Best Cat Tree Reviews 2023

If you have a cat for a pet, then you are aware of how playful and active felines can be. Your house becomes their playground, and their curiosity to discover new things every day makes them turn it upside down. How about creating a free world where your cute little friend can feel comfortable and excited, right in your home? Doesn’t that sound great? Exclusive cat furniture such as a cat tree can be awesome entertainment for your cat. At TopProducts, we understand that the numerous styles and designs available on the market can make the process of selecting a good cat tree daunting. We have done an extensive analysis and identified five top cat tree brands that create some of the best entertainment for cats around the world.
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Our Top Choice
The Armarkat Classic Cat Tree House with Multiple Perches
Armarkat is one of the leading names in pet furniture. Created by seasoned designers and product experts, its classic cat tree makes for a great play house for your furry friend.
Tall and spacious. Durable boarding material. Up to 80 pounds of holding weight capacity. Two attached houses for extra safety and quiet.
May require a larger space.
36 x 31 x 77 Inches, 63 lbs
12 levels
Ramp, cubicles
Available in 5 colors
Best Value
Go Pet Club’s F67 Cat Climbing Tree with Hammock
Go Pet Club creates special furniture for cats that identifies with their basic feline instinct. Its wonderful F67 multi-leveled cat tree is just what those cute monsters need.
Detachable ladders and hammock. Sisal for better scratching. Bordered pedestal. Sturdy pressed wood make.
Plastic clips for securing top platform may be brittle.
27 x 38 x 62 Inches, 42 lbs
Pressed wood
3 levels
Ropes, ladders, hammock
Beige, black, blue, brown
The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower – Wood Cat Tree w/ Modern Design
The Refined Feline stands true to its name by crafting some of the most elegant cat trees in the world of pet care. The lotus cat tower perfectly captures its sleek brand essence.
Beautiful minimalistic design. Sisal pads for good scratching surfaces. Washable covers. Assembly tools included.
Bottom support may loosen if not sufficiently tightened.
20 x 20 x 69 Inches; 74 lbs
Ply with oak veneer
5 levels
Sisal pad, support bar
Espresso, mahogany
Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Climbing Tree with Multiple Levels
Kitty Mansions enjoys a well-deserved and long-standing repute for crafting large, thematic and entertaining cat trees. Its Redwood Cat Condo is great for your feline power packs.
Natural-looking forest theme. Strong plywood construction. Durable scratch post. Detachable ladder connecting the mid levels.
Small top-level platforms.
23 x 23 x 75 Inches, 60 lbs
3 levels
Vine leaves strand
Vesper Cat Climbing Play House – Multiple Colors and Designs
Vesper is popular for-cat furniture that is crafted keeping both pets and pet lovers in mind. Its unique V-base walnut cat tree makes for a great-looking play area for your cats.
Removable cushions. Easy assembly. Made from high-quality New Zealand pine. Firm base. Lightweight. Wide variety of shapes and bases.
Not very tall, so may not agree with extremely active pets who like to jump. However, other designs available.
23 x 18 x 8.5 Inches, 34.5 lbs
Medium density fiberboard
4 levels
Rattan ball toy
Available in 6 finishes

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What is the Best Cat Tree?

What makes a good cat tree? It must be the right size, construction, and level of comfort for your pet. You don’t want to get a playhouse that your cat will not want to play with or even approach. That’s why we’ve created a list of five of the best cat trees out there, each with its own unique features and style. Now you can easily choose the one that agrees with your budget, home décor, and, most importantly, your feline friend. Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to go out there and see which models suit your needs and preferences.
Our Top Choice
The Classic Cat Tree from Armarkat is a complete playhouse for your pet. Right from private sleeping spaces to tall perches, it has everything your beloved kitty would need. With a terrific weight bearing capacity, it works well for both big and petite cats. If you’re looking for a different style, check out the sleek Premium Pinus Sylvestris Cat Tree from Armarkat.

Armarkat’s Classic Cat Condo with Sturdy Plywood and Ample Space – 5 Colors

It’s a common sight for cat owners to see their cuddly pets on top of kitchen cabinets, table counters and window sills. That’s because cats love climbing, and they are pretty awesome at it too. This insight has led Armarkat to create one of the best cat condos out there – the classic cat tree. Coming from a brand renowned for its expertise in cat furniture, this play house is more than 75 inches tall and 31 inches wide, giving your little hiker loads of room to jump straight up or climb its way to the top. The sturdy, high-quality plywood ensures that there’s no toppling over amidst all this excitement. Priced at just $175, this could be your cat’s favorite play area in the house!

But that’s not all. Armarkat offers some more exciting features with this beautiful Classic Cat Condo-
  • Easy to assemble with step-by-step, simple instructions and tools
  • Bordered perches for extra protection
  • Classy monochrome structure
  • Sisal posts that act as great scratchers
  • Faux fleece covered platforms for enhanced comfort
But what if ivory doesn’t go with your living room? No worries. This feature-packed cat tree also comes in beige, alabaster, goldenrod, and silver-gray. Isn’t it amazing how it works out perfectly for both your pet and abode?
Best Value
The F67 cat tree from Go Pet Club is the perfect combination of fun and comfort for your pets. Its natural sisal provides a great scratching surface, the ropes and ladders are sure to keep your tiny adventurers busy all day and the hammock can make for a cute resting place. Need a larger option? Go Pet Club’s intricate 85” cat tree could be it.

Go Pet Club’s 62 Inch High Cat Condo with Fun Hammock and Ropes – 4 Color Options

Cats have a natural tendency to scratch themselves (not to mention your furniture). When they cuddle up on your lap, they love it when you scratch them, too. It’s no surprise, then, that one of the most well-known names in cat care, Go Pet Club, created its F67 cat condo with sisal-covered posts and ropes. These parts have the perfect rough surface for when your cat needs a good scratch. This can help keep their paws and nails healthy and glowing. What’s more, there are tiny ladders, condos and a hammock for the complete playtime experience.

This tree can comfortably accommodate two large cats without any wobbles, thanks to its strong pressed wood frame. Worried about all the dollars you may have to shell out for these great features? Don’t be. Based on our latest study, this brilliant play house comes at just $128.00!

Let’s take a look at what else is in store of you:
  • Soft faux fur for extra comfort
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Entry gap in topmost platform for easy access
  • Round holder for additional sleeping space
The Refined Feline’s Lotus Cat Tower perfectly embodies its brand promise of making living spaces more chic with its tall, flowering design. This cat tree is a unique mix of style and functionality with its soft cushions and durable ply-oak veneer make. Need a great cat scratcher? The Zen Post from The Refined Feline is both useful and appealing.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Climbing Tree – Modern Wood Design, Velcro Carpet, Two Colors

The right pet furniture needs to complement your home interior and it must make optimum use of the available space – all this while keeping your pet’s needs and personality in mind. As intimidating as it sounds, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Presenting the Lotus Cat Tower from The Refined Feline. Made by one of the most style-conscious cat furniture brands, this play house has a delicate organic design with a glossy finish.

At less than $400 (retail price when we looked), this cat house would fit your eclectic home and pet’s personality like a glove - perhaps a satin one.
  • Includes easy-to-use floor levelers
  • Luxurious faux suede cushion covers
  • Soft Brown Berber carpet
  • Includes 20-inch sisal scratcher
  • Large floors and spacious shelves
When it comes to panache, trust The Refined Feline to leave no stone unturned.
Part of Kitty Mansions’ forest line cat trees, the redwood cat condo has fabric vine branches. This 75-inch-tall playhouse is large enough for your cats to jump right in and explore. It gives a feel of the outdoors from the comfort of your pet’s familiar surroundings. Prefer a more tropical feel? Check out the Honolulu cat tree from Kitty Mansions.

Kitty Mansions Cat Play House with Fun Redwood Forest Theme

Very often, house pets tend to get so accustomed to their homes that they’re not their usual selves when they go outside. As a doting companion, you want your little friends to enjoy and explore the outside world too. This is when Kitty Mansions’ redwood cat tree could come in real handy. Its jungle-like appearance gives a genuine feel of the forest. Your cats can jump up the multi-floored tree house, laze around in their own comfy condos, climb up the ladder – basically have loads of fun and get some exercise too. All this while you know your furry friends are in the safety of your home. Our latest study suggests that this one-of-a-kind cat house is priced at just $139. What a splendid deal!

Looking for more functional features? You’re in the right place. This Redwood Cat Tree has plenty to offer:
  • Special scratching posts
  • Comfortable sleep-in tunnels
  • Faux fur covering
  • Strong base and platforms
  • This is the largest cat tree in the Kitty Mansions’ forest line collection
Vesper’s Walnut V-Base Cat Tree is aesthetically pleasing thanks to a fine design (one of many that Vesper has to offer). Comfortable platforms, scratching surfaces, and rattan ball toys make this condo a fun-filled play space for your pets. If you are short on space, we recommend checking out the Vesper V-Stool with two levels, a scratching post and a padded sleeping surface.

Vesper Cat Furniture – Cat Climbing Trees in Multiple Shapes and 6 Designs

A cat treehouse is much more than a simple play house. If chosen wisely, it could mean your pet spending hours in it, playing around, jumping up, climbing down, getting some much-needed exercise or rest. Vesper has a great selection of cat trees and play houses, with lots of options for both your cat and your décor. For this review we are looking at the Vesper V-Base model Tree, but you might also want to check out the V- Cube, V-Double Cube, V-High Base, V-Tower or the V-Lounge (all viewable from the same product link).

The Vesper V-base cat playhouse is supported by its solid MDF pine wood body. It has just 3 levels and some seriously comfortable cushions, which make it a great choice for aging cats. The ball toys are great for those cute, tiny-pawed boxing moments. Our latest report says this beautiful and functional pet house is available for less than $100!

Excited? Wait, there’s more:
  • Cuddly memory foam cushions for better comfort
  • Rounded corners for enhanced pet safety
  • Detachable scratching surfaces
  • Sea grass ropes to reduce pricking sensations
Are your cats fussy little brats who like their stuff only when it looks and feels a certain way? Then you’re in luck. This lovely cat house is available in materials like banana leaf, poplar, rattan, and even comes in fiery red and smart black colors. Talk about spoiling them for choice!

How Do I Choose the Best Cat Tree?

Is your house run by furry felines? Do you frown at your cats' workout routine and keep wondering why they work so hard to destroy the most expensive couch in your house? While cats are territorial animals, they are also companion creatures. This means that, to show love for you, your cat wants to connect with you and your smell. Since your scent is all over your furniture, your cats want to make it their territory by doing all manner of destructive things to it. They are simply trying to relate, and they are wondering why you don’t appreciate their hard work.

Within the confines of indoor space, a cat’s natural behavior can often look destructive or exaggerated. In response, a cat owner is often tempted to scold or shoo the cat for conduct that is very normal. Just like a cat house, cat furniture is a precious and necessary gift for your cat. It will provide a place for your cat to vent safely and without causing destruction to your belongings and furniture. Your kitty will be able to explore, scratch, and climb, without all the shooing and scolding.

Cat trees offer small and large cats enough sleeping areas, scratching posts, and climbing towers to stop them from clawing your furniture, hopefully! Rather than having your lovely cats declawed, which is very traumatic and painful, simply buy them good quality cat furniture.

With the many different models out there, finding the right cat furniture for your little kitty is not easy. There are some obvious factors to consider when making this important buying decision. When you bought a cat cage for your pet, you paid attention to its dimensions, maximum weight load, materials used, extra features, and the style used in its construction. Choosing a cat tree is a quite similar process. Simply choose one that meets your needs and those of your furry friend.

Now, let’s go straight to the consideration factors. Learn more about why it’s an excellent idea to get your cat a cat tree and what features you should look out for when shopping for one.
A simple but decent cat tree will cost you around $100. A more complicated cat mansion that offers several tunnels, perches, and other sleeping spots can easily sell for $400 or more. As you can see, cat trees may seem expensive, but they are true investments for your feline friend’s health and happiness.

Before you make this investment, it is important that you understand your kitten’s natural inclinations. While you can easily find cheap cat trees on the market, we highly discourage you from getting one, as they might not serve you and your kitties for long. The general rule of getting what you pay for will apply in this case. A cheap product probably means that poor quality materials were used and the product will not last long, or that the construction is unstable and won't be quite safe for your kitten.

A cheap cat tree will most probably be less appealing to your cats, so they might not use it. It is important to assess the needs of your little cutie and make a choice depending on the quality and price of the product. You should learn more about the various constructions and the materials used in making cat trees, and whether the product is modular or comes assembled.
The best cat tree should provide motivation for your cats to spend their time playing and exploring. While not all cat trees are feature-packed, all of them should at least possess some appeal for your cat. Engagement features such as scratching posts, tethered cat toys, and hiding places are great components of a good cat tree. Your adorable furry friends deserve a place that suits their needs to be able to play or rest.

Let’s look at some common cat furniture features to help you select the best one for the family’s feline friend:

Scratching Posts
    Since scratching is a form of exercise for cats, scratching posts are a necessity. Cats pull against surfaces and stretch to stay agile and active throughout the day. By giving them a scratching post, you are decreasing the chance that your cats will use your furniture for this purpose. Make sure the post is tall and sturdy enough to accommodate your kitten’s fully stretched body.
    Cat condos are available in many different sizes and shapes. They provide a covered and snug spot to rest or sleep. If your cats tend to choose quiet, dark corners to sleep in, they will most probably want a cat tree that has a kitty condo. This also applies to cats that love to explore cupboards, shopping bags and other dark places. The condo provides the peace and quiet that your cat needs, especially if your house is always busy, with kids playing and a lot of people coming in and out.
    A cat tree with built-in toys will help keep your cats entertained in your absence, or when you are not able to play with them. These toys can be feathers or balls hanging from a string.
    Since cats love climbing, a cat tree with several levels will keep your cats entertained for hours.
Construction and Design
Just as furniture for kids should be designed with high standards, furniture for cats needs to emphasize stability and safety. Every feature, including steps, shelters, and shelves, should conform to the needs of small cats, big cats, and numerous visitors. The stand should offer enough stability for any number of cats, and there shouldn’t be any exposed building materials or sharp corners. Here are some of the construction and design elements that make a good quality cat tree:

Solid wood
    It goes without saying that solid wood is the best material for making furniture, and its toughness is what makes it popular. Solid wood cat furniture is heavier, and that means more stability and durability. However, solid wood has one slight disadvantage: over time, small cracks tend to emerge on the surface. Some of the woods you can consider include press wood or OSB and plywood.
Faux Fur/Faux Fleece/Carpet
    Most cat furniture found on the market is covered with carpet, faux fur, or faux fleece. The last two fabrics are artificial, but durable enough to endure cat scratching. Although faux fur and faux fleece are thinner, they have almost the same standard as regular carpet, and are able to remain in good condition even after years of rigorous use. Sometimes, choosy cat owners think that these two coverings are not smooth enough for their pets. However, these materials cost less, and are easy to clean too.
Sisal Rope vs. Carpeted Poles
    A cat tree with sisal posts is much better than one made of carpet. Our experts have found that kittens prefer a natural sisal post over a carpeted one. Sisal rope provides an excellent scratching surface for cats, and it is 100% natural. Sisal rope is also very strong and will last you many years. It can be quite challenging to know which covering material is best for your cat. Let your budget and your cat’s needs guide you in choosing the right material.
Modular vs. Fully Assembled Item
    Cat furniture comes in two different categories: ones that come fully connected and ready for use, and ones that need to be assembled. The ones that require assembling are known as modular furniture. They come unassembled (with their parts in a box), and you must put all the parts together. Usually, assembling this furniture is easy and requires just one tool, which comes with each set. If you choose to buy such furniture, make sure you tighten everything firmly, as the item's stability depends on it. The fully assembled furniture is usually of high quality, but very expensive. These items weigh more and have solid wood frames, which makes them more firm and durable.
Performance and Ease of Use
A cat tree is not just another accessory to have in your home. It provides a perfect resting place for your cat to relax and chill after a meal or during a hot afternoon. For this reason, it is important to invest in a cat tree with features that appeal to cats and make them want to explore and play. Here is what to look for in terms of performance and ease of use:

Ease of Maintenance
    With fur and dander getting trapped in various corners and hutches, cat trees can prove to be very complicated furniture to maintain. Some models come with special covers and replacement parts for easy cleaning. Others can be disassembled and reassembled to allow cleaning. The best cat trees are those that come with accessible elements and easy-to-clean surfaces. Cat trees with fabric cover materials can easily be maintained with a small pet vacuum, dry cloth duster, and lint roller. Compared to carpet, faux fleece is also easy to clean. You only need a mini-vac or small brush to deal with the dander and fur. You can also add a small pet blanket or towel to the cubbyhole for extra comfort and simplicity in maintenance.
Ease of Use
    Find cat furniture that will allow your cats to perform their favorite activities with ease. If your kitty loves climbing a lot, buy a tree that will enable your cat to do lots of vertical movements. If your cats like taking naps on it, choose one with a snug resting surface. If your pets like to scratch, they'll need a playground with a sisal or carpet scratching post.

Get the Best Cat Tree of 2023!

That’s one fantastic list! We hope we have helped you pick the best cat tree for your little furry friends, and you can’t wait to see them in their own little tree house. However, if you feel that our list doesn't fit the bill, do not hesitate to check out other cat tree options by these brands. We can vouch for these brands’ reputations, so you don’t need to be worried about the quality.

Our Top Choice
The Armarkat Classic Cat Tree House with Multiple Perches
Best Value
Go Pet Club’s F67 Cat Climbing Tree with Hammock
The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower – Wood Cat Tree w/ Modern Design
Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Climbing Tree with Multiple Levels
Vesper Cat Climbing Play House – Multiple Colors and Designs