Best Cat Repellent Reviews 2023

Outdoor pest problems, including stray cats, are very annoying and need to be dealt with as soon as possible, otherwise you risk a serious infestation in your property. Luckily, there are various devices specially designed to keep them at bay without affecting your health. We’ve selected 5 excellent products from some of the best cat repellent brands and invite you to take a look at them. Now is the perfect time to put a stop to the invasion of pests! By the way, if you're looking for an indoor cat repellant (or deterrant) we have a separate review for those.
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Good for
LED light
Our Top Choice
Natural Armour Concentrate Animal Repellent
Natural Armour specializes in natural animal repelling sprays and concentrates. It sells them in bottles of different capacities.
No unpleasant smell. Safe for humans but toxic to pests. Available in 4 different natural scents!
Some say the solution might not be as effective against squirrels.
Chemical – 1 gallon
32,000 square feet
Deer, cats, rabbits and more
Not necessary
Best Value
Aspectek Yard Sentinel Home, Yacht & RV Guard
Aspectek specializes in pest control devices, having more than 70 such items available to its customers. Its gadgets can repel rodents, nocturnal animals and more.
Protects an area of approximately 5,000 square feet. Weather resistant. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.
Not as effective against deer.
Ultrasonic repellent
5,000 square feet
Cats, predators, insects and more
Pest Zilla Electronic Animal & Pest Repeller
Pestzilla makes various pest controlling devices intended to keep harmful critters at bay. Its products are efficient and affordable.
2 power options: plug into power outlet or use batteries. Completely weatherproof. Covers up to 800 square feet.
Doesn’t work very well with geese.
Ultrasonic repellent
5,000 square feet
Cats, dogs, squirrels and more
Power outlet or battery
Strobe lights
Anmago Ultrasonic Animal Repellent
Anmago manufactures and sells pest control devices which use ultrasonic sounds, alarms and light flashes for enhanced efficiency.
Easy to install – plug into power outlet and mount on wall. Screws are included. Great for any outdoor space.
Squirrels are less affected by the device.
Ultrasonic repellent
5,000 square feet
Cats, mosquitoes, birds and more
Power outlet or battery
Strobe lights
Pest Soldier Solar Powered Animal Repeller
Pest Soldier designs a myriad of ultrasonic devices which can keep your house animal and insect free. The prices for these items are also reasonable.
2 devices in the package. Completely solar powered.
Not that successful against armadillos.
Ultrasonic repellent
1,500 square feet
Cats, foxes, wolves, coyotes
Solar powered
Red & Strobe lights

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What is the Best Cat Repellent?

Now you have a better understanding about cat repellents and other ultrasonic devices designed to scare away pests, let's take a look at the 5 contenders we selected for this review.
Our Top Choice
The Natural Armor Animal Repellent is a highly concentrate formula designed to repel different types of animals such as rodents, skunks, bats and more. This revolutionary pest control solution is available in 4 different natural scents and has a capacity of 1 gallon. If you want this formula in a smaller capacity then you should go for the 16 Ounce version. This one has the same benefits as its bigger brother and it is also available in multiple natural aromas.

Natural Armour Animal Repellent - Gets Rid Of & Keeps Out Rodents, Animals & Critters, 128 Ounces, Multiple Scents Available

The name of the brand is Natural Armor Animal Repellent and you have definitely figured it out the experts behind it don't make phone cases or car components! This company is focused on manufacturing high-quality natural repellents to be used against a wide variety of animals that might cause you troubles such as stray cats, skunks, raccoons, and even coyotes. The products of this brand come as ready-to-use sprays or as concentrate formulas which can be mixed with water for spraying larger areas.

The 128 Ounce Concentrate from Natural Armor Animal Repellent contains active, natural ingredients which are safe to the environment and best of all, safe for your kids. You can have this solution in 4 different natural scents – mint, peppermint, rosemary and thyme – and the bottle holds 1 gallon of concentrate.

The usage instructions are quite simple – mix this gallon of concentrate with 7 more gallons of water and you have 8 gallons of spray which can cover an area of approximately 32,000 square feet. This formula is designed to keep rats, skunks, chipmunks, raccoons, rabbits and deer away from your yard, field or livestock.

It’s even safe for Santa Claus, so he will still be able to bring you gifts when Christmas comes!
Best Value
The Electronic Pest Repellent from Aspectek is suitable for recreational vehicles and boats, keeping different types of pests at bay such as rodents, mice, cats and dogs. On the other hand, if you want to keep nocturnal animals away from your house then we recommend the Predator Eye Nighttime Repellent from the same brand. You will get 2 devices in the package, helping you protect a larger area.

Aspectek Yard Sentinel Electronic Pest Repellent - Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, Motion Sensor and Intruder Alarm

Aspectek is one of the most popular brands specialized in pest control and animal repelling. This company sells a wide variety of devices designed to keep insects, rodents or predators at bay. For example, you can buy affordable mosquito zappers from Aspectek as well as bee repellents and even a device which will make a dog stop barking. We picked this brand not only for its popularity, but also because it’s focused on gadgets which will help you create a pest-free environment.

Now, let's look at the Electronic Pest Repellent from Aspectek. This device can be used both indoors and outdoors and it is suitable for boats, recreational vehicles, yachts or camping sites. Of course, you can also use it in your own home if you have problems with pests.

What makes this device special is its incredible coverage of approximately 5,000 square feet. Basically, this gadget doesn’t work by magic, it emits a powerful ultrasonic sound heard only by rodents, nocturnal animals and other pests. This sound will mess with their central nervous system, telling them (indirectly of course) to get the hell out of there! Best of all, this device also comes with a motion sensor and can be controlled from a distance using a remote.
The PestZilla Animal & Pest Repeller is one of the most versatile devices on the market as it can successfully deter cats, dogs, rodents, skunks, raccoons, birds and other types of pests. This gadget can be attached to walls and can be used indoors or outdoors. If you want a similar device which can be stuck directly into the ground, we recommend the PestZilla Robust Solar Powered Animal Repellent which is equally useful and versatile.

Pest Zilla Powerful Electronic Animal & Pest Repeller - Scares Away All Pests and Animals, Motion Activated

The name Pestzilla is well chosen as this brand specializes in pest control devices. Apart from mosquito zappers and ultrasonic pest repellents, this company also makes handheld gadgets which tend to scare away dogs. Additionally, many of the products sold by Pestzilla come with various features such as night lights and some of them are powered by sunlight.

For this review, we have chosen the Electronic Animal & Pest Repeller from this brand as it is highly efficient and versatile. This device emits ultrasonic sounds and flashes a bright light in the case animals tend to step into the protected area. Additionally, the device comes with a stick which lets you install it directly into the ground.

When it comes to power, you can plug this device into a power outlet and forget about it. The animal repeller also works with batteries, but you might have to purchase them separately. Protection-wise, the repellent is weatherproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It will protect you from all sorts of annoying pests such as cats, dogs, birds, skunks, raccoons, chipmunks, insects, rodents, bats, foxes and many others. Unfortunately, it might not keep the tax collecting guy away from your house, but hey, this ultrasonic technology keeps progressing!
The Anmago Ultrasonic Pest Repellent provides a humane method of getting rid of unwanted pests. It has a coverage area of approximately 5,000 square feet and comes with an adjustable frequency dial. In a similar fashion, if you have a serious problem with insects then we recommend the 6 Pack Ultrasonic Pest Repellent from the same brand. This package offers you 6 ultrasonic devices which will keep nasty bugs away such as lizards, cockroaches, spiders and more.

Anmago Pest Repeller - Electronic Pest Repeller, Outdoor Use, Motion Sensor, Eco-Friendly

Anmago is yet another brand which makes high-quality pest control devices and sells them at affordable prices. We went for this brand because we liked its line of products and we have found during our research that customers are generally satisfied. This company also gives you the option of buying its products in bulk, saving a couple of dollars from each transaction.

Let's take a closer look at the Anmago Ultrasonic Pest Repellent and see how it works. This device uses ultrasonic sounds to deter cats, dogs, mice, rodents, skunks and other pests from your house and it comes with a frequency dial, allowing you to adjust the intensity of these sounds.

Secondly, this device uses alarms and light flashes to keep pests at bay. These safety measures combined will discourage even the most courageous animals from patrolling in your yard. The product is also versatile as you can plug it into the power outlet or operate it using batteries. Best of all, the device is totally weatherproof, so no amount of rainfall will damage it in the future.
The Nighttime Solar Powered Animal Repeller from Pest Soldier is ideal if you want to keep your livestock safe from nocturnal animals and various predators. It’s waterproofed and you get 2 devices in the package. Alternatively, if insects are the ones giving you a hard time then you might want to try the Pest Soldier Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent which is specially designed to keep away bugs of all kinds.

Pest Nighttime Soldier Solar Powered Animal Repeller – Waterproof, Protects Home, Field and Livestock

Pest Soldier is a company that adopts a humane approach when it comes to dealing with different types of pests. For example, most of the products made by this brand use ultrasonic sounds to deter animals, instead of poisons or glue-like solutions which might be dangerous for people. Additionally, you can also buy different types of organic sprays from Pest Soldier, particularly if you want to keep insects away from your house.

For the 5th spot in our review, we wanted a product slightly different from the others and we think we found it. The Nighttime Solar Powered Animal Repeller gets its juice from the sun, so you don’t have to plug it into the power outlet or buy batteries on a regular basis. The device charges itself during the day and protects your house during the night. The manufacturer says the battery can last for 7 days on a full charge and the device is suitable for keeping nocturnal animals at bay such as coyotes, raccoons, foxes, cats, deer and others.

Additionally, this piece of equipment incorporates a sensor which turns the device on and off automatically, depending on the time of day. It also flashes lights to deter animals and burglars alike, because the latter will think your house is wired with some sort of security device. We liked this idea a lot!

How Do I Choose the Best Cat Repellent?

We’re quite sure different types of insects, nocturnal animals, predators or birds such as pigeons or seagulls have their purpose and place in this world, but not inside or around our houses. Unfortunately, pest control problems are on the rise and calling for an exterminator is not always the best option. Such services are usually quite costly and the substances these guys use might be dangerous for your health.

Often, there are easier ways to deal with pests and sure enough, we’ve found some of them! A plethora of affordable pest control devices use ultrasonic sounds, alarms and light flashes to keep unwanted creatures at bay. This is a humane and non-destructive method of dealing with pests and we highly recommend it.

If you usually find yourself surrounded by ants, bees, stray cats, dogs or even worse, skunks, then you need to upgrade your pest control arsenal and get yourself a mosquito racket, a bug zapper as well as a high-quality insect and rodent repellent. This will allow you to protect your house, but most importantly, protect your health and wellbeing.

To make sure you pick a good cat repellent, we have a couple of tips and tricks for you. Keep reading to get in on the secrets!
The price of a good-quality cat repellent is not that high. For example, during our research we discovered such products are usually priced around 20 bucks and can go up to 40 or 45 dollars. Now, it depends a lot on the type of pest control device you are using and the technology behind it. We will explain more in a sec.

As a word of advice, we highly recommend you stay away from cheap cat repellents because these can do you more harm than good, besides making you waste your money. Excessively cheap repellents are usually made from dangerous substances which might affect your health or the health of your kids – or they simply don’t work.
It’s important to pick the right cat repellent because these devices are usually tailored to work with specific types of pests. For example, some repellents are more suitable for nocturnal animals, others can repel dangerous birds while others are tailored to give insects a really hard time.

Let's take a look at a couple of factors which differentiate pest control devices in general:
  • Type – some devices use ultrasonic sounds and light flashes, others come as sprays while others are concentrated formulas
  • Power option – some repellents are solar powered while most of the others need to be plugged into a power outlet or work with batteries
  • Coverage – this is another important factor. If you have a large area to protect, consider buying several devices at once
  • Design – some devices can be mounted on walls (they even come with screws) while others can be stuck into the ground
If you prefer humane approaches, we recommend you using ultrasonic devices because these simply scare away pests without actually killing them. However, in some cases, using sprays or concentrated formulas is a more effective option.

Let's go ahead and look at the design of a pest control device.
Construction and Design
Obviously, these gadgets are not decorated with Swarovski crystals or designed in various color options because their form follows function. As mentioned earlier, some of them come with a special stick which can be planted into the ground. You attach the device to the stick and as a result, it will become more efficient and visible. Also, you want the device to be visible because most of them flash a bright light if they sense a predator approaching. Did we mention pest control devices also come with motion sensors? This is another bonus!

In some cases, these gadgets also ring an alarm to scare away predators, but during our research we found customers are usually reluctant to use this feature as it might bother the neighbors. You can safely deactivate this feature if you want to.

Another important thing we need to mention is that pest control devices are powered by electricity coming from various sources – sunlight, batteries or power outlets. If you want to keep costs at minimum, go for a solar powered device, assuming you live in a place with reasonable amounts of sunshine.
Performance and Ease of Use
Today's pest control devices have a certain coverage potential. For example, some high-end devices can protect an area as large as 5,000 square feet while others are more suitable for smaller spaces. Similarly, we also included a device designed to be used on boats or recreational vehicles, keeping curious deer and hungry coyotes away from you.

When it comes to upkeep, you might be happy to find out these devices require almost no maintenance at all. Pest control devices are waterproofed because they will be used outdoors and the installation process is a piece of cake. Maybe you will eventually need to change the batteries from time to time, to make sure your device works 24/7.

Get the Best Cat Repellent of 2023!

These devices are capable of keeping a multitude of pests away from your house such as cats, dogs, rodents, mice, birds, nocturnal predators, insects and more. Don’t call the exterminator yet as there are efficient and less expensive methods of dealing with pests that you can try first!

Our Top Choice
Natural Armour Concentrate Animal Repellent
Best Value
Aspectek Yard Sentinel Home, Yacht & RV Guard
Pest Zilla Electronic Animal & Pest Repeller
Anmago Ultrasonic Animal Repellent
Pest Soldier Solar Powered Animal Repeller