Best Car Speaker Reviews 2023

Cruising at slow speed with the wind in your hair while listening to your favorite tunes sounds like the best recipe for a perfect evening, right? Well, everything is possible if you have the right set of car speakers to make this dream come true. We can help you with that! We looked at 5 popular and prestigious brands that specialize in car audio equipment and we tested multiple types of car speakers. In the end, we came up with 5 excellent car speaker systems that will literally make your trip an epic one!
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Our Top Choice
Polk Audio MM651 Component Speaker System
Excellent component speaker system from a top manufacturer. Multiple positive reviews on Amazon.
Immersive, rich sound experience. Space-age materials. Easy to install. Trustworthy manufacturer.
Isolated complaints related to sound quality. Make sure you follow the installation instructions carefully.
Component Speaker System
100 W continuous, 200 W peak
Carbon Composite Basket
Incorporated Neodymium Magnets
Best Value
JBL GTO609C Component Speaker System
Great all-rounder from a trustworthy manufacturer. Exceptional sound quality. Easy to install.
6.5-Inch component speaker system. Tweeter volume adjustments. Quality materials. Reasonably priced. Reputable brand.
One customer complained of improper packaging. Check with Amazon if it happens to you.
Component Speaker System
270 W peak
Carbon-injected Plus One cones
: 6.5-Inch
Flexible I-Mount System
Pioneer TS-D1720C Component Speaker System
The ultimate car speaker system for your vehicle. Crystal-clear sound. Easy to install.
High-end component speaker system. 260 watts maximum power output. Exquisite design. Reputable brand. Durable materials.
A bit pricey, but you get a high-quality product from a renowned manufacturer, so that is to be expected.
Component Speaker System
260 Watts Max Power
Twaron Aramid Fiber Cone
Available in 6 3/4"and 5 1/4"
0.9" soft-dome tweeter
Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Full-Range Speaker
Impressive and powerful car speaker system. Beautiful design. Reasonably-priced.
Great sound quality, Integrated tweeter crossovers. 1 year warranty. Easy to install. Hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon
Isolated complaints about reliability. This product comes with warranty.
Full Range Speaker
260 Watt per 4 Speakers
Vacuum Polypropylene Cone
6 x 9" + 6.5"
Rubber Surround
Kenwood KFC-6965S Full-Range Speakers
#1 Best Seller on Amazon. Decent sound quality and good value for money.
400W peak power, 45W RMS. Aesthetically pleasing. Easy to install. Fit almost any car.
Isolated complaints about reliability. This product comes with warranty.
Full Range Speakers (2)
400 W Peak Power
Polypropylene Woofer Cone
6 x 9"
2" Polyetherimide Cone Tweeter

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What is the Best Car Speaker?

There are literally hundreds of types of car speakers on the market and choosing the right one can be a daunting process. However, we have simplified things for you. During our research, we looked at multiple excellent car speakers from reputable manufacturers and picked 5 good ones in a mixture of price ranges. Get ready to meet them!
Our Top Choice
The Polk Audio MM651 car speaker system will revolutionize your audio experience each time you drive around town or sail in your boat! If you love deep, groovy bass then add the magnificent Polk Audio db1040 subwoofer to your shopping list as well!

Polk Audio MM651 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System, Marine-Certified w/ Neodymium Magnets

The experts at Polk Audio have continuously refined and improved their audio technology, creating some of the best car speaker systems on the market these days. You might be happy to find out that the The Polk Audio MM651 vehicle speaker system is very technologically advanced and it comes with multiple features such as the following ones.
  • Neodymium magnets. These components are quite rare on the planet and they are used in high-end car speakers because they provide excellent sound quality while improving the overall strength of the speaker system.
  • Distortion analyzer. This feature continuously analyzes the sound signal and eliminates annoying distortions, hissing or white noise to provide you with the clearest, most accurate sound experience possible!
On Amazon you can find this product for around $200 at the moment of this writing and given its outstanding qualities and features, the Polk Audio MM651 car speaker system is worth every penny. If you are looking for exquisite acoustic performance for your car, this is the audio system to buy!
Construction and Design
The Polk Audio MM651 Component Speaker System is perfect for everyone who is looking for a high-quality sound experience when they are driving their car. Polk Audio is well-known for making quality audio equipment and this model can be used on land or water vehicles alike. It features a sturdy construction and it is capable of withstanding the harshest environment conditions possible. We have chosen this model because it provides good value for money and looks elegant too..
  • This is a top-notch component speaker system.. As mentioned earlier, component speaker systems are more sophisticated. For this model from Polk Audio, the tweeters are separated from the regular speakers for a better, richer sound quality.
  • It features a carbon-composite basket. The basket is specially designed to be visually pleasing, lightweight and reliable, giving your car speakers many years of service.
  • Attractive, simplistic design. This car speaker system looks brilliant from any angle and it will even enhance the interior design of your vehicle.
Performance and Ease of Use
Polk Audio crafts a wide variety of component speakers which are designed to produce upmost acoustic performance. This means that you will be able to enjoy crisp, clear bass, accurate vocals in the mid-range frequency and powerful treble in the high-range frequencies.
  • The Polk Audio MM651 feature large diameter coils which basically improves power handling and reliability.
  • Hear crystal-clear sounds at any volume. These speakers will enhance your audio experience and produce a high-quality sound whether you are listening at a low or high volume level. This happens thanks to the materials from which Polk Audio speakers are built as they tend to eliminate distortion and hissing.
  • While we were researching this product, we stumbled across several complaints from past clients who were unsatisfied with the reliability of their Polk Audio speakers. Keep in mind that this car speaker system comes with warranty and Polk Audio provides exceptional customer service and support for its customers, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it.
Best Value
The JBL GTO609C component speaker system can be easily installed on your car and provides an exceptional sound quality regardless of the type of music you play. If your budget is a bit lower, you can go for its little brother, the surprisingly powerful JBL GT7-4 speaker system.

JBL GTO609C 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System – Set of 2 w/ Tweeter Volume Adjustment

We have selected the JBL GTO609C component speaker system as our "best value" contender because it provides a lot of features and options for the money you are paying. For example, it comes with tweeter-mounting hardware which gives you several installation options for you to choose from. Here are more useful features:
  • You get low-impedance speakers with a rating of 3 ohms. This basically means that your JBL speakers are specially designed to make the most out of your car's stereo system.
  • The tweeters can be adjusted depending upon your preferences. The position of the tweeters can be adjusted, so that you can hear the beautiful high sounds more clearly. They can also be flush or surface mounted in your car for enhanced sound quality and improved design.
At the moment, Amazon sells the JBL GTO609C component speaker system for under $150 and in our opinion, this is a good deal. You get upmost sound quality from a trustworthy manufacturer without paying a lot of money, not to mention that your speakers can be easily installed in your car.
Construction and Design
JBL needs no introduction; they are worldwide leaders when it comes to sound equipment, particularly speakers systems. This brand makes an entire line of quality car speakers and we have picked the GTO609C speaker system because it is features-rich and the price is justified. To sum it up, if you want top-quality, reliable speakers for your car without spending all your vacation money (and having your wife get angry on you), look no further than this model from JBL.
  • This is a complete component speaker system. This means that you get 2 separate woofers which reproduce the low sounds and 2 tweeters that reproduce high sounds.
  • Your JBL speakers are beautifully designed. JBL is a trustworthy brand that manages to harmoniously combine functionality with aesthetics. Therefore, your GTO speakers sound great, look very elegant and they will make your time spent inside your car a pleasurable one!
  • You get space-age materials at an affordable price. The carbon-injected cones are specially designed to improve the clarity of low-range sounds, meaning that you will hear a punchier, groovier bass.
Performance and Ease of Use
We are used to seeing high-quality products from JBL and the GTO car speaker systems is not an exception. This audio equipment provides exceptional sound quality and it can be used with an amplifier with a power range of 25-225 watts, for a louder sound experience,
  • The frequency response is up to 21kHz. Most car speaker systems can reproduce sounds up to 20kHz, but this model from JBL goes beyond that. A higher frequency response range compensates for improper speaker placement and can make every single note in your tunes clearly audible.
  • You get 2 crossovers. The crossovers will separate the sound frequencies, giving you a surround sound effect in the comfort of your own vehicle.
  • While we were researching this product, we stumbled upon a couple of reviews from past customers who complained that the sound quality is not that good. Remember that JBL is a byword for excellence and reliability, so make sure to install yours properly and you will not experience sound problems.
The Pioneer TS-D1720C car speaker system is the ultimate automotive audio companion that will make your tracks sound absolutely fabulous! If you prefer punchier bass, get another gem from this brand: the Pioneer TS-W304R component subwoofer with a total power of 1,300 watts!

Pioneer TS-D1720C 6.75-Inch Component Speaker System, 260-Watt and Audiophile-Grade Crossover

The experts at Pioneer have created a whole series of high-quality car speaker systems known as the D-series and the Pioneer TS-D1720C is part of that line. We have selected this product because it delivers upmost quality, features space-age materials and it can be installed on almost every car.
A great feature of this product which combines functionality with aesthetics is the butyl rubber surround which covers the speakers. This component looks elegant and enhances sound quality. Here are some more outstanding features of this car speaker system.
  • You get 1 year warranty for your product. This will be very helpful in the case your speakers get deteriorated which is very unlikely giving Pioneer's reputation.
  • The tweeters feature magnetic fluids which are specially designed to improve sound clarity while playing high sounds like bird trills, treble, etc.
At the moment of this writing, you can get this car speaker system from Pioneer for a bit over 3 hundred dollars from Amazon and we think that it is a good idea to give yourself this "gift". Maybe your wife bought herself a really nice new dress recently, why shouldn’t you get a pair of top-quality speakers to enhance your listening pleasure while you drive?
Construction and Design
Pioneer is another prestigious brand that specializes in audio equipment. Top international DJs like Armin van Buuren and Tiesto mix music on Pioneer audio equipment and use speakers from this brand. When it comes to sound devices, Pioneer know a thing or two about this subject. Fortunately for every driver out there with a car stereo system, the experts behind Pioneer have put their magic into car speakers as well.
  • This model from Pioneer is a component system which means that the speaker channels are separated for a better sound quality.
  • The materials are durable and strong, ensuring long service life. The speakers feature neodymium magnets for better power handling while the cone is made from a basalt-fiber composite that enhances strength and increases reliability.
  • The speakers themselves feature an elegant, simplistic and minimalistic design. These speakers are not only made for upmost acoustic performance, they will also make your vehicle more eye-catching!
Performance and Ease of Use
Thanks to the fact that these car speakers from Pioneer are made from high-quality materials, they allow air to circulate more freely and produce deeper, more powerful and clearer sounds in all frequency ranges.
  • You will enjoy a maximum of 260 watts of power! The nominal power rating is 60 watts and that is more than enough for you to listen to your favorite music while driving. You can even throw a mini-party in your car if it is spacious enough!
  • These Pioneer speakers come with an audiophile-grade outboard crossover. By now you probably already know that the crossover is a device that splits the signal into low and high frequencies which will be reproduced by the woofers and tweeters respectively. The crossover is made from top materials and delivers upmost sound performance.
  • While we were doing our homework for this product, we learnt that some customers (not many) lifted their eyebrows when they heard about the high price tag. In our opinion, the price is justified because you get so many features for your money and Pioneer speakers are known for reliability and sound quality. It is better to buy a quality item that will last for years instead of several cheap speaker sets that break down after 3 months, don’t you think?
The Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Full-Range Speaker is a popular, inexpensive car speaker system which can significantly improve your audio experience. If you would like more acoustic power, you can also add the Rockford M7501D 750Watts Marine Amplifier to your shopping cart.

Rockford Fosgate Full-Range Speaker w/ Integrated Tweeter Crossover, 65 watts RMS

The Rockford R169X3 speaker system is built with upmost attention to details and it incorporates a couple of useful and interesting features. For example, the basket is made from steel which ensures long service life and adds to the aesthetics. Here are more enticing features you should expect from the Rockford R169X3 vehicle speaker system.
  • The hardware-mounting tools and grills are included in the package. You can start assembling right after you have received your speakers!
  • You benefit of 1 year warranty on components. If your speakers get deteriorated, the warranty will cover up repair expenses.
Here’s the bottom line -- if you want the best sound quality then consider the car speakers from Pioneer, JBL or Polk Audio we reviewed as they are specially designed for this purpose. However, if you want better speakers than the factory ones and you have a lower budget, the Rockford R169X3 speaker system might be exactly what you need!
Construction and Design
Rockford Fosgate is a trustworthy car speaker manufacturer and we were amazed when we reviewed their products! This company crafts a multitude of high-quality speakers for any type of vehicle and their products are reasonably priced. We selected the Rockford Fosgate R169X3 model because we liked its looks and the numerous features it comes with.
  • This is a full-range speaker system. Unlike component speakers, full-range speakers don’t have individual channels for low and high sounds, meaning that they are much easier to install.
  • The surround of the speakers is made from rubber. The rubber protects the internal components and slightly lifts the aesthetics of this product as well. The cone is made from vacuum polypropylene for enhanced sound quality.
  • This speaker system features a minimalistic and elegant design which basically means that it will look good in any vehicle you install it on.
You might be pleased to find out that this particular speaker system comes in various sizes to accommodate the layout and design of your vehicle. For example, you can have 4-inch Rockford speakers, 5.25-inch speakers, 6x9-inch speakers (like this model) and 6.5-inch speakers, depending upon your preference.
Performance and Ease of Use
All speaker systems from Rockford Fosgate are built to perfection and this is the reason why their products have so many positive reviews on Amazon. We are happy to report that the R169X3 model passed our tests when it comes to sound quality and it can definitely improve your audio experience each time you turn your car's stereo system on.
  • Expect crystal-clear sounds and a deep, immersive bass. Granted, the sound quality might not equal the one produced by JBL or Polk Audio speakers, but it is definitely notable! Regardless of the type of music you are playing, expect clear, crisp sounds and a punchy bass.
  • Enjoy up to 65 watts RMS of power. This amount of acoustic power is sufficient to allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes without any compromises. It might even wake up your neighbor's cat, so be careful!
  • During our research for this speaker system from Rockford, we stumbled upon a couple of unhappy customers who complained that the bass is not powerful enough. Remember that this speaker system is not designed for upmost sound quality (hence the lower price tag) and the bass depth can be drastically reduced if the speakers are not installed correctly. Therefore, make sure you read the instructions manual thoroughly before installing and if necessary, call Rockford's excellent customer support service as they are always happy to help a customer if required.
The surprisingly powerful Kenwood KFC-6965S full-range speaker system supports up to 400 watts peak input power. If you like to party then go for the Kenwood P-W130TB Party Pack which includes a subwoofer and an amplifier for a total power output of 1200W.

Kenwood 3-way 400 Watts Full-Range Speakers w/ ½" ceramic super tweeter.

The Kenwood KFC-6965S speaker system packs a plethora of useful features and options. For example, they feature a half-an-inch ceramic super tweeter that can accurately reproduce the high sounds in your favorite tunes. Let's discover some more attractive features:
  • This speaker system is an Amazon best seller! At the moment of this writing, these speakers are the most popular products in the car speakers category. This says something about their reliability and sound quality, doesn't it?
  • They feature an impedance of 4 ohms. This basically means that they are capable of squeezing every bit of sound information from your car's stereo, enriching your sound experience each time you listen to music in your car.
  • Peak input power is 400W. Your Kenwood speakers can handle up to 400 watts of power if you connect them to an amplifier.
Construction and Design
The last contender on our list is a reasonably-priced car speaker system from Kenwood, a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer of electronics. The Kenwood KFC-6965S speaker system can be the best choice for those who don’t want to spend too much money on vehicle audio equipment. Sadly, when you get your Kenwood KFC speakers, you don’t get a KFC meal with them as well, we know this because we asked. However, with the money saved, maybe you can order your own KFC menu to celebrate!
  • This is a full-range speaker system. There are no individual channels for lows and highs, so you can install your speakers quickly and easily.
  • Enjoy a beautiful, futuristic design. The experts at Kenwood know how to make their speakers look good. This model features a black and silver color scheme that will look gorgeous inside your vehicle.
  • The woofer cone is made from polypropylene. This material optimizes sound reproduction and improves the acoustic experience.
Performance and Ease of Use
Kenwood's car speakers feature a blend of quality materials and advanced technology which allows you to enjoy crystal-clear sounds even when you turn the volume to maximum. Past customers were happy with their Kenwood speakers and reported that they didn’t hear any hissing, white noise or distortion while playing their favorite tunes.
  • The frequency response range is 30-22kHz. You will be able to hear a deep bass and clear high sounds regardless of the type of music you play.
  • They can be installed very easily in most car types. When it comes to ease of use, your speaker system can be quickly installed if you follow the instructions provided in the package. You might also be happy to know that they fit almost any type of vehicle out there.

How Do I Choose the Best Car Speaker?

It is almost impossible to resist the temptation to accessorize your car and make it more practical! For example, many people think of investing in high-quality rims or fancy seat covers. Others decide to get a car vac to keep it clean or a need to spend their budget on a booster car seat for their kids. On the other hand, if you’re a music lover then you definitely know where your investment is going!

Modern cars come with their own speakers, but they don’t produce a high-quality sound – at least not the way a real music aficionado is going to want them to. Replacing the stock speakers is the right thing to do in this case. It is also true that car manufacturers are more focused on fuel consumption, safety and space instead of how well the latest Justin Timberlake tune sounds when you turn up the volume. To really make the most out of your car speaker system, you need top-notch speakers made by professional manufacturers. We have selected 5 brands which offer products in a variety of price ranges, so whether you have a smaller or a larger budget, our suggestions will make it easier for you to choose a quality car speaker system.

We want to mention here that there are 2 types of car speakers on the market: full-range and component speakers. Full-range are less expensive and provide a decent sound quality. Component speakers are more sophisticated and provide the highest sound quality. We will speak in greater detail about this in each product's dedicated section.

This review focuses on car speakers, but we are also happy to help you if you are looking for a speaker system for your living room. We have selected 5 excellent surround sound systems from reputable brands and we recommend them to everyone who wants to enjoy a better sound experience while watching movies or playing video games.

Now, let’s turn our attention to what you need to know about choosing new speakers for your car.
Price is important when it comes to car speakers and in this review you will see that a low price doesn’t actually mean poor quality. The price range for the 5 car speaker systems we have selected starts around $30 and it can go up to about $320 for a higher-end product from a top manufacturer. If you decide to pay more, you will get better sound quality and more reliable products as more expensive car speakers feature space-age materials. During our research, we stumbled upon several cheap car speakers, but we didn’t include them in our list because they provided no real value for money.

Our review is focused on quality car speakers that are worth every penny, whether they are less or more expensive. Here are a few factors that influence the price you are paying for your car speakers.
  • Type of speakers. As mentioned in the beginning, car speakers separate into full-range and component speakers. Full-range speakers can have a big power output and provide a decent sound quality. Component speakers feature separate channels for low-frequency sounds and high-frequency sounds. The high sounds are reproduced by small speakers called tweeters. They can be mounted separately from the regular speakers for a broader, more encompassing sound experience. Needless to say, component speakers are more expensive because they offer a better sound quality.
  • Materials used. Some "exotic" speakers feature space-age materials like neodymium magnets. These materials are rare and they help improving the acoustic experience.
  • Technology. Just like your current iPhone is more technologically advanced than your previous model, higher-end car speakers can incorporate more advanced technology. Although this increases the price tag, it also improves sound quality, giving you true-to-life, accurate and crystal-clear sounds in all frequency ranges.
Every car speaker has certain types of features that make them stand apart from competition. It is wise to keep an eye on the features section to find out what exactly you get for the money you are paying. As a general rule of thumb, a higher price tag means that you also get more features which will improve your car's acoustic performance.
  • Surround made from rubber or other materials. The surround is basically the cone-like object which covers the speakers. It can be made from rubber, polyurethane or other materials and it can have decorative purposes too.
  • Warranty. This one is important because it can help you save money in the future. Some speakers can feature 1 year warranty or even more, depending on the brand that makes them.
Construction and Design
Different types of materials can be used to build a car speaker, including rare ones like neodymium magnets as we mentioned before. These materials can enhance sound quality, improve reliability and look great at the same time! If you want to go for higher-quality materials, expect to pay a little bit more for a more technologically advanced speaker system for your car.
  • Aesthetics and look. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. In most cases, the attractiveness of a particular car speaker system is purely subjective. However, expect higher-end speakers to have a more sophisticated and improved appearance. These speakers will not only enrich sound quality, but improve interior car design as well.
  • Built-in adjustment options. You might be happy to find out that higher-end vehicle speaker systems can be adjusted, so that the sound is directed towards you.
  • Easy installation. Another important construction feature consists of how easy is to actually install the car speakers on your vehicle. Certain speaker systems come with specially-designed mounting components and tools, making it very easy for you to get your car speakers up and running.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance, higher-end car speakers are designed to produce top quality sounds in all frequency ranges. They also have a great power output, meaning that you can enjoy your music very loud if you want. Be careful though, otherwise you might have problems with your neighbors.
  • Built-in crossovers. A built-in crossover is necessary for a better acoustic experience and fortunately, all the car speakers presented in this list incorporate at least one crossover. This device will split the sound signal to separate the low frequencies from the high frequencies. The sounds will be reproduced individually which equals a much better, richer and clearer sound reproduction.
  • Wattage. Modern car speakers are designed to be loud. Some of them can have a total power output of several hundred watts. Although this sounds like fun (and at the right moments, it is), you need to be careful with the volume button because listening to loud music on a regular basis might permanently damage your hearing. Doctors say this, so don’t blame us!

Get the Best Car Speaker of 2023!

Good music deserves to be listened with good car speakers and these 5 products are excellent contenders. Grab your favorite today and your trips around town will be a pleasure!

Our Top Choice
Polk Audio MM651 Component Speaker System
Best Value
JBL GTO609C Component Speaker System
Pioneer TS-D1720C Component Speaker System
Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Full-Range Speaker
Kenwood KFC-6965S Full-Range Speakers