Best Cat House Reviews 2022

Cats love to stay in warm areas where there’s less noise and disturbance. This can lead them to find shelters in places that might otherwise be dangerous for them. You don’t want your little kitten to find its home in your car engine, basement or boiler room. A cat house, (or shelter, as they're commonly referred to) can keep your feline friend safe and comfortable, giving you some peace of mind that you will not be rushing to the vet. But what is the best shelter for your cat? What factors should you consider to get the right one? Relax, because we’ve got you covered. Read on and discover some of the best cat house brands in the cat shelters industry, and five great models from which you can select. Show your pet some love! If you want some more options, why not check out our cat shelter review with five more picks!
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Our Top Choice
Petsfit Cat Shelter
Petsfit cares about pets and never compromises on the quality of its products. The Petsfit Cat Shelter is an outdoor model with a solid wood construction and weatherproof roof.
Waterproof. Solid construction. Classic design. Easy to assemble.
Although the roof is waterproof, 2nd floor may get wet in heavy rain.
Natural cedar
30” x 22” x 29”
Red and white, gray and white
32.6 pounds
Best Value
K&H Manufacturing Cat Shelter
K&H Manufacturing is a trusted name in the pet products space. The Outdoor Kitty House is heated to keep your kitties warm even during winter.
Heated. Waterproof material. Small enough for both indoor and outdoor use.
Small cord for heating.
Denier nylon
22” x 17” x 18"
Red/black, gray/black, olive
5.9 pounds
Kitty Tube Cat Shelter
Kitty Tube is a family-owned business that’s ranked among the most popular names in the cat shelters game. The Kitty Tube Gen. 3 is an improved version with a custom pillow.
Solid construction. Completely insulated. Good for both summer and winter.
No escape door.
Recyclable plastic
24” x 24” x 23”
18.4 pounds
Trixie Pets Products Cat Shelter
Trixie Pet Products has not been in business for long, but it's already taking the world of pets by storm. Its Wooden Outdoor Cat Sanctuary is a 3-story cat shelter with solid construction!
Durable materials. Easy to clean and maintain. Unique design.
Small for big cats.
Available in 6 sizes
Sky blue/white
33 pounds
MidWest Homes For Pets Curious Cat Cube Cat Shelter
The philosophy of MidWest Homes for Pets is simple: provide only the best! The Curious Cat Cube is a nicely designed condo with plush faux suede and an extra cushioned top.
Best seller on Amazon. Affordable. Unique design with play toys. Cushioned bed.
Can only be used by one cat.
Synthetic sheepskin, faux suede
15.1” x 15.1” x 16.5”
7.2 pounds

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What is the Best Cat House?

Just like humans, cats have varying personalities and physical appearances, and a perfect house for a British Shorthair may prove to be unlivable for a Maine Coon. We are aware of these unique needs and our five brands are guaranteed to meet them. Now that you know what areas to look out for when purchasing a cat house, let’s proceed to our top picks, confident that you will find one that makes you happy.
Our Top Choice
The Petsfit Cat Shelter comes with a nice, classic design and a solid construction. The outside measures 30” x 22” x 29”, meaning that it can accommodate even the larger cats. Looking for a smaller model for your little kitten? Check out the Petsfit pet cage and save some bucks. It measures 16” x 20” x 17” and is also suitable as a rabbit hutch.

Petsfit Outdoor Cat House 30” x 22” x 29” Weatherproof – Available in 3 Colors

Petsfit dedicates its energy and skills to creating products that are safe for pets. When it comes to cat shelters, you can be sure that this company knows exactly what consumers need. The Petsfit Cat Shelter is an ideal cat condo made with weatherproof materials to ensure your cat remains comfortable even in rain.

Whether your cat is small, large, easy-going or finicky, this shelter is large and cozy enough to give your feline friend a good rest. For $99.99, you get the following features:
  • Made from natural cedar for an aesthetic look and durability
  • Quality paint that withstands all weather conditions
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with an escape door in case of an emergency
  • Has an outer dimension of 30” x 22” x 29”, which is large enough even for bigger cats
This featured cat shelter is a newer model by Petsfit. Instead of a ladder, it comes with a scratching pad to allow the cat to get to the top floor. If you want one with a ladder (older version) then you can get it on Amazon. There are also two different colors, red and white and gray and white, so you can get one that matches the rest of the items in your backyard.
Best Value
K&H Manufacturing doesn't disappoint when it comes to cat houses. The Outdoor Kitty House can keep your pets warm and dry, thanks to the heat feature and waterproof design. Want a bigger model with a different design for a low price? Try the Outdoor Multi-Kitty A-Frame. It's also available as heated and unheated, and with weatherproof materials!

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Cat House – Available in Heated and Unheated

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, K&H Manufacturing is best known for producing quality pet products, from dog warming beds to pet carriers and everything in between. When it comes to cat products, it offers quality cat shelters, cat beds and water bowls.

Being the little lovable souls that they are, cats love to be pampered. It doesn’t matter if your feline companions are very active or exceptionally lazy; a good cat house will give them a home they can call theirs. The K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House is a terrific option, especially if you have one cat. It comes with a heating element to keep your cat warm and toasty during the winter. Retailing at $84.99, this product is weather-resistant and insulated to guarantee years of service.

Here are the features the K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House offers:
  • Waterproof construction to allow for placement anywhere
  • Tool-free assembly
  • 2 exits to provide the cat with an escape route in case it is trapped by predators
  • Exits are protected by removable door flaps that also hold in warmth, making the shelter great during a storm
  • Available in both heated and unheated model
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
We love this model because it offers something most cat shelters don’t: a heated version. If you are on a tight budget and want this cat house without the added bonus of a heating system, you can also get it as unheated. Choose from red/black, gray/black and olive colors.
The Kitty Tube Outdoor Cat House is the newest model in Kitty Tube's line of cat shelters. It has a custom pet pillow and a removable flap door for your cat's safety. Want the same product, but with straw for extra layers of bedding? Try the Kitty Tube Gen. 3 Feral Option with Straw. It's similar in design, but with different features and price!

Kitty Tube Outdoor Cat House Insulated with Custom Pet Pillow

Jim Bradac, the inventor of Kitty Tube, did pet lovers a big favor by coming up with one of the most popular brands in the cat shelters industry. It provides some of the strongest and best cat houses we have today. The brand even says that the new improved Kitty Tube Generation 3 is the “best insulated cat shelter on the market as of now.”

Every cat needs some love and a place they can curl up in. Yes, you can fix a simple cozy hut in your backyard, but you will have to rebuild it every time there’s rain or when winter kicks in. With the new improved Kitty Tube Cat Shelter, you don’t have to do a thing, whether it’s extremely hot or when temperatures drop to negatives. It is completely insulated to stay cool during summer and warm in winter. If you have a flexible budget, we suggest you grab this model. Your cat will thank you for it!

Even though it has a small door, the Kitty Tube cat shelter is surprisingly roomy, providing shelter for up to three cats, as long as they are on good terms. Here’s what this unit has in store for you:
  • New and improved 2016 model with custom pillow for extra comfort when your kitties take their nap
  • Made from consumer recycled plastic among other contents
  • Solid construction for longevity. Doesn’t fade, crack or chip
  • Comes with improved removable flap door that provides up to 3 kitties with a safe and secure home they can call their own
  • Small door allows only cats. Bigger predators such as dogs cannot enter
  • Machine-washable pet bed for added comfort
  • Comes with lifting handles that adjust the shelter during summer when ventilation is needed, and can be closed in winter to retain heat
Trixie Pet Products' Wooden Outdoor Cat Sanctuary comes with a beautiful finish and 3 stories to provide enough room for your cat to play and relax. Thinking about getting a 2-story shelter instead? Look at the Trixie Pet Products 2 Story Cat Cottage. It's made for both indoors and outdoors, and has quality white and light-brown finish!

Trixie Pet Products Wooden Outdoor Cat House – Available in 6 sizes

Trixie Pet Products was founded in 2005, but the brand has found its way to the top thanks to its commitment to making quality pet products. Today, it is a household name in Canada and the US, which is why we couldn’t have done our list without featuring the brand.

What if we told you it’s possible to offer your kitties a chance to live in a charming cottage with three stories for just $94.96? Wouldn’t that be amazing? We think it would. The Wooden Outdoor Cat Sanctuary by Trixie Pet Products is a 3-story cat shelter made of quality wood with weatherproof finish. The manufacturers included 2 peek-a-boo holes and 2 kitty doors with plastic flaps to give your feline the best experience.

Here's what's included if you get the Wooden Outdoor Cat Sanctuary:
  • Glazed pine, plastic and metal materials for durability and longevity
  • 3-story design with 2 entries
  • Large backdoor to allow for easy and fast cleaning
  • Hinged shutters made with perch and latch
  • Hard plastic footing to prevent decay as a result of wet soil
  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • Slated plastic flaps designed to keep rain and wind outside
Have only one small kitty, or 2 large cats? The Wooden Outdoor Cat Sanctuary comes in a number of sizes on Amazon ranging from 16.5 x 15.75 x 20 inches up to 76.75 x 37.25 x 68.75 inches, so you can choose a size that suits you and your cats.
MidWest Homes for Pets is all about fashion and style. The Curious Cat Cube is uniquely designed with synthetic sheepskin and brown faux suede finish. Want to get cat furniture with a cat tree and scratching post instead? We think you will love the Cat Furniture, Cat Trees & Cat Scratching Posts, with impressive finish and solid construction!

MidWest Homes For Pets Curious Cat Cube House

Since it was founded, MidWest Homes For Pets aimed not just to become the largest brand for pets' products in America, but also to produce a multitude of quality products for pets across the continent. It has outdone itself, as one of its models – the Curious Cat Cube – is the #1 best selling cat house.

If you are reading this review, we assume that you love cats and want the best for them. You know most kitties (if not all) love to lounge and play. It would be great to get a cat shelter that offers them enough room to do so, while adding a classic, aesthetic feel to your space. The Curious Cat Cube is designed with attractive synthetic sheepskin and soft faux suede to go nicely with any décor. It also comes with a cushioned bed at the top to provide a nice place for your feline to curl up and take a nap.

If you want your cat to enjoy a great time in a cat shelter for just less than $50, then the Curious Cat Cube should be your top choice. Besides the fact that it’s made by a top brand, it also offers many incredible features. These include:
  • A cozy hideaway as well as a large entry for bigger cats
  • Cushioned bed at the top with some stuffed bolsters
  • Soft synthetic sheepskin
  • Hanging plush toys made with jingle bells for more fun during playtime
  • Fold-down design for perfect storage
  • Remarkably easy to assemble

How Do I Choose the Best Cat House?

21st century cats are not just your normal feline buddies because in addition to giving you company, they may also become YouTube stars, generating thousands of dollars in ad revenue from hilarious videos. The effort that these cats put into being down-right hilarious surely warrants a cozy, warm cat house to curl up in late at night when they’ve finished their days work.

With its waterproof and insulation qualities as well as robust construction, a cat house will be a welcome addition for our beloved pet. Add aesthetics to the structure and the mini-house will never look out of place in your home. There are a multitude of products available for our feline friends nowadays, most of which are designed to complement your current décor, such as fancy self-cleaning litter trays. (Yes, you heard us, self-cleaning!) Similarly, in order to quench our fuzzy friend’s innate desire to scale obstacles, a simple cat tree might also come in handy when you’re trying to make your home as comfortable for your kitty as it is for you.

Ultimately, every pet-owner wants to make the life of their pet a happy one, whether that means letting them roam free, or taking them for walks in the countryside on their cat harness! Whatever your cat enjoys, we’re sure they’ll enjoy the warmth and privacy that come with a cat house!
If you are looking to brighten the day for your sulky feline pal, price should not be a discouraging factor when looking for a cat house. There exist some highly affordable cat shelters for anyone on a budget, but since you are looking for an option with superior features, we recommend that you avoid the really cheap cat houses.

The price of cat houses ranges from around $15 to $125 depending on the features that come with each product. For example, a cat house constructed using cedar is more durable than one made with synthetic material and, therefore, more expensive. Similarly, a cat house that has heating will cost you more than one that does not. Other variables that chime in on the price include size, and whether or not they have water proofing.
The primary functions of a cat house it to keep your pet in a safe and serene space, according you the much-needed peace of mind. Apart from comfort and safety, there exist other features that determine how cozy a cat house is. Let’s get a glimpse of some of them:
  • Primary building material - This is crucial for the structure’s sturdiness and durability
  • Ease of assembly - Some cat houses are ready to use while others require assembling skills
  • Heating qualities - This feature enables your pet to keep warm during the cold season
  • Waterproofing - Some cat houses are best placed for outdoor use while others are only indoor
Construction and Design
Some of the relatively expensive cat houses are made of a high-quality primary material such as cedar or recycled composite. Cedar is a reliable material that contains resin, making it highly resistant to termites and other wood-eating bugs. Recycled composite is also a high-quality material as it is light, resistant to elements, and environmentally friendly. Notably, there exist cat houses whose interior is padded with polyester. We do not recommend this interior padding, though, as it cannot withstand the paws of a playful cat.

Waterproofing is also important in cat houses as it makes outdoor use possible. A structure with this feature has little risk of falling apart during those unexpected summer showers (or highly expected winter ones!) If you go for a water-resistant option, be aware that it might not be entirely waterproof, especially with extended exposure to rain.

The size of the cat house will also come into focus when looking for your feline pal’s shelter. Larger ones are suitable for all cat sizes, including the notoriously huge ones like the American Bobtail, while small ones may not house such a breed. Also, a larger house can accommodate two or three cats at a time (if they get along with each other that is).

When it comes to design, you have to get your cat something that will encourage his playful nature. Some shelters are easy on the eye owing to features such as peek a boo holes, hinged shutters, and perfectly placed jingle balls.
Performance and Ease of Use
Heating capability is one of the most important elements to consider when purchasing a cat house. Depending on your preference and the climate of where you live, you can select a heated or unheated one. An unheated cat house is suitable for cat owners who live in places where the sun is out all year round. For cat owners who live in cold environments, we recommend you go for the heated one as it is guaranteed to keep your feline buddy warm and cozy.

As mentioned earlier, waterproofing is a crucial feature to look for in a cat house. Water-resistant shelters are affordable but are likely to yield to the elements in the long-term. We recommend you select a waterproof cat house as it will give you the best bang for your buck.

While a comfy shelter is the main motivation of a cat house, ease of assembly is a factor to keep in mind. If you are like most buyers who cannot make head or tail of the detailed instruction manuals that come with today’s products, you may struggle to put up a solid cat house for your beloved pet. Fortunately, most of cat houses are easy to assemble.

Get the Best Cat House of 2022!

From our picks, you can clearly see there are great outdoor models for those who want their feline friends to spend time outside. We also have an option for indoors, for people who get jittery whenever their beloved pets are not in site. The good thing is that all are made by top brands and are durable enough to let your cat live all its “nine lives.” We are happy to help you – and your cat – have some peace of mind.

Our Top Choice
Petsfit Cat Shelter
Best Value
K&H Manufacturing Cat Shelter
Kitty Tube Cat Shelter
Trixie Pets Products Cat Shelter
MidWest Homes For Pets Curious Cat Cube Cat Shelter