Best Carpet Cleaner Reviews 2020

Nobody enjoys house cleaning day. You’ve been working all week, it gets to the weekend and the last thing you want to do is slave away making the house sparkle. However, we also take pride in our homes. We don’t want guests coming round to see dirt and stains on the carpet. To eliminate this risk, you need a good carpet shampooer – something more substantial than a regular vacuum cleaner. We’ve tried to aid you by, basically, doing your research for you! We’ve come up with 5 great carpet cleaner brands who offer a variety of solutions.
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Tank capacity
Cord length
Tool kit
Our Top Choice
Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner
Rug Doctor is a renowned brand in carpet cleaning solutions around the world. Their Deep Carpet Cleaner can tackle almost any stain or dirt.
Ready to clean right out of the box. Additional setting for dirtier areas. Collapsible handle.
Plastic material.
1.0 gallon
28ft cord length
25lbs weight
Cleans upholstery
Super Boost spray
Best Value
Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner
Hoover is a celebrated brand you can trust. With proprietary technology, you are guaranteed effective cleaning with the Hoover Deluxe Carpet Cleaner.
Lightweight. Dry Fast time. Automatic detergent mixing. Wash/Rinse selector.
Leakage may occur.
Dual tanks, each 1 gallon
20ft cord length
19lbs weight
Cleans upholstery
Removable nozzle
Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner
The Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner 86T3 upgrades your professional carpet and upholstery cleaning experience with its quality build and superb operation.
DirtLifter Powerbrushes. Front and back sweep clean. High capacity tanks. Flow Indicator.
May be a little heavy to move around.
1.75 gallon tank capacity
25 ft cord length
51.1 lbs weight
Cleans upholstery
6” stain tool
Royal Pro-Series UltraSpin™ Cleaner
Royal Vacuums, with years of experience has made convenient products its priority. That principle is evident in the Royal Pro-Series UltraSpin™.
D-shaped handling. Soft touch rear wheels. Floor squeegee. Microbial brushes.
No cons-The detail on this cleaner is impeccable.
Dual Spill-free tanks
30ft power cord
Upholstery brush
Handcrevice,nozzle clean-out tool
Dirt Devil Quick & Light™ Carpet Washer
TTI Floor Care North America acquired a company who had been making carpet cleaners since 1905. Their expertise is evident in the Dirt Devil Carpet Washer packed with features.
Dual Tank system. Water Level Indicator. Removable brushes
Suction may be weak. Might not fully serve dog owners.
0.75 gallon dual tanks
20ft cord length
11.2lbs weight
Cleans upholstery
Power Nozzle

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What is the Best Carpet Cleaner?

Your choice on what carpet cleaner to buy will hinge on numerous factors. If you have a bigger home, professional grade cleaners may be a better fit. If you chose a hard floor for your home instead of carpeting, there is a polishing choice just for you. At the end of the day, any of these 5 carpet shampooers would be an invaluable addition to your home.
Our Top Choice
The Rug Doctor is a reliable machine that will prove effective for your home. However, if you would like to attain the same results but with a professional grade cleaner with a bigger tank, you should try Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner with Super Boost Spray

For over four decades, Rug Doctor has been a trusted name in the home cleaning industry. Through a culture of impeccable products and powerful machines, they have amassed a consumer base of loyal customers and backing from various retailers. The Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner that retails at about $260 is an extremely effective machine especially if your carpet is prone to stains.

Let’s check out some of the best features of the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner.
  • Dual Cross action brush technology. Reach deep into those carpet fibers for a rejuvenated look.
  • Super Boost spray setting. To get rid of stains in stain prone areas, optimize your cleaning with this feature.
  • Collapsible handle. Collapse the handle so you don’t have to compromise on storage space.
  • Carpet friendly wheels. You can increase movement around the house as you spruce up.
  • Clear water tank. Reduce on spills by getting the water level just right.
Rug Doctor offers shampooer cleaners with larger tanks if you need a bigger capacity and they still have the great features as the Deep Cleaner.
Best Value
The Hoover FH50150 holds up to the brand name with its technology and superior cleaning power. However, should you need a longer hose and slightly more tank capacity, you ought to check out Hoover Max Extract Pressure Pro.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner with Dual Tanks and Detachable Nozzles

Hoover has been in the business of carpet cleaning for 100 years, off a background of creating an invention to address a necessity. In all its years in business, Hoover has been making giant strides in the quest to providing homeowners with solutions to clean carpets.

The Hoover FH50150NC Carpet Cleaner is a trusted machine that combines cutting edge technology with the convenience of an easy to handle cleaner. At $179.99, you will be viewing this as one of your year’s greatest buys.

Have a look at some of the features buyers appreciate most in the Hoover FH50150NC-
  • Dual tank system. Fill one tank with clean water and watch in amazement as dirty water accumulates in the other tank; reducing your refill and drainage trips.
  • 360° SpinScrub technology. Removable counter rotating brushes are always in contact with your carpet so you don’t miss a spot.
  • Fast dry time. Make the most out of limited time with heated air release mechanism.
  • Wash/Rinse Selector. Use this tool to clean with product then rinse it out with clean water.
  • Automatic Detergent Mixing System. Reduce on cleaning product and rinsing with the right proportions of water and cleaning product.
  • DualV nozzle. Avoid wet patches of carpet with evenly distributed suction.
For a professional grade cleaner, cleaning will be a breeze once you get a hold on those handle bars. However, if you’d rather buy a more compact, portable cleaner without compromising on suction power, you should take a look at the Bissell SpotClean Pro™ Portable Carpet Cleaner.

Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner 86T3 with DirtLift, Deep Cleaning Solution and Flow Indicator

Staying true to a heritage of scaling up, it has been a journey of improvement and maintaining the founding values of the company for Bissell. That heritage has earned Bissell products a name in high places. Given such a history, it is no surprise that Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner 86T3, with its $469.99 has racked up such rave reviews on Amazon.

Check out some of the features that make this carpet cleaner a valuable addition to your home-
  • Forward and backward pass cleaning operation. Save on time and reducing drying time.
  • DirtLifter Powerbrushes. The rotational movement of the brushes clear the dirt and stains deeper in the carpet fabric.
  • Large Capacity tanks. Cover more area with less tank refills with the 1.75 gallon tanks.
  • Flow indicator. Check water levels in the tanks to know when to refill or drain the water
  • 6” stain tool. Never miss a spot; not even those hard to reach spots with the stain tool.
The Big Green Carpet Machine sells alongside a whole range of other carpet shampooers, so Bissell is sure to have something to suit your preference and your budget.
In the carpet cleaner field, Royal Pro-Series UltraSpin FR50152 checks off a lot of the vital boxes. If you’re on a tighter budget and need a wider cleaning path, though, be sure to have a look at Royal Pro-Series CleanSeeker By-Pass Upright.

Royal Pro-Series UltraSpin™ Carpet Shampooer with Antimicrobial Brushes

Placing a 3-year warranty on a household product takes confidence. For one of the world’s oldest vacuum and carpet cleaner companies however, a machine as solid as this is worth the quality assurance and $249.00 price tag.

Here are some of the features that `give users such confidence on purchase and after use.
  • Floor squeegee. Extend the convenience of this cleaner to the non-carpeted areas of your home with this hard-floor squeegee/li>
  • D-shaped grip. You can gain more leverage on higher level areas by using one hand for moving the cleaner and the other for support
  • 5 counter-rotating microbial brushes. Cleaning power has been turned up to hit all those deep seated stains.
  • Overmolded wheels. You can navigate around the carpet without ruining any fabric.
  • Carpet and hard floor solutions included. Start cleaning right after you set up with the 16 and 32oz solutions included
The Dirt Devil Quick & Light™ Carpet Washer FD50105 is one of the best cost effective cleaners on the market but if you need a solution for your hard floors and rags the Simpli Stik™ Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum is your best bet.

Dirt Devil Quick & Light™ Carpet Washer with SpotMagnet™ Turbo Brush

TTI Floor Care North America has been a brand at the forefront of providing efficient and affordable house cleaning solutions for decades. Dirt Devil Quick & Light™ Carpet Washer FD50105 is one among many of its products that have been causing ripples in the carpet cleaning arena. Quality and affordability meet in this $99.99 handy tool.

These features may help you understand why the Dirt Devil Quick & Light™ Carpet Washer is flying off the shelves.
  • Water level indicator. Keep an eye on the water levels to manage refill and drainage times as needed.
  • Dual Tank System. Reduce the time you use to the water source while covering more area.
  • Light weight. The weight of this cleaner will reduce your work load when doing your cleaning.
  • Cleaning solutions included. Start using this machine after easy assembly with the 8oz cleaning product included.
  • Spot Magnet Turbo Brush. Target and focus on stubborn stains to return that new carpet look.
Dirt Devil has a whole host of carpet cleaning products on the market. They have been producing quality cleaners for decades. In fact, the Dirt Devil Hand Vac, released in 1984, caused huge ripples upon its release, selling 23 million units. This just goes to show that a quality, innovative brand will stand the test of time.

How Do I Choose the Best Carpet Cleaner?

We’ve all vacuumed our carpets at some point, but have you ever thought of doing regular deep cleaning? Well, it’s worrying how many homeowners only perform this vital chore while they’re planning on moving to a new home or after one of their tenants vacates their rental apartment. Or how many think the only way to get it done is to pay a professional.

A vacuum cleaner keeps your carpet fiber safe from damage by eliminating loose dirt and grit, but do you ever ask yourself if there’s any dirt that remains deep in your carpet? Over time, if you do not deep clean your carpet you might end up having it damaged and incur unnecessary costs getting a new one. Just like steam cleaners or steam mops leave your floor tiles looking spotlessly clean, carpet cleaners wash out every stain and spec of dirt from the fibers of your carpet.

Carpet cleaners come in different types, including portable spot cleaners for furniture and upholstery, or for doing those pesky stairs! You might consider these as additional cleaners or if you have a small space to clean.

There are also upright cleaners that use scrubbing brushes and other possible attachments. Consider these for larger carpeted areas or if there’s a full house to keep clean.

Finally, there are commercial models. As the phrase implies, these will be best for businesses – either cleaning your own, or as equipment if you’re setting up a cleaning outfit. These will be robust, heavy duty cleaners designed for long term, continuous use.

With only a few reputable brands on the market, each producing different models, it can be pretty confusing to determine which is worth your money. As a carpet cleaner can be a big investment, this guide will help you figure out on how to spend your money wisely and get the best return for your needs.
How much will a carpet cleaner cost you? Prices typically range between $100 and $400. That’s a significant difference, so is it really worth spending more than the bare minimum?

Higher priced cleaners deliver exceptional results, leaving your carpets outstandingly clean and refreshed. The expensive units also come equipped with advanced features such as gauges, scrubbers, and automatic soap dispensers that result in a deeper cleanup.

However, cheap carpet cleaners also include the same basic features as the premium models, but you’ll miss out on lots of accessories and added amenities. If you’ll only be using a carpet cleaner occasionally, you can just purchase something in the budget range. But, if you have pets in your house, consider investing more in a powerful and more reliable unit.
Purchasing a unit with the essential features can help you to clean your carpet more easily and effectively. To help you find the best machine for your cleaning needs, here are some of the important features to look for while making that purchase:

  • Attachments. Choose a unit with a great selection of attachments to enable you to deep clean every part of your carpet and furniture with minimal hassle.
  • Headlight. A headlight gives you a better view of the part you’re cleaning, thus ensuring you get rid of every dirty mark and stain.
  • Tank Capacity. Carpet cleaners come with varying tank capacities and the larger the tank, the less time you’ll spend emptying it. Choose a carpet cleaner with a large dual tank system – one for clean water and solution and the other for collecting the dirty water.
  • Hose Length. A long enough cord allows for easy maneuvering while cleaning hidden spots.
  • Soap Dispenser. Confirm whether or not the unit has a separate soap dispenser. This not only automatically injects the required amount of detergent, but halts, allowing you to rinse with fresh water.
  • Tank Indicator Lights. You need to ensure your unit includes a these lights that notify you when the clean-water tank needs refilling or the dirty solution tank requires emptying.
  • Tank Shut Off. This is a key feature since it keeps your unit from getting damaged by using it with an empty water tank or a full tank of dirty water.
Apart from the prices and features, there is more into finding the right carpet cleaner. Let’s take a look at some of these factors.
Construction and Design
All these cleaners come in a compact design that’s easy for users to maneuver while cleaning and occupies less storage space. They’re also designed with handles for portability and extensive hoses and power cords that allow you to clean every carpeted part.

Some of the machines featured use heated air systems to help you get rid of water and ensure the shortest possible drying times. What’s the size of carpet, and how badly does it need cleaning? Knowing the answers to this will greatly help you find the most suitable cleaner.
Performance and Ease of Use
As well as having a carpet cleaner that performs, it’s also essential to purchase a unit that’s easy to use as well as maintain.  When it comes to ease of use, it’s mainly about how easy it is to empty and rinse the dirty water tank. Our featured list includes big enough tanks that allow you to perform a deep clean without having to stop every now and then to empty the dirty water tank.

These units are also portable; thus, you can easily move them around and reach all carpeted areas. Most of the models featured come with extra-long hoses and power cords for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach spots without carrying the whole unit with you.

Get the Best Carpet Cleaner of 2020!

In this review, we’ve looked at the best the industry offers and compiled 5 of the most outstanding brands of carpet cleaners. We’ve illuminated some of the strong points and some of the less alluring features and gone with the best customer rated products out there. We hope this review will be a resourceful guide.

Our Top Choice
Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner
Best Value
Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner
Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner
Royal Pro-Series UltraSpin™ Cleaner
Dirt Devil Quick & Light™ Carpet Washer