Best Car Escape Tool Reviews 2022

Car escape tools are things you hope never to need, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. In most cases, we are concerned with the safety of our cars; we invest in things like alarms and car trackers, but what if the car becomes the danger you need to escape from? You need to know what to do in a situation like this, and you need the right tools. We have thoroughly searched and put together five of the best car escape tools for your safety and peace of mind. Though we have only featured one product from each brand, these brands have many other car escape tools that we advise you to consider as well.
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Our Top Choice
Futuresky 6-in-1 Car Safety Tool
Futuresky is highly committed to delivering the best service possible to provide total customer satisfaction, which is the standard they have been upholding for many years.
This tool is made of the finest material to ensure durability. It is a comfortably compact 6-in-1 tool.
There have been complaints about the red emergency light failing.
Flashlight, seatbelt cutter
Sturdy material
Not Specified
6.8 x 2.1 x 3.3 in.; 0.88 lbs.
Best Value
LifeHammer The Original Emergency Hammer
LifeHammer develops high-quality car safety products. Their expertise is in paying attention to important details so they can provide simple solutions for difficult situations.
It has a sharp blade, a sturdy hammer, and a holder that allows you to mount it in your car.
There are counterfeits out there, which is usually a sign that the original is a great product. Avoid this problem by buying from our link.
Seatbelt cutter, glow-in-the-dark
Polypropylene, steel
TÜV Certified, GS Mark
11 x 7 x 13 in.; 0.35 lbs.
Stander HandyBar Safety Tool
Stander is one of the leading brands in the industry of car escape tools. Their tools are very durable and safe to use.
It has three safety functions in one tool and a comfortable rubber handle with finger imprints for good grip. It can also slide easily into a car door latch for optimum leverage.
It can cause damage to the interior car door frame.
Seatbelt cutter, window breaker
Not Specified
Not Specified/Lifetime Guaranteed
11 x 7 x 13 in.; 0.75 lbs.
SOG Escape Knife Seatbelt Cutter
For over thirty years, SOG has been producing quality knives which can help people in dangerous circumstances.
It has a very strong glass breaker and a sharp blade for cutting seatbelts.
The blade does not spring tightly shut, so you need to gently push it in to shut it.
Line/wire cutter & glass breaker
Anodized aluminum, steel
Not Specified
12.2 x 4.5 x 1.1 in.; 0.3 lbs.
resqme Keychain Car Escape Tool
For over ten years, resqme has been saving lives through their top quality products. They’re highly involved with manufacturing efficient safety products.
This safety tool is very compact and quite inexpensive.
Sometimes the button for breaking glass doesn’t work.
Seatbelt cutter, window breaker
ABS plastic, stainless steel
Certified by TÜV
3.9 x 2 x 1 in.; 0.09 lbs.

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What is the Best Car Escape Tool?

We hope the knowledge you acquired from our buying guide on car escape tools has helped you decide on your desired features. Keep them in mind as you proceed to our review of individual brands and products. We hope this approach will make it easy for you to decide on the the best car escape tools for you.
Our Top Choice
The Futuresky 6-in-1 car safety tool is a highly durable and user-friendly tool. It has six tools in one! If you want a tool with more functions, you should check out the Waterproof Tactical Flashlight Survival Rescue Self Defense Emergency Knife. which can also be used as a window breaker.

Futuresky Car Safety Hammer 6-In-1 Emergency Life Saving Kit – Available in 1 or 2 Pack

Futuresky has created a name for itself through their highly durable products. Their products are trusted around the world as top safety tools that are easy to use and reasonably priced. They serve many countries and continue to expand their customer base.

The Futuresky 6-in-1 Car Safety Tool (MSRP $29.99) is a durable tool that is cost-efficient, easy-to-use, and simple to maintain. Its advanced European design allows for the compact storage of six tools in one device.
Best Value
LifeHammer’s Original Emergency Hammer is very efficient and easy to use. It has a luminescent pin so the hammer is easy to find even in dark areas. If you like this product but want two instead of one, you should try the Original LifeHammer Escape Hammer (orange).

LifeHammer The Original Emergency Hammer with Seatbelt Cutter – Available in 4 Colors

Lifehammer began in 1982 in Germany when Helmut Lechner was trapped in his car after a horrible accident. He had no means of escaping as he could not remove his seatbelt nor open his car door or window. Fortunately, he was rescued in the nick of time and survived. That experience motivated Lechner to develop a tool which would help people escape from their cars in emergencies. He invented the world’s first safety hammer and called it the LifeHammer. LifeHammer has grown over the years and their mission is to give a growing consumer base access to their innovative products and contribute to a safer world for travelers.

The Original Emergency Hammer by Lifehammer (MSRP $18.95) is a highly efficient tool. It is a double-tipped hammer with hardened steel points that can break the tempered glass of car window and its protected blade can cut through jammed seatbelts. This tool is trusted and certified and has been used by various police and fire departments for over thirty years.
If you are looking for a product that is perfect for elderly individuals or those who require mobility assistance, the Stander HandyBar Safety Tool is the tool for you. If you want a similar tool with a flashlight, you should try the Stander Metro Car Handle Plus - 2 in 1 Automotive Standing Mobility Aid.

Stander HandyBar Automotive Standing Aid Car Assist Handle & Vehicle Emergency Escape Tools with Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter

If you are looking for automotive safety tools that are easy to use for people of any age and status, Stander is the brand for you. Their tools are long-lasting and affordable. Stander keeps looking for more innovative ways to increase the efficiency of their products.

The Stander HandyBar Safety tool (MSRP $39.99) is an efficient tool. Though it’s light, it can support up to 350 pounds, all while being easy to handle and store. It features a built-in window breaker and a seatbelt cutter. The tool can easily slide into a car door latch for optimum leverage. It has three safety functions in one tool and a comfortable rubber handle with finger imprints for good grip. It is very useful in helping people safely escape cars in almost any situation.
The SOG Escape Knife Seatbelt Cutter is a top quality knife that is easy to use and is suited for freeing yourself from dangerous situations. If you prefer a multi-purpose knife that can be used for car escape along with other tasks, you should check out the SOG Specialty Knives & Tools S31-N Paratool Multi-Tool with Straight Edge.

SOG Escape Knife with Seatbelt Cutter and Glass Breaker

Founded in 1986, SOG is a brand whose quality and unique line of products are almost unparalleled. SOG seeks to be nothing but the best. Their lines of knives and versatile multi-tools are engineered with precision and are built to perform at very high standards. SOG meets escape needs for most people in a variety of situations.

The SOG Escape Knife Seatbelt Cutter (MSRP $37.28) is a high-quality safety tool that is also a normal everyday carry knife. It’s ideally sized with a one-hand opening blade and extra emergency tools. The knife has a partially serrated edge which helps with cutting seatbelts and it also features a lock back, an extra safety mechanism. The knife’s handle is made of anodized aluminum with a black finish which accounts for its durability.
The resqme Keychain Car Escape Tool is a safety tool that you can take anywhere. If you are in the market for a car emergency hammer escape tool that is durable and affordable, you should check out resqhammer, The Modern Emergency Hammer.

resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool, Made in USA – Available in 5 Colors & 1 or 2 Pack

resqme was founded over ten years ago by the same person who introduced the LifeHammer emergency tool. Striving for excellence, their main goal is to encourage people to become more socially responsible and proactive in terms of safety. resqme is committed to the safety of their customers and the reliability of their products, and the resqme Keychain Car Escape Tool is no exception.

The resqme Keychain Car Escape Tool (MSRP $17.95) is a durable tool that is compact, lightweight, and very effective. It’s easily accessible and serves as both a seatbelt cutter and a car window breaker.

How Do I Choose the Best Car Escape Tool?

Nowadays there are so many devices and accessories to help keep us all safe in our day to day activities, and cars in particular have seen a huge advancement in technology over the last few decades. Most of us don’t even bat an eyelid getting in the car with friends or family; I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a week road trip spending glorious hours singing along to your favorite playlist pumping out of the car stereo. We all have our own personal favorites when it comes to travel gadgets, some couldn’t be without their Bluetooth car kit to make a call on-the-go, whereas others love a tire air pressure gauge to make life so much easier, but a car escape tool is one gadget that you might not have thought about before.

It is not easy to get of a vehicle when trapped, and there is generally a very short period of time to do so. Car escape tools are designed for exactly these emergency situations. The best car escape tools have multiple tools and functions that are useful in various emergency scenarios. They are compact, lightweight, and made with sturdy materials. Car escape tools come in different shapes and sizes, as well as different combinations of tools. They have multiple certifications to show that they are well tested and trusted to perform in life-threatening situations.

Read on to get a good understanding of how to choose the best car escape tool for you.
A car escape tool is not an expensive item, especially when you consider how critical they are when necessary. The materials used and the number of tools packed into it is the primary determinant of its pricing. A high-end car escape tool will cost less than $80 while the less expensive variants can cost around $15. It is necessary that we call your attention to the cheap car escape tools. This is because we advise you stay away from them as they are made with inferior materials that are not standard enough for what they are meant for. How much would saving a few ill-advised dollars be worth compared to keep you and your loved ones safe?
Getting trapped in a car in a deserted area can be dangerous. It can easily become a life or death situation if time is of the essence. Such situations can prove fatal if one does not have access to a suitable tool. Car escape tools are especially made for situations like this and just might make the difference in saving your life. When shopping, here are some features to consider:
  • Type
  • Tools
  • Materials
  • Certifications
  • Size
  • Extras
This list is meant to guide your decision on the combination of features you think is critical to the best car escape tool for you.
Construction and Design
Car escape tools are available in various types for your convenience. Most weigh less than one pound, are hand-held, and are small enough to keep in your pocket. Some come as keychains you can put on your keyring so you know you’ll always have them with you in the car. Like the Swiss army knife, car escape tools are packed with multiple tools in their compact size, which are helpful in accidents and other emergencies.

Common escape tools include:

Window Breaker – In accidents, it may not be safe or possible to exit through the car door, which leaves you with the option of getting out through the window. In most cases, you will have to break the window to get out. Some window breakers require you to swing, for force, against the window to break it. In underwater situations where you can’t garner enough force, some car escape tools use a spring-loaded system to shoot out a hardened tip to break the window. All you have to do is push the tool against the glass to break it.

Seatbelt Cutter – Car escape tools are fitted with a sharp blade that is recessed for safety reasons. Seatbelts are designed to release quickly when unfastened, but there are cases in which the seatbelt becomes locked after the mechanism has been damaged. In these cases, the seatbelt needs to be cut and this tool becomes a life saver.

Beacon and LED Flashlight – Some car escape tools have a red flashing beacon to attract attention in cases when you can’t call out for help. Some also have bright LED flashlight to aid visibility in the dark. The best ones have both!

Sound – Emergency situations are never predictable, so it is best to prepare for anything. You might not be able to call out loud enough, and a flashing light might not be a suitable option in that situation. A siren or a whistle just might be the only way you can attract attention. Having a car escape tool with sound producing capability goes a long way to improve its versatility.

Most car escape tools have a lightweight plastic body, with individual emergency tools inside made from tougher materials. For example, the hammer tip of window breakers is made with different variants of steel, as are the blades of the seatbelt cutter.
Performance and Ease of Use
To prove their authenticity and effectiveness, car escape tool brands subject their products to independent, rigorous tests of all kinds. As lifesaving tools in cases of emergency, it is essential to know that they will not fail or even underperform. It is therefore critical that you check for the certifications and approvals of the tool set you choose. The more certifications it has, the more it has proven to be reliable. Certifications are an excellent way of knowing that the tools that might save your life have been tried and tested in every conceivable condition.

Even though escape tool sets have plastic shells, they are all quite sturdy. They often come in bright, highly-visible colors. One brand even has a crank-powered battery for its LED flashlight and a USB port that can charge any device.

Most car escape tools are waterproof and are reinforced for impact and repeated use. Some have a dual window breaker that can be swung with maximum force by either hand. Car escape tool makers pay particularly close attention to the grip. Most have a contoured body designed to provide a non-slip grip, while others are fitted with silicone grips to ensure a tight clinch in any situation.

Now that you have been informed about car escape tools, we hope you have an idea of the features you want in your ideal choice.

Get the Best Car Escape Tool of 2022!

Now that you have gone through our reviews of the best car escape tools, we hope you have the information you need to make your purchase. Stay safe!

Our Top Choice
Futuresky 6-in-1 Car Safety Tool
Best Value
LifeHammer The Original Emergency Hammer
Stander HandyBar Safety Tool
SOG Escape Knife Seatbelt Cutter
resqme Keychain Car Escape Tool