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We at TopProducts firmly believe no furniture is complete without a spare set of wheels to render it movable when the need for living room rearrangement strikes! If you agree with us and would like to equip yourself with a set, simply check out our buying guide and top 5 list of products and choose the one you fancy the most.
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Pack Size
Our Top Choice
Coocheer 2 Inch Swivel Caster Wheels
The Coocheer company is a blooming business dedicated to creating a variety of modern play toys, gadgets, and accessories.
Solid polyurethane tires. Solid steel construction. Two locking wheels.
Bolt holes a little large.
Swivel Caster Wheels
0.9 x 2 x 2.9 Inches, 2.3 Pounds
Polyester and Steel
Black, Red, Blue or Clear
Set of 4
Best Value
Slipstick Rubber Castor Wheels
Producing all kinds of floor-protection-oriented mini wheels, the Slipstick company is one man’s vision of how to do things right.
Reinforced rubber tires for floor preservation. Polypropylene dust cover. Generous 5 year warranty.
Some customers have received faulty wheels (as long as you're covered with a warranty, this is but a minor inconvenience).
Floor Protecting Caster Wheels
1.8 x 1.4 x 2.8 Inches, 3.2 Ounces
Rubber and Plastic
Black and Gray
Set of 5
Powertec 4-Pack Workbench Caster Kit
Creating a whole lot of products for both industries and do-it-yourself inclined individuals, the Powertec folk have made quite a name for themselves in the recent years
Includes 4 urethane casters. Boasts a tough, durable steel construction. Secure foot pedal mechanism.
Sizeable design might not be everyone's cup of tea.
Workbench Caster Wheels
10 x 5 x 4.5 Inches, 8.3 Pounds
Steel and Rubber
Black and Gray
Set of 4
Caster Classics Antique Gold Ball Casters
In the highly-competitive world of carpentry and high-end furniture, the Caster Classics company is a supporter of retro-designs and good, solid workmanship.
Stylish design for a retro look. Strong, durable PVC wheels. Great for chairs.
No instructions included.
Ball Caster Wheels
3.8 x 2.5 x 2.4 Inches, 1 Pound
Plastic and Metal
Set of 4
Shepherd Hardware Medium Duty Caster
With over 50 years of experience in carpentry accessories, the Shepherd Hardware company is one of the most prominent businesses on the market, with a reputation for simplicity and reliability.
Double ball bearing wheels. Sturdy rubber tires. Smooth and quiet. Up to 80lbs weight per caster.
Simple looks may be off-putting to some.
Plate Caster Wheels
2 x 4.6 x 6.6 Inches, 10.9 Ounces
Steel and Rubber
Black and Copper
Set of 2

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What is the Best Caster?

In order to choose the best set of casters for your unsuspecting piece of furniture, check out our top 5 list of the best casters currently wheeling around the online retailers and pick the best set for your needs. Now that you've read our buying guide, we hope you’re in a position to choose.
Our Top Choice
Coming from an ambitious company that's currently in development, the Coocheer Swivel Casters are one tough bunch of wheels you don't want to miss out on! If you'd like a model with red polyurethane instead, check out this Coocheer Red Polyurethane Wheels alternative!

Coocheer 2 Inch Swivel Caster Wheels with Rubber Base, Top Plate & Bearing – Available in 4 Colors

The Coocheer company is not only a proud owner of a cheeky logo but also the manufacturer of a wide range of modern-day contraptions that can make your life easier. Coocheer also produces home security devices, Bluetooth-based transmitters, 3D printers, and many other items!

As soon as you cast your eye on the product we're going to be talking about in a minute, you'll be saying to yourself – why, isn't that a fine set of wheels? And it truly is. The mini tire is non-penetrable and it's made out of solid polyurethane foam. This plucky little wheel is then mounted on the tough steel top plate ensuring the stability of the vehicle that will be lucky enough to be rocking a pair or two of these!

The list of features for the Coocheer Swivel Caster Wheels:
  • Polyurethane Tires
  • Set of 4
  • Black Color
  • Load Capacity 145 lbs
  • Top Steel Plate
  • Comes with a Brake Pack
  • Swivel Design
When it comes to wheelifying your heavy load of choice, you can't really afford to see your precious belongings (or worse still, someone else's) get spilled all across the floor due to poor wheel support! A Coocher caster set is always a safe bet to guarantee you sleek movement across a variety of surfaces!
Best Value
Whenever you find yourself in need of wheels to render your furniture mobile, get yourself a Slipstick product, and know your floors are safe! If you'd like a more sophisticated set, you can also try out the Slipstick CB690 instead!

Slipstick 2 Inch Floor Protecting Pack of 5 Rubber Office Chair Caster Wheels

Supporting our theory that a fair number of the best inventions come from some sort of aggravation is Christopher Allan's Slipstick Foot – a new, revolutionary way to move your furniture about and not destroy your floor in the process! In the years preceding Allan's 1998 Eureka, this hard-working man was exasperated by his inability to rearrange furniture without risking his tiled floor.

If you'd like to learn more about what this great man managed to achieve and how his actions changed the furniture-building community for the better, you can check out the official web page of the Slipstick Foot company and learn all you'd like to know there!

The Slipstick set of 5, is a richly-organized line of cloned wheels that support even the most awkwardly shaped object in your household and shepherd it peacefully to whatever new spot you've awarded it! For the personal protection of your floor surface, these babies are equipped with rubber tires, so you won't have to worry about scratches and bruises to your beloved floor ever again!

The list of features of the Slipstick Foot CB680:
  • Tempered Steel
  • Universal Stem
  • Black Polypropylene Dust Cover
  • Rubber Wheels
  • Easy-to-Install
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
Boasting some pretty decent characteristics that you can rely on, such as the rubbery tires and sturdy tempered steel frame, the Slipstick Foot CB680 is a set that's truly worth having around! It can make moving from place to place a piece of cake and, other than a routine check-up every now and then, it requires almost zero maintenance!
Coming from one of the most ambitious companies operating on the market, the Powertec 17000 Workbench Caster is one plucky and durable set of wheels! For those in favor of retractable designs, you can also try the Powertec 17000 Retractable Caster Kit!

Powertec Pack of 4 Steel Workbench Casters with 400 Pounds Capacity

With a lofty motto of – your success is our inspiration, the Powertec gang has been actively expanding product lines without ever compromising on quality, design or affordability. The target audience includes industries and workshops as well as individuals who like to dabble in 'wheeled carpentry' every now and then.

The Powertec 17000 Workbench Caster Kit is one sturdy pack of four featuring a rather unconventional way of mounting. The wheel is attached to the side of a cabinet leg, for example, enabling it to pivot freely in whichever direction you need it to move. Also, all four wheels are made out of reinforced steel which makes them a secure platform for any piece of furniture up to 400lbs!

The list of the most important properties of the Powertec 17000:
  • Secure Foot Pedal Mechanism
  • Mounting Screws Included
  • Easy Installation
  • Free Pivoting
  • Made from Durable Urethane
All in all, an impressive piece of design from the Powertec company. Although the size of a single wheel together with its metal supporting construction may come across as bulky, the fact that there's only four of them, and that their size ensures stability warranties for the quality of this product! Plus, they look great!
Coming from a company that's been dealing with all kinds of ancient-looking carpentry accessories, the Classic Casters wheels can be a great retro touch to your furniture! For roughly half the price, you can purchase the Caster Classics 2-Inchers instead. More of an industrial-themed solution, but still a great buy!

Caster Classics 4-Pack Antique 2 Inch Gold Ball Casters with Wood Stem & Socket

There’s not a lot of variation in the design of casters. One of the few companies that brings some style and innovation to the mix is Caster Classics, with its focus on looks as well as function. Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re all style and no substance, though – this company has been around for over 30 years, during which it’s made some pretty interesting products indeed!

Nowadays, it’s expanded enough to supply large institution and government customers, as well as a number of independent furniture makers. For more information about this ambitious if somewhat retro-looking brand, check out their official web page so that you can learn more.

The Caster Classics set of 4 looks like 4 Martians working together to move a piece of furniture across the floor! Now, even though these lil fellas can work with pretty much any surface, do keep in mind they perform best when NOT on either hardwood or laminate. Other than these, you can pretty much use these wheels wherever you feel like!

The list of features for the Caster Classics 4-Pack:
  • Contains 4 Classic-lookin' Casters
  • PVC Plastic Wheel
  • Designed for Wooden Bases
  • Metal-Mounting Socket
  • Fancy Golden Color
Organizing your furniture can often be an unforgiving and difficult task that requires great coordination skills, eye vision, and most importantly a set of caster wheels to make it all happen! If you can't really boast the first two prerequisites to all of these issues, at least get yourself a fine set of wheels, and move furniture about like a champ!
With an appearance of an experienced caster that's been around the block, so to speak, the Shepherd Hardware's Medium Duty Plate model can be an excellent solution for anyone in need of a pair of sturdy furniture accessories. For a few bucks more, you can also treat yourself to some 3-Inchers with Threaded Stems!

Shepherd Hardware 2 Pack Medium Duty Caster – Available in 2 Sizes & 2 Styles

One George Frederick Shepherd, an engineer and an inventor, to create casters for early twentieth century furniture. When his wife broke her leg, he saw the need for a chair that could be easily relocated (and a Bridge table he could move around with ease!) and created some attachable wheels.

Having situated his wife in this marvelous invention, he saw the potential for making and selling these on a broader scale! Soon enough, first Australia and then the world would recognize the full overwhelming force of his genius, and the Shepherd Hardware casters would start selling like hot cakes. Learn more about this inspirational story on the official web page.

Swinging over to the matter of casters, it's safe to say the Shepherd Hardware caster model we're featuring here possesses a certain retro aura. Combined with the rubber wheel beneath, it makes for a rather sturdy and also good-looking combination!

The list of features for the Shepherd Hardware 9346 2-Inch Medium Duty Plate Caster:
  • Soft Black Rubber Wheel
  • Double Ball Bearing Swivel
  • Copper Plate Mount
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation
  • Two per Package
  • Instant Swiveling
All in all, a sturdy model coming from one of the longest-standing businesses operating in the market. Featuring a sturdy construction and a simple rugged appearance, this set of two can be a great solution for a number of different pieces of furniture, no matter how antiquated or modern-looking!

How Do I Choose the Best Caster?

Casters are a small but plucky invention that can save you a lot of effort whenever you need to relocate some object or other without disfiguring your carpet horribly in the process! Quite right- where furniture companies have failed you miserably, we will not!

The first thing about casters you should know would be the material of choice, as this important property will determine the weight and also the type of object you can fit it onto. Tougher materials such as metals and some kinds of wood typically last longer and can endure hefty loads of weight without giving in to the pressure. For lighter objects, such as computer chairs and light cabinets, casters made of plastic will also do just fine, as they can be surprisingly sturdy. When it comes to the wheels themselves, the material can vary and is usually not easily determined by the kind of construction of the frame, so to speak. Typically, many manufacturers go for rubber, or some sort of reinforced plastic, as these materials are the easiest on the surface down below, be it a carpeted, tiled or a wooden floor.

Another thing worth noting about these small-wheeled contraptions is the type of braking system they have employed, if they have one, that is. First of all, a number of models don't even come with any brakes in the first place, so whilst great for movement, they won’t keep an object sturdily in place. The models which do come with brakes usually feature them above the wheel itself, and you activate it by simply stepping on it when you want to stop the entire thing from moving further.

To finish up this section, since you'll need to do some drilling before you can attach these wheels on your chair or table of choice, we'd advise you get yourself a handy drill and some bits for it, or at the very least an electric screwdriver, so you have everything you need to get started. Read further to find out more about Caster price and construction features!
Price-wise, casters aren't really a particularly expensive product. With these small but useful wheels, what you see is what you get, and the majority of the simple sets we see in online and offline retail shops have modest prices that everyone can afford. That being said, the versions of these that can get a bit pricey usually include some extra features, such as sturdy brakes, a kind of rubber for tires that’s gentle to the surface or an elaborate retractable mechanism. Whatever your model of choice might be, though, be sure to choose a product coming from a reliable manufacturer, even if it's a bit more expensive than the other ones! It will pay off in the long run, as you won't have to buy a bunch of them later on. Avoid especially cheap casters as you won’t be able to trust them with your furniture.
Small, rotund and with a menial task of bearing an often vast object on their backs, casters are contraptions that seemingly don't have too much variation to them, but that is not necessarily true. We've devised this short list to introduce to you the details you should pay attention to when buying yourself a set of casters!

The list of features to pay attention to when you set out to buy a new set of casters:
  • Material for the Frame
  • Material for the Tire
  • Whether the Mounting Screws are Included
  • Easy Installation
  • Free Pivoting
  • Mounting Socket
  • Instant Swivelling
All in all, a tire with a sturdy yet smooth rubber is usually the best choice for a caster wheel, as plastic variations may prove to be too rough on some of the gentler floor surfaces.
Construction and Design
It's safe to say modern casters haven't really changed all that much since they first entered the wider market, as there really isn't too much to change in the first place. It's a simple wheel with a bit of an upper construction and that's really it. However, some variation does exist, and it mostly has to do with the inclusion of a braking system of some kind, or alternatively a retractable one. Both of these extra parts also mean a larger end product, so if you need just a small set of wheels, consider getting yourself a simpler model.
Performance and Ease of Use
When casters are in question, about the most arduous part of owning a set would be their assembly, which can get pretty touchy even if you've already done it in the past. Namely, you'll need a proper drill and the right bit to ensure you won't ruin the surface below, and then some appropriately-sized bolts 'n' screws to keep it all in one place. After you've set them up, though, you're pretty much good to go, as the maintenance for these is virtually non-existent!

Get the Best Caster of 2022!

When re-arranging furniture, obtaining a set of caster wheels can be a great nerve-preserving idea. Now, if you've already read our reviews, settle back, and use your best judgment to pick the best set for yourself! Remember, there’s no rush – important home-improvement matters are at hand!

Our Top Choice
Coocheer 2 Inch Swivel Caster Wheels
Best Value
Slipstick Rubber Castor Wheels
Powertec 4-Pack Workbench Caster Kit
Caster Classics Antique Gold Ball Casters
Shepherd Hardware Medium Duty Caster