Best Cell Phone Car Mount Reviews 2022

A car mount attaches to your car somewhere convenient and cradles/holds your phone or GPS so you can utilize it while driving. It can be a tedious undertaking trying to figure out the best one to buy, so we’ve researched some of the best cell phone car mount brands, showcasing a product from each. You’d do well to check out other cell phone car mounts these brands have to offer if you do not like the ones we featured.
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Our Top Choice
Koomus CD-Air Cell Phone Car Mount
Koomus, since its inception in 2010, has been delivering innovation, convenience and simplicity through its exciting new solutions and customer service.
Sturdy, stretchable grasp. Ball head with 360⁰ view. Easily installed. Attachable clips for CD slot. Compatible with iPhones and android devices.
It can only fit into CD slot.
3600 rotatable
CD slot
5 x 6 x 4 inches; 0.3 pounds
Up to 3.5 inch phones
Best Value
Wizgear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Cell Phone Car Mount
Wizgear’s mission is to ensure customer satisfaction with products of high quality tailored to the needs and wants of its users.
Reinforced magnetic hold. Sturdy rubber base. Universal compatibility with cell phones and mini tablets. Easily installed. Auto-mount feature. Not bulky. Swivels easily.
Larger phones may slide off while driving.
Universal holder
Air vent
1.5 x 3.5 x 3.2 inches; 0.1 pounds
Any device size
iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Cell Phone Car Mount
iOttie is a trendsetter in the car accessory industry and has been utilizing industry expertise to create efficient and trendy accessories to aid everyday mounting needs
Telescopic arm with better viewing. Robust zero-vibration arm. Adjustable bottom foot. Reusable sticky gel pad. Stretchable grasp. Universal compatibility. Strong hold.
Spring mechanism tends to break easily
Extendable telescopic arms
Dashboard; windshield
2.8 x 4.3 x 5.6 inches; 0.4 pounds
Up to 3.5 inch phones
TechMatte MagGrip Windshield/Dashboard Magnetic Universal Car Mount
TechMatte is renowned for its impeccable customer service; providing customers with the most up-to-date and practical accessories at affordable prices.
Long flexible neck. 360 degree swiveling head. Easily installed. Ergonomic design. Universal compatibility. Suction cup with engaging lever and sticky pad.
Weak hold on big phones.
Cradle; magnetic
Universal holder
Dashboard; windshield
4 x 3 x 2 inches; 0.4 pounds
2.1 - 3.1 inch / magnetic
Mpow Long Arm Cell Phone Car Mount
Mpow, a leader in smartphone accessories, listens to its customers in making simple and useful customer-friendly gadgets.
Shock absorbers for protection. Long arm for more up-close look. Sticky cup holds easily. Easily twist for best phone view. Adjustable grasp keeps device tight and secure.
Adhesive bottoms are not heat proof.
3600 rotatable
8.1 x 2.8 x 3.9 inches; 0.5 pounds
4 to 6 inch devices

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What is the Best Cell Phone Car Mount?

Your choice of cell phone car mount will largely depend on your preference and the layout of your vehicle. You also need to consider the size of your phone and how often you plan to mount it. Now you know not to compromise on practicality, convenience, quality, and style, we hope you’re ready to pick the best cell phone car mount for you. Let’s go ahead and check out the review on the featured products below.
Our Top Choice
Koomus CD-Air Cell Phone Car Mount is a universal car mount well-suited to almost every smartphone as it can stretch up to 3.54 inches wide. This is especially great if you have multiple devices or your car is used by different drivers. If you would prefer a magnetic cradle-less cell phone mount, you would want to check out the Koomus Pro CD-M. It is a quick install one-hand mounting system.

Koomus Cell Phone Car Mount For All iPhone and Android Devices – Tablet Mount Also Available

Koomus is a young company looking to enhance customer experience by providing exciting new solutions that are simple, convenient and innovative. Its quality and craftmanship are of the highest standard and have garnered it global recognition. Its products are designed in the US and manufactured in North Korea, and are all backed by warranty. Its universally compatible products serve a wide and satisfied audience, as attested to by the awards it’s received over the years.

The Koomus CD-Air Cell Phone Car Mount is universally compatible with all android devices and iPhones and can be mounted on all types of cars with its two-way easy install CD-slot-type mount. Its many features include the following:
  • Three attachable clips – These are included to ensure it fits perfectly into all types of car CD slots
  • Quick installation (no need to assemble any part) – It can be inserted into the CD slot right side up or upside down depending on the design of your car stereo
  • One touch lever – This allows for easy mounting and removal of the phone while also protecting it from getting damaged, as is usually the case if you were to manually wrench it out of the cradle
  • Sturdy cradle with firm grasp of up to 3.54 inches wide – the firm grasp secures the phone from falling on bumpy roads or when it vibrates, and the wide grasp ensures almost all kinds of smartphones can be used with it
  • 360-degree-rotated ball head – This ball head allows you to view your phone from different angles which makes it possible to deliberately place it in the way most convenient for you
  • Long neck – Combine this feature with good positioning and it ensures this mount sits close to you and can be viewed more easily and most importantly, does not block the view of the center screen
Best Value
The Wizgear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Cell Phone Car Mount is universally compatible with all cell phones and mini tablets and inserts easily and securely into car air vents. If you prefer a dashboard or windshield mount then you should check out the WizGear Universal Dashboard and Windshield Magnetic Car Mount Holder. It comes with an adjustable technology that allows additional support to device.

Wizgear Universal Air Vent Black Magnetic Cell Phone Car Mount For Cell Phones and Mini Tablet with FastSwift-Snap

Wizgear was established with the intention of maintaining a large base of happy and satisfied customers, which it has accomplished by successfully marrying quality and durability with affordability. Its quality assurance program is outstanding and its level of commitment to fulfilling customers’ needs is commendable. Its drive to surpass customers’ expectations continually fuels it to improve on its products in order to increase efficiency and functionality. With Wizgear, customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

The Wizgear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Cell Phone Car Mount features a magnetic technology that is easy to install by simply pushing the cell phone car mount into your car’s air vent and attaching the included magnet metal plate to your phone or GPS. The natural force of attraction will hold the item in place. It also comes with a mount base made of high quality rubber. This rubber is strong enough to stay fixed in the air vent while firmly holding the magnetic head of the mount, ensuring the cell phone is securely placed and in your preferred position, irrespective of the condition of the road or how much turning you do.

Below are other great features of this cell phone car mount:
  • Small footprint – does not take up space, get in the way or block your windshield or the view of your center screen
  • Swivels around – so can easily be adjusted to the user’s preferred position
  • Auto-mount feature - The magnetic technology behind this car mount means it ‘grabs’ any device as it comes near
  • Ultra-thin carbon steel plates - Inspite of the intense power of attraction of the magnet, it does not harm smartphones in anyway as these ultra-thin carbon steel plates in the magnetic mount are designed to also absorb magnetic instability
The iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Cell Phone Car Mount comes with a robust telescopic arm that ensures zero vibrations and provides different viewing angles, thus allowing the user to place his phone however he wants. If you would rather have a CD car mount, check out the iOttie Easy One Touch Mini CD Slot Car Mount Holder Cradle. It is compatible with all smartphones.

iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Cell Phone Car Mount For iPhones and Smartphones

iOttie is a strong player in the car accessory industry and has been creating practical and modern accessories for everyday phone mounting needs since its inception in 2010. Its products are designed in the US and manufactured in South Korea. Its research and development team are constantly researching and developing products to suit its customers and the ever-changing market demand.

The iOttie Easy One Touch Cell Phone Car Mount is the newly improved addition to the easy one touch family. It is compressible, handy and efficient and it includes the powerful iOttie sticky gel pad that can be washed easily with just water and reused after air-drying. The gel pad, which is usually placed at the bottom, provides the adhesive power needed to fix on plastic, metal and glass surfaces, making the piece as flexible as it is handy.

Its other features include:
  • Four different viewing angles – this allows the user to place the mount appropriately
  • Adjustable arm with total length of 5 inches - this provides the user with a better viewing angle
  • Robust arm - ensures there are no vibrations when arm is extended
  • Modifiable bottom foot - this moves sideways and vertically. The flexibility of the foot ensures the phone is secured without covering its ports and side buttons; all you need do is adjust according to your device
  • Universal compatibility - this feature means that apart from accommodating phones and devices that are up to 3.5 inches wide, it also has taller locking side arms with increased arm tension for larger phones and their protective cases
  • Suction cup - This is what enables the cell phone mount to stick to a surface. The suction cup is really strong and adheres tightly to any compatible surface, meaning vibrations will not easily dislodge the phone mount
  • Made with high quality ABS plastic - to withstand intense temperatures and pressures without disintegrating
  • Enlarged one touch trigger - this allows for quick and convenient lock or release of the phone with a single tap
  • Its knobs, buttons and lever are easy to use with just a few simple turns
The TechMatte MagGrip Windshield/Dashboard Cell Phone Car Mount was designed for quick installation on windshields or dashboards and comes with a long adjustable neck for versatile viewing angles. If you prefer a CD mount with cradleless design, check out the TechMatte MagGrip CD Slot Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder. It was featured as The WireCutters best car mount for 2015 and 2016.

TechMatte MagGrip Windshield/Dashboard Cell Phone Car Mount with Device Holder

Tech Matte is a versatile company dedicated to producing customer friendly products that are modern, unique and affordable. Its versatility allows it grow and improve as quickly as technology does, thus positioning the company in the forefront of cutting edge technological innovations. Its customer service is impeccable and all its products are backed by the manufacturer’s one-year guarantee.

The TechMatte MagGrip Windshield/Dashboard Cell Phone Car Mount can be easily installed on wind shield and dashboard with its super strong suction cup reinforced with a sticky gel pad and a mechanical lever that engages the suction cup to ensure a more secure connection. It can attach easily and firmly to both flat and curved surfaces.

Below are some of its other amazing features.
  • Detachable cradle with spring-driven clamp - this ensures a firm grip on any device, and it can stretch up to 3.1 inches wide, thus allowing for multiple devices within that width range
  • Magnetic surface with a really strong hold - this can either be fitted with the detachable cradle or used directly, especially for slightly larger devices. It also comes with complementary magnetic plates that attach to phone cases to activate connection
  • Long flexible neck - adjustable for an optimum viewing angle
  • 360 degree swiveling head - this feature enables your phone to be strategically placed in a position that is most convenient for the user
  • Ergonomic design - the adjustment screws are large and easy to grip and manipulate
And as icing on the cake, this cell phone car mount is backed by the manufacturer’s one-year guarantee
The Mpow Long Arm Cell Phone Car Mount has a lengthy, movable aluminum arm with a gummy bottom that attaches securely to a surface and can be turned in any direction for the best phone view. If you would rather have an air vent mount, you could check out Mpow Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount. It comes with an extra pack for quick replacement.

Mpow Long Arm Cell Phone Car Mount With One Button Design

Mpow makes unique, simple and useful customer friendly gadgets, making it the brand of choice for smartphone users when it comes to phone accessories. A lot of thought is put into the creation of products because Mpow listens to its customers to bring them smart products that suit changing life styles in a fast-paced world. This was how the Mpow Long Arm Cell Phone Car Mount came about. All Mpow products include 45-day money back and 18-month worry-free guarantees.

The Mpow Long Arm Cell Phone Car Mount has a superior quality arm that is about 8 inches long, thus bringing the holder nearer for easy viewing. The width of the cradle can be expanded to fit phones between 4 and 6 inches and can be turned in any direction to best suit the driver, which makes it extra convenient to use while driving.

Here are more of its features:
  • Universal compatibility - this means all types of smartphones can be accommodated by this car mount
  • Ability to rotate in all directions - this means your phone can be placed in a position that best suits you
  • One-button mount or removal – it’s built so you can mount and remove with one hand by pushing a button at the back or on the side. This is very handy if you are always on the go
  • Gummy base -- when attached to a windshield or dashboard, keeps it firm and secured. This affords you the luxury of driving on bumpy roads without fear of your device falling or sustaining damage to your phone or GPS device
  • Padded lining - this also gives added cushioning from all the road bumps and vibrations. So, whether you are driving leisurely on a smooth road, in a hurry, late for a meeting or on a rough patch with no clue where you’re headed but your GPS, this Car Mount is guaranteed to keep your device in place till you get to your destination

How Do I Choose the Best Cell Phone Car Mount?

Mobile phone use while driving is common (especially since the advent of smartphones) but dangerous due to its potential for causing distracted driving and accidents. Though it’s advisable to do away with your phones and any other gadgets that could be distracting while driving, sometimes it’s not so simple. In less drastic situations, there are always reasons why you might need to use your phone without wanting to stop by the roadside. This is where cell phone car mounts come in handy!

Statistics show one in four car crashes involves cell phone use, and many jurisdictions have made handheld cell phone use while driving illegal. However, most allow the use of a hands-free devices, where the driver talks using a microphone and a speakerphone. It is for this reason, we believe, a cell phone car mount is a vital phone accessory to have in every car! To make sure you are sorted while on the road, be sure to get a car charger as well to keep your phone’s battery juiced up. While we are at it, you may also want to look in to backup camera so you can really see what's going on behind you; just make sure that you have room to mount them both.

A cell phone car mount affords you the convenience of placing your phone and GPS in your line of sight while driving, so you can make hands-free calls and navigate effortlessly while keeping your focus on the road. This makes driving safer. So, before you settle for one, be sure to consider factors such as the design, the convenience, the durability, etc.
Cell phone car mounts are, for the most part, affordable. The price range is usually between $8 and $30. The steeper priced models have more sophisticated designs with more features. That notwithstanding, all the products we have considered within the price range are of high quality, practical and durable. We did come across some cheap cell phone car mounts but had to disregard them because of their poor quality.
A cell phone car mount is one of the best things to happen to road drivers since the advent of smartphones. But it could be a curse just as much as it could be a blessing if you end up with the wrong one. To ensure you get one that’s compatible with your car and cell phone or other devices, and still meets your personal preferences, here are the important features to look for:
  • Type
  • Design
  • Mount
  • Size
Let’s look at these in some details.
Construction and Design
For the part that attaches to the phone, there are basically two types of clips: the cradle and the magnetic clip. The cradle usually has an extending arm that grips the phone by the sides. These arms are adjustable to fit multiple phone types and sizes, or it could be fixed for just a particular type of phone. While some come with one-touch grab-and-release lever, others require both hands to unclip the phone which some people may not find so convenient.

The magnetic clip type makes it easy to put the phone on and off the mount which makes them preferred by most people. It requires a magnetic plate on the phone or phone case to hold the phone in place. Because it does not have the restricted borders of a cradle-type clip, it can accommodate a larger variety of phone and tablets alike. It doesn’t damage your phone in any significant way but it could mess with your compass, if you have that in your phone. The only issue with magnetic clips is their losing grip on heavy devices when on rough terrain.

You should also consider the type of phone you have before deciding on which cell phone car mount to go for as there are some designed for certain types and shapes of phones. While most manufacturers strive to make universal cell phone car mounts, others still have some sort of preference for certain phones. Also, you must know the width of your phone (as there are mounts with fixed widths and those with stretchable width) and also if the mount can be used in both portrait and landscape position. Car mounts with this capability are 360 degrees rotatable.

Your mounting options can be grouped into 5 different areas, namely: driver side window, rear view mirror and center dash area, vent, console area, and lastly cup holder. Here’s a brief look on them:
  • The driver side window is a good place to mount your phone if you want it to be out of the way, and it especially works for left-handed people. It is also a good place to mount your phone for vlogging and time lapses. However, because it’s generally a small area, it doesn’t really work well with large phones as they tend to take up a lot of space. The phone also tends to overheat on warm days as is the case with any windshield or dashboard mount.
  • The rear view mirror and center dash area is a popular choice among drivers because of the level at which the phone sits – it’s out of the way and the screen can be checked by anyone in the vehicle. However, phones mounted on the center dashboard area also tend to overheat on warm days, and not everyone likes the view of their center screen blocked.
  • The vent is a good choice for people that don’t need to mount all the time such as for navigation purposes. It’s a stable mount but you have to forego which ever vent you choose to mount your device on or you could, for example, risk overheating your device in winter if you turn on the heater.
  • The console area does not get heated up on warm days. However, the mount designs for this area are semi-permanent mounts with strong adhesive that may permanently damage the area in your car that they are stuck on. Another issue with this set-up is that it tends to cover up a lot of the buttons on the console. As long as you don’t have any use for the control buttons there, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • The cup holder is not the easiest place to mount your phone if you drive a small vehicle, as it gets in the way of the gear shift for manual car drivers. It is, however, ideal for large vehicles such as a truck, because of the large console area.
Performance and Ease of Use
After deciding on where in your car you want to fix the cell phone car mount, you can then decide how you want to attach the mount to your car. This could either be by a suction cup, adhesive connection or both, slots that fit around car vents or tabs that fit in CD slots. These options, though efficient, do not work equally well in every car.

A suction cup is the preferred choice by many because of its flexible positioning as it can be used on the windshield, dashboard, side window and sun roof. However, it is a poor option for windshields with steep angles, as this greatly hinders flexibility and stumps its ability to position the phone at an acceptable viewing angle. It’s also not ideal for leather surfaces. Adhesive usually attaches to dashboards, consoles and curved surfaces. However, when it is not strong enough, it tends to come off too quickly, and when it is too strong, it tends to cause permanent damage to whichever area it was stuck on.

Vent and CD mounts only fit into a car vent and CD slot respectively. A vent mount is stable and effective provided the vents have the right amount of tension required to hold the mount firmly in place. Heavier phones and weaker hinges in a vent would be a poor combination with the resultant effect being the phone falling off with every sharp turn or bump in the road. The CD mount is stable and least likely to pull out when driving but it also depends on where your CD player is positioned in your car, so be sure to verify for compatibility. If it’s so low that it’s close to your hand brake, it may not be ideal. Its installation does not affect the function of your CD player but you have to always remember to take it off before slotting in or ejecting a CD to avoid damage to the CD or player.

There are also some other unique designs that do not use any of these four mechanisms. They are fashioned more like clamps and are usually attached to the rear view mirror or the steering wheel.

Having said all that, it’s important you get a cell phone car mount that’s; easy to use (to avoid fumbling with your phone while driving), convenient (does not constrain you in anyway), easily installed with strong connectivity, durable (made with high quality material that won’t disintegrate in extreme temperature and pressure), and is aesthetically pleasing (matches the interior of your car).

Get the Best Cell Phone Car Mount of 2022!

Having gone through the buying guide and product review, you should be ready to start make your purchase with confidence. Please, go ahead and place your order now, and turn your phone into a part of your automobile!

Our Top Choice
Koomus CD-Air Cell Phone Car Mount
Best Value
Wizgear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Cell Phone Car Mount
iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Cell Phone Car Mount
TechMatte MagGrip Windshield/Dashboard Magnetic Universal Car Mount
Mpow Long Arm Cell Phone Car Mount