Best Cell Phone Battery Reviews 2022

We live in a world run by our smart phones. Today, cell phones are not only communication devices; most house web browsers, day planners, gaming systems, navigation systems, and multimedia functionalities—to point out a few. Agreeably, it gets harder and harder for us to get by without one of these multi-functional cell phones. However, your cell phone’s battery life will inevitably degrade over time and that’s when wild ideas of replacing your cell phone altogether kick in. We’ve gone to great lengths to bring you some of the best cell phone battery brands in the industry, along with one battery from each, to give you reviews of our top five choices.
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Battery Model
Our Top Choice
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Standard Battery
Samsung is a Korean brand with a rich history of providing innovative and high-quality electronic products to its customers globally, all of first-class style.
3220mAh capacity. Great replacement battery. Lithium-ion cell type for longer usage. NFC technology. Longer battery life.
Takes some time to fully charge.
Lithium Ion
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 IV
8.2 x 4.1 x 1 inches; 1.4 oz.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Best Value
Huawei Battery for Ascend II
Founded in 1987, Huawei is now one of the largest telecoms companies in the world. It’s dedicated to bringing the latest technology to customers through innovation.
Longer battery life. Uses lithium ion technology. Reliable replacement. 1400 mAh power capacity. Works like originals.
Does not support fast charging.
Lithium Ion
Huawei HB5K1H
3 x 2 x 0.9 inches; 0.3 oz.
Several AT&T and Huawei models
LG V20 Battery
LG is a leading provider of top-of-the-line electronics and cell phone accessories that enhance your mobile experience.
Superior performance. Extended life. 3200mAh capacity. Li-ion cell type. Keeps phone alive when needed. Great value for money.
Battery life could be better.
Lithium Ion
LG PAC63341101.AETC
1.85 oz.
LG V20™ Smartphones
Motorola OEM Battery
Motorola is a leading provider of the best mobile devices in the world. For over 80 years, the company has improved people’s lives through high-tech devices.
710mAh of capacity. Good performance. Protection against overcharging. Long duration of charge. Microchip.
Some dead batteries were shipped.
Lithium Ion
Motorola BR50
3.2 x 2.4 x 0.3 inches; 0.3 oz.
Several Motorola models
Sony Ericsson Cellular Phone Battery for Xperia
A jointly-owned company by Sony and Ericsson, the Sony Ericsson was founded back in 2001 with a goal to be a global leader in all things mobile communication.
Great spare and replacement battery. Lithium polymer technology. Good power capacity. Compatible with most Xperia models.
It’s not Quick Charge 3.0-compatible.
Lithium poly
Sony Ericsson BST 41
2.6 x 1.7 x 0.2 inches; 1.09 oz.
Several Xperia models

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What is the Best Cell Phone Battery?

In all the excitement of a new smartphone, we often forget about the battery. We come to realize its importance when it can no longer keep your phone powered up throughout the day. The best cell phone battery should be uniquely designed to offer the most reliable way of keeping your phone fully charged when you need it the most. It should also come at a price tag that meets your budget. That said, let’s take a look at our top choices—one of them may be just what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 IV Battery offers a 3220mAh capacity and uses lithium-ion cell type to guarantee the most time possible out of a single charge. Want a battery charger that carries a spare batter? The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Spare Battery Charger has you covered throughout your day!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 IV Battery for BN910BB, SM-N910, N910A, N910T

Samsung has, since its inception 70 years ago, built on its reputation as a leading provider of technology-driven consumer electronics. With a team of experts, the company creates cell phone batteries with long-lasting capacities and maximum power; as such, a majority of its customers testify of the great value they get from Samsung products. This company boasts of so much—why not try out some of its products for yourself?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Battery is made of lithium Ion cells to deliver longer-lasting power and capacity for your Galaxy Note 4 device. It packs a massive 3220mAh capacity, making it a great replacement battery for extended use or while you’re travelling. This rechargeable battery offers you a long-lasting charge, making it an extremely reliable way to keep your phone working after the original battery dies out—you never know when your old phone battery could fail.

Further adding to its reliability is the fact that it’s an original from Samsung, ensuring it’s not a counterfeit and is made from the company’s high-quality design and engineering. One thing you can be granted from this superior phone battery is a built-in NFC antenna to bring the battery to its optimum performance level. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s even compatible with different cell phone models.
Best Value
Its Battery for Ascend II Original OEM boasts a power capacity of 1400mAh, therefore offering you a powerful and reliable option in case your current battery dies out. If you’re after a lithium ion battery with more capacity, then the Huawei H868C Cell Phone Battery might be just what you need.

Huawei Battery for Ascend II Original OEM

With over 25 years of expertise in the industry, Huawei is committed to providing an extensive array of consumer products including home devices, mobile broadband devices, and mobile phones. Its quality line of mobile phones and accessories is uniquely designed to give you the ultimate smartphone experience.

The Battery for Ascend II by Huawei offers up to 1400mAh of capacity, ensuring your battery sustains an optimal amount of charges for use even when you’re travelling. The battery also offers incredible compatibility with select Huawei and AT&T devices; these include the Huawei Ascend II m865, AT&T Fusion U8652, and Fusion 2 U8665. Made to be a reliable backup, this is an OEM battery and thus delivers incredible performance. Further—and likely best of all—it is memory effect-free, and won’t be affected by repeated charging. If you’re in need of a new phone battery, we definitely suggest giving this one a try!
The LG OEM Original LG V20 H+ Standard Battery ensures that you’re always connected even when your phone’s battery dies. It boasts a 3200mAh power capacity and Lithium-ion for extended life. Want a complete charging kit for your LG V20 device instead? The LG Battery Charging Kit BCK-5200 has some amazing features to keep your phone alive all day.

LG OEM Original LG V20 H+ Standard Battery

LG is dedicated to providing electronic appliances and mobile devices specially designed to help its customers live a fulfilling life through time spent with and for loved ones. From Bluetooth technology to extended-life batteries, LG has you covered. Its quality line of products ensures innovative solutions to make your life simpler and better.

Designed with you in mind, this LG OEM Original Standard Battery offers 3200mAh of juice to enhance your mobile experience while keeping you powered throughout the day. It also serves as a great replacement battery to keep you connected whether you’re at home or away. It does this through use of its Quick Charge 3.0 support, which aids in reducing the required charging time. Due to its handy features and capabilities, this battery is great for things like camping, hiking, or similar activities where you’ll be away from the charger for a while.

Tacked onto its list of premium features is this battery’s long talk time and overall convenient charge-hold time. And for those who are environmentally-conscious, you can rest assured that this battery is recyclable, and therefore far better for the environment than traditional batteries. For the best experience, it’s also recommended that you use it with the LG V20 Battery Charging Cradle, though this is optional. Best of all, you can use this battery for a variety of phone models—that’s convenience for you!
The Motorola OEM SNN5696 Battery comes in a compact design with 710mAh of capacity to ensure your phone is always powered up. Looking for a replacement battery with more power capacity? The Motorola BR56 Battery offers more capacity and longer life.

Motorola OEM SNN5696 BR50 RAZR V3 V3c V3m Battery

Motorola has a long-standing history as a key player in the invention of the modern mobile communications. Applying that same nature and passion, the company has a commitment to providing what its customers need. It does this through its wide array of high-quality devices with reasonable price tags. This is the brand to opt for if you want some of the best appliances on the market from a trusted name.

This OEM Battery by Motorola offers you longer battery life for your phone, allowing you to stay connected throughout your day. Its built-in microchip is a special feature that keeps your phone from overcharging, and this battery is free from the memory loss effect. It has even more going for it, as it offers you a great talk and standby time, along with optimal performance with compatible devices. And best of all, this is a Motorola-original battery—that means definite great quality and safety.
The Sony Ericsson Battery for Xperia X1 X10 Original OEM offers a great solution to those looking to keep their phones running throughout the day, with lithium polymer technology and a long run time. Want a Li-poly battery specially designed for your Xperia X10 phone? Consider getting the Sony Ericsson BST-41 Lithium Polymer Battery for the best performance.

Sony Ericsson Battery for Xperia X1 X10 Original OEM

Sony Ericsson aims at bringing the possibilities of powerful technology to consumers through tech-driven mobile multimedia products. Led by a strong consumer-focused strategy, the company has grown to become a leader in the mobile communications industry. It specializes in offering feature-rich cell phones and accessories.

The Sony Ericsson Battery for Xperia comes with an impressive 1450mAh of capacity, allowing you a much longer time to talk on and use your phone. It’s a genuine battery designed specifically for the Sony Ericsson Xperia phone models. Further, its lightweight allows you to easily carry it with you in case you need it while away from home. Its lithium polymer technology ensures that you have lots of battery run time to go off of, and this phone battery can hold a longer charge than the original battery. What better to give you the opportunity to enjoy all the things your phone can offer for as long as you need?

How Do I Choose the Best Cell Phone Battery?

Batteries! Batteries! Those small, yet functional accessories in your phone can make or break your day. That’s true – if your battery cannot last hours without requiring a recharge, then you can expect it to inconvenience your day. You can’t text or Whatsapp; you can’t finish your favorite Candy Crash level; or even receive that important call from your client on a dead phone. Instead of keeping your device connected to the car charger all the time, consider getting a good quality cell phone battery and your worries will be long gone.

Battery adverts may read “Long Life, High Energy, High Capacity, Heavy Duty, Deep Cycle, Quick Charge”, as well as other ill-defined parameters; but unfortunately, there are limited industrial or legal standards to exactly define what each of these terms means.

Note—advertisement slogans or words can mean whatever the phone battery seller wishes them to mean. Aside from the basic cell phone’s battery design, its performance is dependent on the battery’s use, as well as environmental conditions; but rarely, if ever, do you find specifications for these conditions in mass market advertisements. This can be pretty misleading and confusing to you as a customer.

We all can agree buying a replacement battery is cheaper than getting a new smartphone. So, which is the best cell phone battery type for you? With several types of phone batteries in today’s markets, phone designers struggle to maximize on the power their battery products provide while minimizing the phone’s space they take up. The best types of rechargeable cell phone batteries in today’s market include Li-ion and Li-poly batteries.

In some cases, third-party companies may have faulty or low-quality battery products in stock. Some of these batteries may degrade in quality quickly—requiring you to replace your battery yet again in a matter of weeks or months. Some might not even last a day, and you will need carry your portable charger with you everywhere you go. Therefore, take an extra stride to check the user feedback rating for each third-party cell phone battery manufacturer you approach.
How do cell phone battery prices compare? Well, you’ll get a good battery for your smartphone for as little as $3; the prices of some of the premium models, however, can soar up to $40. So, what brings about the price difference? The high price tag comes with some amazing features including longer battery life, Quick Charge 3.0 support, high power capacity, and built-in NFC technology.

But, this does not mean that the lower-priced models aren’t efficient enough to keep you connected throughout the day. Settling on less expensive batteries simply means you’ll save a few bucks, but will miss out on some of the premium features. That said, it’s still a good idea to avoid cheap cell phone batteries; those with super-low price tags will likely leave you disappointed with poor quality, low battery life, or other problems. A reasonable price should bring you a reasonable battery.
With a steady influx of counterfeit cell phone batteries in today’s market, you need to buy your replacement battery primarily from the manufacturer or trustworthy and vetted third-party distributors. You also need to ensure that you know what exactly constitutes a great cell phone battery, for you to get the best value for your money.

Here are some of the key features to look out for when shopping for the best cell phone battery out there:
  • Type: As earlier mentioned, the best battery types are Li-ion and Li-poly. So, ensure that you buy either of the two for enhanced performance.
  • Battery Model: Check the battery’s model to make sure that you get the best quality from the original manufacturer.
  • Capacity: The capacity of your battery determines how long it keeps its charge. Thus, confirm that the battery you’re looking to buy matches the original battery’s capacity.
  • Size: Getting the wrong size may result in the battery not fitting in your phone. Make sure the battery perfectly fits in your phone.
  • Compatibility: It’s also important to confirm your choice of battery is compatible with your phone for the ultimate experience.
How do the above listed features affect the performance of your cell phone battery? Find out below.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction and design of cellphone batteries, you’ll find that most of them come made of lithium ion or lithium poly cell types. Here is a bit of info about each type:
  • Lithium Ion (Li-Ion): This is, by far, the most popular type of phone battery in the market, with their major attributable disadvantage being their price. They’re pretty light and long-lasting, though you can inflict damage on them when you overcharge them repeatedly. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid charging these mobile phone batteries for more than 24 hours; unplug your phone from the charger once the battery charges up.
  • Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly): Currently, this is the newest and the most advanced cell phone battery in the market. They’re ultra-light and resistant to the memory effect. Additionally, they avail over 40% extra charge in comparison to the NiMH batteries and are the thinnest mobile phone battery versions, requiring no casing. Most of the batteries which come with newer phone models adopt this technology.
The type of battery material used also has a great impact on the durability of your battery. Those made of Li-ion and poly cell type prove to serve you well for a longer duration than regular batteries. There are also batteries that come with built-in NFC antennae that allow for faster connectivity and communication.
Performance and Ease of Use
For your battery’s performance, some come with more power capacity than others and this determines the length of time your smartphone battery lasts. The battery’s capacity is also a factor on how long your cell phone battery will stay charged. Thus, in order to enjoy longer battery life, along with more standby and talk time, choose a battery with more power capacity.

Unlike NiCad batteries, Li-ion and Li-poly batteries give you an unmatched ease of use as they don’t suffer from memory, and hence don’t require conditioning for them to deliver optimal performance. Most of the rechargeable batteries come rapid charge-enabled, allowing you to have your battery fully charged within the least possible time.

Timely detection of a failing, or dying, cell phone battery will save you a couple of dollars in the long run. Once you’re in a position to point out the best-fitting battery for your phone and can easily avoid the counterfeit ones, you need not fret over making a purchase from online stores. A new and fully-charged replacement battery equips your phone with reliable battery life for you to surf the Web, connect with your friends and co-workers, and uphold multimedia capabilities.

In an attempt to find out which battery version is present in your phone, you can refer to the user manual or contact the cell phone manufacturer. Your phone’s user manual holds all these specific details, such as the original name assigned by the manufacturing company (not the carrier) and any additional info about the phone’s battery.

You’ll also find an imprint of the battery’s serial and IMEI number, as well as its type. This is all additional info which will come in handy while purchasing. Once you have all of the necessary battery info you need, you can set out to find the new replacement battery. Even though your phone’s battery warranty cover is long expired, the manufacturer may be in a position to sell a replacement battery. If not, you’ll have to find an aftermarket battery replacement from a trustworthy third-party company.

Get the Best Cell Phone Battery of 2022!

We hope our review equipped you with the information necessary to help you purchase the right cell phone battery. If you’re still undecided, these reputable brands have some of the best cell phone replacement batteries in the industry that you can confidently choose from.

Our Top Choice
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Standard Battery
Best Value
Huawei Battery for Ascend II
LG V20 Battery
Motorola OEM Battery
Sony Ericsson Cellular Phone Battery for Xperia