Best Champagne Flute Reviews 2023

No toast is complete without an ice-cold bottle of bubbly being served in a delicate champagne flute. It adds that extra touch at a dinner party or special moment. Its elegant frame is perfect for sipping in any situation, whether it’s a meal for 2 or a fancier party, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the leg work and researched five of the best champagne flute brands and featured one product from each. Of course, these brands have more than one choice so go ahead a browse their full collection if you’re not loving the one we’ve chosen.
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Set Size
Our Top Choice
Arc International Soho Champagne Flutes
Arc International are about all things glamorous and create products that reflect this beautifully, demonstrated in their Soho Champagne Flutes.
Dishwasher safe. Fun, modern design. 100% hygienic.
May be too modern for some peoples tastes.
Individual print design
Set of 4
8 oz.
Dishwasher Safe
Best Value
Libbey 12-Piece Champagne Flute Set
If you are after elegance at your next dinner party then look no further than Libbey, evident in their Embassy 12-Piece Champagne Flute Set.
Large Set. Dishwasher Safe. Classic design.
They break very easily.
Classic flute design
Set of 12
6 oz.
Dishwasher safe
Mikasa Cheers Flutes, Set of 4
Mikasa are a renowned and trusted brand and we can certainly see why just by looking at their Cheers Champagne Flutes Set.
Lead free. Modern design. Set of 4. Gold motif.
Not dishwasher safe
Individual gold design
Set of 4
High-Quality Glass
7 oz.
Lead Free
Lenox True Love Champagne Flutes
Lenox are the perfect brand for all your fine-dining and gift ideas, evident in their True Love champagne Flutes.
Stunning, intricate design. Made from glass and silver plated metal. Perfect wedding gift.
Small set
Locked hearts motif
Set of 2
Glass + Silver Plated Metal
6 oz.
Godinger Dublin Champagne Flutes
Godinger pride themselves on their ability to make high-quality products at affordable prices, evident in their Dublin Crystal Champagne Flutes.
Affordable. Made from crystal. Set of 4.
visible seams.
Cut Crystal Design
Set of 4
Quality Crystal Material
6 oz.

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What is the Best Champagne Flute?

Now you’ve read through our guide, you should be armed with all the necessary consideration factors when it comes to buying the best champagne flutes for you. Are you ready to delve into our more in-depth reviews on each brand and product? Well, don’t hang around reading this; go get your ideal champagne flute and get writing that perfect toast speech.
Our Top Choice
We are BIG fans of Arc International’s Soho Champagne Flutes due to their modern, chic design and the fact they are dishwasher safe too! If, however, you are after a more classic design in your flutes then take a look at Arc International’s Cristal D’Arques Longchamp Flutes instead!

Arc International Luminarc Soho Assorted Flutes, 8-Ounce, Set of 4

Arc International is one of the leading suppliers of tableware products in the UK with a team of dedicated professionals to back them up too! The brands products are ideal for a variety of dining events and occasions and include a variety of other professional brands in their collections such as Chef & Sommelier and Arcoroc.

This 4 piece set is made of glass and is 100% hygienic too! Made in the USA, these flutes are dishwasher safe and come in a fun, modern design with a different style for each glass, perfect for dinner parties and family meals.
Best Value
If you are after a simple and classic style of champagne flute for your next dinner party event then look no further than Libbey’s Embassy collection! If, however, you are looking for something a little higher end to really wow your guests then have a browse at Libbey’s Clear Domaine Champagne Flute Set instead!

Libbey Embassy 6-Ounce Flute Champagne Glass, Set of 12

Founded in 1818 under the name ‘New England Glass Company’, Libbey has come a long way in the last 100 years or so. Instead of just focusing on glass products, Libbey now provides its customers with a wide range of dinnerware and flatware products meaning Libbey can be your one stop shop for any dinner party or event!

We wanted to feature Libbey’s Embassy 6-ounce Flute Champagne Glasses due to the sets large size and classic flute design. Made from glass, these flutes have a classic one-piece stemware design that will add a touch of class to any home. Made in the USA, they are dishwasher safe and fit comfortable in your hand due to their heavier, simplistic design.
If you are after fun at your next dinner party then look no further than Mikasa’s Cheers Flutes Set! If, however, you are after a more classic design in your champagne flute set then take a look at Mikasa’s Arctic Lights Crystal Champagne Flutes instead!

Mikasa Cheers Gold 7oz Champagne Flutes (Set of 4)

Mikasa is recognized as one of the worldwide leaders in tabletop fashion, dinnerware, crystal stemware, barware, flatware, decorative accessories and more! Passionate about quality and design, Mikasa has made quite a name for itself for well over half a century.

We wanted to feature Mikasa’s Cheers Flutes due to their fun design and the brands popularity as a whole! These 7 oz. flutes have a modern gold design that is individual to each glass meaning no one can sneakily sip on other drinks with this set! Made of high-quality glass, these flutes are incredibly durable and lead free too!
If you are after top quality flutes with a stunning, intricate design then Lenox’s True Love Champagne Flutes are the one for you! If, however, you are after a slightly higher end feel to your new flutes then take a look at Lenox’s Firelight Crystal Toasting Flute Set instead!

Lenox True Love Glass Flute Pair

Lenox are the market leaders in providing quality tabletop products, giftware and collectibles too! Their commitment to quality is what really sets them apart from the rest as well as their extensive range of flatware and dinnerware products. With over 340 years in the tabletop business, Lenox is DEFINITLEY a name you can trust!

We wanted to feature Lenox’s True Love Glass Flute Pair due to the brand popularity and the fact these flutes would make the perfect wedding or engagement gift too! Made from glass, the base of these flutes are also crafted of silver plated metal with a stunning interlocking heart design at the base of the flutes bowls.
We LOVED Godinger’s Dublin Crystal Champagne Flutes due to their stunning, classic design and even better price! If, however, you are after a slightly jazzier set then take a look at Godinger’s Silver Art Godinger Dublin Blush Set instead!

Godinger Dublin Crystal Champagne Flutes Set of 4 – Available in 2 Color

Godinger have been creating handcrafter silver, pewter, crystal and exclusive gift items for well over 30 years. Their products vary from wedding gifts, candlesticks, barware, bakeware, tea sets, frames and much, much more. The brand pride themselves on selling exquisite items at an affordable price, something their customers love too!

We wanted to feature Godinger’s Dublin Crystal Champagne Flutes due to their great price and stunning design! These quality crystal flutes have a cut crystal design that will add a touch of class to any event. This set of 4 is available in other coordinating styles and set sizes too, with each glass holding up to 6 oz.

How Do I Choose the Best Champagne Flute?

Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention for a moment I’d like to say a few words. I’d like you to raise your (currently imaginary) glass and toast to this guide for solving the mystery as to which champagne flute is best for you.

First things first, there’s one very important thing to consider when deciding which flutes to go for and that is the occasion. Maybe you’re considering proposing to your partner? If it’s an intimate toast for two, you may want to look for something with that extra special touch to impress. After which, I hope you have a bottle of fizz chilled on the sidelines ready to be brought over in a fancy ice bucket followed by a live band, or do we just have high expectations in the TopProducts office?

Let’s not forget that after a proposal you may have an engagement party to look forward to. Which gives us more reasons to celebrate and more reasons for champagne flutes! But a word of warning, you may want to consider some plastic champagne glasses before handing over a flute if your soon to be father-in-law has a tendency to show off his moves on dance floor.

Or maybe, it’s not for an event and you’re looking for a gift for a family or friends. We know these would make a perfect gift for some of our moms, especially as they love having friends over for a little gossip and some fizz. Honestly, you’d think they were the next cast for Desperate Housewives! But, if your mom isn’t as much of a gossip as some of ours then there are plenty of other gifts for your mom that she may love.

By now, if you’ve had your imaginary glasses raised (or if you actually raised them) than you quite possibly may have gotten some weird looks, so time to relax your arm and let’s get down to business so we can make that toast a reality.
When it comes to buying champagne flutes you can expect it to cost a little bit more than your everyday household glasses but that doesn’t mean they have to break the bank. Prices can vary due to the quantity and style of the flutes. You can find a decent, pretty fancy pair for around $20 or a nice household set of four flutes for around $25. If you’re looking for more detail in the style of the flutes this can raise the price but if you’re celebrating with an expensive bottle of champagne why not make that moment a little more glamourous!

However, if you’re looking for the cheapest option for a party or event then you are better off with a more traditional flute that comes in a pack of 12 which you can find for around $45. This can work out as a less expensive alternative especially if you’re catering to a crowd or want a few spares… think of it as the Costco way of champagne flutes.

Of course, during our research we came across some super cheap champagne flutes, but we decided to leave them out of our review as we don’t want you buying a set of flutes only for them to break easily or not be what you were expecting.
When it comes to buying the ideal champagne flutes, there’s a few things to consider. Here are some of the important features to look for:
  • The size of the glass – It’s the deciding factor of how much champagne you get! Which is oh so important of course! You can expect sizes to vary from 6-8oz.
  • Size of the set – They say two’s company and three’s a crowd so depending on who you’re hosting for your flutes can come with a range of quantities.
  • Modern or classic – Traditional flutes have been upgraded to have gold and silver designs to add a bit more glamour into the mix. By having a range of styles means there’s something for everyone which is perfect because we all have a favorite cup to drink a nice coffee from, so why not one for champagne?
But at the end of the day when it comes down to it, the best feature of all is their ability to turn any tasty beverage into a posh drink suitable to toast with. The importance of these features will ultimately come down to personal taste but quite clearly you have good taste to even be looking at champagne flutes!
Construction and Design
The construction and design of the flute is important. It can’t be heavy like one of those HUGE German beer tankards, although I’m pretty sure Homer Simpson would be happy to toast with that. It has to be light enough to raise but also big enough to get a good serving of champagne. As previously mentioned a flute can be designed to hold anywhere from 6-8oz which is the perfect amount to use for a toast followed by a bit of socializing. They are built purposely to look delicate to add to a more elegant image but due to this we recommend treating them very carefully if you want them to last. There’s a reason why they usually come in a box labeled “handle with care”.
Performance and Ease of Use
You know your flute has done its job with you’ve raised it in the air for a toast and no precious champagne spills out. Or, you say cheers and clink the glasses together (gently) and nothing breaks. And it doesn’t get much simpler when it comes to the ease of use, if you can fill it and drink it then you are on to a winner!

Things get a little bit tricky when it comes to cleaning, though. If you have ever tried washing a narrow champagne flute by hand with an oversized sponge then you will know how much of a struggle it can be to clean the bottom; it’s almost as bad as trying to reach down for the last few Pringles! The rim of the glass is built for one purpose only and that’s for dinking that sweet liquid gold. So, as you can probably tell one major feature for these types of glasses is whether it’s dishwasher safe. That way you don’t have to worry about getting frustrated every time you clean the glasses. There are few more features to consider before you purchase and we’ve picked out the most essential for you.

With all this in mind, we hope we’ve made it easier for you to pick your perfect flute and maybe this time when you toast, you won’t be empty-handed!

Get the Best Champagne Flute of 2023!

By now you should have a better understanding about what different types of champagne flutes are available to you and also what different brands have to offer too! If you aren’t a particular fan of the products we have decided to feature then don’t panic, we have also chosen our brands based on their other collections of flutes too so browse through their other products to find your ideal set!

Our Top Choice
Arc International Soho Champagne Flutes
Best Value
Libbey 12-Piece Champagne Flute Set
Mikasa Cheers Flutes, Set of 4
Lenox True Love Champagne Flutes
Godinger Dublin Champagne Flutes