Best Caviar Reviews 2022

People love to try out delicacies and enjoy some special meals once in a while. Caviar combines superior taste with great flavor and nutrition-packed goodness. With assorted packaging, different brands, tastes and textures, the choice of caviar that’ll satisfy your taste buds may be a difficult one, especially if you’re a novice. We’ve carefully picked out and researched some of the best caviar brands that offer the best caviar and chosen one product from each in order to help you through this. You can go also ahead to check out other caviars available to these brands, if the featured product isn’t what you like.
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Roe Grain
Our Top Choice
Gourmet Food Store Osetra Golden Imperial Caviar
Gourmet Food Store provides condiments and special edibles for those who love good food and desire to have it the right way.
Manufactured to high quality standards. Clear, shiny dark yellow color. Comes from the best roe eggs. Can be substitute for pet food.
Greasy and ought to be deep fried.
Osetra; farm-raised
Intense yellow
12 sizes available
Caspian Sea
Best Value
Roland Red Lumpfish 2 Ounce Caviar
With its drive for the highest of quality, Roland Foods has for over 80 years offered tantalizing cooking delights to its customers and kitchen connoisseurs.
Non-pungent great taste. Can be used as meal garnishing. Comes in packs for more quantity. Has a crisp feel and texture. Highly affordable.
Considered too salty by some people.
2 ounces; pack of 2
North Sea
Bemka Crown Russian Ossetra Caviar
For over 20 years, Bemka has been providing its customers with international foods. Its caviar is either wild or grown, and is supplied ice-packed and fresh.
Delicious, nutty flavor. Succulent and soft feel. Inner creamy, buttery taste. Distinct salt flavor. Comes in large brown grains. Easy to scoop — eat with spoon.
Its consistency is a bit too watery.
Osetra; farm-raised
11 sizes available
North of Caspian Sea
Black Diamond Hackleback Caviar
Black Diamond is a well-known manufacturer of dependable gourmet products, gotten directly from source, and packaged to high standards.
Fresh and savory to taste. Firm consistent texture. Dependably fished from source. Prepared to the highest quality control standards. Available in big hotels, restaurants.
Pearly grains lose their ‘pop’ after a while.
8 ounces
Marky's Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar
Marky’s offers its customers a wide variety of caviar, home grown or pre-selected from distributors all over the world.
Comes from pink salmon. Used as ‘ikura’ for seafood garnishing. Fantastic topping for breakfast and lunch. Contains edible fat and minimal salt. Buttery shiny feel and texture.
Noticeably sharp fishy taste.
Pink Salmon
11 sizes available

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What is the Best Caviar?

Your choice of caviar depends largely on what you can eat, the kind of flavors that appeal to you and if you’re adventurous with food. There’s caviar for everyone who loves them; it all depends on finding that which suits you perfectly. If you’re going to do caviar right, you must consider some factors first. Wake up the connoisseur in you by picking the caviar that’s made an impression in your heart.
Our Top Choice
The Gourmet Food Store Osetra Golden Imperial Caviar is manufactured to the highest quality control and safety procedures from the best roe eggs, and is suitable for consumption by both adults and young people. If you prefer dark caviar, check out the Osetra Russian Karat Black Caviar, which comes in a 1 ounce jar. It’s naturally grown in a chemical-free environment.

Gourmet Food Store Golden Imperial Molassol Caviar – Available in 12 Sizes

Gourmet Food Store is an online store that offers a prime selection of international cuisine and specialized foods such as cheese, caviar truffles and other delicacies. The company also stocks assorted fish and special meats that help enhance the cook’s culinary abilities. It makes provision for food lovers who like to cook with a variety of condiments. All over the world, Gourmet’s foods are known for its incredibly affordable prices. It lets the customer in on all they need to know about gourmet meals while taking recipes, wine tasting and liquor serving to a whole new level.

The Gourmet Food Store Osetra Golden Imperial Caviar has its origins in Israel. It’s specially made for the gourmet experts that love quality and go for excellent items and products. It’s high grade caviar with little or no downsides. This caviar is made with high quality large eggs in standard and environmentally safe conditions and is hygienically proven to be safe for consumption, even for your darling youngsters.

It comes in a clear, golden color that sets it apart from the regular caviar; it’s delivered fresh and comes well-packaged. The sweet, nutty taste makes it stand out and is unlike any other caviar in the market. This caviar isn’t too salty, either, as it can be consumed without any real preparation and stores well at a temperature of somewhere between 29 – 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It makes for a great treat for pets since it’s obviously much tastier than any packaged dog or cat food. For consumers who don’t want that distinct caviar taste, it can also be deep fried and eaten with mayonnaise or sour cream. This caviar makes a good topping for sandwiches and comes out crisp.

The Gourmet Food Store Osetra Golden Imperial Caviar comes in 12 different sizes, from the simple 1 ounce offering to the massive 17.6 ounce package, so you only have to decide how much caviar you want!

Here are some other caviars by Gourmet Food Store:
  • American Hackleback Caviar Malossol: One of the freshest caviars of American origin. It’s made from hackleback sturgeon’s shiny black eggs. The characteristic nutty flavor of most of the caviar by this brand is present in this caviar
  • Osetra and Sevruga Caviar Gift Set: It’s a combination of two black sturgeon caviars: the Osetra and Sevruga Malossol. This delicate mix of nutty and buttery plus other edibles and a sleek spoon is the perfect gift for a loved one or dear family member
Best Value
Unlike some other caviars, the Roland Red Lumpfish Caviar has a great non-pungent taste. Instead it has a mild, fishy taste, which makes it easy to eat and is the reason for its popularity within the community of caviar lovers. If you’re searching for dark caviar, go for the Roland’s 12 Ounce Black Lumpfish Caviar. It comes in a nice 12-ounce glass jar.

Roland Red Lumpfish Whole Grain 2 Ounce Caviar, Pack of Two

Roland, with its focus on impressive performance, has continued to provide its customers with excellent cooking delights for over 80 years. For the connoisseur, the company is willing to share its vast culinary experiences and variety of assorted recipes. It’s a foremost importer and distributor of specialty foods and has wide knowledge regarding several products. The company goes a step further to provide insights on its new products and share information on the next big thing about food. Roland keeps itself in the face of its customers by making its products readily accessible in the market, household kitchens, hotels and restaurants.

The Roland Red Caviar originates from the seas between Denmark and Iceland and is made from lumpfish roe. It’s crispy caviar with a distinct fish flavor. This caviar can keep for a remarkable period of time, owing to this crisp nature. It tastes best when served chilled and straight from the fridge in its jar.

This caviar isn’t heat-friendly, and it may become denatured or lose its color if cooked, so it’s best served straight after purchase. This is healthy and non-fatty caviar that makes a good accompaniment for many meals and snacks. Cholesterol levels are safe when eating this caviar; it won’t increase it nor lead to any fat-associated complications.

Roland offers other caviar options:
  • 12 Oz Red Lumpfish Caviar: It’s a 12-ounce glass jar caviar that is best served cold, direct from the jar
  • Roland Red Caviar, 2 Ounce (Pack of 4): This is whole grain caviar with mild fish taste and crunchy feel, that comes in a pack of four
  • Roland Lumpsfish Caviar, Red, 12 - 12 Ounce: 12 jars of lumpfish caviar, 12-ounce each. With this, there is enough caviar to go round quite a number of people
  • Roland Black Caviar, Whole Grain Lumpfish, 2 Ounce: A 2-pack black caviar made from whole grain lumpfish with a distinct crispy, fishy taste
The Bemka Crown Russian Ossetra Caviar is exceptional farm-raised sturgeon caviar with its pronounced nutty flavor and succulent feel. It’s loved by experts owing to its sizeable brown grains and the fact that it has less than 3% salt content. If you prefer a golden colored caviar with a mild sweet taste, check out the Bemka French Trout Wild Caviar, which comes in a 7-ounce tin.

Bemka Crown Russian Ossetra Caviar, 2-Ounce Jar

Bemka has for over two decades supplied hotels, restaurants and clubs with the finest caviar. Since its inception in 1984, the company has been importing and distributing excellent international foods, as well as cultivated and domestic caviar. Its range of caviar is impressive and includes the Imperial, Royal Siberian, Kaluga and Wild American Caviars, products that are carefully chosen, ice-packed by professionals and shipped in safe conditions straight to customers’ homes. As a result, Bemka products always come in fresh and, coupled with its superior customer service, the company meets the culinary needs of gourmet experts all over the world.

Enjoy the juicy, soft feel and premium quality of the most special farm-grown Russian sturgeon ever! The Bemka Crown Russian Ossetra Caviar is one of the highest grade products in the market of farm bred caviar. Raised from the true stock of sturgeon with origins in the Caspian Sea, this caviar has been harvested to top standards and has the moral backing of the fishing territories.

Popular for its sharp nutty flavor, this caviar has firm succulent exterior and big brown grains. Culinary experts love this caviar for this, plus the fact that it has less than 3% salt content, just like the real ‘Russian Malossol’. It’s a conspicuous part of any connoisseur’s food pack that always comes in handy for unusual cuisine. The ice-packing of this delicious caviar makes it get to any destination fresh and succulent. This caviar also makes a great corporate gift; watch as clients with an eye for value and touch of class drool over this fabulous package.

Bemka has plenty of assorted caviar for your consideration:
  • American Paddlefish Wild Caviar, 2-Ounce Jar: A fresh-packed high quality paddlefish wild caviar from the Mississippi River, that varies in color from light to dark grey and has a smooth flavor
  • Canadian Golden Whitefish Wild Caviar, 2-Ounce Jar: An excellent caviar suitable to be used as an appetizer. Its golden orange color and tiny pearly grains are favored for their crisp feel and lovely taste
  • American Salmon Wild Caviar, 2-Ounce Jar: Also known as Ketta salmon, these are sushi type grains from Japan, with red orange eggs and low salt salmon flavor
  • American Bowfin Wild Caviar, 4-ounce Jar: Caviar that is best consumed with lemon juice. It has a sumptuous locked-in taste and comes in brown-black to dark black color
The Black Diamond Hackleback Caviar is dependable caviar used by prominent cooks and chefs. It’s domestic, farmed from a sustainable source and comes in a dark color and has a sweet taste and firm grain. If you prefer bowfin caviar, order the Bowfin Caviar By Black Diamond Caviar (8oz); you’ll love its natural brownish-black color and tangy taste.

Black Diamond Hackleback Caviar – Available in 5 Sizes

With over 30 years’ experience in the gourmet industry, Black Diamond, together with its parent company, Warbucks Seafood, ranks as one of the most popular manufacturers of sustainable culinary products. It gets its supplies directly from source, one reason why its products are extremely reliable. The company is known for its heat insulated packaging that guarantees freshness and only ships caviar of the highest quality to the best of quality control standards. Backing this attention to product care with top notch customer service, Black Diamond produces top class caviar with the best equipment possible. The company has made a mark in every part of the world where its bowfin caviar, paddlefish caviar kosher and American sturgeon are shipped to or consumed.

The Black Diamond Hackleback Caviar also called the American Sturgeon or the ‘Shovelnose’ is used by many talented chefs as dependable domestic caviar. This natural and fresh caviar is fished from the Mississippi estuary and has very close features with the European sturgeons. The dark black color of this caviar is a refreshing option from the bright colored variety commonly seen in those parts. The color doesn’t detract in any way from its taste, which is sweet to the mouth. It has a firm grain and will keep even upon prolonged storage or transportation. This caviar is available at top restaurants and fine eating spots all over the world, and it comes in 5 different sizes for you to choose from.

Here are other caviars stocked by Black Diamond you may want to check out:
  • Paddlefish Caviar By Black Diamond Caviar (1oz): Best American black caviar, domestic and natural with crunchy, fresh taste that is not too salty or tasteful. This caviar is sustainable since its source can be completely traced
  • Rio Frio Organic Caviar by Black Diamond Caviar: A 1.1-ounce organic and flavorful osetra caviar with a delightful texture and precise ‘pop’ to it. It’s known to be the first ever endorsed organic caviar. It makes a grand gift for a caviar enthusiast
  • Salmon Roe Caviar (8oz): This is a wild caught pink salmon caviar from Alaska, fresh from the sea with a nice taste
The Marky's Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar is extracted from pink salmon and is a superb part of seafood garnishing where it’s popularly known as ‘ikura’; a unique meal ingredient that adds a great taste to cooked food. If you prefer hackleback caviar, go for Marky's Hackleback Caviar, which is made from American sturgeon. Its small shiny eggs and intense nutty taste makes it stand out among all sorts of caviar.

Marky's Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar – Available in 11 Sizes

Marky’s understands that caviar is a product that combines taste and flavor with a lot of nutritional benefits which is why it does its best to impress customers with the collection it makes available. It has a drive to match high quality products with affordable prices and at the same time give the consumer a choice of all kinds of caviar in the market. Marky’s has its focus on its suppliers and deals with only the credible ones to ensure that its customers get the best quality goods. From the domestic and traditional Beluga, White Sturgeon and American Paddlefish to the more popular Sushi and Bottarga caviar, Marky’s opens its doors wide with the large number of alternatives that chefs and connoisseurs find totally appealing.

Marky's Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar is gotten from pink salmon roe with a good quantity of fat and a noticeable bright orange color and lingering salmon taste. This caviar is a predominant feature of Japanese gourmet dishes and continental cuisine, where it’s used as ‘ikura’ and a garnishing for fish and other seafood meals. For your breakfast omelet and lunch of cooked potatoes, this caviar makes a superb accompaniment.

Its pure, watery flavor and incredibly low salt content makes it easy to eat for both grownups and children. The Marky's Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar comes to your door frozen and preserved with salt to a crisp texture. The jar or tin in which this caviar is stored should be tucked into your refrigerator immediately after purchase in order to keep it fresh until ready for consumption. Served with freezing vodka or a glass of white wine is the best way to get maximum enjoyment from your well-deserved delicacy, which conveniently for you comes in 11 different sizes. You will love it!

Other caviar varieties from Marky’s include the following:
  • Kaluga Hybrid Black Caviar, Huso Dauricus, River Beluga: A 1-ounce specially selected hybrid caviar with succulent grains, rich buttery taste and gray or black color
  • Marky's American Pride Caviar, Herring - 4 oz: Premium flavored caviar for garnishing salads and soups. It has a sweet smoky taste, shiny black color
  • Farmed California Osetra Caviar/ White Sturgeon from USA - 1 oz: Nutty tasting caviar, golden color and medium grains that are freshly cured and tin/jar packaged
  • Marky's Farmed Siberian Osetra Caviar, Baerii from France: Great quality Osetra caviar with special, crunchy taste. It’s an Osetra fish grade one caviar with a shiny, greyish brown texture

How Do I Choose the Best Caviar?

It’s not just roe or fish eggs, it’s caviar! Indulging in the pleasure of caviar is one of the delights worth having as often as you can. The feel of the grains as they roll all over your mouth and pop as you eat them is something that’s even better experienced than imagined. Caviar is egg cluster or roe gotten from a large type of fish known as the sturgeon, but it can also be obtained from other fish such as salmon, whitefish and lumpfish amongst others.

The eggs are taken from the fish by a special method that doesn’t cause any harm to the fish, aside from a tiny cut. On the other hand, there’s caviar that is harvested from sturgeons that have been raised in a fish tank and kept especially for the purpose. Such fishing for caviar is highly sustainable and safe by every standard. Besides the sturgeon, which has become increasingly scarce, the roe has also become popular for its supply of caviar.

There are different varieties of caviar and types that may affect your choice:
  • Baerii caviar: This is Siberian sturgeon caviar, which has a crunchy taste
  • Beluga caviar: One of the most common, premium types of caviar with large silver eggs, but which may also be black in color. It has a creamy taste that’s somewhat like that butter in your dish. These eggs feature an enclosing gel sac and a distinct dark patch that is the ‘egg’ itself. While the beluga has the highest price among caviar types, its sale isn’t encouraged in some countries though
  • Osetra caviar: This is caviar produced from the sturgeon Osetra, with medium-sized eggs gray or brown in color with a nutty flavor
  • Sevruga caviar: This caviar has tiny golden eggs and comes from the Sevruga sturgeon. It has a stronger flavor than any other caviar and also a deep salty taste, mainly due to the small eggs that take in a higher amount of salt during the brining process. This means you will not be using your salt grinder when taking this delicacy.
  • Lumpfish caviar: This is roe caviar with tiny eggs that come in black or red colors. They’re quite popular and more affordable than their sturgeon counterparts
  • Sterlet caviar: This is obtained from the tiny golden eggs of the starlet, a sturgeon that’s popular for its caviar that’s served to nobles, since it’s considered one of the finest available
  • Paddlefish caviar: This is American caviar which is gotten from the Mississippi paddlefish that’s much similar to the sturgeon. Some of the eggs are small and others medium sized, with different shades of grey and an earthy or ‘muddy’ taste
  • Whitefish caviar: This is roe caviar that’s golden yellow and has a mild taste that makes it the favored caviar for culinary purposes
  • Salmon or red caviar: Moderate eggs with orange to dark red color and most times recommended as an alternative to the pricier sturgeon caviars
  • Trout caviar: This is a small roe caviar with a mild taste and minimal salt content. It’s easy to farm which makes it a lot more affordable than others, even with its great taste
  • Tarama caviar: Also called carp caviar from its roe, Tarama caviar is orange-colored and usually smoked before packaging and sale
Besides the types of fish and their sources, there are a lot of other factors you may want to take in consideration before you purchase the caviar you want. Read on to understand how these features are related to and affect your choice of caviar.
Truth be told, Caviar isn’t the kind of meal you get around the corner store and casually pick out. Getting caviar often comes at a high cost, so if you’re parting with a substantial amount of cash, it makes sense for you to get something worth your time, budget and taste. The cost of caviar is related directly to its rarity. That you paid a lot for caviar doesn’t necessarily mean you bought the best; sometimes a big price simply means that it’s very difficult to obtain. Also, it’s expected that caviar that’s gotten from wild fish from the sea would cost more than those that are domestically raised in fish tanks. Finally, it’s worthy to note that caviar from the primary sturgeons is on the pricier side than others.

The acceptable price of caviar is debatable because of the different sources, processes and packaging that are involved, not to mention availability. Let’s face it, caviar is expensive, and like all delicacies you have to be prepared before making a purchase. After much research, we determined the price range for great caviar to be between $15 and $250, with the lower priced examples being salmon or trout caviars while the more expensive ones come from sturgeon eggs. In the course of our work, we discovered some (relatively) cheap caviar, which we left out from this review. We didn’t want you stand the risk of purchasing caviar, only to discover that you’ve paid a high price for something that you’re unable to eat or that’s not up to standard.
Getting caviar that suits your taste and class is very important, seeing that you just decided to spice up your everyday meal plan. You ought to know some features about caviar as well as its variety before you go ahead and get some for yourself. If you’re going to become a caviar lover, you just have to know what there is to it, won’t you?
These are some features to take note of:
  • Type and grade
  • Texture and color
  • Taste
  • Freshness
  • Quantity
  • Where to buy
  • Storage
  • Pressing
  • Accompaniment
  • Extras
This list just shows you what to look out for before you commit your money to getting caviar. As you go through our detailed review, the importance of these factors and how they affect your choice of caviar will become evident to you.
Construction and Design
Without trying to get you worked up, even the most affordable caviar isn’t ‘cheap’ per se, so we advise you to be prepared and run your checks properly to avoid stories that touch the heart. You may need to know the types and grades of caviar, before you go ahead and pledge your money for some to take to your abode:
  • 1st Grade caviar: With eggs that are large, fine colored, smooth, intact and with distinct flavor
  • 2nd Grade caviar: The eggs aren’t as delicate or well-formed, although the caviar is still edible and delicious
Every caviar pack or tin from a renowned dealer indicates what’s in it and this can be seen on the label underneath its jar or tin. Caviar from different species of sturgeon — the Baerii, Sevruga, Osetra and Beluga — are the rarest and most expensive caviar and are termed ‘true caviar.’ This latter group of caviars is labeled to indicate this in shops that stock them. You would see ‘sterlet caviar’ or ‘salmon caviar’ and not just the general term ‘caviar’.

The larger and firmer caviars are better and cost more. The best types of caviar have fine eggs with a smooth feel. What’s good caviar without popping? That characteristic ‘pop’ also needs to happen and not have a mushy taste. Lighter colors are rare and as such cost more than the darker roes. The color doesn’t really have an effect on the taste, but is a good test of the source and availability. Rich folks and royals favor the golden caviar, possibly because it’s attractive and also the most expensive caviar available.

The taste of caviar is largely dependent on its production method. There are two ways in which caviar can be made:
  • Malossol caviar: Caviar that’s made in this way has its original taste preserved. It contains roe with a tiny amount of salt or brine and a preservative that helps keep the caviar in form for about three months
  • Pasteurized caviar: The caviar is treated with high temperature for a long period to keep microbes away from it. On the downside this second method may change the taste of the caviar and destroy some of its good properties
It’s better to purchase your caviar directly from the producer, since in this way you get it juicy, just the way sturgeon should be.

Taste and preference for different caviar grows on you over time. If you can, taste caviar before you buy it. Better still, ask to taste from the particular tin you want to take to be sure you have the stomach for it. There’s the creamy or buttery and rich-tasting caviar and the distinctive salty fishiness of some other varieties. You may want to start by tasting it carefully and noting what about the caviar you find appealing. After you’ve acquired a taste for it, the choice is yours to make.
Performance and Ease of Use
Your breakfast omelet would take a new dimension in flavor with some caviar in it. To add that taste of class in your seafood, caviar is just the thing you need. Fish, oysters and crabs topped with some caviar is a fantasy fulfilled. You’ll absolutely enjoy having caviar with some blini — a Russian buckwheat flour pancake and champagne, vodka or white wine. The champagne washes down the caviar while the pancake mellows the fishy taste. Beer isn’t such a good drink to take with your caviar, since it doesn’t give it the kind of ‘bite’ it deserves.

How much caviar can you consume per meal? Are you going to eat the caviar all by yourself or do you have a guest over to share with? You need to get just enough caviar that you can either finish immediately or consume within one or two days of purchase. If this is the case, you should get caviar in a jar or tin. A jar of about 30 grams would do just fine for you and your friend. It is also advisable to enjoy your caviar directly from the jar in which it is bought as this preserves its form and helps retain the ‘pop’.

Maybe you’re wondering what happens when caviar eggs don’t make it out as full-sized grains, maybe they mash in the sieving process? Well here it is: there’s such a thing as pressed caviar. It’s a mixture of all the eggs that are weak, broken or split and are separately treated, cured and pressed. Most times pressed caviar looks like a jam of sorts since it can be a combination of different types of roe. It has a rich and deeper taste even though it’s not the same as your pure caviar.

It’s important that you look out for and get fresh caviar, since this is an extremely perishable product with about 3 – 4 weeks of a shelf life when it’s still sealed. If you must keep some away, then it’s recommended that you buy tinned caviar or one with a jar. When opened, it can stay only a couple days, three at the maximum. Get as much as you can consume in a short space of time. If you must keep some caviar away, make sure to stow it in this same jar, cover with a plastic sheet, screw on its cap tight and set down in your fridge when it’s coldest. If possible, find an ice pack and wrap it around the tin or jar if the temperature of your fridge fluctuates. You should only withdraw the caviar from its place if you’re ready to eat it. It’s not a condiment for your shelf or kitchen rack, because as the eggs get softer, and the aroma gets fishier, the caviar becomes stickier, watery and you run the risk of stinking up your home when it goes bad.

Get the Best Caviar of 2022!

Bravo! Your getting to the end of this review means that you’re keen on this journey to finding the best-tasting caviar your tongue has ever experienced. We’re sure that by now you know what to look out for in order to make a great choice. Don’t hesitate any longer, place that order now and have a truly gourmet experience waiting at your doorstep.

Our Top Choice
Gourmet Food Store Osetra Golden Imperial Caviar
Best Value
Roland Red Lumpfish 2 Ounce Caviar
Bemka Crown Russian Ossetra Caviar
Black Diamond Hackleback Caviar
Marky's Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar