Best Castanet Reviews 2023

So, you want a pair of castanets, but you’re unsure of what to look for. That's alright—we've got your back. In our guide, we'll present you with some of the best low-cost castanets on the market from top castanet brands, but we'll also teach you a little bit about the instrument, so you can make an educated choice when choosing a new pair. Castanets are a very simple instrument, but they still hold enough complexity for you to make a mistake when choosing. The quality of the wood, as well as craftsmanship, play a vital role when it comes to castanets, so let us tell you a bit about all of that.
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Our Top Choice
Meinl Percussion FC2 Concert Castanets
Meinl is one of the best companies making Latino instruments, and hand played instruments in general. FC2 is one of their top products, with excellent sound and aesthetics.
Excellent sound quality thanks to rosewood construction. Quite durable, and, with a little care on your part, will last you quite a while.
Standard-size means that people with smaller hands won’t be able to get use them to full effect, and may need to look for a smaller pair.
Traditional, brown color
Rich, full
7.5 x 6 x 1.5 inches, 3.2 ounces
Best Value
Suzuki CW-200 Wooden Castanets
As the world’s leading manufacturer of instruments for music education, Suzuki has been providing quality, affordable instruments since 1953.
Excellent for a beginner or a child. Sound unusually good for their price range. Made of durable wood.
These are beginner level, so if you’re in advanced classes, you need to go for different model.
Wooden, teacher-approved
Loud and crisp
4 x 6 x 1 inches; 0.2 oz
Jale Pulida Caoba Spanish Castanets
One of the best castanets manufacturers is Jale. It produces castanets in a traditional style, oriented more toward professionals and semi-professionals.
Authentic sound. Very durable. Made in Spain. Beautiful color and style. Top-notch.
These castanets will cost you a pretty penny, seeing as they’re very high-quality.
Traditional, brown-reddish
Rich and full
5, 8 – regular castanet size
Chestnut Wood
Latin Percussion Cajon Castanets
If you’re into contemporary Latino instruments, you need to check out Latin Percussion. Its castanets come in many shapes and sizes, and are very good quality.
Durable. High-pitch sound makes it a prime companion of the Cajon. Affordable. Low maintenance.
Limited use; can’t use when dancing.
Cajon castanets
Cajon players
16.5 x 7.9 x 9.4 inches, 1.6 oz
ABS plastic
Green Tones Frog Castanet
If a toy is what you’re after to introduce your child to the world of music, you need to go with Green Tones and its range of child-friendly musical instruments.
Perfect for small children because it fits in a child’s hand. Coated with Rubberwood that’s chemical-free.
Only a toy; not for professionals or amateurs.
Wooden, frog design
1 x 4 x 4 inches, 1.4 oz

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What is the Best Castanet?

When it comes to the actual purchase, the choice always comes down to you. As we will elaborate in the guide below, a pair of castanets is a very personal thing—it just has to be the right size for your hand, or you won’t be able to play it right. That’s where this guide comes in; it’s meant to teach you enough about the product so you can tell a difference between a good and a bad one, while also helping you define your needs so you know exactly what you’re looking for, because, in the end, you make the final call.
Our Top Choice
Meinl FC2 Castanets are some of the best castanets around, and a professional’s dream. If you’re serious about your flamenco, do check them out If you like playing a cajon, then you might need a ring castanet. Meinl comes to aid once more with their CRC1BK Cajon Castanet.

Meinl Percussion Rosewood Castanets - Flamenco and Concert Size

Our first product comes from Meinl, a company with a long tradition of making superb-quality Latin and African instruments. Their products are marked with high-quality materials, with an excellent finish. Meinl instruments are concert-grade, so, if you want the best of the best, you need to go to them. They also promote artists and have their own artists test the instruments.

Talking about their castanets, the FC2 Concert Castanets are some of the most beautiful castanets we've ever seen. They're made out of rosewood, which is both beautiful, durable, and produces a great sound. They're standard size, so those with smaller hands might have some difficulty in handling them. FC2s are made for concerts as well as flamenco.

It should be noted that these castanets are nearly professional-grade. Their high quality is certainly commendable, and they produce a rich, cutting sound, the kind you’d like them a pair to produce. Being made in traditional style, they also feature a slip knot and a cord in order for you to adjust them better for your hands.

For those without time, here’s a short list of the product’s features.
  • Rosewood construction
  • Rich and crisp resonance
  • Flamenco and concert size
  • Traditional style
  • Slip knot and cord for adjustment
  • Standard size
Overall, Meinl is one of the best companies when it comes to Latino instruments, and their FC2 castanets are excellent. They sound awesome, and, with some dedication and care, you’ll be playing with them for a long time.
Best Value
Looking for beginner-level castanets? The Suzuki Wooden Castanets are at your service with a good sound at an affordable price. Or, if you’re purchasing for a child, consider Suzuki’s CT-100 Wood Castanets with a handle.

Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation Wooden Castanets – Music Teacher Approved

Unless you’re a music teacher or musician, when you think about Suzuki, you first think about motorcycles – but we are talking about a different company here. Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation makes musical instruments for children and beginners, so they can learn to play, as well as advanced musicians. Officially founded in 1953, Suzuki Musical has become the world’s leading provider of instruments within the music education arena – from pre-school to the professional level. They have products that range from simple beginner’s recorders and rhythm sticks, to a their sophisticated line of acoustic grand pianos, digital pianos and other electronic instruments.

Today we’re presenting Suzuki’s CW-200 Wooden Castanets. They’re some of the least expensive castanets out there, but they perform very well, and are best for beginners looking to learn how to play them, or for children if you're planning to introduce them to instruments. The product is also well-made, so it won't break and will last you a long time.

They also feature a very good and full sound, something you wouldn't really expect from a cheap product like this one. They'll not measure up to Meinl castanets, as those are really professional-grade, but they're good enough and will approximate the appropriate sound, giving you a better sense of what a pair of castanets should sound like when you're starting out.

As before, here’s a list of the product’s features:
  • Very affordable product
  • Features finger loops
  • Wood construction
  • Excellent for beginners and children
  • Solid-quality sound
  • Very durable
All in all, if you need a pair of castanets when you’re starting your flamenco lessons, you can always count on Suzuki’s CW-200 Wooden Castanets. They’re sturdy, wooden, and produce an acceptable sound that’s very similar to the sound produced by professional-grade castanets.
Looking for a high-quality pair of castanets with an authentic sound and lovely style? Try the Jale Semi-Professional Spanish Castanets. And if you’re looking for a beginner model, go for the Jale Flamenco Castanets, which are durable and made of plastic.

Jale Semi-Professional Spanish Castanets - Pulida Caoba Castañuelas Made In Spain

Jale is a Spanish company, seated in Valencia; so, if you’re getting your castanets from them, you’re getting them right at the source. Jale specializes in castanets for professionals and semi-professionals, but it’s got a wide assortment of beginner instruments, too. Its castanets are even accepted in advanced courses on conservatoriums. Jale products are made in traditional styles and are of exceptional quality.

The Jale product we're presenting in this article is the Jale Semi-Professional Spanish Castanets. As the name says, these castanets are perfectly tuned for semi-professionals, although they could be used by professionals as well. They’re made of chestnut wood, which is the traditional material used to make castanets. They also feature a reddish finish, in order to make them more stylish and in tune with your flamenco dress.

When it comes to the sound they produce, Jale Pulida Caoba castanets are superb. The clicks are crisp, loud, and rich. The chestnut wood is even better than rosewood and produces an even better sound. The castanets are also extremely durable, so only little maintenance is required. They also feature cords so you can adjust them to your hands; the castanets come in two sizes: 5 and 8.

Here’s a list of the product’s most prominent features:
  • Chestnut wood construction
  • Cords for size adjustment
  • Semi-professional item
  • Durable
  • Requires little maintenance
Like we said, if you want a really good pair of castanets, go with Jale. Its castanets are prime quality and sound awesome, especially in the hands of a professional. These Spanish Semi-Professional Castanets are certainly the top product on our list, and we would definitely recommend it.
Need a castanet to go on your finger while you play Cajon? Try the Latino Percussion Cajon Castanets; it might be just what you need. And if you need a mechanical piece, then try the Latin Percussion LP427 Castanet Machine.

Latin Percussion Cajon Castanets - High Pitch

Our penultimate products also come from a dedicated Latino instrument company. We're talking here about Latino Percussions, or LP for short. This manufacturer focuses all its energy on creating ultimate products, sticking to traditional manufacturing materials and techniques. However, it also makes more contemporary devices, if you fancy them.

If you're a person who plays a Cajon, you may also want a finger castanet to go with it. Well, today you're in luck. The Latino Percussion Cajon Castanets is one such castanet—small and compact, it attaches easily to your finger via Velcro and thanks to its O-ring design. This product is made of ABS plastic, so it's durable and light.

When it comes to producing sound, this castanet produces a very high-pitch sound. Not being made of wood, the sound won’t be authentic, so you probably won’t use it in your Spanish dance class. However, for accompanying a Cajon, there is no better instrument.

These are the product’s defining features:
  • O-ring design rope
  • Double-face Velcro
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Light and durable
  • High-pitch sound
In the end, this may not be a traditional castanet, but it’s not meant to be used with traditional dances. Instead, this is a perfect companion for a Cajon, so, if you play one, you definitely want to check it out.
Does your young one need a new toy instrument? Try Green Tone's Frog Castanet, made of chemical-free Rubberwood and designed specifically for small children. And if you don’t like this one, you can check out the Green Tones 3729 Triangle Castanet instead.

Green Tones Frog Castanet – Chemical-Free Construction

For our last product, we've got something a little bit different. Our last castanet comes from Green Tones, an eco-friendly company that specializes in creating instruments for small children. It was founded by the Hohner company, and it’s got over 160 years of experience, so you know it’s a company to trust.

Today, we're presenting its Frog Castanet. Small and cute, it has a green top with eyes to look like a frog with its mouth open. The instrument is a smart way to introduce your child to music, and the froggy design makes it a pretty toy too, so your child will be interested in it. The castanet is small enough to be easily handled by a child's hand, so you don't have to worry about sizing.

When it comes to the sound, the Frog doesn’t produce top-notch tunes, but, then again, it doesn’t need to. The castanet is covered by Rubberwood coating that makes sure the instrument doesn’t croak prematurely. On top of that, in accordance with the company’s green policy, the Rubberwood is chemical-free and so is the paint.

Here are some of this product’s features for you to consider:
  • Kid-friendly design
  • Rubberwood coating
  • Highly durable
  • Small enough for a child’s hand
  • Chemical-free paint and Rubberwood
If you’ve got a small child you’re looking to introduce to music, this might be the perfect toy. The product is very child-friendly, due to being small enough for a 3-year-old’s hand, as well as its coating and paint being chemical-free.

How Do I Choose the Best Castanet?

There are few forms of art as beautiful and engaging as dancing, and, within that scope, Latino dances. Fiery, brisk and flamboyant, Latino dances are always among the favorite for people to watch and engage in. And, as you know, some of these dances use a very peculiar little instrument – the castanets. These small instruments produce the sound by being clapped together, and they're almost immediately associated with flamenco.

Castanets are, essentially, two wooden shells attached to each other and to your hand by a piece of string. As we have already mentioned, they’re typically used in traditional Spanish dances, but contrary to general opinion, they aren’t an integral part of flamenco—only certain types of flamenco use them.

Quality castanets are typically wooden, with modern iterations also being made of pressed paper or fiberglass, which makes them even more durable without compromising their distinct sound. It also doesn’t hurt to try them out, so play some music on your boombox, radio, or phone to hear the difference between individual materials.
If you take a look at our list and search around online, you'll see that there is a great discrepancy in castanet prices. This is due to manufacturers making castanets differently. Some cheap castanets, usually branded "amateur", "student", and "semi-professional" are less expensive, but this also means they're of lower quality as compared to ones make for professional or concert use, and may not have an authentic sound. For a great pair, you'll have to spend upward of $100. However, it's not hard finding a beginner's pair that mimics the professional instruments closely.
When it comes to features, castanets are simple. As we said, they’re essentially two wooden shells clapped together to produce sound. These wooden shells are pieced together by a string, which goes around your middle finger (traditional way of wearing castanets) or thumb (contemporary way). The only other feature castanets have is little grooves on their faces—this helps differentiate between “male” and “female” castanets in a pair.

To sum up all the features that you will need to consider when buying a pair of castanets, here is a short list:
  • Two wooden shells
  • Sting
  • Grooves for identification
  • Wooden or fiberglass construction
Construction and Design
As we said above, castanets are mostly and traditionally made out of wood. Their design resembles wooden clam shells, held together by a string; the harder the wood, the deeper the sound will be. There are also castanets made out of fiberglass or pressed paper. These produce the same sound as the wooden ones, but they also don't have to be kept warm and dry all the time, as is the case with wooden castanets—the manufacturer can even paint them white if they’re made of this material.

Another consideration is the size. There are certain sizes of castanets used, expressed in numbers, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with one size. Size 3 is usually reserved for children, while sizes 5 – 8 are for adults, with 5 – 6 being female sizes and 7 – 8 male sizes. With this being said, you always have to choose the castanets that are just as wide as the width of your hand, or a little narrower. Such sizing will enable you to play them correctly, as too wide or too narrow just won't feel right in your hand.

Another, and final, consideration is the string. This string should be strong enough to endure long years of use, and you should immediately replace a worn string, or it might break. If the string is too long for your hand, be sure to shorten it to the right size.
Performance and Ease of Use
Naturally, no instrument is easy to use. It takes dedication and rigorous training to get where you want with an instrument. However, we’re not talking about this kind of ease of use, but we’re talking about it in a more generic sense.

Castanets are very simple, and it doesn’t take much knowledge to clap them together. However, their performance and ease of use will depend on the material and the craftsmanship of the manufacturer, if we take out the human factor. The more expensive the product, the better it will perform, though there are also very good student castanets that closely approximate professional-grade ones.

Get the Best Castanet of 2023!

At last, we come to the end of our review. As you've seen, there are many types of castanets, both for professionals, children, and amateurs, so, it's up to you to choose a pair that will fit you the most. However, these products aren't the only ones out there because most of these quality brands have many other models if the ones we featured are not what you were looking for. We wish you luck, and we hope you find a pair perfect for you.

Our Top Choice
Meinl Percussion FC2 Concert Castanets
Best Value
Suzuki CW-200 Wooden Castanets
Jale Pulida Caoba Spanish Castanets
Latin Percussion Cajon Castanets
Green Tones Frog Castanet