Best Cash Register Reviews 2023

Starting a business in retail requires much consideration, but there is one constant in that equation: a cash register. Every business that sells physical items has to have one, as this is the most secure way of keeping track of your customer’s purchases and the items in your inventory. Cash registers also come with barcode scanners and many other additional features, so you can be sure there are lots of types out there. If you need one, you can check our list of five registers, and read our handy-dandy guide about them.
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Our Top Choice
Sharp Advanced Reporting Cash Register
The Sharp Corporation has been one of the most important manufacturers of high-tech equipment for a number of years, and they've been responsible for some impressive contraptions.
Large drawer with 6 coin/5 bill compartments; integrated with Quickbooks Pro; has thermal printer
Register does not record how customers pay for their transactions
15.6x16.7x12.6 inches, 31 pounds
QuickBooks Pro
8-line display
6 coin, 5 bill
Best Value
Casio PCR-T2300 Electronic Cash Register
Casio is a Japanese company that was established in 1946. Their version of the cigarette holder is what initially propelled the company into becoming a success.
30 departments; 50 clerks numbers; programmable logo messages; LCD screen; 7-position mode key lock; SD card slot; 4 tax rates; interactive setup
Instructions are a little difficult to understand
15.7x17.7x8.6 inches, 22 pounds
5 coin, 5 bill
Datio Bluetooth POS Cash Register
Boasting a number of software solutions for a modernized cashiering experience, Datio aims to expand their influence with technologically advanced registers and POS systems.
iPad compatible; credit card reader; Bluetooth printer; cash drawer; Datio’s software; downloadable POS app from Apple Store.
Datio software requires monthly subscription fee, but you can still use the register with your own credit card set up
Not Available
Datio POS
5 coin, 5 bill
Epsilont Square POS Bundle
With a Greek-sounding name combined with lots of engineering prowess and innovation, the Epsilont company is a modern-day business seeking to assert itself in the highly competitive global market!
Cash drawer; Star Micronics receipt printer; square stand for iPad Air; compatible with all iPads except 1st generation and mini; Square Stand POS app; POS software included
High price, but POS software is included
24.5x18.5x15.5 inches, 37 pounds
Square POS
8 coin, 5 bill
Royal Consumer Alpha 1100ML Cash Register
The Royal Consumer company is a business with over 100 years of experience in producing all kinds of mechanical and electronic machines.
7,000 PLUs; 200 departments; 40 clerk IDs; added memory protection; thermal receipt printer included; lockable cash drawer; 42-character display; SD slot; Alpha keyboard
The register is a little complex, and some found that the user manual isn’t very clear or helpful
19x16.5x16 inches, 13 pounds
5 coin, 4 bill

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What is the Best Cash Register?

Choosing which cash register to buy is a big decision for any person looking to start their business. With that being said, we hope our guide will clear a few things up, and allow you to make a sound and informed decision. After all, you and your workers will be the ones using the machine, so you’ll need to consider a number of things, some of which we've described below. In essence, the choice is all yours, but we can help you by teaching you about some of the most important features of a register, and presenting you with a few products you can use for comparison.
Our Top Choice
The Sharp Advanced Reporting Cash Register has a thermal printer and simplified programming, so it’s easy to setup and use. It can also look up over 7000 items and comes with 99 departments already programmed into it. If you'd like a simpler model, you can also check out the Sharp XEA102 Cash Register.

Sharp Advanced Reporting Cash Register with 32GB SD Card, 40 Clerk ID's & 7000 PLU’s

In the highly-competitive market of electronic goods, the Sharp Electronics Corporation represents a business attempting to create electronic products that can be useful both in your personal life and in your work environment. The goal of the company is simple: to equip eager customers with a bunch of high-tech ware that can help them be more productive, make them feel more in control and also put a big smile on their face when they return home! Other than furthering their mission of producing the best-ever products for their customers, the folks behind this business have been trying to render themselves as socially responsible as possible in order to make a positive impact on the communities they're a part of!

If you'd like to learn more about the intricacies of their prolonged effort in this direction, you can find all the pieces of information on their official website. You can also read at length about their sustainability reports, plus see interviews given by some of the leaders of the company! For learning more about the products they have, you can check out their webpage and see what they're selling.

In this review, we'll be talking about their version of a cash register—the Sharp XEA407 model. Other than the grand looks of a massive calculator equipped with a bunch of screens and mini printing sets, this model features simplified programming, 6 coin compartments as well as 5 bill compartments for a neat and tidy classification!

The list of features for the Sharp XEA407 Advanced Reporting Cash Register:
  • 7000 Price Look-Ups
  • Dual Receipts
  • 8-Line Display
  • 32GB SD Card
  • 40 Clerk IDs
  • Thermal Printer
  • 7 Customer Display Digits
Tough-lookin' and equipped with a lock that even Sherlock Holmes would have troubles breaking into (should he, for whatever reason, arise from the dead and decide to deploy his lock-picking skills), the Sharp cash register is as safe as a house! Add to that the high-tech displays and some other bells n' whistles that come with this model, and you've got yourself a cash dispenser you simply have to have!
Best Value
Casio’s PCR-T2300 Electronic Cash Register has a heavy metal construction and a 7-position mode key lock, which keeps your money extra secure. If you're working on a smaller budget, you can opt for the Thermal Print Cash Register instead!

Casio Electronic Cash Register with 30 Departments, 50 Clerks Members & 4 Tax Rates

Coming our way from the land of the Rising Sun, where people like to engage in fun activities like watching adult cartoons that revolve around fighting, and producing a bunch of high-tech equipment for the rest of the world, the Casio company is a business that’s surely not afraid to experiment with wacky new concepts for the future! Whether it's watches, calculators, digital cameras or, indeed, impenetrable cash registers, the hard-working folks behind this company have got you well-covered in all these areas!

Established in 1946 by an engineer named Tadao Kashio, Casio was propelled toward international success with their invention, the cigarette holder, which enabled people to smoke AND have their hands free at the same time. After this initial breakthrough, the company would go on to have many other inventions, and the cash register we're about to present to you is one of their most recent installations!

Now, without further ado, the Casio PCR-T2300, a mighty cash register of tomorrow! Featuring 30 departments, 50 clerks numbers and a 7-position mode key lock, this model possesses all the characteristics of a true, fortress-like cashier's register! The only thing missing is a full-scale automated weapon to seal the fate of anyone trying to break in (it's still quite efficient in keeping the bills in even without it, though)!

The list of properties for the Casio PCR-T2300 cash register are as follows:
  • Rear Customer LCD Display
  • Interactive Setup
  • 4 Tax Rates
  • Programmable Logo Messages
  • SD Card Slot
  • Heavy Duty Metal Construction
Featuring a durable construction as well as an elaborate lock to ensure the safety of your money, the PCR-T2300 cash register is a proper mini fortress for folks who aren't too eager to lose a dime off their daily revenue!
Coming from a futuristic business revolving around new technologies complementing the old ones, the Datio Cash Register is one tough machine that even the craftiest of mugs won't be breaking into any time soon! If you're running a quick-serve restaurant, however, the Datio POS with a Scanner and Card Reader might be a better option!

Datio POS Cash Register with Bluetooth Printer, Camera Scanner & Credit Card Reader

When it comes to money, no business owner can afford to lose a bunch of their hard-earned dough because of a faulty counting system or because the register was easy to break in to. Therefore, modern software companies have been going out of their way to come up with a money countin' and preservin' kind of program that you, as a responsible business owner, can rely on! It's one of these plucky, modern-day businesses that's produced the cash register we've decided is worthy enough to occupy the illustrious third spot on our no-funny-business list (after all, we ARE talking about handling money, and there can't be any mistakes when it comes to that)!

Datio POS is a small but virile business that's been revolutionizing the simple, but often risky, act of transferring money in retail shops, restaurants, bars and more! Their vision encompasses a compact, yet powerful software that makes moving bills n' coins a pleasure for any cashier, no matter how clumsy they may be with new technology. To make this short story shorter, we'll just wrap up this paragraph by instructing you to visit their webpage and read more about their future plans, plus other awesome things they have in store for you!

As for Datio’s POS Cash Register, it comes in a heavy metal design and it has some higher tech capabilities, like iPad compatibility and a stand for Datio’s POS program. Other than the powerful software that the Datio company manufactured themselves and that comes included with this register, this model also features a convenient credit card reader, receipt printer, cash drawer and even a 3-year warranty!

Equipped to the nines with the newest breakthroughs in counting money and delivering a fast checkout service, the Datio POS Cash Register is a must-have for any business owner who would like to up enhance their retailing and make the lives of their cashiers easier!
The Epsilont Square POS Bundle is a perfect display of old technology meeting modern with its fairly basic cash drawer and Star Micronics receipt printer, but square stand for your high-tech iPad Air register. If you'd like a less expensive solution, you may also get yourself the Epsilont SQUARE and SHOPIFY POS HARDWARE BUNDLE!

Epsilont Square POS Bundle with USB Receipt Printer, POS Stand & Cash Drawer

Rocking a name that sounds quite smart and also Greek, the Epsilont company is made up of folks who’re up to their sleeves in developing the best-ever cash register for the betterment of humanity (and also great financial gains)! Now, the cash register model that we're about to present isn't the only kind of electronic tool that this company has ventured to produce so far. If you visit their official webpage, you can also find other technological wonders, like a range of software-saturated networking contraptions and a security-related apparatus (it's a 30-Watt Siren, but, oh boy, do they have plans for other incredibly loud gadgets in the future!).

Since Epsilont is still a young company that seeks to cement its reputation and assert itself as a high-quality manufacturer of electronic goods, testing their new products thoroughly is an absolute must for ensuring a bright and lucrative future. Indeed, the savage tests that their innovative cashier solutions and audio contraptions go through have not been witnessed since the Antics, but since it's all for a good cause, we at TopProducts—a bunch of geeks who love their high-tech equipment and also ceremoniously name all their printers—can sleep at night.

One of the cashiering novelties that managed to survive the Epsilont baptism of fire is the Epsilont SQUARE POS Bundle, a sturdy, bust-looking register that commands authority in the workplace! It comes with a tough stand that kind of looks like one of those old desktop computers, and a sizeable interactive display that looks like one of the modern-day computer or tablet Frankenstein atrocities (it's serves its purpose and looks good, so it's all A-ok at the end of the day)!

The list of features for the Epsilont SQUARE POS Bundle Cash Register:
  • Square POS Stand
  • Star Micronics Receipt Printer
  • Epsilont Cash Drawer
  • Free Tech Support
  • USB Hub Connection
  • Made of Durable Steel
  • 4-Function Lock
  • Email Marketing Software
If you've ever wondered what an old-fashioned cash register combined with some modern-day software would look like, the Epsilont folks have got an answer for you! It comes in the shape of their most recent effort in the glorious department of “cash-registery,” the Square POS Bundle! Grand looks, awesome software—what's not to love?
The Royal Company Alpha 1100ML Cash Register comes pre-programmed with 7,000 price look-ups, 200 departments, and features additional memory protection in case something happens to your register. For roughly half the price, you can also get yourself the 52104Y-FE Cash Register!

Royal Consumer Alpha 1100ML Cash Register with 7,000 Price Lock-Ups & SD Card Reder

How many sleepless nights have you sweated through, musing over the topic of cash registers? And how awesome would it be if it were 1912 again, and you could don your very best apparel as you prepare to operate this glorious machine of money-handling? Well, even though we at TopProdcuts can't really say that we’ve experienced similar dreams, we’ve found a company that’s perfectly capable of understanding your elaborate and not-at-all-lusty sentiments! Yes, we're talking about the Royal Typewriter Company (110 years of quality)!

Having started their glorious undertaking in the year of 1904, two gentlemen named Edward B. Hess and Lewis C. Myers went on to produce a number of high-quality typewriters that would grant them a long-standing, and certainly long-desired, position among the highly-competitive, bow-tie-wearing and heavily-mustached industrialists of the age! Long story short, their posterity nowadays spends their time producing cash registers that equal the sheer surprise factor that their forefathers' inventions boasted.

Not making the slightest effort to conceal the massive greatness of their respected machine, the Royal Consumer company names their most recent effort the Alpha 1100ML Cash Register! It's got an SD card reader and a writer slot for good measure. Also, it looks like one of those modern sculptures you're likely to see exhibited in a Dutch avant-garde gallery!

Here are the most prominent features of theThe Royal Consumer Alpha 1100ML Cash Register:
  • 200 Departments
  • 7,000 Price Look-Ups
  • Heavy-Duty Thermal Printer
  • Alpha Display
  • Alpha Keyboard
  • Cash Drawer with Lock
  • Memory Protection
Want your cash register tough and with a memory that’s protected? Then the Alpha 1100ML Cash Register is a contraption worth having around, whether you're running a restaurant, a retail store or any other sort of service shop!

How Do I Choose the Best Cash Register?

The first thing you need to consider when it comes to cash registers is the size and the needs of your new business. Knowing what you’ve got and what to expect from your business will bring you very close to the cash register you want. Large businesses will need registers with a lot of features because they have larger inventories to keep track of. Small businesses, like boutiques or gas stations, need smaller registers with less features. Very large stores that have thousands of products require a more extensive system to keep track of everything, which is why many big retailers often have a wall safe in the back for storing cash at the end of the day. You may even decide to purchase a safe for your home to store any extra money you’ve made, but don’t want to keep at your business.

A cash register will need to be very secure, especially if you're running a more prolific business and have a larger register. Such machines will keep track of everything, and they'll contain money as well as valuable information. With that, you’ll want to protect that info from being forged or manipulated by outside or inside parties. Many such registers have passwords, and also feature locks on their money trays. Some even feature drop boxes, which offer great protection against theft. However, you may also want to consider getting a cash box for any overflow cash, like coins and small bills, to keep in the back in case your employees need to make change.

When actually purchasing your register, you’ll likely be able to buy it from a vendor or an actual retailer. Buying from a retailer is a good idea if you’re just getting a small register, but, for more sophisticated machines, you may want to go to a vendor since they can sometimes give you a discount.

Lastly, you need to decide on the features included in your cash register, and any accessories they may come with. Some registers, for example, come with single or dual rolls. Dual roll registers can print receipts, logs or journals simultaneously, while single roll devices can only do one or the other at a time. Registers also come with different printing technologies. Thermal printing registers are more expensive, but they don’t require additional ink like normal ones do. Some registers also come with a barcode scanner attached, just like you’ve probably seen in the supermarket!
Price determines how well-equipped a cash register is. The more features the register has, the more expensive it will be. Some high-tech registers can hit prices over $10,000. High-end products are those with price tags between $5,000 and $20,000, with low- and mid-end registers costing between $100 and $1,000. If you’re looking for a very expensive, ultra-quality register, we recommend shopping around locally to see if you can find a good deal on one.

You can find cheap cash registers, and they can work in a pinch, but since you’re likely purchasing a register for your business, it may be better for you, in the long-run, to invest in a quality one.
Though there are many different products on the market, most cash registers have similar vital parts and features. For starters, all of them have trays for coins and cash. On top of that, many have SD card slots and ID numbers for clerks working in the store. Many come with rear LCD displays so the customer can see how much they owe. Many come with locks on their trays, often with a 7-position mode key lock.

To sum up all the features, here is a short list:
  • SD cart slot
  • Combination or mechanical key lock
  • Department and personnel number counters
  • Trays for coins and paper bills
  • Programmable logo messages
  • Rear customer display
Construction and Design
The construction of a cash register is very important. Most are made of metal and have a very heavy weight to them. Part of their heaviness is to deter robbers from picking up the register and running off with it. Locks are usually installed on trays to, again, make the device more secure, with combination locks being prominent on high-end devices and mechanical locks on low-end ones.
Performance and Ease of Use
As always, performance and ease of use always depend on the price point of the product. However, despite the price, manufacturers try to make their registers as easy to use as possible. Most have an interactive setup that’s easy to understand because everyone has different technological knowledge and capabilities. Performance is directly related to the price, but that doesn't mean that a low-cost device won't work as well as a high-cost one. Or, to put it better, low-cost devices can perform as well as high-cost ones when it comes to tracking inventory and sales.

Get the Best Cash Register of 2023!

Well, that’s all we have to say about cash registers! You’ll notice that there are plenty of brands and models with different features. However, with the help of our guide, we hope you’ll be able to differentiate between the brands, and navigate through the throng of products to find the one that perfectly fits your needs. A cash register is a serious investment, especially if you’re starting out a business, so selecting the right one the first time helps avoid any troubles once you officially open.

Our Top Choice
Sharp Advanced Reporting Cash Register
Best Value
Casio PCR-T2300 Electronic Cash Register
Datio Bluetooth POS Cash Register
Epsilont Square POS Bundle
Royal Consumer Alpha 1100ML Cash Register