Best Cast Iron Teapot Reviews 2023

Are you looking for a nice and durable cast iron teapot? You came to the right place! Usually known as tetsubin in Japanese culture, cast iron teapots make any tea taste better and enhance its natural flavor. It also keeps the tea warm for up to 1 hour. Take a look at our top 5 choices from some of the best cast iron teapot brands out there!
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Our Top Choice
Primula Sakura Cast Iron Teapot
Primula was founded in 1991 and since then it has designed and manufactured consumer products. It creates quality products geared toward customer satisfaction.
The tail looped handle folds down and the spout is curved. You can easily clean and care for the interior, which keeps your favorite tea hot for almost an hour.
Blue is the only available color for this teapot.
38 oz
Hand wash
4.6 pounds
Best Value
Huswell Sunrise Cast Iron Teapot
Huswell is a Swedish company that sells kitchenware. Its products are made of high-quality materials, with innovative designs and convenient prices.
It’s lead-free and can hold almost four cups of tea. It has a quality porcelain enamel interior finish which makes it easy to clean and dry. The handle is foldable.
The tea may drip while pouring.
60 oz
Dishwasher safe
5 pounds
Guro Cast Iron Harmony Teapot
Guro was founded in 2007 and it designs and manufactures unique lines of products related to cooking and camping.
It’s available in 2 colors, black and gray. Distributes heat evenly throughout the cookware. Made with fine materials so it’s durable.
The pour spout doesn’t pour very well.
60 oz
Porcelain enamel
Gray and black
Dishwasher safe
5.9 pounds
Old Dutch Cast Iron Kobe Teapot
Old Dutch was founded in 1950 and is one of the larges artisan-made copper products and Japanese-style cast iron teapot manufacturers.
This is a Tetsubin teapot, which are considered the best vessels for tea brewing. The stainless steel infusing basket makes tea brewing easier and more flavorful.
Some customers said it’s a bit lightweight.
29 oz
Porcelain enamel
Black, Moss green and more
Hand wash
3.8 pounds
M.V. Trading Cast Iron Teapot
M.V. Trading is a popular manufacturer of houseware and restaurant supplies that are made of quality materials, have pleasant designs, and are affordable.
The matching trivet it comes with helps you place it wherever you desire. You also get 2 matching Asian style teacups.
Isolated complaints that this teapot might get a bit too hot.
27 oz
Black and red
Hand wash
6.4 pounds

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What is the Best Cast Iron Teapot?

Usually, when picking the right cast iron teapot you have to take in consideration if it can be easily cleaned and how much time it can keep the beverage warm. Additionally, you should also decide upon a design, as cast iron teapots come in multiple colors, shapes and textures. If you drink tea with your family, you should go for a cast iron teapot that has a larger capacity.
Our Top Choice
The Primula Sakura Cast Iron Teapot has a sturdy cast iron structure and an enameled interior. It distributes heat evenly and has a removable lid. If you prefer a different model of cast iron teapot, check out the Primula Brown Cast Iron Teapot which has a heavyweight construction that retains heat and has a loose tea infuser!

Primula High Quality Japanese Style Sakura Cast Iron Teapot - 40oz Capacity, Infuser

Primula has been in the market for more than 25 years. Its products transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. It always tries to create new innovative items, and so it explores the way beverages are prepared in different cultures and tries to understand the ritual behind them. Apart from cast iron teapots, this brand also sells kettles, coffee presses, thermals, and tea flowers. Its products are user-friendly, have a nice design, and come at convenient prices.

The Primula Sakura Cast Iron Teapot has an exquisite look and a sturdy construction with an enameled interior to keep your tea hot for an hour. As it distributes the heat evenly, you can be sure that the flavor of your tea will be enhanced and powerful. The handle makes it easy to carry so you can easily serve your guests the tea (and there’s plenty of it, with a 38-ounce capacity!). It has a loose tea mesh infuser that keeps the leaves secured while they’re brewed. Its enameled interior can be easily cleaned (by hand), which prevents rust or oxidation.
Best Value
The Huswell Cast Iron Teapot has a fine mesh strainer and keeps the tea warm while you enjoy it. It has a steel handle and is FDA-compliant. If you’re looking for a smaller cast iron teapot, check out the Huswell Stainless Steel Infuser, which comes in bronze color and has a fine mesh strainer!

Huswell Cast Iron Teapot with Infuser - 27oz./0.8 Liter Capacity, Stainless Steel Infuser, FDA Compliant

Huswell is a popular company that commercializes kitchenware for its customers. Its products have innovative designs, pleasant colors, and are user-friendly. Apart from cast iron teapots, this brand also sells bento boxes, Dutch ovens, cookware, flatware, knife holders, and many other products. The cast iron teapots it manufactures have interesting designs, are easy to use, and keep your favorite tea warm for a long time so you can enjoy it later, too!

The Huswell Cast Iron Teapot has a beautiful sunrise pattern and it comes in black color. It has a porcelain enamel interior that makes your tea clean and pure, and its mesh strainer makes a good tea as it stops you from steeping the leaves. It has a stainless steel construction and a lacquered foldable handle with a sturdy finish. It’s finished with a handsome look and fairly well-made spout, as well. Better yet, this company offers you a 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked!
The Guro Cast Iron Harmony Teapot keeps your tea warm for a long period of time. The brewing basket is made of stainless steel and the interior is coated with porcelain enamel. If you prefer a more colorful but smaller cast iron teapot, check out the Guro Cast Iron Terracota Teapot which comes available in turquoise, red, or green!

Guro Cast Iron Harmony Teapot – 50 oz Capacity, Stainless Steel Basket, Available in 2 Colors

Guro has 10 years of experience in the market and produces cast iron cookware made of quality materials and pop-up tents and shelters. Its range of products consists of high-end products that come at affordable prices, and enhance your indoor or outdoor cooking experiences. It pays attention to small details and creates its products to meet your unique needs. Its cookware is especially designed for a natural cooking process, which aids in healthier, tastier food.

The Guro Cast Iron Harmony Teapot has a nice pattern carved on it and a removable lid. It features the Teatsubin, which was a part of the ancient Japanese culture used for making tea. It keeps your tea warm for a long period of time and the enamel interior preservers its flavor, prevents rust, and makes it easier to clean. If you have guests over, they’ll be impressed with this cast iron tea pot as it has a pleasant design and is built to last (not to mention they’ll love the 60 ounces of tea it offers!). Lastly, you can have it in 2 color options: black or grey.
The Old Dutch Cast Iron Kobe Teapot has heat-retaining properties and the enamel interior maintains the taste of the tea. It has an infuser included. This exquisite model is available in numerous color options. If you want a cast iron teapot with a larger capacity, check out the Old Dutch Cast Iron Orimono Teapot, which is bronze and keeps your tea warm for up to 1 hour!

Old Dutch Cast Iron Kobe Teapot – Infuser Included, Porcelain Enamel Interior, Available in 30 Colors

Old Dutch manufactures more than 30 different styles of cast iron teapots, so there’s one for everyone. This brand sells copper kitchenware, wall decors, decorative accessories, and more. In the past years, Old Dutch has expanded its products line and now also sells watering cans, copper cookie jars, chafing dishes, and many other interesting products made of copper, along with other high-quality materials that have appealing designs and convenient prices.

We have chosen to review the Old Dutch Cast Iron Kobe Teapot because it comes in multiple colors such as pink, purple, green, red, orange, blue, and many others. As it’s a Tetsubin teapot, it also comes available in multiple styles such as Kobe, Placidity, Ogon Koi, Sakura, and many others. Capacity is 27 ounces. This teapot is handcrafted with purified iron and coated with a durable porcelain enamel. It’s user-friendly, as well; you just have to put loose tea leaves in the infuser, add warm water, cover it for 5 minutes, and that’s it! And to clean, all you have to do is hand wash with soap and water.
The M.V. Trading Dragonfly Cast Iron Teapot comes in black and red colors and has 2 matching tea cups included. It has a stainless steel infuser and it’s available in 2 color options. On the other hand, if you prefer a more compact teapot in a different design, check out the M.V. Trading New Star Cast Iron Tea Set which is available in red, green, and blue and has 2 cups included!

M.V. Trading New Star International Cast Iron Dragonfly Tea Set – Trivet and 2 Teacups Included, 27 oz Capacity, Available in 2 Colors

M.V. Trading is a known manufacturer of kitchen ware such as teapots, cake makers, table top covers, soup spoons, chafing dishes, hot pots, and many other products that are made of high-quality materials, have nice designs, and do their job properly. It also has a range of Japanese-related products such as round paper lanterns, feng shui blass, envelopes for wealth, and feng shui symbols.

The M.V. Trading Dragonfly Cast Iron Teapot is the only one from our review that includes 2 matching teacups to make your tea experience a pleasant one. Its carved dragonfly is an Asian symbol of joy, happiness, courage, and strength. It has a removable lid and foldable handle, as well. The enamel coating keeps the interior clean and prevents rust. In this teapot, you’ll be able to brew your favorite tea (up to 27 ounces of it!) and keep it warm for quite a while until you decide to enjoy it. This teapot is available in 2 color options: black and red.

How Do I Choose the Best Cast Iron Teapot?

No matter whether it’s summer or winter, it’s never too late to appreciate a good cup of tea, because a cup of flavorful infusion can make the difference between a good or a bad day. Of course, according to these convictions, the teapot you use is an important tool in the kitchen, often determining the quality of the infusion you get. There are all kinds of teapots on the market such as stainless steel teapots, glass teapots and more, but the most appreciated one is the cast iron teapot.

One of the most relaxing and healthy habits, tea drinking can be an activity that we can all enjoy. To prepare and turn it into a pleasure, recalling Asian or at least British teas rituals, you also need the right equipment, starting with a teacup and of course a kettle. If you choose it wrong, it’ll take some time until you know how to warm it up and how to get the best temperatures for black, green or detox tea.

Cast iron teapots are especially preferred by the Chinese, but they’re hardly the only ones. True drinkers have at least one in their kitchen. The most impressive thing about cast iron teapots is their unique ability to absorb and preserve the taste of the tea. They can withstand high temperatures and the handle remains cool to the touch at all times.
The price of a good cast iron teapot is mainly influenced by its capacity and design. The price range for one of these items is something like $20 to $100 for a larger one with more innovative patterns. Cast iron teapots keep your tea warm for up to 1 hour and they enhance its taste, making it even more flavorful. We have to warn you not to go for cheap cast iron teapots as they’re generally not well-made and won’t have the same advantages as a quality teapot.
Most tea-producing countries have developed their own habits in preparing and serving tea, most of them having the purpose of simply producing quality beverages. In some countries, Japan being one example, some practices have expanded more than just making tea, making this custom the art of arts. To be able to prepare a great tea you’ll also need a quality cast iron teapot.

Check out the characteristics you may want to consider when buying one:
  • Type — You may choose between cast iron teapots for infusion or for heating and infusion. The difference is the structure, material and resistance.
  • Compatibility — Tells you what type of cook you can use the teapot on. If you still use a conventional gas-fired stove, it’s clear that you need a classic, robust and durable teapot.
  • Capacity — Represents the amount of ready-to-use infusion the kettle can hold, which can be low, moderate or high.
  • Material — Cast iron teapots are made, as the name says, from cast iron. It should look durable and built to last
Construction and Design
Cast iron teapots are an important element in the Japanese tea ceremony and an accessory purposed for elegance and durability. Iron and carbon alloy provide resistance to the pot and effectively maintain the heat, making it an inspired choice for tea lovers who want to prepare their favorite drink in the best possible conditions.

The design is interpreted from the perspective of utility, then aesthetic. For great utility, you can go for a model with a sieve; you can also go for teapots that also come with cups. If you want to buy a set, analyze the material and how to use the parts well, because the investment will be more significant but also more worth the expense.

As for aesthetics, you can choose from many models that look Turkish, Japanese, European or Chinese. The difference isn’t only a matter of personal taste, but also a practical one, because certain types of tea are better infused into specific materials. Cast iron teapots are also called Tetsubin and therefore are ideal for infusion hubs and for green or black tea.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to maintenance you have to wash the cast iron teapot with hot water without detergent or sponges. Rinse it thoroughly, then, using a clean, dry cloth, wipe the inside and the outside of the kettle while it’s warm. Don’t put it in the microwave or dishwasher. Avoid making fruit tea in it so it doesn’t erode the lining. Use it instead for white, black, green or rooibos tea. You also shouldn’t leave it filled with water or tea for long periods of time, as this may affect the interior which will then affect the flavor of your next brew.

Non-enameled cast iron teapots can be used in low fire, but must be filled with water before, otherwise they’ll crack. After the water boils, stop the fire and wait a minute for the kettle to have enough time to fully heat up.

Get the Best Cast Iron Teapot of 2023!

The majority of cast iron teapots also come with mesh strainers and foldable handles. You should get the one that you found attractive, as all our choices are made of sturdy cast iron and have porcelain enameled interior. Now, pick the one that appealed to your tastes, get it from Amazon and start infusing that flavorful tea!

Our Top Choice
Primula Sakura Cast Iron Teapot
Best Value
Huswell Sunrise Cast Iron Teapot
Guro Cast Iron Harmony Teapot
Old Dutch Cast Iron Kobe Teapot
M.V. Trading Cast Iron Teapot

Cast Iron Teapot FAQs

How to use a cast iron teapot
Much as they have that classy traditional appearance, cast iron ports are quite easy to use. Often, they’ll come with their own set of instructions, but best practice is to begin by rinsing it first with warm water to get rid of that manufacturer’s odor. Avoid placing it directly on the stove as it may cause it to crack. Then measure your tea and bring some water to boil in a separate vessel such as a tea kettle or Tetsubin. Finally, steep the tea directly into the cast iron teapot. You’ll find some teapots with their own built-in strainer to help facilitate this. When serving, pour the tea all at once, so it doesn’t over-extract.
How to clean cast iron teapot
When cleaning a cast iron teapot, it is crucial that let it cool first. If the hot teapot is exposed to cold water, it might result in damage. Once cool, run some warm water inside to rinse and then gently wipe the outside with a clean cloth. Finally, invert the pot and let it air dry before placing back the infuser or lead. If the inside is too crusty, pour in a solution of vinegar and 4 tablespoons of some baking soda to the water and let it sit overnight. Don’t use detergents or soaps
How to care for a cast iron teapot
To care for your cast iron teapot is to guarantee a lifetime of use. Therefore, make sure that you clean it after every use. In this case, let it cool down before you start to clean. Only rinse using warm water, and once done, invert it to air dry first, before placing back the lid and infuse. Avoid any contact with oils, salts, soaps or detergent. It is also important to note that the iron cast teapot is not suited for stovetop use.