Best Ceiling Fan Reviews 2023

When buying ceiling fans, you will need to consider the features before settling on a model. Either way, there’s no shortage, from brushed stainless steel to brass materials, ones that hang from a rod to those that are flush-mountable, ones with lights and ones without, or those with large blades or smaller blades. To help with your selection process, we’ve selected the best ceiling fans for you: so, check out these 5 fantastic ceiling fans (and their brands, if you’d like more options) to find your perfect fit.
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No. Blades
Our Top Choice
Emerson Carrera Grade Eco Ceiling Fan
Emerson is a brand all about producing high quality fans and lighting. The Emerson Carrera Grade Eco CF7880RB promises utmost performance and reliability.
No noise. No open vents to accumulate dust. Easy assembly.
Complicated installation. No remote.
37 - 65 inches & up
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Best Value
Casablanca Colorado 60” Ceiling Fan
Casablanca has proven its standing as a leading producer of standard industry ceiling fans. The Colorado 60” Ceiling Fan boasts an elegant brushed cocoa finish.
Silent performance. Includes a control. Beautiful design. Easy to use and install. Included light kit and fan blade.
Not well-matched with other wall controls. Installation complicated for sloped ceilings.
60 inches
Brushed cocoa
Fanimation Odyn LED Ceiling Fan
Fanimation’s entire business is dedicated to fans. Experienced in the art and science of producing fans, the design, and functionality of the 8148OB Odyn is well thought out.
Powerful. Compatible with fan sync. Available sloped and close to ceiling kits.
No varieties in terms of style.
52 inches
Oil-rubbed Bronze
Minka Concept™ II Ceiling Fan
Minka proudly offers a wide array of innovative designs that blend well with your space. This Minka Concept™ II is perfect for low ceilings and can change easily from low speed to high speed.
Well built modern design with clean lines. Quiet.Does not wobble. Incredibly easy to install.
Remote battery is not typical, so one might need to get a simpler remote.
25 inches
White glass
Available in 5 colors
Hunter Builder Deluxe - 52" Ceiling Fan with Light
Hunter has been producing ceiling fans since 1886. The Builder Deluxe - 52" Ceiling Fan delivers, with 110 cubic feet of efficient air movement at a high-speed setting.
Blends in with modern furniture. Perfect for large rooms. Whisper-quiet performance. Energy saver.
It is not compatible with original down rods from Hunter. It wobbles at high-speed settings.
52 inches
Stained oak and cherry

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What is the Best Ceiling Fan?

Each ceiling fan is unique and bears distinctive features and specifications, the choice of which is best depends on your inclination. Our guide has no doubt given the information that’ll help you get the right ceiling fan; now, enjoy the reviews.
Our Top Choice
Living up to Emerson’s reputation, the Emerson Carrera Grade Eco CF7880RB works for any contemporary room. With a fan span of 72", 60" and 54", this fan screams high performance and subtle craftsmanship. Alternatively, if you would prefer a different model from Emerson- one with a smaller range of fan span -52”, the Emerson 52" Bella SKU CF452ORB would be a perfect choice.

Emerson Carrera Grande Eco Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan With 6-Speed Wall Control

Everybody knows Emerson when it comes to quality fans. They have years of experience and the craftsmanship of quality equipment. The Emerson Carrera Grade Eco CF7880RB proves this by giving you utmost performance and durability. The great thing about it is that it offers you the freedom to choose your blades when it comes to sizes and design. That’s right- you can go for the 72 inch blade for more performance, or 54 inch blade if you need the fan for basic use. It retails at $534.99, but can be found on Amazon for around $100 less.

The features that make this a top choice include-
  • The bronze finish works well for modern decor
  • You can select the best size blades for your needs, typically between the choice of 54, 60 and 72 inches
  • It is very eco-friendly because of the energy star for conservation
  • It comes fitted with a down rod measuring four and a half inches to make installation easy
  • Adaptable light fixture
  • LED wall control and receiver.
  • Six speed levels for customized options
  • The motor has a lifetime warranty
Emerson’s engineering produces a range of versatile models that are technologically advanced. The range has different styles and designs such as the Carrera Grande Eco SKU:: CF788ORB that has an adaptable light fixture to suit your space. The blade lengths all vary, so the selection of each model depends entirely on what you fancy.
Best Value
Inspired by the icy conditions of the greater Colorado region, this ceiling fan is created to compliment expansive rooms with ceilings that are 9 feet or higher. If your budgetary plans allow for a more expensive Casablanca model, the Persus 64” Ceiling Fan boasts four speeds and a wattage of 88 being the unique features.

Casablanca Colorado 60-Inch Ceiling Fan and Light with Reversible Walnut/Burnt Walnut Blades

Casablanca does not cut corners when it comes to making celing fans. It ensures that it delivers products of the highest quality that are tested and tried to perfection. Among the features that ought to impress you are a fourteen-degree blade designed to make sure that airflow is equally distributed and a powerful motor for ultimate functionality. Selling for only $308.97, the exterior is gorgeous and it performs as promised.

Here is a quick look at some of its features-
  • The motor is embedded with Direct Drive to give you power and reliability for decades of continued use
  • 26 watt CFL standard medium base
  • Single light wall control with Direct•Touch®Technology
  • Reversible motor to change the fan’s air flow. Downdraft for summer and updraft mode for winter.
  • The height is changeable with a general height of 30.23 inches at its longest down rod
  • 5 exclusive reversible walnut wood blades
  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • In home 120 day service
Casablanca has a comprehensive range of modern ceiling fans to suit every story, like their Stingray 60’’ ceiling fan with its clean granite finish and 3 exclusive granite blades. Each model has its own unique special or additional feature that sets it apart from its fellows. Other divergent features include blade size, wattage and, of course, the design and style.
The Fanimation 8148OB Odyn Ceiling Fan is one of the best Fanimation Indoor fans released. The quality design is outfitted with a twin mount for purposes of flush mounting and 14 watts of power. If you are looking for more wattage, the Fanimation BP210OB1 Ceiling Fan has the same airflow as the featured product, 40 watts and almost the same degree of efficiency for a much lower price.

Fanimation Odyn LED Ceiling Fan, 84-Inch, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Fanimation is specific about how they present their models, paying consideration to the form and function, as well as the fit of the entire unit. One of the features that set this model apart is its blade sweep of 84 inches and cap for instances of low light. Retailing at $850, this ceiling fan has a delicate balance of beauty that is not intrusive or loud.

Here are the features of the Odyn Ceiling Fan-
  • The motor finish is bronze and oil rubbed for a magnificent finish
  • It comes with a light cap included for non light
  • The fan has a reverse switch and a 3 speed AC
  • It is compatible with Fansync
  • Includes four incandescent 40 watt candelabras
  • Has an airflow capacity of 9075 CFM
  • Variable speed setting
  • Has a pull chain for easy control and handling
The Aire Décor line supplies you with a wide range of blade, light and finishing options to add to the versatility of its rounded fans. The line, which includes the Odyn FPD8149, has a number of options available in different finishes such as dark bronze and Matte greige. Some models are equipped with dual mounts for flush installation while others operate on either forward or reverse speed settings.
The F518-WH is a flush mount fan that is perfect for rooms with low ceilings. Using 40 watts of electricity and an efficient airflow of 4600CFM, the F518-WH will not let you down. For comparison purposes, and if you should require a fan with more wattage, the F582-BNW Rainman is a great selection, with 5470 CFM, and a wattage of 58.0.

Minka-Aire F518-WH 44-inch Concept II Flush Mount Ceiling Fan, White with White Blades

Minka understands the sensitive art of décor when making ceiling fans. Their fans are carefully made with superior performance and your maximum comfort in mind. This featured model is suitable for use in any season or weather condition owing to its 3-speed fan control in reverse and forward. With a list price at only $279.95, this ceiling fan can be used in all indoor rooms, big or small.

Here are some additional features for your perusal-
  • Comes with an AireControl remote that is hand controlled with three speed settings
  • Has a hanging depth of ten and a half inches
  • Steel and white exterior, also available in rubbed bronze and polished or brushed nickel
  • 44 inches of blade sweep and 14 degrees of pitch for optimized air movement
  • Airflow efficiency totals 115 CFM per watt
  • Adequate hanging depth of ten and a half inches
  • Bright 100 watt halogen lamp
  • Requires less effort during assembly compared to other fans
The Minka-Aire line uses Halogen lamps to bring contemporary style to the industry. The designs are unique and utilize function, fashion and form. The collection has something for all decors and budgets, like the F510-WH Spacesaver that has 3 blades and wattage of 50.
This particular fan is available from Amazon in 5 colors, ranging from mahogany to polished nickel.
The Builder Deluxe - 52" Ceiling Fan 53091 boasts a reversible motor and a high wattage of 100. If you’re looking to retain the same high quality in ceiling fans but at an even lower price, the Hunter Builder Plus - 52" Ceiling Fan 53237 is a perfect option. It still maintains the size at 52 inches but the finish is brushed nickel.

Hunter Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan – Available in 3 Colors

Hunter has years of experience that allows the company to generate uncompromised craftsmanship in all their ceiling fans. This ceiling fan has a 52-inch span and can be installed easily with or without the light kit supplied. Retailing at a very affordable price of $139.00, and available on Amazon for under $100, the fan is perfect for large spaces or standard rooms.

The features you will want to look out for include-
  • A quiet motor owing to its WhisperWind® technology
  • Has a pull chain to turn off and on easily
  • Includes 3 inch and 2 inch down rods for proper distance allocation
  • Installation options, angled, flush mounting or standard
  • Reversible motor
  • Thirteen-degree blade pitch guarantees sufficient air flow and high performance
  • Comes fitted with 2 Candelabra luminescent bulbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty-
The Builder range of ceiling fans from Hunter is different with some models including more incandescent bulbs than others while others have different wattage. For instance, the Watson - 34" Ceiling Fan has an attractive brushed nickel exterior. Regardless of the Builder model you select, you can trust the 126 years they have been in business.

How Do I Choose the Best Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans are functional appliances that make life a lot more bearable. On those hot summer nights when the temperature rises to uncomfortable degrees and scares sleep from our tired eyes, ceiling fans can be a lifesaver. These useful appliances have come a long way from just being a means to cool a room. Ceiling fans are statement pieces in a room’s décor, light sources and room heaters.

Ceiling fans are available in different shapes, sizes and colors and while many of them have some awesome extra features, many others suit basic needs just fine. This difference is visible in price, as basic options cost less than those with lots of features. That means there’s a ceiling fan for everyone, no matter how small or large their budget may be. To avoid having to spend more than is necessary in your search, note the size of the fan. That is important because if a ceiling fan isn’t the right size for a room, the breeze may not reach every part of the room or it may be too strong – sort of like a tornado in a small room.

Today’s ceiling fans include bulbs and can solve the issues of lighting and cooling a room. LED bulbs have been incorporated into their designs, and you find a single bulb or chandelier on many of them. Ceiling fans are also a great way to save energy, and fans with ENERGY STAR ratings are more efficient to run compared to standard fans. You can also use a ceiling fan in place of your air conditioner when the nights are not overly hot and save money on electrical power. When winter brings freezing cold days and even colder nights, ceiling fans with reverse motors can whip up some heat by blowing air upwards, keeping you warm like it a space heater is in the room. Using a ceiling fan is easy as well; some of them have pull chains, others have a wall switch while some others are remote-controlled.

Hopefully our guide will be a pointer in the right direction for your search.
The price of ceiling fans depends on features. Picture a functional, basic ceiling fan with 4 blades, a pull chain for convenient control and without any lighting fixtures. Now, picture another one with a remote control, 4 retractable blades and a chandelier that allows you to choose between 3 light temperatures. The price range for ceiling fans starts from as low as $50 to as high as $1000, and you should know that more features a ceiling fan has, the pricier it’ll be. Conversely, the more basic ceiling fans are great options for shoppers on a budget. Cheap ceiling fans are quite different from budget fans as they often promise some interesting features for less, but those promises are empty and low-quality.
To make sure you end up with a ceiling fan that’ll be worth every dollar you’ll spend on it, there a number of features you should look for and we’ve listed them below:
  • Size
  • Number of blades
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Color
Construction and Design
Ceiling fans are made with a variety of materials from plastic to metal, wood to glass and sometimes, a combination of these. The material used plays an important role in determining where it’s used. When shopping for one, pay attention to location ratings as designated by UL (Underwriters Laboratories); these ratings are UL Dry, UL Damp and UL Wet. Ceiling fans rated UL Dry usually feature wooden blades made with furniture-grade wood. They are recommended for indoor locations with the least possible moisture content like your living room and bedroom. Ceiling fans with UL Damp rating are built to withstand humidity and is great for places like the bathroom and laundry room. Fans with UL Wet rating are designed with a water-proof motor housing and are great for outdoor locations like your porch.

The number of blades on a ceiling fan range from 3 to 5. Here is what you should know when considering the number of fan blades: the higher the number of blades on a ceiling fan, the less noise its motor will make and the less air it will circulate. You may be wondering why more blades do not equal more air, and that all lies in the physics of it: the fan’s motor has to overcome some drag to rotate the blades, so more blade will equal more work for the motor which slows it down. Fans with fewer blades circulate more air than those with more blades, but they’re also noisier.

A number of these fans are designed with a reversible motor which makes it possible for the blades to move in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. This is a nice feature because the fan can be used in the warm summer months and winter as well. Ceiling fans with reversible blades rotate in a clockwise direction in summer so that it blows a cool, downward breeze and vice versa in winter.
Performance and Ease of Use
One major factor that determines how much satisfaction you’ll get from your ceiling fan is its size. Ceiling fans are available in 14 to 75 inch sizes and in order to know which fan is the right size, you’ll take the dimensions of the room you intend to use it in. The general rule is this: if your room is less than 75 square feet (multiply the length of the room by its width), a ceiling fan between 29 to 36 inches should do the trick, and for rooms that are up to 175 sq. ft., ceiling fans measuring 42 to 48 inches are recommended; if it’s a room with up to 350 sq. ft. of space, a 52 to 56-inch fan will keep it cool; for spaces with over 350 sq. ft. of space, fans that are 60 inches or larger should be considered.

The height of your ceiling is also important when choosing a fan. It’s advised that a ceiling fan shouldn’t be lower than 7 feet from the floor. If the room has a low ceiling, a flush mount or hugger fan will work best as it’ll be installed directly against the ceiling and the blades will be 7 feet above the ground. For rooms with higher ceilings, the fans are to be installed with a down rod so that they reach the required height. There are two types of these rods: the standard and the non-standard. The standard rod is to be used for ceilings that are 8 to 10 feet high while the non-standard is for higher ceilings. If the ceiling is sloped, a down rod will make installation possible, ensure that the blades are clear of the ceiling on all sides.

Ceiling fans come in different shapes and colors. The choice of which is best depends on the room décor. If you’re doing a vintage interior, find a vintage fan that’ll compliment it. They usually have pretty lattice or filigree decorations on them. There are also fans with contemporary designs that will compliment a modern home beautifully. There are ceiling fans with regular tapering blades and others with leaf-shaped blades as well. It all depends on your personal taste.

Get the Best Ceiling Fan of 2023!

We hope that our review has helped you narrow down your choices for an informed decision. Our variety of ceiling fans represents quality, durability, and performance; so really, you cannot go wrong with any of these.

Our Top Choice
Emerson Carrera Grade Eco Ceiling Fan
Best Value
Casablanca Colorado 60” Ceiling Fan
Fanimation Odyn LED Ceiling Fan
Minka Concept™ II Ceiling Fan
Hunter Builder Deluxe - 52" Ceiling Fan with Light