Best Carving Knife Reviews 2023

There’s something special about expertly carving meat and serving it up in those perfectly thin, juicy slices. Doing this effectively requires the right carving knife and we understand this all too well. There are so many options available today that it easily gets confusing. We spent some time researching carving knives and we found five top brands that make different types of good quality ones and to help you with your choice, we chose one model from each of these brands. If, however, none of our selections cut (pun intended) it for you, you can always check out the other options available from the brands. Please, note we also have a review on best electric carving knives if you would like to take a look.
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Our Top Choice
Mercer Culinary Forged Carving Knife
Mercer Culinary is committed to the delivery of culinary equipment that exceeds the expectations of chefs everywhere. Its products are always of exceptional quality.
Solid construction. Good quality materials. Ergonomic design. Non-slip handle. Comes sharpened. Durable.
Some users may find it heavy to use conveniently.
10 inches
Forged German steel
10.7 ounces
Hand wash
Best Value
Zyliss Control 8-Inch Carving Knife
Every product from Zyliss is designed to delight its user with its ease of use and efficiency. The company is committed to maintaining the standards it’s held onto for over 60.
Well-constructed. Quality materials. Forged steel blade. Very sharp blade. Easy to use. Good balance and feel. Well weighted. Comfortable. Dishwasher safe.
Though it is classified as being dishwasher safe, it may be safer to hand wash.
8 inches
German steel
5.9 ounces
Dishwasher safe
Victorinox Fibrox Pro Granton Slicing Knife
Victorinox has always been known for innovation and quality. In its 130 years of existence, it has maintained a high, uncompromising standard of quality in all its products.
Good quality materials. Well-built. Sharp blade. Long blade. Comfortable handle. Good balanced grip. Cuts beautifully. Stays sharp. Durable.
Many users may consider it too long.
12 inches
High-carbon stainless steel
Thermoplastic elastomers
8.3 ounces
Dishwasher safe
Zwilling, J. A. Henckels Carving Knife & Fork Set
Zwilling, J. A. Henckels' consistent delivery of top quality and innovative products over the past 280 years has made it a brand associated with quality.
Great construction. Top quality materials. Good balance. Good grip. Comfortable. Razor sharp. Cuts smoothly. Retains edge. Durable.
Has to be bought as a pair even if you only need one of the set.
8 inches / 7 inches
High-carbon stainless steel
13.6 ounces (for the set)
Dishwasher safe
Ergo Chef Prodigy 12-Inch Slicer Knife
Ergo Chef was founded to find a solution to the injury risks faced by Chefs from all the chopping and slicing. Today, thanks to this brand, many Chefs can now work injury free.
Well-constructed. Quality materials. Ergonomic design. Cuts smoothly. Very sharp. Good grip. Balanced weight. Anti-bacterial handle. Durable. Affordable.
Does not come with a protective case or sheath.
12 inches
High-carbon stainless steel
Thermoplastic Rubber
7.7 ounces
Info not provided

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What is the Best Carving Knife?

From what you have read so far you know there are certain differences among carving knives. The one perfect for you might not be perfect for another. Look at the factors and features we have listed above and determine which of these are important to you. Once you make this decision, it’ll be easier for you to pick out the carving knife that’s right for you from the models reviewed below.
Our Top Choice
The Mercer Culinary 10-Inch Carving Knife is the perfect carving tool with its 10 inch forged steel blade and taper-grind edge. Its ergonomic design and non-slip handle gives it balance and grip that inspires confidence. Would you prefer a full carving set? Check out the Mercer Culinary 9-Piece Carving Set.

Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Carving Knife – Available in Multiple Sizes & Styles

Mercer Culinary has, for over 30 years, been a leading manufacturer of top quality culinary equipment. Committed to the delivery of the best of quality, it comes up with highly innovative and inspired designs, uses materials of the best quality and works with highly skilled craftsmen to offer tools that are not just top quality, but exceed the expectations of chefs everywhere. It's therefore no surprise that its products are widely sought after and can be found in over 90% of culinary schools in North America.

The Mercer Culinary 10-Inch Carving Knife is your ideal solution whenever you need the best in carving knives. Made of forged steel, it’s strong enough to handle serious use and will not succumb to rust or degradation from exposure to food or other materials. It also features a taper-grind edge that increases your cutting efficiency, gives the blade more stability, makes it easier to sharpen and helps it retain its sharpness for longer. This is a carving knife you can trust. It has other great features and you will find some of these listed below:
  • 10-inch blade – Long enough to carve through large chunks of meat
  • Santoprene handle – Comfortable, durable and non-slip
  • Ergonomic design – Makes the knife comfortable to handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty – An assurance of quality
You can get this carving knife in any of these available three sizes: 10 inch, 8 inch and 6 inch.
Best Value
The Zyliss Control 8-Inch Carving Knife is designed to offer the ultimate in carving control with its really sharp German forged steel blade and balanced handle with safety touch points for your index finger and thumb. Would you like a carving knife with a blue colored handle and sheath? Check out the ZYLISS Carving Knife with Sheath Cover, 7.5-Inch Stainless Steel Blade.

Zyliss Control 8-Inch Carving Knife with Premium German Steel Blade – Other Knives Also Available

Zyliss has always delivered highly innovative and intelligently designed products. In its 60 years plus of operation, every tool it’s created has been guided by its operational principle – "Design to Delight". It believes that for its products to inspire the deepest level of satisfaction, they must not only perform excellently and efficiently, but must also make the process of food preparation exciting and enjoyable. Every user of a Zyliss product should always have a smile of satisfaction on their face.

The Zyliss Control 8-Inch Carving Knife is all about control. Its well-balanced handle which features two touch points – one for the thumb and one for the index finger – allows you perfect control of the cutting motion of the blade. The fact that blade is made of German forged steel assures its strength and ability to withstand rust and serious use. This knife has other great features some of which you will find listed below:
  • 8-inch blade – Long carving blades
  • Contoured handle – Makes it easy for all hand sizes to use conveniently
  • Anti-bacterial handle – Keeps off bacteria ensuring food stays healthy
  • Dishwasher safe – For an easier wash. The manufacturer however recommends hand washing in warm soapy water
The Victorinox Fibrox Pro Granton Edge Slicing Knife is multi-functional and can perform various slicing tasks. It features a 12 inch razor sharp blade and an ergonomic and balanced handle that makes cutting a pleasure. Do you need a carving knife with a smaller blade and also more affordable? Try the Victorinox Cutlery 8-Inch Carving Knife.

Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade

Victorinox has a rich heritage which includes the bragging rights for designing the now legendary Swiss Army knife. A brand that began in 1884 as a small family owned business attempting to fight the poverty that was prevalent then has today become a global company offering top quality products ranging from Swiss Army knives to professional and home knives, apparel and travel gear. From start to date, Victorinox has never compromised on the quality of its products regardless of where they are manufactured. You can always expect nothing but the best of quality from Victorinox.

The Victorinox Fibrox Pro Granton Edge Slicing Knife is one knife you just have to have in your kitchen. Featuring a high-carbon stainless steel blade, it’s strong, flexible and of course rust proof. This blade will cut smoothly through any meat or food thanks to its razor sharpness and Granton blade design which creates pockets of air or liquid (depending on what is being cut), reducing friction and thereby preventing whatever is being cut from sticking to the knife. This professional level knife has other great features, some of which are listed below:
  • 12 inch blade – Sufficient to cut most sizes of meat
  • Comfortable plastic handle – Offers good weight balance and grip even when wet
  • Tapered edge – Helps retain sharpness for longer and is easy to restore to original sharpness
  • Multi-purpose – Can be used for slicing meat, sandwiches and any food that needs cutting
  • Dishwasher safe – The manufacturer, however, recommends hand washing
  • Lifetime warranty - For material and workmanship defects
The Zwilling, J. A. Henckels Carving Knife & Fork Set gives you a complete meat carving solution. Forged from high-carbon steel, the hand sharpened blade and the bolster’s unique curve will give you superior efficiency. Would you prefer just a carving knife without the fork? Check out the ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Four-Star 8" Carving Knife.

Zwilling, J. A. Henckels Pro 2-Piece Carving Knife & Fork Set

When a brand has been in business for almost 3 centuries, and has throughout this time maintained a stellar reputation of unfailing delivery of top quality products, you know it’s a class apart from the rest. Zwilling, J. A. Henckels has maintained its standard of quality through the years, earning it an unshakable place in the hearts of many culinary experts. Like good wine, Zwilling, J. A. Henckels keeps getting better with age.

With the Zwilling, J. A. Henckels Carving Knife & Fork Set you have all you need to carve that meat like a pro. The beauty of this carving set begins with the high-carbon stainless steel blade which is ice hardened to achieve an even greater level of hardness. The blade is then hand polished and sharpened to achieve a higher level of perfection. Add to all these the unrivalled grip and balance it offers and you have the perfect carving tool set. Some other features of this great set are listed below:
  • Polyoxymethylene handle – Makes it resilient and durable
  • Laser controlled edge – To give the perfect edge for sharpness
  • Full tang – Offers more strength and balance
  • Unique blade shape – Facilitates safe cutting without fatigue
  • 7 inch carving fork – Compliments the knife for a more effective carving
  • Designed by Matteo Thun – Multiple award winning designer
  • Made in Germany – A testament to its quality
  • Dishwasher safe – For easier washing. The manufacturer, however, recommends hand washing
The Ergo Chef Prodigy 12-Inch Slicer Knife is a carving work horse. With a full tang, precision honed blade that cuts smoothly and an ergonomic, non-slip handle, get ready to cut efficiently all day without fatigue. Would you prefer a set that includes a carving knife and carving fork? Check the 2 Piece 9 inch Carving knife and carving fork Pro Series by Ergo Chef.

Ergo Chef Prodigy Series 12-Inch Carving Knife with Granton Edge – Also Available with Fork or as a Set

The story of Ergo Chef is a classic case of challenge turned into opportunity. As a rising culinary star, Scott Staib had great career prospects, until it all came to an abrupt stop due to tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. This was caused by the repetitive motion injuries he was exposed to as a result of his constant slicing and chopping. This was a major setback, but it presented an opportunity. Determined not to give up, he worked with his brother who was an engineer and other designers to come up with an ergonomically efficient knife. Using the newly designed knives, his condition was cured and thus was born a brand that now offers this same solution to thousands of Chefs everywhere.

The Ergo Chef Prodigy 12-Inch Slicer Knife is a highly efficient carving knife built for professional use. Made of high-carbon stainless steel, the blade is not only strong but also rust proof. The edge is precision honed to help you achieve the exact amount of thinness you want with every slice. With its ergonomic design, you don't just cut smoothly and like a professional, you cut easily without fatigue to your wrist, regardless of how long or how often you carve. It has some other great features which you can find below:
  • 12 inch razor sharp blade – Long enough for most carving needs
  • Granton edge – Crates air pockets that make it difficult for food to stick to the blade
  • Thermoplastic rubber handle – Non-slip grip with anti-bacterial control
  • Full tang – Offers good feel, balance, and durability
  • 30 day money back guarantee – Assurance of satisfaction
  • 5 year warranty – Assurance of quality

How Do I Choose the Best Carving Knife?

What’s all the excitement about carving knives – after all, a knife’s a knife. That statement’s just like saying a human is a human. While it sounds true in the general sense, it’s not exactly true when we get down to the specifics.

Man has evolved, and with this evolution, man has perfected different arts, all aimed at creating greater efficiency and functionality. There was a time when no human bothered about cooking their meat. They simply killed an animal and straight away started feasting on the flesh, much like the animals they killed feasted on them whenever they could.

Fire was discovered and then we started roasting our meat, after which we proceeded to devour it with the help of our teeth and our natural forks of which each person was generously blessed with two. Those were the good old days, when no one had to worry about washing up after anyone. Each person was responsible for washing his or her natural forks with their natural dishwasher – the tongue. Every finger was licked and sucked dry and then wiped dry on the head or on the face as a natural moisturizer!

Now, back to reality. Though seeing some people eat gives one the impression that those days are indeed missed by some, we like to believe most of us have indeed moved past that part of our history and can appreciate the finer things in life like washing plates and knives and proper drying our hands with hand towels and the like.

Wow, was this all just to say that all knives are not the same? Sorry for the digression. Back to where we were. All knives are not the same. In fact, even carving knives are not all the same – after all, there is the electric carving knife which is different from the regular carving knife by being powered and noisy!

We have different knives for different tasks. There is the chef knife, which is ideal for chopping and slicing ingredients, there is the bread knife for cutting bread, and many others.

A carving knife allows you to carve and serve your meat with ease and efficiency. Those who you consider as professionals who can serve those perfectly thin slices of meat don’t use just any knife. They use the best carving knives. In this guide, we will help you find the best carving knife for your personal or professional use. We will show things you need to look for so you can choose right and begin to carve and slice like those professionals. Join us as we explore the world of carving knives.
A carving knife is something that anyone who loves BBQ has to invest in. What you spend buying your knife will depend on any number of factors ranging from the quality of the knife, the material used, whether it is an individual knife or a set etc. Certainly, a set of knives is sure to cost more than an individual knife.

From our research, we found that with between $25 and $200 you can get a good carving knife. Like we already stated above, those that come in pairs or as part of a set are likely to cost more. Whether they come as a set or as single knives, with this budget, you will get something good. You may even aim at more professional ones that may cost much more but whatever you do, do not go for cheap carving knives as you may end up regretting that choice.
Choosing a carving knife is much easier after certain important factors have been properly considered. Considering these factors will help you know exactly what to look out for, making your choice easier. Some of these important factors include:
  • Material
  • Size
  • Blade thickness
  • Blade type
  • Flexibility
  • Type of tip
  • Handle
  • Balance
  • Care
Let’s take a closer look at these.
Construction and Design
The first thing anyone will notice about a carving knife they want to buy is the blade. Most if not all knives today are made of steel. This ensures the knife is not just strong but also stays rust free. If you want to get the strongest and most reliable carving knife, go for those made of high-carbon or forged steel. These offer some of the strongest blades.

After looking at the blade and what it is made of, another thing that will be obvious is the handle. The handle of your carving knife is really important to the efficient use of the knife. It’s not just a safe place to put your hand while cutting. It can be the difference between smooth and fatigue-free cutting and a tiring jagged one.

Your carving knife’s handle should offer good grip even when wet. It should feel comfortable when you hold it so your hand doesn’t get tired after a short while cutting. The handle does not achieve all these in isolation. It works with the blade to create that perfect balance that makes cutting easy.

For carving knives, you should go for a full tang blade. This tends to provide more balance in conjunction with the handle since the blade runs from the tip through the handle. It also gives the blade more strength since it is a single piece of metal. A strong blade is particularly important because carving knife blades are usually very slim and flexible. If they do not have the necessary strength, it will be easy for them to break.

The tip of your knife is something important though many may not know this. In fact, what people know as slicing and carving knives are differentiated by the kind of tip they have. The carving knife has a pointed tip which is useful for getting around joints when carving your birds and those roasts with bones. The slicing knife on the other hand has a snub tip and is perfect for slicing those thin pieces we all love.

In both cases, the blades are thin and long with the slicing knife having longer blades in most cases. Now for many, these two are one and the same. We just felt you should know this difference in case it is something that can influence your choice.
Performance and Ease of Use
To say the blade is one of the most important parts of the carving knife is simply stating the obvious – after all, there are only two parts. How easily you can cut through any meat will be determined by different factors around the blade. The first is how sharp it is. A very sharp blade is critical here. It’s best to get a knife that comes already sharpened and is also easy to sharpen on your own.

To make cutting even easier, some blades have indentations along the sides. These indentations capture air or liquid pockets, making it difficult for the meat or whatever is being cut to stick to the blade. These, combined with the slimness of the blade and its sharpness, make it easy to cut those really thin slices of meat.

When looking at a carving knife, always confirm the size. When a knife is given as 10 inches, in most cases it is referring to the blade size. Some make the mistake of thinking it is the length of the entire knife from blade to handle. Be sure the size you’re getting is right for your needs. You do not want to get one that is too big or too small.

We’ve already mentioned the handle above. The wrong handle can cause repetitive motion injuries which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. You need your knife’s handle to be comfortable even after a long while of use. You may also want to consider those handles that have anti-bacterial features. Anything that makes the food we eat healthier or safer is surely worth considering.

Finally, caring for your carving knife is very important. A lot of carving knives are classified as being dishwasher safe, which many will love. It is, however, instructive to note that many of these manufacturers still recommend you hand wash your knife, even though it’s classified as dishwasher safe. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so you may be better off hand washing your carving knife.

Get the Best Carving Knife of 2023!

It’s been an interesting trip through the world of carving knives. We do hope you got all the information you needed to help you choose a carving knife. Now it’s time to place that order and get cooking!.

Our Top Choice
Mercer Culinary Forged Carving Knife
Best Value
Zyliss Control 8-Inch Carving Knife
Victorinox Fibrox Pro Granton Slicing Knife
Zwilling, J. A. Henckels Carving Knife & Fork Set
Ergo Chef Prodigy 12-Inch Slicer Knife