Best Car Cover Reviews 2022

Just like its engine, transmission, and all the rest, your car’s exterior deserves equally attentive treatment. Cars are prone to dents, scratches and nicks, so what better way to shield them from these than to get them covered? A car cover offers the best kind of protection from the day-to-day mishaps that may happen to your vehicle when it’s not in use and you’re not there to watch over it. Selecting the best car cover is a daunting task because there are a lot of them in the shops. Car covers may not have so many features that differentiate them from each other, and this makes it all the more difficult to know which one to go for. With this in mind, we’ve researched some of the best car cover brands and present to you our top five options. Don’t forget to look up other car covers that are available by these brands as you go along if the featured ones don’t meet your requirements.
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Our Top Choice
Duck Covers Weather Defender SUV Cover
Duck Covers has been manufacturing original products and creative solutions that help create a clutter-free household and work environment, keeping its customers happy.
Single layer, comfortable, non-scratching material. Blending grey cover with navy highlights. Comes with storage bag. 4-year limited warranty.
May tear along the seam after a while.
Indoor storage
Available in 5 sizes
1 layer
Grey/navy blue
Best Value
Classic Accessories PolyPro 1 Car Cover
For over 30 years Classic Accessories has been creating safe automotive solutions and quality goods that keep its customers’ vehicles from damage.
Soft material. Breathable, water-repellant design. For sedans 191 - 210 inches long. Antenna-fortifying patch. Protects against dirt and dust.
Flimsy grommets and tie-down ropes.
Outdoor storage
Available in 2 sizes
1 layer
OxGord Economy Outdoor Car Cover
OxGord is a leader in the manufacturing of high value automobile parts, household goods and affordable accessories that improve the living conditions of its users.
Multi-layered. Comes with elastic front finishing. In-built drawstring. Has front and back tags. Built with reinforced seams.
Fabric quality isn’t the best.
Outdoor storage
Available in 7 sizes
4 layers
Leader Accessories Basic Guard Car Cover
Leader Accessories is an environmentally-conscious company that makes available safe products and recreational solutions that make outdoor life more satisfying.
Made from biodegradable material. Provides UV protection. Breathable and mildew-proof fabric. Elastic hem at the base. Snug fitting. Firm finish. Storage bag included.
Non-water proof material.
Indoor; outdoor storage
Available in 5 sizes
3 layers
Grey; tan; aluminum-silver
YITAMOTOR Universal Fit Car Cover
YITAMOTOR designs electronics and technologically-advanced household products, providing a safe and eco-friendly alternative to regular synthetic products.
Good for all weather conditions. Fits many car models. 100% breathable biodegradable fabric. Sturdy anti-wind steel strings. Non-scrape lining. Password anti-theft lock.
Straps tear off after a short while.
Outdoor storage
Available in 7 sizes
2 layers
Navy blue

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What is the Best Car Cover?

Getting the car cover that suits you is dependent on it being able to give your precious car the desired coverage, plus having some features that make it an exceptional buy. Doing your homework is the right way to go and reading our buying guide is sure part of this homework. Now let’s go on to our individual product reviews.
Our Top Choice
The Duck Covers Weather Defender SUV Cover is a UV-treated, semi-custom car cover with breathable material that ensures indoor protection of vehicles up to 13 feet and 6 inches long. If you want a sedan cover instead, check out the Duck Covers A2C200 Double Defender Car Cover for Sedans up to 16' 8" in length and which is triple-layered.

Duck Covers Weather Defender SUV Cover – Available in 5 Sizes

Duck Covers is popular for manufacturing creative goods and providing solutions that help eliminate litter from your home and work environment. From its signature car covers to outdoor furniture, it works tirelessly to take care of its customers’ belongings while protecting their valuables. Its line of products is affordable and backed by excellent customer service.

The Duck Covers Weather Defender SUV Cover provides indoor and occasional outdoor protection for your SUV. It fits SUVs up to 13 feet and 6 inches in length. It’s ultraviolet fortified and can hold up to moderate winds and weather conditions. The breathable material is the perfect protection that provides adequate air circulation, making sure it doesn’t stick to the car surface. It has a triple-layer design that’s reinforced and impenetrable to pricks and tears from sharp objects. This feature makes it last long and hold up in case of winds and rainfall.

Here are some other features of this car cover:
  • Size and Fit — It’s sizeable and will cover the entire body of the car completely. The material is loose enough for one person to fit it on the car and at the same time tight enough not to pull off. This lightweight SUV car cover is easy to mount, unfolded or removed and can easily be cleaned out and washed when needed
  • Soft Dust-Protecting Fabric — The material is soft and comfortable and sits properly on the SUV. The fabric would not damage or scratch the car surface, preserving it. It’s strong, non-porous, providing protection from debris, dirt and scratches; it also doesn’t allow the dirt pass through or get to the surface of the vehicle
  • Elasticized Bottom Hem — The elastic-fitted bottom is flexible, making securing it over the vehicle convenient. This feature provides a custom-fit for the car. The hem secures it to the bottom of the car, so that it won’t easily get displaced
  • Anti-Scratch Tie Down Grommets and Ropes — These eyelets provide a strong shield that ties down the car cover to the vehicle. This further ensures that the car cover is not blown off by strong winds and damaged and provides extra fortification so it doesn’t get torn at the ends
  • Water-Repelling Property — The fabric is water-resistant, shielding the vehicle from moisture or condensation that may otherwise settle on it. This fabric doesn’t smell and is also mold and mildew-resistant. If water lingers on a fabric, it could destroy the best of fabrics and this is prevented by this car cover
  • Storage Bag — It’s durable, can be used to carry the car cover from place to place and is used to store it when not in use. As a result, the car cover is preserved from getting damaged when not on the car. This saves you the hassle of replacing your car cover prematurely
This car cover has a manufacturer’s limited 2-year warranty and is available in 5 different sizes.
Best Value
The Classic Accessories PolyPro 1 Car Cover provides maximum weather protection for your vehicle. Its customized and reinforced edges give comfortable and firm fitting to sedans with lengths somewhere between 191 to 210 inches. If you need a cover for your SUV, go for Classic Accessories’ PolyPro III Heavy Duty SUV\/Truck Cover. It has a zipped driver’s side access door.

Classic Accessories PolyPro 1 Sedan Car Cover – Available in 3 Sizes

With the mindset to create automotive safety products and accessories, Classic Accessories has been providing its customers with benefit-packed and innovative goods for over 30 years. From making items such as seat belts and steering covers, the company soon delved into the manufacture of covers for the entire car, a venture that has proved quite rewarding. It has continued to make progress in the design and marketing of vehicle equipment that not only provide protection, but make any time spent outdoors a memorable experience. All products from this brand are known to be functional and incredibly convenient.

The high point of having a car cover is that it provides the required protection that your vehicle no doubt deserves. The Classic Accessories PolyPro 1 Car Cover can fit sedans that are between 191 - 210 inches in length. It’s one unique piece with its soft, lightweight fabric, making it a comfortable cocoon for your sedan. The fabric won’t scrape the paint and protects it from external scratches, dirt and dust. It’s the ultimate shield for average weather conditions. Following are some other features of this car cover:
  • Anti-Scrape Grommets and Tie-Down Ropes — These are how the car cover is held in place and firmly on the vehicle without the risk of inflicting any marks. They provide extra fortification and won’t rip the material apart at the slightest pull
  • Elasticized Corner Hems — Provide a firm fit and grip on the car. Added flexibility is made possible, as the car cover can be pulled to fit into some intricate dimensions of the vehicle and won’t tear from such action
  • Antenna Reinforcement Patch — Protective patch that fits over the antenna position and keeps it in place
  • Breathable Fabric — The single layer fabric reduces the possibility of mold and mildew forming on the car cover; this is also enhanced by its water-repellant nature
  • UV Treated, Weather-Loving — It’s ultraviolet protected, so it can withstand harsh sun rays and keeps well in medium weather conditions. As long as the weather isn’t stormy or raining cats and dogs, this car cover is good
  • Convenient Storage Bag — Makes carrying and transporting of this car cover from one location to another easy. Storage bag is made from durable fabric that won’t tear while in transit. When folded, it ensures that the cover doesn’t come undone and get strewn all over the place. It’s doubly convenient for stowing the car cover in a safe place
  • Versatile — Due to its ample size and range of fitting, this car cover makes room for various kinds of vehicles. Besides sedans, it can cover crossover vehicles and a number of hatchbacks comfortably. This makes it multi-functional and saves the time and cost attached to looking for different car covers if you own a sedan as well as a crossover vehicle, for instance
The Classic Accessories PolyPro 1 Car Cover comes in an attractive biodiesel color and is backed by a 2-year limited warranty. It’s also available in 3 different sizes to choose from.
Shield your car from rain, sunlight and dirt with the multi-layered OxGord Economy Outdoor Car Cover. It’s a large sized car cover with reinforced seams and can fit cars up to 204 inches long. In search of the perfect SUV or van car cover? Check out the OxGord Signature Auto Cover, which fits vehicles up to 206 inches long.

OxGord Economy XL Outdoor Car Cover – Available in 7 Sizes

OxGord has maintained its place as a top manufacturer of household and garden equipment because of all the unique car parts and pet products it creates. The company started operations in 1987 and has since been stocking a large array of goods, ranging from dog kennels and pet collars to floor rugs, seat and car covers that help improve the standard of living of users all over the globe. Its warranty program, the ‘Warehouse Drop Ship Program,’ is quite popular and reduces stress on the customers endured through endless journeys to the store, as it makes it possible for retailers to have their orders shipped directly from the manufacturers’ or wholesalers’ warehouses.

The OxGord Economy Outdoor Car Cover is a soft but tough protective outdoor car cover with durable, breathable material that’s highly water proof, a feature that creates a great distinction between this car cover and the regular ones in the market. The double outer covering is a UV-protective shield that creates a barrier between your vehicle and the harsh sun rays. This car cover has other striking features as well:
  • Reinforced Seams — This gives added protection from tears that may result from pull or not so careful handling. Studded with elastic hems fashioned as draw strings in the front and rear portions, this car cover snugly fits on to the car. The car cover comes with tie-down eyelets with holes that provide increased shield against severe winds and bad weather
  • Front and Back Tags — It has signature tags that differentiate the front from the back and ensure that the user knows which side is to go on which part of the car. Clumsiness and any mismatch are avoided with the help of these labels. A well-suited fit is achieved with this car cover and it won’t get easily thrown off
  • Storage Bag — This accompanying pouch is for proper stowing when the car is not on site or is away for repairs. It also comes with an antenna patch, an extra protective feature for vehicles with an antenna
This car cover is available in 7 different sizes, so you’ll be sure to find the right fit for your sedan.
The Leader Accessories Basic Guard Car Cover is manufactured from biodegradable material and is infused with ultraviolet properties and elastic surrounding hems on its bottom for your car’s protection. If you want a car cover with protective soft cotton and double UV-coating, the Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Universal Car Cover will do fine.

Leader Accessories Basic Guard Universal Fit Car Cover – Available in 2 Colors and 5 Sizes

Leader Accessories is keen about open air enthusiasts and lovers of leisure and produces a variety of recreational goods that are sold directly to them. Its outdoor products are long lasting and keep customers satisfied with their durability and sterling qualities. It creates car covers of different fabrics that provide a solid resistance to hazards that may affect your vehicle. Even after over 30 years of business, the company continues to stand out due to its superior customer service, competitive pricing and speedy shipping of its products.

This is a unique car cover that’s made of environmentally safe, biodegradable fabric that holds up to the elements. It’s a secure solution and distinct from regular synthetic material car covers. This makes the Leader Accessories Basic Guard Car Cover perfect for both indoors and outdoors and serves as your vehicle’s go-to protection from dust, harsh rays, dirt and bird poo. It also features air holes that allow air to pass through, ensuring that the cover remains breathable. Its other features include the following:
  • Buckles and Straps — These protect it from gusts that otherwise may blow it away and cause tears in the fabric
  • Elastic Hems — A snug-fit is achieved by means of elastic hems at its bottom area, that help the car cover to go round the curved parts of the vehicle and rest securely on it
  • Storage Bag — This comes together with the product to serve as a protective case for it when it’s not in use
A 1-year guarantee is a perk enjoyed by the buyers of this car cover, and it comes in numerous different sizes as well as two color options.
The YITAMOTOR Universal Fit Car Cover is a specially-designed, all-weather cover that’s adaptable to many car models. Its 100% breathable fabric will hinder mildew from forming; it’s also safe and biodegradable. If you want a cover designed for smaller cars, check out the YITAMOTOR 7 Layers PEVA Car Cover. It has a soft cotton interior that protects the car’s paint from fading.

YITAMOTOR Seamless Universal Fit Car Cover – Available in 7 Sizes

YITAMOTOR is a technology-driven organization that’s passionate about research and the creation of electronic and auto parts that are environmentally sound. The company is particular about providing high class customer service and goes the extra mile in understanding and meeting its clients’ needs. Its car covers are quality creations with varied dimensions and advanced functions. They’re made durable to withstand adverse weather conditions, environmental hazards and prolonged use.

When you think about versatility, you think of the YITAMOTOR Universal Fit Car Cover. This is the all- weather and multi-functional car cover that fits a wide range of car models from different brands. Isn’t that amazing? This large-sized car cover provides a suitable surface shield for vehicles with 208.6 inches L x 74.8 inches W x 63 inches H dimensions. It has a striking quality that makes it stand out among car covers - the fact that its exterior is made of PEVA (Polyethylene vinyl acetate), a non-chlorinated and biodegradable vinyl. This eco-friendly car cover is favored by those who advocate a ‘greener’ society, since it provides a safe alternative to other materials. The YITAMOTOR Universal Fit Car Cover also comes with:
  • Exceptional Material — The fabric is 100% breathable, weather-proof that will deter mold or mildew from forming on it. It’s also specially built to protect your car from rainfall, ice sheets, UV rays, dirt and dust
  • Scratch-Proof Inner Lining — The reverse or inner side of this car cover is a thick soft cotton fabric that won’t scrape the paint and also prevents nicks and dents on the car
  • Flexible Clip-in Grommets — Wind-resistant clip-in eyelets that are located at the front and back to provide extra fortification for the car cover, preventing its edges from ripping
  • Password Locker — An anti-theft lock that can be password coded to suit the user. This lock is designed to hinder any hoodlum or burglar wanting to make away with your car, thereby saving you the hassle of buying a new one
  • Wind-Proof Steel String — Sturdy steel ropes that fit into the grommet holes and hold the cover in place so it won’t be wind-tossed or destroyed
This car cover comes in a beautiful dark blue color and is available in 7 different sizes.

How Do I Choose the Best Car Cover?

The cost of buying a car and of its maintenance is on the rise, which is enough of a reason for you to want to preserve what you have. As a mobile machine that takes you to places your legs can’t, your car should get the best treatment inside and outside, considering its value and the kind of work it does. Like clothes to one’s back, so are these covers to your vehicle. Car covers are protective items that provide safety for a car’s exterior, from the top to the windshield and windshield wipers, down to the fender and tires, keeping it from the rain, harsh sun rays, heavy winds, animal droppings, mud splashes and all. They let you park your car outdoors and make it difficult for it to get scratched when it’s not in use or in clear view of your watchful eyes.

Before you choose a car cover, it’s important to know why you want one in the first place. Do you want to use it indoors or outdoors or both? What are the features and qualities you need in your product of choice? Some car covers act as rain shields that keep the damp out and prevent your vehicle from getting wet outright, while for others moisture may still get in. There are covers with features that prevent scratches on your car whereas some may not work like that, which may instead lead to you repainting your car.

Car covers come in two main types:
  • Indoor Car Covers: They’re perfect for keeping your car safe from indoor mishaps that may occur as a result of prolonged parking. Dust particles and moisture are the main reasons why you need to get one of such car covers; the former leaves fine scrapes that become evident after a while, while moisture causes an unpleasant stickiness to settle on your car parked in the garage. Indoor car covers prevent this and preserve your car’s fine finish and provide a shield so your car doesn’t get dented as your kid moves his/her bicycle and stuff out through the garage, for example.
  • Outdoor Car Covers: These are built to cover cars when they’re parked outdoors. Sun, rain, wind, droppings of birds and dust are the main causes of disturbance to your vehicle once it’s parked outside of your home or office. Most of such car covers are fortified against the elements or have protective features that make them adaptable to the weather and environment where your car is parked. Don't forget that these are just as easy to clean as you car mats!
It’s important to note that there’s also a third type: the indoor/outdoor car covers that can serve both purposes since they have features to adapt to both situations.

Many more features should be taken into consideration before you pick a car cover. Go ahead and read through what we have to say about them so that you have all the points in place when making your final decision.
When you want to pick a car cover, it’s important to note that the need it meets and its versatility will no doubt affect the pricing. Some car covers cost more than their counterparts because they have an edge in the design, fabric or overall workability. Imagine that a car cover can fit many car models of different brands, unlike another one which can fit just one car or very few cars. There’s no doubt that the former would have a higher price on it than the latter. The material and size of a car cover are some of the factors that determine how much you’d have to pay for it.

There have been arguments about how much a car cover should cost. Different people have their reasons for which a car cover should be priced at a certain amount. During our research, we studied a large number of car covers and concluded that the price range of a great car cover should be from $31 to $124. While researching, we stumbled on some cheap car covers which we didn’t include in this review. The reason for this is that we wish to bring you the best only, and not some car cover options that are far from durable.
Safeguarding your car from damage and environmental hazards is serious business that’ll give you peace of mind once you get it right. You have to consider some factors if you’re to choose the right car cover and enjoy the benefits attached to owning one. These pointers go beyond the price and type and you should carefully check them before you commit your resources. Here are some vital features to look out for:
  • Type and Style
  • Construction material
  • Color
  • Breathability of fabric
  • Size and fitting
  • Mildew– and mold-resistance
  • Quality of seams
  • Versatility
  • Weather-proof quality
  • Provision of storage bag
  • Layers
  • Extras
Construction and Design
The size and fitting of the car cover you need is one of the first things to consider as you begin your search. The cover must match the dimensions of your vehicle. Is your car a sedan, truck or SUV? There are car covers for different kinds of cars. Some car covers have a range of sizes, while others are more customized and fit for just one model or a limited number of cars. It’s worthy of note that the YITAMOTOR Universal Fit Car Cover in our review is a versatile car cover, built to suit a variety of car models.

Considering where you park your car is important before you choose a car cover. Basically, a vehicle is either parked indoors in a garage or indoor enclosure or outdoors in a shed or just in the open air. If you desire to keep your car inside your house, then it makes sense for you to get an indoor car cover. This type of cover is suited to keep away dust and any other thing that might dent your car but if the car is to be left outside of your home or living area, then the outdoor car cover is advisable. Pretty simple stuff, right?

The material from which your car cover is made is important to ensure that the car cover lasts and is able to withstand any form of hazard. The ideal car cover should be made from a material that won’t scratch the car surface or distort the paint in any way. You also may want to find a car cover with a breathable fabric that prevents moisture from being trapped underneath the fabric or condensation from forming on it. Cotton is a winner for the interior of a car cover since it provides a soft, shielding cocoon for the vehicle surface and won’t scrape against it.

The color of the car cover you pick may seem irrelevant but it really isn’t. If you park your car outdoors in the sun then it’s important to choose a light colored car cover that can reflect the sun’s rays. A silver or soft-colored cover is best in such a situation. If your car is to be parked indoors, then a dark-colored car cover should be the best, since stains that result from hand contact and grease from your garage equipment won’t easily be noticed.

It’s safe to search for a weather-resistant car cover that won’t give way under harsh weather conditions and adverse rays of the sun. A multi-layered car cover or one with a fabric blend is a good buy. This type of car cover is built to be long-lasting, to block out ultra violet rays, as well as resist water and moisture. If you reside near the coast in regions like the Atlantic or Pacific Coast, you’d do well to buy a car cover that’ll protect your vehicle from the effect of sea salt and splashes of the waves. If, on the other hand, you reside in a desert area, a car cover with intense UV-protection is your best bet.
Performance and Ease of Use
Durability is important in the choice of a car cover. Car covers should be made from durable materials that’ll stand the test of time. Some car covers are seamless whereas others are sewn together at various joints. If you want a car cover with seams, it’s better to choose one with reinforced seams. The additional fabric along the stitch line is an added protection that makes these car covers last a longer time. You may want to look out for ultrasonic welded seams that are devoid of any stitching and which provide the best protection for your car.

An important protective feature of a great car cover is reinforced grommets. These are non-scratch eyelets with holes through which pull-down ropes are passed. They’re further strengthened by an elasticized bottom hem for a strong custom hold. These grommets and elastic help the car cover to stay put and not get dislodged or torn.

Some car covers are made to be mildew-resistant and this is important if your car is to be parked indoors or in a garage. Condensation and moisture have nothing on these car covers as they’re able to consistently maintain their dryness. One of our featured products, the Duck Covers Weather Defender SUV Cover, is a car cover with a triple layer design that provides a strong shield for cars against the weather. Mildew and mold are spoilers of fabric, including car covers, so to prevent these from occurring you have to be sure to pick a car cover that isn’t prone to their attack.

The more water-repellant a car cover is, the better suited it is to last both indoors and outdoors. Most indoor parking spaces and garages aren’t well aerated, therefore, you probably want to pick a cover that won’t retain water on its surface or ‘bleed’ on the car. Water, when it gets under the car cover, finds its way into the small dents in the car, which creates rust and helps fade your car’s paint.

It’s vital for you to store your car cover properly when not in use. Some brands make available storage bags that come with the covers and are to stow them away. These bags are made durable, fitting and provide an easy means to transport the car cover from one location to another.

Get the Best Car Cover of 2022!

We’re glad that you made it through this review and now have the important facts to make a great choice. With this, we’re certain you’ll choose the best car cover for your vehicle, without any regrets. There’s no need to waste time; go right ahead and place your order.

Our Top Choice
Duck Covers Weather Defender SUV Cover
Best Value
Classic Accessories PolyPro 1 Car Cover
OxGord Economy Outdoor Car Cover
Leader Accessories Basic Guard Car Cover
YITAMOTOR Universal Fit Car Cover