Best Cat Clock Reviews 2023

With their signature wagging tails, soothing smiles, and rolling eyes, cats are an incredible part of many homes. If you’re a cat lover, you can bring the same ambience to your living room by purchasing a cat clock that matches your personality and indoor decor. Whether you need a wall clock for the living room or an alarm clock for the bedroom, we have reviewed five of the best cat clock brands that may match your style and preference. Read on to get some buying tips before you sample our top picks.
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Our Top Choice
Gullei Decorative Cat Design Wall Clock
Gullei makes unique products that will not only fit in all areas of your home, but also match your décor.
It's unique and attractive, and comes with the best quality quartz movement to make it accurate.
The size might be smaller than expected.
Wall mount
12 x 12 x 12”/0.53 pounds
Vinyl record
Black and white
Not available
Best Value
NJ Croce Felix the Cat Motion Clock
NJ Croce makes products that are highly praised by toy collectors, customers, and toy reviewers.
It includes a certificate of authenticity, which means that it is an excellent product. It has a design that never loses its style.
The tail might stop moving after some time.
Wall mount
7 x 2.5 x 16.5”/ 1.1 pounds
Acrylic-coated cotton
Black and white
Limited 1-year warranty
Kit-Cat California Classic Cat Clock
Kit-Cat clocks have the iconic look that has survived since the 1950s.
This clock has a recognizable sentimental design that has been around for over 80 years. Its timeless smile will add warmth to your home or office.
Some customers found this clock to be smaller than expected.
Wall mount
11.9 x 11.9 x 5.7”/ 2.2 pounds
Black and white
Limited 1-year warranty
Infinity Instruments Cat Lovers Tabletop Clock
Infinity Instruments has grown to be a leader in designing wall décor, clocks, and weather instruments that are reliable, stylish, and distinctive.
Durable metal construction. Neutral black and white color shades provide easy blending in.
The tail of the cat hides the clock, making it difficult to read the time.
11.5 x 3 x 7”/ 1 pound
Pearl acrylic
Black and white
Limited 2-year warranty
CafePress Cat Lovers! Wall Clock
CafePress is a recognized inventor of customizable products that are perfect for every occasion.
It has a beautiful and uniquely printed face. The company offers 100% money back guarantee.
Made from low-quality plastic material.
Wall mount
Black, orange, brown, green
Not available

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What is the Best Cat Clock?

You can keep track of time in every room of your home by buying clocks with different artwork to lift up your mood. There are numerous cat clock brands out there, and finding the right one may be a challenge. Hopefully, our review has pointed you in the right direction. Now that you’re adequately informed on what to look for, go ahead and pick a cat clock that leaves your guests admiring it every time they stop by!
Our Top Choice
The Gullei Decorative Cat Design Wall Clock is made from a 12-inch original vinyl record, to make it beautiful and functional at the same time. Want a clock with different design features? Check out the Gullei Unique Modern Design Batman Theme Vinyl Wall Clock.

Gullei Decorative Cat Design Vinyl Record Wall Clock for Bedroom

Gullei is a store that specializes in personalized gifts, couple gifts, creative gifts, women's jewelry, and rings, among other unique pieces.

The Gullei Decorative Cat Design Wall Clock is a vintage-style clock made from an original vinyl music record. The fine handmade artwork makes it an excellent gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas. The album vinyl material makes this cat clock look attractive and unique. It not only keeps track of time, but also makes a distinctive style statement in your living room.

The clock measures 12 inches across and runs on one AA battery, which you will have to buy, since it is not included in the package. It has a quartz movement, which makes it more accurate and requires less maintenance.
Best Value
The NJ Croce Felix the Cat Motion Clock has a big bushy tail that keeps rocking back and forth, and large, happy eyes that move with the same rhythm, keeping you entertained and soothed. Want to brighten up your room, and also make an impact in someone’s life by donating towards breast cancer research? Get the NJ Croce Pink Felix the Cat Animated Pendulum Clock.

NJ Croce Felix the Cat 3-D Motion Clock

NJ Croce is a one-stop shop for innovative and fun items designed to bring out the kid in you! Its products include clocks, bendables, key chains, apparel, mugs, displays, Looney Tunes, Off the Wall toys, and many others.

The NJ Croce Felix the Cat Motion Clock is a classic that never loses its flair. It continues to be a favorite of collectors of any age! With his large, happy eyes moving back and forth, and his big bushy tail swaying along, this cat clock is bound to put a smile on your face whenever you enter your kitchen or office. He is indeed a perfect companion, anytime.

The Felix the Cat Motion Clock runs on two AA batteries (not included in the package) and comes with a one-year limited warranty. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity.
The Kit-Cat California Clock, Collectors Limited Edition comes as a 4-in-1 distinctive package containing one 12” round clock, one BC01 Kit Cat clock, a gift note, and two C size batteries. Looking to add extra color to your space? Get the Kit-Cat Limited Edition Scuba Blue Kitty-Cat Clock.

Kit-Cat Large Black California Classic Cat Clock Bundle – Collectors Limited Edition

After being in the clock industry for over 85 years, Kit-Cat has indeed proved to be “timeless.” Its clocks are now sold in stores all over the world, making them an undeniable part of American culture. Their happy and appealing look will brighten up your office or home and serve the purpose of telling you the time accurately.

The Kit-Cat California Clock comes in a package that contains one BC01 clock, a round 12-inch clock, a gift note, and two C size batteries. This limited edition package by Artsilhome is the number one Kit-Cat motion clock seller in America. Its recognizable sentimental design, with eyes and tail that move with the clock's ticks, originated during the Great Depression. This clock's deep history and lasting smile make it a great choice.
The Infinity Instruments Cat Lovers Tabletop Clock comes with pearl acrylic dials and black metal hands, to bring some feline entertainment to your mantel or shelf. Looking for a different design and color? Try the Infinity Instruments Purrfect Timing. It's beige in color and comes with a removable tail.

Infinity Instruments Black Metal Cat Lovers Tabletop Clock with Adjustable Tail

Infinity Instruments offers an outstanding variety of clocks, including indoor/outdoor, tabletop, alarm, and wall clocks that are excellent for traditional, contemporary or modern, and office décor. Its clocks have appeared on TV shows and commercials, big budget movies, and top women's and design magazines from across the country.

At 7”x 11.5”x 2.5”, the Infinity Instruments Cat Lovers Tabletop Clock is an elegant tabletop clock with black metal hands and pearl acrylic dial. With its black-cat silhouette, this clock will add feline fun to your shelf, mantle, or desk. The neutral black and white shades will easily blend with your home or office décor. The clock has a circular face with elegant numerals, and thin second, minute and hour hands for accurate timekeeping. It has a durable metal construction and runs on a battery.
The CafePress Cat Lovers! Wall Clock measures around 9.5 inches in diameter. It features a strong black plastic case and transparent lens, with a contemporary quartz movement to give you accurate time readings. Looking for a different color combination and features? Get the CafePress - Black CAT Blue Willow Bowl Folk ART Wall Clock.

CafePress 10 Inch Decorative Cat Lovers Wall Clock

CafePress is the world’s number one gift shop, with over one billion products to choose from. Its massive range of designs is produced by an international community of over two million independent designers.

The CafePress Cat Lovers! Wall Clock is a modern wall clock with a diameter of approximately 9.5 inches, with a clear plastic lens and a strong black plastic case. The clock’s face design is skillfully printed to showcase novelty and decorative artwork, making this clock the highlight of your home or office wall. It comes with a quartz movement to give you accurate time readings. It runs on one AA battery, which is included in the package.

This cat clock is a great gift for any occasion. What’s more, the company provides a 100% money back guarantee and ensures that its customers are satisfied, so you can buy this item with confidence.

How Do I Choose the Best Cat Clock?

Know anyone with feline fascination? Perhaps they’ve been watching those cheeky cat videos online for hours. A cat clock would be a great gift that empathizes with their love for cats, but also reminds them when it’s time to get to work!

A cat clock can be a common fixture in every home or office, since it doesn’t take up floor space. You can hang it where you can easily take a glance and know what time it is. It's faster than checking time on your smart watch. Although the original purpose of a clock was to indicate time, this gadget has evolved to become an enhancement to decorating and a reflection of homeowners' personalities.

Even with the development of digital technology, and the design of home appliances such as fridges and microwaves that display time, many homeowners still prefer old-school cat clocks on their kitchen walls. You can also get a cat clock with digital display.

How do you choose the best cat clock? Whether you'd like a grand, trendy, or simple clock, there’s always a model that meets your functional and stylistic requirements. The first hint is to choose a statement-making clock. If you’re looking to make a fabulous impression on your guests, family, or friends, a decorative clock hanging strategically in your living room or entryway will do the trick. However, if you need a cozy feeling, set up a table cat clock in your dining room or family room. A boring side table can get new life if you top it with a funky round clock or glass table clock to add some elegance to a laid-back room.

Since you wouldn’t want to be late for an appointment, job, or school, put a digital cat clock in your bedroom to keep you updated. Choose a model with a radio alarm to wake you up every morning, or go for a digital alarm clock with a built-in MP3 dock to play a custom playlist as a wakeup call. Fabulous!

Let’s look at the features you need to take note of before you pick a cat clock for your home or office.
Cat clocks are part of a product category that is easy to access, and you’ll find a whole list of options by a single search online. That complicates the entire buying process, and you can easily encounter cheap, substandard products that may not live up to your expectations. We’ve narrowed down your choices to five cat clocks from brands you can rely on. Our most affordable pick costs around $20, while the most expensive brand costs around $60. Though you can find cheap cat clocks on the market, we don’t recommend them to our clients due to the quality concerns.

For antique or pre-used clocks, it’s critical to review the information about the working status of the clock before you key in that credit card. Some sellers will attach useful information, such as whether the item was tested, and any test reports.
Unlike kitchen appliances that perform diverse functions, clocks serve a basic function: marking time. A few product features can impact your buying decision. These may include the power source, materials, expandability, and sound options.

Power Source
    Most cat clocks are powered by batteries or electric power, or a combination of both. Battery-powered clocks can be moved from one room to another easily, but you’ll have to change batteries. Plug-in clocks mean reliability, but you must keep them plugged in.
Sound Options
    Clocks signal time in different ways. Alarm clocks and grandfather clocks may have different sounds. Just pick a model that suits your style and personality.
    Clocks are manufactured from different materials, including low-cost plastic, classic woods, and shiny metals. Finishes and decoration patterns vary as well. Get a model that matches your décor and style.
    Some clocks, especially desktop cat clocks, may have docking stations where you can attach extra gadgets such as MP3 players or smartphones. You can use these clocks as small speakers or even chargers.
Construction and Design
Clocks, including cat clocks, can be classified into three categories: traditional pendulum clocks, digital clocks, and quartz clocks. As much as some cat clocks may resemble the traditional pendulum clocks, the internal mechanisms operate on a quartz system, as opposed to older styles that required pulling with a chain or winding with a key. Here are the design and construction mechanisms:

Traditional Pendulum Clocks
    This design uses a pendulum to regulate the time. The traditional mechanism includes a face, weights, springs, and the pendulum that swings to control the time that is displayed on the clock. The pendulum weight hangs in the clock and swings at a particular speed to indicate time on the clock’s display. These clocks don’t use batteries, but are powered by springs that require regular winding. Due to their classy appearance, these clocks are generally expensive and are preferred for enhancing formal spaces like living rooms.
Quartz Clocks
    These are among the low-maintenance cat clocks you’ll find on the market. They use quartz movements to indicate time. These clocks come in a variety of design and styles that range from contemporary to classic. Some quartz clocks are made with wood to retain the old-world style while using the modern mechanisms. Choose a model with automatic night shut-off, and volume control for convenience and to avoid distracting sounds as you sleep.
Digital Clocks
    Digital cat clocks operate electronically and display the time in numbers on the clock screen. They typically run on battery power or electric power. These are the cat clocks you’ll find in children’s rooms. Due to their simplicity and ease of maintenance, digital cat clocks have high functionality and offer cost-effective alternatives to the pendulum or quartz clocks.
Performance and Ease of Use
As you search for a cat clock, all that matters is the purpose the clock is going to serve. It will determine the appearance, the cost, and the features to look for. Generally, clocks are easy items to use. You simply choose a favorite clock that fulfills its purpose, and hang it on your wall or place it on your tabletop. Simple, right?

Depending on the model of the cat clock you choose, some minimal maintenance levels are required. Digital cat clocks are the simplest to maintain, and will only need regular battery replacement to keep them ticking. Quartz wall clocks need a little maintenance, but this can’t compare to antique wall clocks or the traditional pendulum clocks that required constant winding, spring replacement, and other repairs. Finding an experienced clock repairer in your locality can be a problem. We suggest quartz or digital cat clocks for ease of maintenance and high functionality. You can find quartz cat clocks that look like the traditional pendulum clocks, but their internal mechanisms operate on the new quarts technology, so they're easy to maintain.

Get the Best Cat Clock of 2023!

Clocks are essential elements of our homes. Besides keeping you updated on time, they gently (perhaps not always so gently) wake you up every morning to dash to work. They also add great decoration to your rooms by making a design statement as they mark the time. Did we help you find an ideal cat clock for your home? We hope we did. However, if you didn’t find a perfect fit, feel free to check out other alternatives from these brands, depending on your budget and style.

Our Top Choice
Gullei Decorative Cat Design Wall Clock
Best Value
NJ Croce Felix the Cat Motion Clock
Kit-Cat California Classic Cat Clock
Infinity Instruments Cat Lovers Tabletop Clock
CafePress Cat Lovers! Wall Clock