Best Cereal Dispenser Reviews – Canister, Tabletop and Wall Mounted Cereal Dispensers for Home and Commercial Use

When it comes to cereal, we must agree with the Cap'n - it's not good when it loses its Crunch! One way to ensure that your favorite cereal doesn't go stale, is to use a cereal dispenser. As important as cereal dispensers are, it's also important to get the right one. We know there are many products out there, all calling for your attention and we’re aware of the time crunch most of us operate under. That's why we conducted research and came up with a list of some of the best cereal dispenser brands. If the product we featured is not right for you, we have links for more options the brands offer within the full review. Don't let your cereal lose its Snap, Crackle or Pop!

Before we get to our featured brands, we want to take a minute to talk about materials. Many people are converting to glass containers to be more ecofriendly and sustainable. However, when it comes to cereal dispensers, this is not so easy. To hold a full box of cereal (or more if we are talking about commercial cereal dispensers) it requires a large container, which would be heavy if made of glass. For this reason, most manufactures use BPA clear acrylic which resembles glass. If you are set on glass we did find a few, showcased below.

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Our Top Choice
Zevro Dry Food Cereal Dispenser
Zevro, always progressive, continues to make products that are innovative, beautifully designed and reasonably priced for its customers to enjoy for years to come.
Durable build quality. Portion control system with soft plastic paddle wheel reduces messy spills and doles out an exact quantity with each twist without crushing the cereal.
Some reports that it canisters wobble when completely full.
Counter top dispenser
2 - 17.5 ounces
13.9 x 13.6 x 8.2 inches; 1.7 lbs
ABS plastic, silicone
Bottom feed with dispenser knob
Best Value
Buddeez All Purpose Food Dispenser
Buddeez, Inc. is a family-owned manufacturer of household products, an innovator that’s known for making exceptional and cool products.
Made from polypropylene that's BPA-free. Comes with a flip top lid with inbuilt pour spout. Keeps food fresh as it dispenses directly from the bag it came in.
Heavy to "lift" and pour one handed when at full capacity, but there is a handle version.
Bag-in or loose storage
256 ounces
9.8 x 5.4 x 13.5 inches; 3 lbs
Flip top pour spout
Rosseto Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser
Rosseto is one of the premier manufacturers of top quality serving products such as coolers, warmers, and risers that help add a touch of class to your buffet presentation.
Made of steel and can be mounted on a wall. Three interchangeable wheel sizes for convenience of serving different portions from the same dispenser.
No built in table service! But seriously, may not be best for home use, unless you want to mount cereal dispenser to wall.
Wall mounted
256 ounces
8.5 x 9 x 24 inches; 8.4 lbs
Acrylic, Steel
Bottom dispensing with knob
OXO Good Grips Cereal Dispenser Set
OXO is committed to providing inventive products for consumers that make life easier. It designs products that are simple to use and versatile so they’re as useful as possible.
Contoured canisters are comfy to grip, whether full or empty. Pop up lids can be opened and closed with one hand. Airtight seal is operated with just one touch.
Canisters are too tall for some cabinets and shelves.
Bag or loose storage container
3 - 435.2 ounces
10.9 x 12.8 x 11.3 inches; 5 lbs
Flip top dispensing
Rubbermaid Modular Cereal Containers
The Rubbermaid brand has been a symbol of inventive, top quality products that help to simplify the life of its users for close to eighty years.
BPA free container. Easy to handle ergonomic grip. Clear base that makes it easy and fast to identify contents.
Some reports that removing the large label on the side can be a nuisance.
Loose cereal storage container
Available in 3 sizes
9.5 x 10.4 x 4.8 inches; 1 lbs
Flip top dispensing

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What Are the Best Home and Commercial Cereal Dispensers? Read Our Cereal Dispenser Reviews!

We can’t rightly say a particular product is the best cereal dispenser, because different features appeal to different people. The best cereal dispenser is the one with all the features you want. Hopefully, our guide helped you decide on these so you can keep them in mind while you peruse the featured products below.
Our Top Choice
The Zevro Cereal Dispenser combines modern stylings with a design that’s user friendly, and because it dispenses only when needed, it helps to keep food sanitary and free of germs. Looking for a wall mounted cereal dispenser? The Zevro Indispensable SmartSpace dry food dispenser comes in your choice of single of triple containers.

Zevro Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser – Countertop Commercial Cereal Dispenser, Single or Double Dispenser, Multiple Color Options


From when it started in 2003, The Zevro brand has been considered an innovator by retailers and consumers. As the pioneering manufacturer of the Indispensable® Dispenser line to consumers, it was motivated to manufacture a complete product line premised on the notion of function, style, and quality combined with added value.

Products carrying the ZEVRO® brand are globally recognized for their exceptional advantages such as helping people to achieve control of portion for weight control and general wellbeing, and helping to eliminate waste by food preservation. The space-efficient design helps to make the work space more convenient, and give you simple, prudent organization. It’s always progressive and continues to introduce and make products that are imaginative, tastefully designed and reasonably priced for its customers to enjoy for a long time.

The Zevro Cereal Dispenser combines modern features with a design that’s user friendly. It’s perfect for parents as it helps to encourage independence for growing children, helping them to learn how to get their breakfast unassisted and also for individuals who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle or are weight-conscious. Because it dispenses only when needed, it helps to keep food sanitary and free of germs. It has many other great features, including:

  • A system that controls portion with a soft plastic pull wheel that curtails sloppy spills and doles out an exact quantity with every yank without crushing the cereal
  • Long lasting construction resistant to scratch and not easily broken
  • A detachable bottom tray that makes for quick and easy cleanup
  • A design that is simple to assemble
  • A capacity of over a pound of dry food in each container
  • An airtight seal that prevents dry food from losing its freshness and reduces food wastage by preserving it for as long as 45 days
  • Comes with 90 days limited warranty

This cereal dispenser is available in both single and double dispenser, as well as four colors: black/chrome, silver/chrome, white/chrome or red/chrome.

Best Value
The Buddeez Cereal Dispenser allows you to store and serve dry food conveniently, without messy spills, and ensures the food remains germ free and hygienic. Want a smaller container? Go for the 4 quart Buddeez Cereal, Snacks, and More Dispenser.

Buddeez All Purpose 8 QT Cereal Dispenser - Bag-out or Bag-in Multipurpose Dispenser, Available with or without Handle


Buddeez, Inc. is a family-owned business and manufactures household products – an innovator known for making exceptionally cool items like the Kingsford® Kaddy, Bag-In All Purpose Dispensers and Bread Buddy. Its line of injection-style dispensers is designed to use food directly from the bag it came in. This is known as the "Bag-in" feature and provides a solution to the staleness of food by helping to provide fresh storage. It manufactures its products in its factory and markets them through independent stores, different specialty retailers and national and regional chains.

The Buddeez Cereal Dispenser helps store and serve dry food without messy spills and ensures food remains germ free. It has other great features that include:

  • A flip top lid with an inbuilt pour spout
  • Ideal for large bags of cereal
  • Keeps food fresh as it dispenses directly from the bag it came in
  • Made from polypropylene that's BPA-free
  • Integrated easy to hold handle
  • Made in USA
The Rosseto Cereal Dispenser is a beautiful and easily noticed product that not only looks good but provides exceptional portioning options and keeps food fresh for longer. Want a countertop commercial cereal dispenser? The Rosseto Triple Container Table Top Cereal Dispenser with Bamboo Tray is a good option. This lightweight dispenser is easy to move for cleaning and has three 1.3 gallon durable acrylic containers.

Rosseto EZ538 EZ-SERV Acrylic Single Container Wall-Mount Dry Goods Dispenser with 2-Gallon Capacity


Rosseto is one of the premier manufacturers of top quality serving products for the hospitality industries, food service companies, and retail. It believes in helping you display your food properly. As one of the global leaders in yogurt and candy topping dispensers, it has perfected the art of dispensing exact portions. Its commercial dispensing products help you to put large quantities of food center stage. Its products such as coolers, warmers, and risers add a touch of class to your assorted food presentation.

The Rosseto Cereal Dispenser combines a steel casing with tall enamel and cosmetic canisters to create a beautiful and easily noticed product; it not only looks good but provides exceptional portioning options. The first in first out refill helps to keep dry food fresh for longer. It has more great features:

  • A stand that's made of single sheet stainless steel
  • Three interchangeable wheel sizes for convenience; one tablespoon, one teaspoon, and one ounce. This allows you to serve three different portion sizes from one dispenser
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of steel and can be mounted on a wall (comes with wall mount hardware)
  • Made in the United States of America
The OXO Good Grips Cereal Dispenser Set makes it easy for you to keep your dry food items fresh because it’s airtight and saves space, helping you organize your pantry. You may also like the Oxo Softwoks 2 Piece Pop Cereal Dispenser Set. Each airtight canister holds one large box of cereal (up to 4.5 quarts).

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Airtight POP Cereal Dispenser Set - 3.4 quart Clear Contains with Silicone Seal to Maintain Freshness


OXO is committed to providing inventive products for consumers that make life easier. It conducts studies of people and their interaction with goods and merchandise and looks out for opportunities to make meaningful improvement in the end products it turns out. In the course of its research, it questions everything to do with its process, so it can discover the best quick fix for stress reduction in daily tasks. It designs products that are versatile so they can be used for a wide range of purposes. Its well implemented philosophy of universal design not only churns out functional merchandise, it works as a practical business model.

The OXO Good Grips Cereal Dispenser Set is airtight and saves space; it enables you to preserve the freshness of your dry food items and organize your pantry. Here are some other great features:

  • Pop canisters that are BPA free
  • One-of-a-kind canisters you can open, close and air-seal with one hand
  • Contoured canister that is comfy to grip, whether full or empty
  • Slender shape that's ideal for keeping in cabinets or on countertops
  • Lids that can be changed between sizes and removed easily to clean or refill the container
  • Round opening that is built for portion control

You can get this cereal dispenser in 3 different sizes: small, medium, large, or 3 piece set.

The Rubbermaid Cereal Dispenser helps you to keep your dry food fresh for longer with its airtight, secure seal. It also saves space and helps to keep your pantry organized. Are you looking for a cereal dispenser with a different shape? We recommend the oval Rubbermaid Cereal Keeper.

Rubbermaid Modular Food Storage with Pop Top Lids - Space Saving BPA-free Plastic Storage Containers


For close to eighty years, the Rubbermaid brand has been a symbol of inventive, top quality products that help simplify the lives of users. These products are readily available in specialty stores, hardware stores, retail chains, supermarkets and the like. Newell Rubbermaid Inc. is dedicated to making sure its brand consistently represents long lasting, inventive goods and merchandise.

The Rubbermaid Cereal Dispenser helps you keep your dry food fresh for longer because it has an airtight, secure seal. It’s a space saver that helps you keep your pantry organized. It has more great features, including:

  • Top lid that can be flipped makes it easy to pour contents without dipping hands into the container
  • Modular, space efficient design, making it possible to fit as many as possible onto your shelf
  • Easy to handle ergonomic grip makes it comfortable for anyone to carry or hold
  • Clear base that makes it easy and fast to identify contents, thus saving you the necessity of labeling the containers
  • BPA free container
  • Dishwasher safe

If the 18-cup cereal dispenser is too small for your needs, then you can get this product in 22-cup or 24-cup capacities as well. There’s also an option for 18-cup, set of 2, in case that’s what you fancy!

Cereal Dispenser Buying Guide: Plastic vs Acrylic vs Glass Cereal Dispensers – Which Is Best for You?

Cereals are really easy to prepare and a great alternative to making breakfast sandwiches on those mornings when you’re behind schedule and bustling to get the household ready for the day. For some busy folks, cereals are not just for breakfast! It helps to fill those gaps between meals, especially when you fall behind schedule for meal preparations.

The convenience of cereal is compromised when you do not have a good storage container to preserve its freshness and delicious crispness, so a good cereal dispenser is a valuable kitchen appliance in any home. Each person just picks up their cereal bowl and serves themselves and off we all go; on those days when we have a little more time, we can afford to have a scrumptious breakfast.

One other advantage of a good cereal dispenser is that you can buy your cereal in bulk without fear of it going stale or you having to finish them it a hurry.


There are different designs of cereal dispensers to be found on the market. Some of them are just your basic dry food containers and dispensers while others have more features like interchangeable wheel sizes, double or triple canisters, wall mount-ability (they come with wall mount hardware) and some fancy designs. All these factors affect the price of any product, but it's important to note that everyone's tastes and preferences differ and as long as the product gives the owner the value needed, it has met the brief.

A good cereal dispenser costs as little as $7 or as much as $300, all depending on the above-mentioned factors. In the course of research, we came across some cheap cereal dispensers, but they are not featured in this review because we don’t want you to waste your time and money on low quality products that won’t serve you well. However, we are assuring you that any product you buy based on this review would give you good value for your money.


When you go shopping for a cereal dispenser, you know there are myriads of products out there and each product has different features, but some are more key than others. Features worth looking out for include:

  • Top quality material – What the dispenser is made of determines the durability of the product
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance – Check the design to ensure it won’t be too much trouble to clean it
  • Design and ease of storage – Some designs make for space efficiency and easy storage while others take up space and may not fit small spaces/cabinets/shelves
  • BPA free plastic – Most dispensers are made of plastic so you would do well to ensure that it’s BPA free
  • Secure, airtight lids – This determines how long the dry food stored in the container remains fresh
  • Extra features that make for convenience – some of these extra features include locks that can be opened with one hand, ergonomic soft grip handles and comfy to hold containers
Construction and Design

One important feature of a good cereal dispenser is an airtight lid that’s easy to open and close. If a dispenser doesn’t have an airtight lock, then its purpose is defeated because it won’t keep food fresh and crunchy. It should also have an easy to open and close lid so your kids can have the privilege serve themselves.

An easy grip handle and comfortable to hold container is also a plus because anyone can use them and you don’t have to worry about the kids finding them difficult to hold and dropping or breaking them.

If you’re buying plastic cereal dispensers, ensure they’re made of food grade, BPA free plastic.

Performance and Ease of Use

A good cereal dispenser should be space efficient, and there are designs that help achieve this. The modular shaped dispensers usually take up less space than the round ones. If you plan to store them on shelves, make sure you measure beforehand so you know they’ll stand up in the required space.

There are some cereal dispensers that have removable lids to make for easy cleaning. If you’re finicky about cleaning your household items, you might want to consider buying these types.

Some dispensers are designed to be mounted on a wall. This type works well for people who have small kitchens or space where they want to use them. They are also ideal for cafés and shops where you need to regularly dispense toppings for ice creams and yogurt. Another feature you should consider is interchangeable wheel sizes that enable you to serve different portion sizes from the same dispenser.

Get the Best Cereal Dispenser of 2022!

Thank you for reading this review. We believe these great products are good value for money, but the brands featured make equally worthwhile alternative products, so check those out if you weren’t swayed by our choices.

Our Top Choice
Zevro Dry Food Cereal Dispenser
Best Value
Buddeez All Purpose Food Dispenser
Rosseto Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser
OXO Good Grips Cereal Dispenser Set
Rubbermaid Modular Cereal Containers