pitch you need with no buzzing. Do you need a capo that can work for 6 and 12-string instruments? Try the Rinastore Guitar Capo - Acoustic & Electric Guitar Capo - Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Metal for 6 & 12 String Instruments.

Rinastore Single Handed Quick Change 6-String Acoustic & Electric Guitar Capo – Available in 6 Colors

Rinastore offers a wide variety of products ranging from music accessories, music-themed products to phone accessories, computer accessories, household items and hundreds of other products. The brand ensures that it provides as much products as it can to give to its customers a complete and excellent shopping experience. It is also so confident of its products that it offers a 100% risk-free guarantee on them.

The Rinastore 6-String Acoustic & Electric Guitar Capo is a versatile capo that can be used on a wide variety of instruments including mandolins, banjos, bass guitars, ukuleles and of course guitars with varying widths. Its quick release system and one-handed design grips the strings firmly, making it both easy and convenient to use anywhere and at any time.

It has other great features some of which can be found below:
  • Aircraft grade zinc alloy body – Lightweight and durable
  • Portable design – Easy to use and carry around
  • Silicone pads – Clamps your instrument without damaging or scratching it
  • Wood grain look – Blends with your guitar
  • 100% risk-free guarantee – Return if not satisfied

How Do I Choose the Best Capo?

The guitar is a special instrument that can take a player years and years to achieve some level of proficiency. The guitar like the piano or electronic keyboard is mainly chord-based though you can also play solos on it. For beginners, it isn’t easy to master guitar chords but with consistent skill practice and eager persistence, anyone can learn it. Hey, we are not trying to scare you off the guitar, but we will try to paint a vivid picture of what it means to cultivate guitar skills at the onset.

A chord is a combination of notes with the most basic being a three-note chord. On the keyboard, to play the basic three-note chord on any key, just maintain the same intervals starting from the root note (for the root position) and you have your chord. The key you will be playing on will be determined by the root note.

Does the guitar work like this? Heck no! The guitar arrogates so much importance to itself that EVERY chord has to have its own different finger positions. Each key has its own special chord. You may say “that’s just 12 keys! I can learn that quickly?” But what of the minors, the 7ths, diminished, added 9ths, 13ths, augmented chords and others? Yes, all these on every key and including the sharps or flats (depending on where you are looking at them from).

Maybe you’ve actually managed to master all the major and minor chords that make up key C. You’ve even learnt some exotic chords and actually understand their application so you can basically play any and everything on the key of C. You are patting yourself on the back and think you are ready to play anywhere. Just before you set out, is it your plan to start every song so everyone is forced to sing on key C? What happens if the song moves to C#? Let’s tell you what will happen. You will be lost unless of course you have a capo guitar clamp.

A capo guitar clamp will allow you play any song on any key using the key C chords you’ve mastered. It does not matter if you play an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, you can get a capo guitar clamp that will serve you well. This is what this guide is here for. We will show you what to look out for, features to expect and how they impact your use of the capo, as well as factors like your guitar strings and others that would determine which capo will be the most ideal. We simply will help you find the best capo guitar clamp that’s right for you.
A capo is a neat device that can help a guitarist accomplish a lot. Despite its level of importance, it actually is not an expensive accessory. To get a good capo, one will spend from about $5 to $15 and above. What you pay for a capo guitar clamp will be determined by the features it possesses.

Some features that can influence the price of a capo include the material used and its versatility among other things. Capos made of top-quality materials are likely to cost more than those made of lower quality materials. The same goes for capos that can be used for a number of instruments. Understand what you need and get a capo that will serve you right. Ensure you avoid cheap capo guitar clamps as you may find these to be unreliable.
There are some important factors that need to be considered when choosing a capo. One capo may be perfect for one and not so much so for another. Considering these factors will help you determine which capo will work best for you. Some of the factors you need to consider include:
  • Type
  • Material
  • Padding
  • Fret Type
  • Type of guitar
  • Versatility
  • Ease of use
Let’s now try to explain these.
Construction and Design
There are various types of capos and these are mainly classified based on their operational design. Some types of capos we have include the dual action capo, the trigger capo, the clamp capo, strap-on capo, shubb capo, toggle capo, partial capo and more. You may find that some of these are known by other names by some users. The most common ones include the trigger style, the dual action capo, the screw on or clamp capo and the shubb capo.

Each type has some advantages and disadvantages and we will try to look at some of these. The trigger capo is also known as a quick change capo. The reason for this is that it is attachable and detachable using one hand. You simply squeeze the trigger and the clamp opens and clamps on any fret you position it on when you release the trigger. The spring inside provides the tension that clamps on the fret. One of its disadvantages is that the tension is not adjustable. This is means that if the tension is too much for your guitar, there’s nothing you can do about it and if it is too little, then you are stuck with buzzing strings or mid-performance shifts.

The dual action capo is also a trigger capo that just adds a tension adjustability function. With this, you can adjust the capo’s tension to suit your needs. One disadvantage of this type of capo (same as the trigger capo) is that because of its design, the trigger part can sometimes get in the way of your fingering. The screw-on capo also known as the clamp capo operates like a C-clamp. The advantage of this capo is that it is tension adjustable. In fact, given that no spring tension is involved, it is easier to adjust it more precisely to suit your needs. Another advantage of this type of capo is that its design does not interfere with your fingering. On the flip side, attaching it requires the use of both hands. It is not something that can easily be done with one hand.

The final type we will look at is the shubb style. This is a proprietary design from Shubb which uses a lever in place of a spring. It is also tension adjustable and will also not interfere with your fingering. It features a trigger like release design which makes it easy to detach with one hand. Attaching it using one hand will however be a lot more difficult.

The other thing to consider is the material the capo is made of. A capo needs to be strong, lightweight and durable. Going with any lightweight metal will be an ideal choice. You will find that many capos are made of high grade alloys like aluminum and zinc. Once again, choose something strong, lightweight and durable.

The capo guitar clamp will be clamping firmly on your guitar. This can cause some harm to your guitar’s finish if the clamps are not well padded. One of the preferred paddings is silicon because it is strong enough to hold the strings firmly while being soft enough not to harm your guitar.

Some guitar frets are more curved than others. It is important that you ensure the capo you choose will properly clamp all the strings you need clamped. If you do not check for this, you may find that only the middle strings will be fully clamped especially if the capo you choose is very straight. For more curved frets, find a capo that is slightly curved to accommodate the fret’s curve.

There are few differences between acoustic and electric guitars. Most capo users are acoustic guitar players so you find that most capos are best suited for acoustic guitars. However, anyone who wants to use capos for electric guitars can find one that will accommodate the guitar’s width and the size of its strings. Using just any regular capo may result in the electric guitar’s strings bending because they are usually tinier than acoustic guitar strings.
Performance and Ease of Use
Some capo guitar clamps can be used for multiple instruments. That is, you can use them for guitars, ukuleles, mandolins etc. This is something you should consider if you have multiple instruments that you may want to use capos for.

When using a capo, you need to use it correctly. A capo should provide just enough tension to keep the strings firm, providing perfect intonation without buzzing. It should also be firm enough not to move in mid-performance. Your capo should not be too tight as to bend your strings and maybe even cause some harm to the fret board, and neither should it be too loose so that it shifts while you are playing or causes the strings to buzz. If you get a capo without tension adjustment, be sure its tension is right for you or else factor this in when you purchase a capo.

Another thing that is important is how easy it is to attach. Some may not be too easy to attach but can be easily moved from fret to fret once attached. This is important if you are performing live and need to quickly reposition the capo to play a new song on a new key. The ease at which a capo can be detached is also as important as the ease with which it can be attached. Imagine that you have been playing on stage with your capo on and suddenly you need to play a song that requires you playing in the chord’s root position (without the capo). You of course will need to be able to quickly remove the capo.

Some capos can be clipped on the headstock when not in use. This keeps it handy just in case you need it again. It also helps you not to lose the capo in the heat of performance. Understand that using a capo makes playing some absurdly difficult keys easier. You will however need to spend some time learning to recalculate your positioning with the capo since you basically will be transposing keys.

Get the Best Capo of 2022!

Congratulations on taking the time to go through this review. We do hope you found it informative and now have a clearer picture of the best kind of guitar capo you need. Now, the only thing left to do is for you to place your order so you can begin to enjoy the features of the capo that you’ve picked out.

Our Top Choice
xGuitarx x3 Dual Use Guitar Capo
Best Value
Kyser 6 String Guitar Capo
Shubb Stainless Steel Guitar Capo
Mugig Shark Zinc Alloy Spring Capo
Rinastore Acoustic & Electric Guitar Capo