Best Car Floor Mat Reviews 2023

Car floor liners are inexpensive and add more pizzazz and sparkle to your car. You can show off your style while keeping your vehicle floor clean from all the mud and dirt. The best car floor mats improve your vehicle’s interior dramatically and reduce the wear and tear on the stock carpeting. To help you on your way to finding the ideal floor mats for you, we've gone ahead and scoured the web for five of the best brands of car floor mats and here they are!
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Set Size
Our Top Choice
WeatherTech Extreme Duty Floor Liners
The talented designers at MacNeil Automotive specialize in advanced concepts in digital floor protection. The WeatherTech mats keep interiors clean with quality floor protection.
All weather protection. Convenient installation. Flexible, high density tri-extruded material. Three-year manufacturer warranty. Available in several colors.
Slightly slippery on vinyl flooring. Some report that containing dog hair may be an issue.
Custom liner
Custom fit (5 x 31 x 26 in)
2 front row pieces
High density Tri-extruded
Available in several colors
Best Value
Intro-Tech Automotive Floor Mats
Intro-Tech Automotive specializes in manufacturing custom automobile accessories. Their Hexomat floor mats are durable and flexible with custom-contours for your vehicle floor.
Non-fading and non-cracking. Available in several colors. Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
Floor mats may not fit into models older than 2009.
Custom floor mat
Custom fit (34.5 x 23.5 x 2 in)
2 front row mats
Space age rubber composite
Available in several colors
Husky Liners Custom Car Mats
Husky Liners provide custom auto-accessories. With its form-fit design and raised ridge walls, the Weatherbeater keeps your car carpet clean even in the harshest weather.
Fluid containment ribs. Patented rubberized material design. Lifetime warranty against cracking and fading.
Lacks flexibility. Thinner than others.
Custom car liner
Custom fit (7.2 x 22.2 x 33.2 in)
Front and 2nd seat liner
Patented rubberized material
Available in several colors
OxGord Ridged Mats
OxGord is known for high quality auto parts. The 4 piece ridge styled floor mat set is a great option to prevent spills from ruining the stock carpeting on your vehicle floor.
Durable design. Washable. Trimmable Rubber Edges. Weather proof.
Not too lavish for high end brands such as BMW. No hooks for the driver side.
Universal trimmable mats
Universal fit (28.5 x 18 x 1 in)
2 back and 2 front pieces
Heavy duty rubber
BDK Metallic Rubber Car Mats
BDK provides a style statement to the auto-accessories. Their dual tone metallic rubber mat set will help lend your car’s interior a suave impression.
Dual color tone. Vinyl made. Non-skid. Heavy Duty.
Red tone may turn out to be too loud for some neutral vehicle colors.
Universal trimmable mats
Front (27x19in) back (16x19.5in)
2 back and 2 front pieces
Anti-fade vinyl rubber mats
Dual tone- red & black

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What is the Best Car Floor Mat?

Now that you know the ins and outs of your car’s specific flooring requirements, go ahead and check out our selection of the top car floor liners available. Just like with car tires, paints, and accessories, there are different options available for a car floor mat that depend on the individual driver’s needs. The main aspect of consideration while searching for a car floor mat is how much wear it will have to take.
Our Top Choice
The WeatherTech Extreme Duty Floor Liners combat all dirt from unfavorable soda spills to work boot sludge. Digitally desgined for vans, cars, trucks and SUVs, these tray mats offer maximum coverage in all corners. If you’re looking for floor liners specifically designed for Toyotas, we highly recommend the WeatherTech Toyota 2016 floor liner.

WeatherTech Custom Fit Front Floor Liners – High Density, Rigid Core with Surface Friction, Easy to Clean, Tray Style Mats

MacNeil Automotive specializes in creating digital floor liners. These are laser measured to make the fit perfect on the front, back and even on the sides. The FloorLiners are manufactured from high density core materials with advanced surfacing to keep the dirt and muck away.

The floor mats are made from a high-density Tri-Extruded material which gives the mats a rigid core strength and at the same time offers surface friction and tactile feel to the carpet. The surfacing creates channels which carry fluids and debris to lower reservoirs. This creates minimal fluid movement while driving.

Some of the other noteworthy features include:
  • Accurate lining with the interior carpet
  • Raised edges to keep spills off the feet
  • Durable with apt channel sizes to trap snow, ice, and mud
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Three year warranty from the manufacturer
The WeatherTech Digital Floor Liners are convenient for all strata of users. Easy to install and clean, they’re available in several colors.
Best Value
The Intro-Tech Automotive Hexomat Floor Mats are custom-cut to fit your Smart Car with unique hexo-cut design to keep debris, mud and dirt away. Non-fading and non-cracking, these mats have tremendous liquid retention capability. If you’re looking to fit your Honda CRV model with car floor mats, we suggest Intro-Tech Hexomat Cargo Liners.

Intro-Tech Automotive Hexomat Custom Floor Mats – Non Fading, Non-Cracking, High Liquid Holding Capacity, Non-Skid Backing

Intro-Tech Automotive specializes in crafting fine car flooring for all range of vehicles. Manufactured from natural materials and premium vinyl, the floor liners deliver class, toughness and style all packed in one. The Hexomat Floor mats are all weather custom auto floor liners with massive liquid holding capacity. Having a unique hex border design, these mats keep debris, mud, rocks and sand at bay with the hexo-pockets.

Take a look at some of the other features:
  • Non-skid nib backing for optimum traction
  • Non-fading
  • Non-cracking
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
The mats have over 10,000 custom fit patterns which include rear and full frontal overalls, cargo and trunk mats for minivans and sedans.
The Weatherbeater Back and 2nd Seat liner is ideal for adventure aficionados. Rugged, sporty and highly durable, these conform to the countours of your ride and give your carpet excellent protection. If you are looking for custom car mats for your front lining, the Weatherbeater Custom Car Front Floor liners are highly recommended.

Husky Liners Weatherbeater Front and 2nd Seat Liner – Perfect Fit, Raised Ridge with Premium Liner Material

Husky Liners specialize in custom fit floor liners. They are also known for custom molded mudguards, heavy duty floor mats and other quality products to help increase the life of your automobile. The Weatherbeater floor mats are engineered to sustain the most rugged of terrains and offer only the best in terms of quality, finish and longevity.

The raised containment walls and form-fit design help keep your stock carpet clean. The floor liners are convenient to clean and built to last. Manufactured from patented rubberized material, the mats are resistant to oil, gas and battery acid. The anti-shift nibs hold the liner in place with the vehicle floor and prevent slipping.’

Some of the noticeable features of the floor mat include:
  • FormFit Design allows easy adjustment of the liner with the detailed contours in the vehicle.
  • The raised FormFit Edge fits along the door jam and prevents entry of garbage from the outside.
  • The StayPut Cleats from Husky Liners prevent the liner from shifting underfoot.
  • Lifetime warranty from manufacturer
The floor mats are available in several colors and provide coverage from front to back.
With superior waterproof qualities, sturdy build and option to trim, the OxGord rubber floor mats will protect you from the most resilient stains. If you’re looking for cheaper floor mats from OxGord, go for the Solid Black Economy Floor Mats.

OxGord Ridged Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats for Cars, SUVs, Trucks & Vans – Bestselling, Simple to Install, Easy to Trim for Customization

OxGord specializes in high quality auto components, mats and liners. The 4-piece ridged mats protect the automobile’s interior from the most stubborn stains such as spills, dirt and other wear and tear. The mats are non-skid, easy to clean and very durable.

Take a look at some of the features of the floor mats here:
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • 3-D ridged texture
  • High quality PVC manufacturing
  • Trimmable rubber edges
BDK’s Metallic rubber mats with dual tone make a nice addition to your car and uplift the interior décor. For similar features in a lower price range, try BDK’s Heavy Duty PVC Classic rubber mats.

BDK Heavy Duty Metallic Rubber Mats – All season, Trimmable, Heavy Duty, Dual Color Tone

BDK designs premium quality accessories with auto-care in mind. The MT-614 rubber mats offer high quality with minimal maintenance and protection from the wear and tear of your car that comes from daily use. The mats are easy to clean and install and come with non-skid bearings to prevent slippage.

Here are some more important features:
  • Fully washable with rubber backing to protect against any stain-related threats
  • Heavy duty materials with anti-slip technology make sure this mat stays where it’s at until you want to take it out for a cleaning
  • Universal fit
Restyle your vehicle with the metallic finish.

How Do I Choose the Best Car Floor Mat?

Sometimes when you want to rejuvenate your car, you don’t want to go as far as giving it a whole new paint job. Covering your car floor with a mat is probably the least expensive way to jazz up those old interiors, as well as getting yourself some new car seat covers, we suppose. Car floor mats witness a lot of action inside your car. From having the muddy soccer shoes in the back seat, to bags of mulch in the cargo area, to having rain-soaked boots as you rush to the driver side, carpets constantly battle with spills, messes, wear, and tear. While you probably don’t think a lot about car floor mats, having a decent one can significantly increase the resale value of your car. Moreover, having a new set of car floor mats or liners in the car is an incredible bargain when compared to having new carpet installed. That way you can afford to buy a new car stereo, and drive in style!

Basically, there are two types of products to protect your car’s interiors: floor mats and floor liners . Car floor mats are made up of rubber-like material or carpet or a combination of the two. They cost less than liners but also offer less protection from the mud and filth you bring inside with your shoes. Car floor liners, on the other hand, are usually custom fit for a particular make and model. They also have walls around the sides for trapping big spills. While opting for liners might seem a little over the budget, it will pay itself off in the long run.

With multiple choices available, it becomes overwhelming to select the best car floor mats. We researched the top brands and came up with 5 of the best options for you. We hope that finding the right car floor mats for your car becomes simpler and less stressful for you with our guide.
Settling on a fixed price for car floor liners is tricky. The prices vary considerably, given the brand and model you drive and the lifestyle you lead. A business executive might look for something suave and stylish for his car, while a soccer mom would want a durable floor mat. The prices also differ on whether you want to purchase a full set or limit the liners only to the front seat floors.

The price of the floor liners for your car depends on a number of other factors too. Some models only have front liners available. Then again, some manufacturers offer a wider variety of liner fits, while some only focus on SUVs and trucks. Front-only liners start around $50. Scale the same for a full-size SUV’s all three rows and the prices rise quickly to around $300. Most of the sedans can be comfortably covered with front and rear seat liners for around $180. Options for cheap car floor mats may sound tempting at first, but end up causing damage to the interior. Make sure to invest in a set that pays off in the long run.
Apart from keeping the dirt and muck at bay, car floor mats are designed to keep the carpet safe and to maintain the resale value of your car. While a lot of models have custom fit floor mat options, everything boils down to how a car is used and what kind of hazards it will be exposed to. For a family car, you might want to look for floor liners that are able to retain large amounts of mud, dirt, and filth. For car owners at places with unpredictable weather, hexagonal traps on the liners help in retaining large amounts of snow and water. Another aspect to look for is the convenience in cleaning the liners.

Here are some of the important features to look for in a car floor mat:
  • The floor mats should be durable and made of materials withstanding wear and tear.
  • The color of the mats should compliment your interiors and carpet lining.
  • Convenient installation and all-weather protection
Once you get the hang of the key features you must be aware of while picking out automotive floor mats, you can pay attention to the construction and design of the mats.
Construction and Design
Car floor mats vary in their make and design. Go for a set which addresses the specific needs of make, lifestyle, and driving conditions of the car.

The right car floor mat for you will have the following key aspects:
  • Material: Some of the commonly used materials in manufacturing car floor liners are rubber and carpeting fiber. These are usually durable and long-lasting. If your car is routinely subjected to a large number of passengers, then these are your best choices. These are easy to clean as well. For a more chic feel, there are plusher materials available, but they get soiled more easily. They are also harder to clean.
  • Fit: Most car floor mats are custom designed with regards to a specific make and model. This means that you can simply select your brand and make year from a manufacturer’s site or store and order the same. If your model is discontinued by the manufacturer, then you can go for universal floor mats which are a standard fit for almost all models and OEM brands.
  • Color: Another key aspect in selecting the right floor mats is the color of the material. Darker colored mats will not show stains as openly, but they may dull the interiors. Light and bright colors make the cabin look larger and spruce up the insides.
Apart from these, there are different types of car floor mats and materials:
  • Car floor mat types:
    • All-weather car floor liners are ideal for places with unpredictable weather. This type of mat protects the car’s interior from rain, hail, snow, and mud.
    • Custom car floor liners are great for cars with unique interiors. While they are expensive, you can get them in any color. These are a good choice for drivers who want to give their cars a unique look.
    • Novelty car floor liners are a fun way to jazz up your car’s interior. You can get your favorite character made or add a meaningful message to brighten up your day.
  • Floor mat materials:
    • Rubber floor mats are good choices for wet climates. They are able to handle heavy spills and liquid inflows and protect the car’s upholstery. They are quite easy to clean as well.
    • Carpet floor mats are made with carpet material. They are suited for lighter use, and are also a little difficult to clean, since you need to vacuum their surface to clean off dirt. While they may protect the car from moisture, the absorbed moisture over a period of time will require more time for the carpet to dry off.
Performance and Ease of Use
The car floor mats that you buy will help prolong the upholstery of your vehicle. It will also add to the resale value of your car in the long term, not to mention brighten up the interiors. There are so many options to choose from; and depending on your requirements, you can give your old car a makeover or add sparkle to your brand new purchase.

Get the Best Car Floor Mat of 2023!

Floor liners enhance your vehicle’s interior and protect your carpet from damage. Invest in a set of custom-fit floor mats from our selection above. Some of the best car floor mats excelling in finish, fit, and quality can definitely be found here.

Our Top Choice
WeatherTech Extreme Duty Floor Liners
Best Value
Intro-Tech Automotive Floor Mats
Husky Liners Custom Car Mats
OxGord Ridged Mats
BDK Metallic Rubber Car Mats