Best Car Amplifier Reviews 2023

Every audiophile knows that amplifiers are a must if you want to get crisp and clear sound from your speakers. Car audio enthusiasts, on the other hand, want the sound system in their vehicles to create a party-like atmosphere. This is why buying a car amplifier is important. We have taken our time and put in the effort to go through the different options available so you don’t have to. We ended up with a shortlist of five of the best car amplifier brands, focusing on a product from each brand to help you get a good idea of what they have to offer.
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RMS power
Peak power
Noise level
Our Top Choice
Lanzar Vibe Mosfet Car Stereo Amplifier
Lanzar continuously aims at delivering quality performance in both engineering and sound reproduction. The Vibe 4-Channel Amplifier produces great sounds for your automobile.
The 6000W 4-channel option has a lot of power. The sound quality is crisp, clear. It is very loud. Also available in mono, 2, 3, 4 and 5 channel options and variety of wattages.
It can heat up if you’re not running the right power setup.
1250W @ 4 Ohms/2000W @ 2
10Hz – 40kHz
Best Value
Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime Mono Amplifier
Rockford Fosgate manufactures premium audio equipments for automobiles over land and sea. The R500X1D Amplifier delivers awesome performance in your vehicle.
It does not heat up at the right settings. The sound is great with the right speakers. Comes with a remote control. Available in Class-D mono or mono block with lower wattage.
It does not last so long with heavy use.
300W @ 4 Ohms/500W @ 2 Ohms
20Hz – 250Hz
Alpine Alpine PDX-V9 Extreme Power Density Digital Amplifier
Alpine is an award-winning manufacturer of in-vehicle audio systems. Its dedication to innovation and product performance shows itself in the PDX-V9 Digital Amplifier.
Its small footprint gives more installation options. The design is sleek. It is powerful.
None reported at the time of writing this review.
100W @ 2 Ohms/500W @ 4 Ohms
30Hz – 6kHz
Planet Audio ANARCHY Full Range Class A/B Amplifier
Planet Audio is itself a car audio enthusiast, producing high quality and powerful audio systems consistently as exemplified in the Anarchy 1800W Amplifier.
The coating does not scratch easily. It is quite powerful. Great price for the value you get.
You need to tweak some settings after installation. Not exactly plug and play. But if you can manage that, this is a great amp.
225W @ 2 Ohms/225W @ 4 Ohms
20Hz – 20kHz
BOSS Audio Riot Monoblock Class A/B Amplifier
On the road, off the road or on water, Boss has a high quality, feature-rich audio system that fits your vehicle and meets your needs.
It is easy to install, built tough, and affordable. The R2000M Monoblock has a sleek design.
It can get hot. This issue can be alleviated by tweaking your settings.
1500W @ 2 Ohms
9Hz – 130Hz

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What is the Best Car Amplifier?

From the music professional who notices every sound detail to the regular Joe who just loves to be heard from a block away, we know that your requirements will differ in terms of car amplifiers. Whichever side of the spectrum you fall on, or if you’re just floating somewhere in the middle, the brands and products reviewed below will surely give you the information you need to buy the amplifier that will match your taste. Now that you understand what to look for in a car amplifier, it’s time to pick a model that suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
Lanzar will not compromise on the quality of its products, that is its watchword. The Vibe 4-Channel Amp gives you lots of power to drive your speakers. If you are looking for a digital amplifier for your car speaker system, check out the Lanzar Digital High Current Full Range Power Amplifier, available with either two or four channel output.

Lanzar Vibe Mosfet Amplifier – Available in Mono, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Channel Options and Variety of Wattages

Lanzar is a leading manufacturer of car audio electronics. It focuses on craftsmanship and quality in the production of its products. The Vibe Series is engineered for the discriminating user. The Vibe 452N is a good example of Lanzar’s focus.

This featured amp outputs a whopping 6000W! It sports a heavy aluminum heatsink to prevent over-heating. It is tri-mode capable and has silver RCA inputs. Its other features are:
  • Regulated PWM-type power supply
  • Variable input level controls
  • Remote subwoofer bass control
  • Power protection LED indicators
  • Electronic crossover network
  • High-low pass crossover controls
The Lanzar Vibe comes in different specs with varying sound outputs and power.
Best Value
Rockford Fosgate is committed to excellent performance and quality delivery. The R500X1D produces superior sound quality. Any product that carries this name represents quality. Need an amplifier for your vehicle with a bit more power? Take a look at the Rockford Fosgate Prime 1,200-Watt Class-D 1-Channel Amplifier.

Rockford Fosgate Prime 1-Channel Amplifier – Available in Class-D Mono or Mono Block with Lower Wattage

Rockford Fosgate builds subwoofers, car speakers, car amplifiers, etc. so you can listen to your favorite music anywhere you go. It also makes audio systems for boats, motorcycles, and UTVs. The R500X1D delivers great sounds when matched with the right speakers.

This 1-channel amp is a 500 watt mono amplifier housing a class-D circuit topology. It can run a 2-ohm load, and also has a remote punch level control. Other qualities this amp features are:
  • MOSFET power supply
  • 12dB octave Butterworth crossover
  • 0o/180o phase switch
  • Cast aluminum heatsink to let out excess heat
  • Over current and short circuit protection
  • 4 gauge power/ground connectors
  • Power supply thermal sensing
  • 1-year standard warranty
This is a class-D amplifier. A mono block version is also available on amazon at a lower price.
Some companies strive to stand out from their peers by repeatedly out-doing themselves in quality and performance. Alpine is such a company, always delivering valuable products. The PDX-V9 has 5 channels and delivers top performance. Five channels too much power for you (or a bit more than your budget)? Take a look at Alpine’s Mono V-Power Digital Amplifier.

Alpine 5 Channel Power Density Digital Amplifier - Ultra-Wide Frequency Response

With years of research and innovative technology on its side, Alpine makes audio systems that are not only durable but deliver unparalleled sound quality every time. Its wide range of products undergoes strict tests for quality assurance and performance. That is why the PDX-V9 gives you top quality sound along with so much power.

This sleek digital amplifier has a maximum power of 1600 watts, a class-D topology with 4-channels and 1-channel (mono) and a variable subsonic filter. More of its features are:
  • MOSFET output
  • Variable high pass, low pass, and band pass filter
  • Continuously adjustable gain control
  • Low impedance possibility
  • It has a 6-layer glass epoxy PC board
  • LED power indicator
  • Thermal management control
Planet Audio is a brand that keeps an eye on industry trends and customer needs so they can always provide valuable solutions. The Anarchy Amp is...LOUD! For those of you looking for massive power for your car stereo, take a look at the Planet Audio BB4000.1 Big Bang 3 4000-Watt Monoblock Class D Amplifier, also with remote subwoofer control.

Planet Audio ANARCHY Full Range Class A/B Amplifier – Available in 4 and 5 Channel, Range of Wattages, and with Remote Subwoofer Level Control

Since 1997, Planet Audio has gradually become a leading manufacturer of mobile entertainment systems, with its wide range of audio and video products plus related accessories. It combines power, innovation, and performance efficiently and still manages to keep its products affordable. If that’s hard to believe, check out the Anarchy 1800W Amplifier.

This amp is a 5-channel full range class A/B amplifier which is known to produce better quality sounds than pure class A amps. It sports a subwoofer level control to give you that extra bass. There’s more to this amp…
  • Switch input sensitivity
  • MOSFET power supply
  • Variable high and low pass crossover
  • Variable bass boost
  • High and low level inputs
  • Illuminated Anarchy logo
  • 6-year dealer warranty
The Planet Audio Anarchy Series comes in different specs. You can choose based on the maximum wattage and channels you need.
Boss is a brand that knows what the customer needs and strives to meet them with quality and style. The R2000M has a remote subwoofer control. Depending upon the model you choose, it can be bundled with an installation kit or you can purchase a BOSS Audio Amplifier Installation Kit with high performance RCA interconnect and speaker wire separately.

BOSS Audio Riot Monoblock 1 Channel Class A/B Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Level Control – Available in Range of Wattages

Over the years, Boss has grown into a brand that manufactures top-performance in-vehicle audio and video systems. Its superior quality and attention-grabbing designs are some of the qualities that make it stand out. With over 400 products, Boss has the requirements to meet every customer needs within its niche. The R200M Riot is a 2000W amp.

This Boss amp is a monoblock design with 2000W single channel and has a class A/B topology for that refined sound quality. More of its features are:
  • MOSFET power supply
  • High and low level inputs
  • Variable low crossover
  • Variable bass boost
  • 1 RMS @ 2 ohm 1500W, 1 RMS @ 4 ohm 750W
  • Remote subwoofer control
  • Illuminated logo
  • 6-year platinum dealer warranty
The Riot series also comes in different wattage and class designs so you can pick your preferred spec combination.

How Do I Choose the Best Car Amplifier?

A car amplifier is designed to boost the electrical signal from the car’s stereo system to deliver more power to the speakers. The amp does not only provide power, but also makes the sound clearer and allows you to connect additional speakers. Most car radios come with a factory amplifier, meant to produce just enough power for the modest sound system.

As a music lover, the factory sound system just can’t produce the thump you desire. You may, therefore, choose to upgrade the car speakers, which requires stereo amplifiers to be installed. To add more bass to the sound, consider a single-channel car amp and a subwoofer. Ensure that you seek the help of a professional to avoid damage to the equipment through wrong wiring.

Note that a car amplifier can make or break your sound system, and choosing the right amplifier is paramount. Avoid any costly replacement of your audio components by getting it right the first time. Whether you’re purchasing an amp to power the entire speaker system or looking for something to power your subwoofer, we’ve done our homework right, so you don’t have to.

Some amplifiers are excellent for subwoofers, and usually designed as one-channel or mono-block car amplifiers. Some are designed as two-channel or more, and work great with component speakers. Aim for an amplifier with the highest number of channels if you’re looking to get high-quality sounds for your entire car speaker system. Some models even allow wireless integration with your Bluetooth car headset, so you don’t need to worry about going hands-free.
Now, let’s go through some features to look for in a car amplifier before you jump to our top picks.
Adding a car amplifier to your car audio system is a cost-effective way of improving sound quality. The amp works to enhance the sound quality without the need for extra speakers or subwoofers, though you can add them at your discretion. A good-quality car amplifier costs between around $70 and $230. Most aftermarket speakers perform better with more amp power, and the available head units with built-in amplifiers don’t offer enough power to enhance your music experience. The price of car amplifiers will vary depending on the power output, the number of channels, and the brand. Though you can still find cheaper car amplifiers out there, we don’t recommend them to our clients for obvious quality concerns. You don’t want to be the laughingstock of the block when your speakers start producing loud but fuzzy music, do you?
Most vehicles come with built-in car amplifiers, but if you want a better music experience, adding an amp will give you the required power. The amplifier you choose must be compatible with your music system. The amount of power and the number of channels also matter. If you love thumping sounds, you may consider models with added bass response.

Here are the features in more detail:
  • Number of Channels – Car amplifiers are designed with a specific number of channels. The number of channels typically represents the number of audio outputs, or in simple terms, the number of speakers that can be hooked up to the amp. A monolog car amplifier has one-output audio channel and is generally preferred for an extra subwoofer. A stereo amp or two-channel amp can hook one left and one right speaker. Multichannel models can accommodate a range of speakers, from two to six.
  • Maximum Power – The root mean square (RMS) power is the highest power output per speaker. Check the RMS value of your car speaker and find an amplifier that can power at least 75 percent of that power. For instance, if you have a 150-watt speaker, your amplifier must produce between 125 to 175 watts per speaker. Anything less will most likely produce inferior sound.
  • Warranty – Should anything go wrong with your car amplifier, the warranty should kick in and protect you from the loss. Depending on the warranty terms and conditions, you may even be protected from speaker damage that may happen as a result of the amplifier power. Be sure to buy your amp from the manufacturer’s authorized dealers only to ensure that the warranty will be honored.
Construction and Design
Car amplifiers fall into four classes: Class A, Class B, Class AB, and Class D. The classes represent the general architecture and the amplifiers electronic circuitry. Each class exhibits some special energy efficiency, power dissipation, and sound performance.

Class A – Class A amplifiers are recognized for their high-quality sound output. Their high operating temperatures make them undesirable since they are energy inefficient.

Class B – Class B amplifiers come as enhanced versions of Class A amplifiers. Their transistors are turned off for half the operating cycle, making them more efficient. However, they tend to distort at higher frequencies.

Class AB – This class of amplifiers is quite similar to class B amplifiers, but these models allow the current to flow through the output transistors at a much lower rate when there is no audio signal. This a good compromise between audio quality and heat dissipation.

Class D – Class D amplifiers take a whole different approach in their design. They use output transistors as switches to effectively control power distribution. Their transistors switch on and off rapidly, but they still tend to produce more distortion than class AB models.

Overall, Class AB amplifiers tend to be most desirable, since they offer both class A and class B benefits with minimal compromise on the sound quality.
Performance and Ease of Use
The primary goal of a car amplifier is to ensure that all the car’s speakers and subwoofers are adequately powered to improve the sound quality of the audio system. However, there are several other benefits of car amplifiers, aside from boosting sound.

Underpowered subwoofers won’t give out useful sound, but if you don’t power your car speakers the right way, you risk causing them premature damage. So, choosing the right amp will ensure that your speakers produce the desired sound quality, while protecting them from unnecessary wear.

Whether you’re using an OEM stereo or an aftermarket stereo, you should ensure that the amplifier correctly matches the speaker components. Even the highest-performing speakers or subwoofers can sound inferior without the right matching amplifier. On the other hand, a powerful amplifier will just blow up your expensive speakers if the output power ratings don’t match. If you’re not a technical person, it’s a good idea to let the professionals do the installation on your behalf.

Get the Best Car Amplifier of 2023!

It’s great that you’ve done your part by reading our reviews, and we hope you are full of confidence that you found the best car amplifier for your needs. Now, you can listen to your favorite music in premium delivery. Head over to Amazon and purchase your preferred choice now. If you didn’t like our picks, feel free to browse through these same brands for more options.

Our Top Choice
Lanzar Vibe Mosfet Car Stereo Amplifier
Best Value
Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime Mono Amplifier
Alpine Alpine PDX-V9 Extreme Power Density Digital Amplifier
Planet Audio ANARCHY Full Range Class A/B Amplifier
BOSS Audio Riot Monoblock Class A/B Amplifier