Best Cat Deterrent Reviews 2022

We all absolutely adore our felines – well, until they turn our pricey furniture into confetti (ouch!). So what to do? There are all sorts of cat deterrents out there and making a choice that’s not just effective but also 100% safe for your cat is really a test of patience. We’ve researched five of the best cat deterrent brands available, choosing one product from each. You know your kitty best though, so if the product featured from each of these brands do not suit, do explore other products any of these brands offer. One more point: We have a review that’s dedicated to outdoor repellents, if that’s what you really need. .
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Our Top Choice
Mosher Pets Pet Repeller Furniture Pad
Mosher Pets believes solutions should never be complicated. Hence, it’s mastered the art of constantly providing down-to-earth, simple solutions to customers’ pet needs.
Non-electric pad, so no shocks. Uses irritating sounds and feel to deter pets. Large surface area to cover the back of furniture. Works well with many pets.
A few pets may still not be deterred.
56 x 70 inches; 0.5 pound
Not required
Best Value
SmartyKat Scratchnot Deterrent
Merging environmental sustainability with trendy, up-to-date style, Worldwise has consistently delivered only the smartest solutions for your pet needs.
Tape can be cut to any size relative to furniture. Safe for your pet. Made from recycled materials. Safe for the environment. Does not affect finish of wooden furniture. Non-toxic.
Might be a little tricky to apply.
2.5 x 5 x 7.5 inches; 0.5 pound
Not required
Sofa Scram Dog and Cat Deterrent
For over 30 years, High Tech Pet has creatively served the world with world-class, electronic pet products that are unbeatable in affordability and quality.
Works instantaneously. No shock or hurt to your pet. Batteries are long-lasting. Easy to clean. Low maintenance.
Quite conspicuous on furniture and may, therefore, affect aesthetics for some.
Crinkle sheet
2 x 144 x 59 inches; 0.8 pound
Required (9V alkaline)
PetSafe helps millions of pets and pet owners by manufacturing high-quality pet products tailored to increase the bond between pet and parent.
Utilizes motion and thermal change detection for more effective deterring. Harmless scent that keeps the pets away. One can produce about 80-100 sprays.
Spray is sometimes delayed.
Motion detector
All areas
7.3 x 2.6 x 10.6 inches
Required (4 AAA)
Cat Scratch Guard Cat Deterrent
Cat Scratch Guard has proven its mettle by coming up with excellent cat deterrent products customers the world over are raving about.
Protects the sturdy, and therefore vulnerable, parts of furniture. Thick enough to prevent claws from sinking through. Comes with pins to hold guard down. Easy setup. pins.
Cannot be used on leather furniture.
Transparent; with pins
Furniture corners
11 x 4.5 inches; 0.2 pound
Not required

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What is the Best Cat Deterrent?

Aha! You have successfully armed yourself with enough info to go cat deterrent hunting. As you read the product reviews following, be sure to keep your eyes open for the one that will most likely work for your cat.
Our Top Choice
The crinkle of the aluminum foil this Pet Repeller Furniture Pad is made from will quickly deter your pet from your furniture in disgust. Pets simply can’t stand it! If you want a healthy treat for your dog that’ll not only strengthen his teeth but also keep him engaged (or maybe even something to placate him/her after his/her “banishment”), then consider the New Elk Antler Chew for Dogs, also by Mosher Pets.

Mosher Pets Pet Repeller Furniture Pad With Non-electric Training Mat

Mosher Pets is a brand committed to customer satisfaction. But what’s absolutely unique about this brand is its dogged determination to cut out the bumbledom and simply serve its customers their needs in the simplest, most uncomplicated, and down-to-earth manner possible. For Mosher Pets, simplicity is key and that is evident in the nature of its deliverables. This has also gained the brand a high commendation among new and returning customers.

There are many ways to get your pets to stay off your furniture. Some are humane and others are just downright wrong. A good example of downright wrong is “electrocuting” your pet (calling it little shocks doesn’t make it any less an electrocution) just to get it off the furniture. That’s serious overkill. Understandably though, pet owners haven’t been left with many options as pets can be impossible at times, what with the scratches, clawing, peeing, and what have you! Good news is, today, there exists a non-electric pad that can keep your pets away from your expensive furniture without being a beast about it – the Mosher Pets Pet Repeller Furniture Pad.

Question: So, if it does not shock my pet, then how does it work?

Simple. The material from which this pad is made has an extremely unpleasant sound and feel to your pet. They just cannot bring themselves to feel comfortable sitting or lying or playing in such. So, when they jump on the couch, their first instinct is “flight!” They’ll still come back to you, but with time, they’ll learn to totally avoid the marked areas altogether. So, it’s a win-win. Pet is safe. You’re spared the heartbreak. And the world is happy.

No matter how effective this pet repeller is, though, a simple limitation such as a small surface area can hinder it from giving you the best results. A good thing the repeller also comes in a large size; large enough to extend to the back and sides of your couch or sofa. It measures 70 by 56 inches, so however big your furniture, one repeller (or worst case scenario, two) should absolutely suffice.

With the Mosher Pets Pet Repeller Furniture Pad, you get a 90% assurance of effectiveness. The other 10% is because pets will be pets. You know that, right?

PS: Here is a tip. Mosher Pets suggests not tucking the repeller in on your furniture, as leaving it loose creates more crinkle!
Best Value
The SmartyKat Scratchnot Deterrent comes with a tacky feel that cats absolutely cannot stand, thereby presenting a great way to redirect their scratching tendencies. Would you rather engage your cat with a charming catnip toy? With some careful use, it might actually become a good way to distract him/her from the sofa. Check out the SmartyKat Fish Flop Catnip Toy also by Worldwise.

SmartyKat Scratchnot Deterrent Barrier Tape

At Worldwise, it’s not 27 years older but 27 years smarter. Age has only served to help this brand observe and understand the market, and this has helped it stay ahead of its game. It’s environmentally responsible but also insists on products that are stylish and functional enough for you and your pet. All the products at Worldwise are truly remarkable and outstanding but even better, they are affordable.

The SmartyKat Scratchnot Deterrent is a smart way to keep your cats off your furniture without being a monster. It is non-electric and therefore harmless but extremely tacky and therefore effective! We all know the way cats hate a tacky feel under their feet while they are trying to scratch, play or purr themselves to sleep, don’t we? So, why not drape our furniture with exactly that?

This cat deterrent is extremely useful as it comes as a two-pack of tapes (up to 18 feet) so you only use the required amount for ear bit of furniture. The materials from which this deterrent is made are all recycled, so this is a “harm-free zone”, people. No harm for all involved. Not for your cat, not for you, and definitely not for our environment. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Well, now that your cat is not entirely pleased with you or your tape, you can make it up to him/her by getting him/her one or two of these toys also by Worldwise:
  • SmartyKat Crackle Chute Collapsible Cat and Dog Tunnel: This chute will hold mystery and intrigue for your pets. It can engage your cat and train your dog for agility
  • SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Toys: this is a jumbo-sized pack of 10 made from recycled plastic that’s great for your catnip-loving kitty
  • SmartyKat Feather Fun: feathers are exciting playthings for cats and their paws
Finally, do not worry about your wooden furniture; the fact that the SmartyKat Scratchnot Deterrent comes as a tape does not mean that your wood finish will suffer. Relax. The stain will do just fine beneath the tape.
The Sofa Scram Dog and Cat Deterrent will sure get your pet to scram, and fast, with its 85 decibel beep! This deterrent works instantaneously like a charm! Do you need a more affordable dog and cat deterrent with an equally effective ultrasonic capability? Then check out the Sonic Repellent Stay Off Mat for Dogs and Cats.

Sofa Scram Sonic Dog and Cat Deterrent Repellent Mat

Founded in 1986 by creative engineers with a huge appetite for creating the future using technology, High Tech Pets Products Inc. has continued to break ground by manufacturing the smartest, most imaginative and functional electronic pet products in the world. Most of its products, (including its automated pet door) are all-time best sellers. High Tech Pets Products is largely technology driven and that drive expresses itself in the development of the smartest pet products there are. Great customer relations and fair pricing are also benefits that come with doing business with High Tech Pets Products Inc.

The Sofa Scram Dog and Cat Deterrent is a unique product among the many pet deterrents. While many others use shock (ouch!) or feel, this product applies the science of sound. An extremely tiny (probably insignificant) number of pets can endure a beep as high as 85 decibels. And almost definitely, we can say that your pet won’t. And they only need go near it once!

Reports from pet owners who have used this product confirm that some pets did not dare go near said furniture for as long as three weeks! The unpleasant sound had been ingrained in their brains forever (well, at least for a long time).

Another good thing about the Sofa Scram Dog and Cat Deterrent is that the emitted beep is quite loud, but will hardly bother you when it goes off. Yes, it’s loud but no, it isn’t piercing. And even though it’s loud enough to deter your pets, it does not damage their hearing.

So, why should you pick this product over a shock mat? You should because the Sofa Scram Dog and Cat Deterrent works better than an average shock mat on two main counts:

One, it is as quick and effective as, but 101% safer than a shock mat. Two, it goes for about half the price!

In the end, the Sofa Scram Dog and Cat Deterrent makes for a good choice of a pet deterrent. You can rest assured this thing pays itself off as it requires low maintenance and is quite easy to clean.
The PetSafe SSSCAT steps things up by utilizing the technology of motion sensing and thermal change detection. Now, even the slightest motion will trigger a burst of harmless yet annoying spray to deter any further movement! You’ll need to replace your can(s) after the spray gets exhausted, so why not add this PetSafe SSSCAT Deterrent Refill 3 Pack to your cart?

PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Deterrent

At PetSafe, one prominent characteristic is the shared and unabashed love for pets. The feeling is palpable, and this is the reason PetSafe seeks to strengthen the bond you and your pet share by creating products that you and your pets can enjoy together. Ingrained in the ethos of this brand is its solemn promise to live up to its brand values which include empathy, dedication, and trustworthiness. With a culture of openness and accessibility, every customer’s comment or complaint is valued and factored into the improvement of subsequent products. These products are designed to keep your pets happy and safe too.

PetSafe SSSCAT is one highly efficient cat deterrent that stands out amongst other products of its kind. It utilizes the sophisticated science of motion sensing/detecting to detect and deter pet movement within an area. So, in simple English, how does this work?

Follow us: so, your cat gingerly walks into the same area you warned him/her about just yesterday. Infrared senses movement and temperature change. The nozzle (fully adjustable, by the way) “sneezes” – achoo! Your cat hates the smell. Your cat runs away and stays away. We achieve global peace. Simple and effective.

Even better is the fact that PetSafe SSSCAT isn’t just effective for animals of every size, it’s also useful for keeping them out of every and any area at all; be it the garbage can, countertops, furniture, or priced possessions.

Here are other pet products by PetSafe you may also like:
  • PetSafe Scat Mat Indoor Training Mat for Dogs and Cats: This works like a conventional deterring mat for cats and dogs alike
  • PetSafe Underground Cat Fence: This fence will keep your cat safe in your yard while she plays around
If you’re afraid for the ozone layer or your family’s health, then rest easy. The aerosol emitted isn’t dangerous to the ozone, neither is it toxic to you, your kids or your pets.

PS: Keep a cam handy, this thing can make your cat become an internet sensation overnight, if you know what we mean.
The Two 11 x 41/2 inch Cat Scratch Guard, thick enough to ensure that the claws of your cat do not sink into the wood to damage it, protects the sturdy parts of your furniture which cats especially love to claw at. Do you have larger furniture that you’d like to protect? Check out the much larger Two 18 x 41\/2-inch Cat Scratch Guard.

Cat Scratch Guard Two 11 x 41/2 inch Cat Scratch Guard With Pin

Cat Scratch Guard is a brand that’s been around for a while, so it’s safe to say they have a thorough understanding of market laws, customer psyche, and pet product manufacture and sale. Its products have fast become customer favorites all over the world, and users can’t help pouring out testimonials on different leading e-commerce platforms about how well their new products from Cat Scratch Guard work without a hitch. This amazing ability to manage customer relations, produce fantastic products that last and still manage to beat down prices to quite competitive values is truly worth commending.

If you’ve studied cats, either on National Geographic or simply out of curiosity, you should know they love to scratch the sturdiest parts of anything, so the frames and legs of your furniture are at great risk. The Two 11 x 41/2-inch Cat Scratch Guard protects those areas of your furniture from the claws of Kitty. It’s thick enough to ensure the claws of your cat do not sink into the wood to damage it.

With the bulkiness of this product comes a small limitation, though. It cannot be easily cut to fit your furniture if in the end it’s too much for the affected area. With a pair of heavy duty scissors, you might stand a small chance, but it’s hard work.

On the plus side, though this scratch guard is thick, it is flexible enough to cover concave points of your furniture and is usually inconspicuous. Well, except on dark furniture, as one or two customers have observed.

Thankfully, you won’t be needing to purchase extra pins as the product already comes with pins. The pins are also just the right size to allow for easy installation which means setup won’t be taking you hours.

The Two 11 x 41/2-inch Cat Scratch Guard will, no doubt, keep your cat at bay and protect your furniture too!

How Do I Choose the Best Cat Deterrent?

Let’s face it, cats are individuals with minds of their own, which is why you yell, scream, grovel, threaten, entreat, bribe and even try reasoning with them to stop some of the things they do (with little success, we bet!). Truthfully too, they’re just hard wired like that. They love to play everywhere, without boundaries – even after you’ve bought them their own tree.

Scratching, for cats, is instinct and helps them achieve a lot: mark a territory, exercise, get a manicure (that you sometimes forget to give them) and play. It’s the reason experts advise you to get them their own scratch post. They can’t help it.

Okay, so this explanation (though true) doesn’t pay for your ruined furniture so, let’s thank the heavens for cat deterrents. They have sort of made life easier for the entire populace of cat owners/parents. But if the question of the best cat deterrent has ever popped in your head, then sorry to burst your bubble, darling – there really isn’t any absolute best cat deterrent that works for all cats.

We have already established cats are their own people – or cats, as the case may be. And really, one cat’s deterrent might just be another cat’s thoroughfare. So, the correct question should be: what cat deterrent works best with my cat? This may mean you have to try out a few options before settling on one.

Read this story:

So, this woman has two cats: a male and a female. One day, she got herself a cat deterrent because of the reason every serious human being gets a cat deterrent. She got the spray type. Installed everything and blah blah blah. So, after installation, male cat jumps to the countertop where spray is. “Achoo!” goes the spray and male cat darts to his little house for dear life and swears to never go back.

Enter Madame female cat. Different story. Female cat jumps on countertop. Same reaction: spray “sneezes”. Female darts for dear life. But does that deter female cat? Oh no! She’s a survivor (probably listened to Destiny’s Child way too much).

She walks to the countertop. Again.

“You really think you can outsmart me?” She climbs again. Same path of reaction recurs.

Does that deter female cat? Fat chance. She continues the pattern one more time, no doubt thinking: “’Countertopville,’ you will be mine!”

When she didn’t seem to be making any progress, she went to enlist the help of now demure male cat stuffed full with humble pie.

Well, they are still circling the area as we speak, planning and strategizing on how best to reclaim the lost territory. Well, the female’s dictating, the male is just… well… there. They just might be calling on the UN pretty soon. Let’s not forget to put them in our prayers, please.

As you can tell, one method does not fit all. There have been reports of cats that turned an ultrasonic cat deterrent into a toy of first choice. In the end, though, there are different types of cat deterrents which are effective in their own rights, there are also over one million individual cats who are equally unique in their own rights (and well beyond, if we might add). The only general rule that should apply to picking out a cat deterrent for your use should be that it comes at no detriment at all to your cat, your family, your environment or you. Period.
If you love your cat, please stay away from the cheap cat deterrents and their fake promises. There are just so many ways a cheap cat deterrent can go wrong. If spray, the spray can be toxic. If shock mat, then it could fry your cat. If foil, then your cat could just shred it out of its way and get comfy on your expensive sofa that your so-called cat deterrent is supposed to protect.

On the other hand, a good cat deterrent will hardly cost you anything outside the range of $10 - $25, give or take a few dollars. Please, the margin is too insignificant to unnecessarily risk harm and damage to your cat. If you’re going to get a cat deterrent, just get a good one already.
There are so many features to look out for in choosing a cat deterrent. Although there is a wide variation in the forms in which cat deterrents come, we’ve compiled a list of general features here for you. We will try to explain each feature and its import to each form of deterrent…
  • Type
  • Design
  • Size/coverage
  • Where to be used
  • Durability
You’ll see their import to the various forms of deterrents shortly.
Construction and Design
There isn’t enough space on the internet to properly explain every cat deterrent that exists, but we’ll give you a crash course.
  • Yelling and Punishment: Aha! These are not real types of cat deterrents. Please bear it in mind that scratching by cats is not a behavioral problem. It’s simply instinct. Yelling or physical harm will not “exorcise’ the “demon of scratching”. Actual cat deterrents like the real ones we will list are better options.
  • Double Stick Tape: As the name implies, this type is in form of a sticky tape. Naturally, it deters because cats do not care for any form of stickiness at all.
  • Aluminum Foil: The noise and feel of aluminum, put mildly, simply annoys the life out of cats. So, on their own, they’ll keep away, at least for a while, even after just one contact.
  • Water Gun: Errr… are you ready to follow your cat around like a police escort and “shoot” her with a stream of water from a water gun every time she trespasses? We didn’t think so too but if you insist, by all means, carry on! Just make sure you have a plan to get a less time-consuming option.
  • Citrus Scents: They hate them! No love lost at all. You could also try it.
  • Ultrasonic Sound: This is the most common type available. They can either be solar powered or otherwise run by batteries. They deter your cat by letting off a high-pitched sound usually inaudible to humans and irritating to their ears. They are good because they do not harm your pets.
  • Repellent Sprays: These are undoubtedly the best for indoor use. Usually, they contain lavender or lemon scents which cats cannot stand. These sprays aren’t ideal for a permanent situation but they are the most affordable. Before purchasing though, make sure the spray contains strictly naturally occurring chemicals to prevent any danger to you, your cat or anyone else within the vicinity.
  • Repellent Plants: Curry, lavender, rosemary, and citrus plants are big enemies of cats. So, if you plant them in your farm or keep a potted one in your house, your cat will steer clear. Before moving to use repellent plants though, be sure. Not every repellent plant works for every cat. And some of them react funny with some other plants in your garden. Ask questions.
  • Natural Oils: Get as many bottles of natural oil as you can get. Open them up and let your cat sniff all. Watch her reaction. Then take that same one that she can’t stand and mix with water (4 parts). This could be your DIY, not to mention eco-friendly, cat deterrent.
  • Baby Gates: Place one of these on your doorways and fortify with netting if gaps are too large. This method works best for smaller/younger cats that cannot jump so high yet. A big cat will have no trouble leaping over this thing.
  • Netting and Chicken Wire: It’s a great idea to use with your plants. Surround the plant with chicken wire, or lay on problem areas on the ground and cats will definitely avoid. They hate the feel of the metal wire under their paws as it’s extremely uncomfortable for them.
  • Spikes: Before you continue, please do not use metal spikes. That’s just wrong and way too harsh. Use plastic instead, it’s gentler and still sends a strong message to the cat.
There are different ways in which a cat deterrent is designed to do its job. For some, like the aluminum foil, it’s the crinkling noise and texture. For others it’s the scent, others it’s an ultrasonic sound, while for some others, it’s a short sharp pain (see above for spikes) or stickiness. At the risk of sounding repetitive, only use what works best with your cat.
Performance and Ease of Use
The type of deterrent you decide to use will determine its modus operandi. An aluminum foil will be laid. A repellent plant will be planted (obviously). A spray can will just be kept. An ultrasonic deterrent will be installed and so on and so forth. Method of application is a simple matter that common sense and manufacturer’s instruction will easily fix.

Now, size and quantity is another matter. Different cat deterrents, especially those that are manufactured, come in different sizes. Some are only large enough for one chair or an ottoman, different sprays cover different distances, while others can extend enough to accommodate a sofa. So, what’s your cat’s favorite chair? Consider that before you make a purchase.

Spray cans also have capacities. You might want to find out how many sprays it holds before making a purchase. That way, you know if you’re getting your money’s worth and if and when you should be thinking of getting a refill.

If the cat deterrent is battery-operated, then a good knowledge of how long the batteries last is invaluable, else you might end up not getting value for your money. Check to see also if the product comes with batteries or if they are sold separately instead.

Not all cat deterrents can be used everywhere. There are those for indoors and others for the outdoors. A cat spray, e.g. is best used indoors, same with aluminum foil. But you definitely won’t be using chicken wire inside your house. Again, a simple formula of common sense and manufacturer’s instructions will solve this issue.

Many cat deterrents are relatively low-maintenance and almost none require cleaning. Durability, though, is another matter entirely. It varies greatly from product to product. You might want to check out the warranty of the product as provided by the manufacturer to get word on that. Should the product fail to deliver, follow procedure and file a warranty claim.

Get the Best Cat Deterrent of 2022!

Go ahead and protect all that’s yours by making that purchase. Your cats will surely love – sorry, hate it! But it’s for the general good so get yours now.

Our Top Choice
Mosher Pets Pet Repeller Furniture Pad
Best Value
SmartyKat Scratchnot Deterrent
Sofa Scram Dog and Cat Deterrent
Cat Scratch Guard Cat Deterrent