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If you are in a public space or with a number of other people right now, look around you. It's almost a given that a number of people will have their phones out and in active use. This is how important mobile phones have become today. This increased usage has put a lot of pressure on phone batteries, leaving us looking for ways to extend battery life. Thankfully, the charger case can do this. Given the rising importance of this device, many brands now offer versions of it, making it more difficult to determine which one is best for you. We spent some time looking at companies that produce this product, and found five that stood out. These five brands offer different models of charger cases, but to make things easier for you, we chose only one from each brand for this review. Our selection lets you take a sneak peek at what these different brands offer. You can then decide to get one, or to explore some more. We hope this helps you with your search.
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Battery Life
Battery Type
Our Top Choice
Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case
Trianium is a manufacturer of high-quality charging solutions for your mobile devices. These solutions also offer protection to the devices.
Sturdy but lightweight. Simple design. Ultra-slim. Protects your phone. Great battery capacity. Comes fully charged. Easy to use. Easy to sync.
You cannot connect your headphones except via Bluetooth.
iPhone 7
14 hrs talk, 10 Web
4 color options
Best Value
Smiphee 3800mAh Galaxy S8 Charging Case
Smiphee makes great smartphone accessories. It understands the challenges smartphone users face with battery life and offers products that take care of this problem.
Sturdy, slim, and lightweight. Easy to install. Fits perfectly. Easy to sync. Protects phone from scratches. Anti-slip material. Comfortable to hold. Indicator shows battery life.
You cannot use a screen protector with it.
Samsung Galaxy S8
12 talk, 56 audio, 12 video
Lithium polymer
Apple iPhone 6/6s Smart Battery Case
Apple is a leading force in today's smartphone and smart devices industry. Its products are always cutting-edge, not to mention classy and durable.
Authentic Apple product. Protects your phone. Comfortable feel. Supports lightning accessories. Easy to get on and off. Good grip. Good battery life. Good iOS integration.
Feels like it doubles the phone's weight.
iPhone 6/6S
25 talk, 20 video,18 Web
White, gray
Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S5
Mophie provides mobile solutions that let users get more from their devices. Its products are top quality, which explains why it's certified by Apple.
Sturdy build. Provides 100% charge. Fits perfectly. Feels nice to hold. Protects the phone. Not bulky. Quick to charge. Offers six color options.
Some headphone jacks may not be long enough for use with this case.
Samsung Galaxy S5
Doubles battery charge
6 color options
Anker PowerCore 2200mAh Charger Case
Anker is a leader in mobile charging. It believes that mobile devices should really be mobile in every sense, and so it provides quality charging solutions.
Well-built. Easy to install. Looks good. Feels good. Apple authorized. Fast charging. Protects the phone. LED indicator. Great customer service.
It may initially feel a bit slippery to hold.
iPhone 6/6S/7
11 talk, 7 video, 9 audio
Info not provided

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What is the Best Charger Case?

You should now have a better understanding of the type of battery case that is best for you. You alone can determine this, as it is based on your preferences. Determine what you want from a charger case and look for those features as we begin to review the five products we selected.
Our Top Choice
With a 5volts/3200mAh capacity that will charge your iPhone to 100%, and a two-piece frame and casing that provides double protection, the Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case is the ideal companion for your iPhone 7 or 8. Would you love something of the same quality for your Samsung S7? See the Trianium Atomic Pro Charging Battery Pack for Samsung S7.

Trianium Atomic Pro 3200mAh Extended Battery Case for iPhone 7 – Available in 4 Colors

Trianium provides mobile charging solutions that are exceptional and multi-functional. Its charging cases double the battery life of your devices, while also providing them with physical protection. Its other products include car chargers, lightning to USB cables, headphone adapters, and stress relieving toys. All these products are produced to the highest of quality, so they deliver top-level performance each and every time.

The Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case is one product you cannot afford to be without if you use an iPhone 7 or 8. People rely on iPhones for almost everything, which tasks the battery immensely, leaving it constantly drained. This charger case makes that situation a thing of the past. With a 5 volts/3200mAh capacity, it will easily provide your iPhone with a 100% battery charge.

It is also designed with a two-piece frame and case that delivers double protection, keeping your phone scratch-free and drop-proof. You may think that such a feature will mean the case will be bulky and significantly increase the weight of your phone. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is ultra-slim and lightweight. Its other qualities include:
  • Push button charge – Easily charge anywhere and anytime by just pushing the button
  • LED indicator – Helps you know its state
  • Charge and sync through the case – No need to remove the case to charge or sync
  • Extended browsing and talk time – Offers over 14 hours of talk time and over 10 hours of browsing time
  • Compatible with iPhone 7 and 8 – No need to get a new casing when you upgrade your iPhone
  • Lifetime warranty – An assurance of quality
You can get this charger case in any of these colors: black, black signature, white/gray, and white turquoise.
Best Value
Protect your phone and keep it charged with the Smiphee 3800mAh Charging Case for Samsung Galaxy S8. It is slim and lightweight, yet guards your phone against scratches. If you would rather have a charger case from this brand for an iPhone 6+ and 6S+, try the Smiphee 3600mAh Portable Charging Case for iPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus which is 5.5 inch.

Smiphee 3800mAh Portable Charging Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 in Black

Smiphee is committed to creating the best charger cases for the Android and iPhone. Its team understands the importance of extended battery life for smartphone users. It combines the best software and hardware to deliver charging cases that are not just powerfully functional, but very stylish and unobtrusive. With its dedication to innovation and full customer satisfaction, it's no wonder that in just under three years of operation, Smiphee became a major force in the charger case manufacturing industry and is rated the top brand for battery cases on Amazon.

The Smiphee 3800mAh Charging Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 is a highly efficient but simply designed battery case. Designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S8, this 3800mAh Li-poly battery will add an additional 96% percent charge to your phone. This translates to about 12 hours of talk time, 12 hours of video time, 56 hours of music time, and five hours of gaming time. You may be thinking that this battery case must be bulky… wrong! It's slim, lightweight, and very easy to install. It only adds about 3.66 ounces to your phone's weight and 0.28 inches to its thickness. You wouldn't even know it's there, except, of course, for the fact that your phone's battery life will seem to last forever. Syncing data with your laptop is also a breeze. You don't need to remove the case to do this, thanks to the sync through technology.

There's so much more to this battery case, such as:
  • Charges and protects – Your phone is protected from scratches and dents even as it is charging
  • Power on/off – Easily turn on the case charger when you need it, and turn it off when you don’t
  • LED indicator keeps you informed of the charge level on the case
  • Does not require audio jack extender – fits S8 headphone perfectly
  • Supports different Android versions, including new updates for continued compatibility
  • Full money back guarantee
The Apple iPhone 6/6s Smart Battery Case protects your iPhone 6/6S from scrapes. It also extends battery life to up to 25 hours of talk time, 20 hours of video playback, and 18 hours of browsing. Would you prefer a case for the iPhone 7? If so, you may want to get the Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case.

Apple iPhone 6/6s Smart Battery Case with Up to 25 Hours Total Talk Time – Available in White and Gray

Apple needs no introduction. This is a brand that takes pleasure in raising the bar with every product it launches. It's undeniably a leader in the smartphone and smart devices industry, and it has carved out a niche for itself as a supplier of elite class devices and accessories. When you see the Apple symbol, you think first of the electronic giant before thinking about the apple fruit, such is the extent of the impact this brand has on today’s technology space. When you think Apple, you think class, quality, cutting-edge technology, and innovation.

The Apple iPhone 6/6s Smart Battery Case is a dual function accessory designed specifically for the iPhone 6 and 6S. It protects your phone from scrapes and bumps, thanks to the microfiber material that lines it, providing a soft cushion for your phone. With this battery case, your iPhone becomes capable of 25 hours of talk time, 20 hours of video and audio time, and 18 hours of browsing time. It's not just called a smart case for fun; it’s actually smart because it integrates with your iOS to display charge levels within it. You get to see the case's charge level on your lock screen and notification center.

The elastomer hinge facilitates the installation and removal of the case, so you won't have to struggle to get it on or off and possibly dent the phone in the process. You will love the soft feel of the case's silicone material in your hands as you hold the phone, further enhancing your user experience. You know this is an Apple product, and with Apple, it is the best or nothing.
The Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S5 gives your phone an additional 100% charge with its 3000mAh battery, while also providing it with protection from the wear and tear of everyday use. Would you be interested in a model for iPhone 7 with wireless charging capacity? Check out the Mophie Juice Pack Wireless - Charge Force Wireless Power.

Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S5 (3,000mAh) – Available in 6 Colors

Mophie stands tall and proud as the manufacturer of the first battery case in the world. Today, it's the top seller of battery cases in North America. It has continued to be innovative, constantly improving on the quality of its products. With battery cases from Mophie, you are empowered to get the most from your mobile device. This explains why its products are currently sold in over 130 countries of the world, and certified by Apple Inc., which is no mean feat.

Turn your phone into a mini power station with the Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S5. With its 3000mAh capacity battery, capable of delivering a 100% charge to your phone, you no longer have to worry about running out of charge. Much more than just providing your phone with enough juice for work and play, this charger also protects it from the wear and tear of everyday use. Should you accidentally drop your phone, your heart no longer has to drop with it, because the rubber bumper inside the case and the little lip that surrounds the screen should keep it safe. This protection is just a precautionary one, as the case is designed to be comfortable to hold, meaning it won't drop easily (unless you drop it just for the fun of it, which you probably won't do).

This juice box is very easy to use. Simply flipping the switch will get it to quickly start charging your phone, and when you're done, flip it to take it back to standby mode. Need to sync or charge your phone or battery case? No worries! You won't need to remove the case (though it's easy to remove should you really need to). The 3.0 micro USB port allows you to sync or charge with ease, while the LED indicator shows you the battery case's power level so you can always see how much power you have left. Need we say more? This is a battery case you need to get for your Samsung Galaxy S5. You can order it in any of six colors to suit your style: black, blue, red, gold, pink, and white.
The Anker PowerCore Case's 2200mAh battery capacity is designed to supply your iPhone 6, 6S and 7 with up to 80% additional power, giving phones about 10 additional hours of use without adding excessive bulk or weight. Do you need a model with more charging capacity for your iPhone 6/6S? Order the Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6 \/ 6s. It has a 2850mAh capacity for 120% extra power.

Anker PowerCore Charger Case for iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 with 2200mAh Capacity - Black

Motivated by a desire to provide highly effective and functional mobile charging solutions, a group of friends set up Anker in 2011. With products that removed the various limitations that users of mobile devices experience, and a strong belief that mobile devices should actually be mobile in every sense of the word, Anker is now a leading brand in the mobile charging industry. The fact that millions of users across over 50 countries rely on its various products is proof of the impact it is making and the trust it has gained with users worldwide.

The Anker PowerCore Case is a companion specially designed for your iPhone 6, 6S, or 7. We all know how frustrating it can be to have your phone's battery drain while you are still actively at work or play. This battery case makes such an occurrence a thing of the past. With its 2200mAh power capacity, you have up to 80% additional power at your disposal. This translates to about 11 hours of talk time, nine hours of audio playing, or seven hours of video. Now that's some good additional power to have handy. Considering the power this case adds to your phone, it does not excessively increase its bulk. It only adds about 0.23 inches to it.

This is one battery case you can use with ease. The soft silicone material is designed for easy installation. It has an opening that frees up the lightning port, so you can use it for your headphones or other accessories without having to remove the case. There's one more thing we just have to tell you about this charger case. You know how picky Apple products can be when it comes to compliance with other devices, right? This battery case is Apple authorized, which says a lot about its quality. Keep your iPhone's juice running with this charger case.

How Do I Choose the Best Charger Case?

Smartphones have become a major part of today’s world, with more and more people relying on them for more things. Every day, new apps are developed for one service or another. This is not restricted to developed countries or societies, as mobile phones are used in every corner of the world.

We’ve all had different experiences with our phone batteries going flat at critical moments. Thankfully, with battery cases, we can now say goodbye to that inconvenience. In this guide, we will try to help you find a charger case that will help extend the battery life of your phone. Regardless of the type of phone you use, be it a Samsung smartphone, an Apple iPhone, or any other type, there is a charger case for you. Stay with us as we guide you to the best charger case for your phone.
Charger cases come in different brands and styles, and with different features. Their prices also differ from one to another. There are certain features that affect the price of a charger case, such as its capacity, its build, and its compatibility, among other things. These devices are primarily made to charge your phones, so it is only normal that one with more charging capacity will cost more than one with less capacity.

To ensure you get something that will serve you well, you should budget between $30 and $110. With this, you can get something that will give you value without breaking the bank. There are cases that cost more than this, which you can of course go for if those suit your needs better. However, if you’re looking for low-cost ones, be sure to avoid cheap charger cases. You may just waste your funds on a product that offers no value.
To find a charger case that is perfect for your phone, there are a few things you need to look at critically. This is necessary because not all charger cases will be ideal for your phone and your requirements. Properly considering these factors will help you easily determine which is best for you. Some factors that require consideration include:
  • Compatibility
  • Capacity
  • Level of protection
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Convenience
Let’s now try to expound on these.
Construction and Design
Before you even begin to consider other features and factors, you must first confirm that the charger case you are looking at is compatible with your phone. Failure to do this may mean you will buy something that you won’t be able to use. Because of the unique way charger cases operate, they have to fit your phone perfectly, and are therefore made to suit particular phone models. If you use an iPhone 7, look for one that is compatible with the iPhone 7. The same goes for other phone brands and models.

When you are done confirming the compatibility, you will also want to check the capacity of the case. You can find out a battery case’s capacity by looking for the specification given in mAh. It could be 2000mAh or any such number. The higher the number, the more capacity it has. What does this capacity actually mean? It means it has more charge to give to your phone. A 3000mAh capacity charger case will offer more charge to your phone than a 2000mAh capacity case will.

Aside from providing additional power for your phone, a charger case can also offer protection from scratches and falls. While this is not its primary task, it is one that many find useful. If you want a case that offers both functions, you will have to get a bulkier case, which will add to your phone’s bulk and weight. This is a trade-off you will have to consider – more protection means more bulk, and less protection means less bulk. You get to decide based on your preference.
Performance and Ease of Use
The size and weight of the case you choose may be directly proportional to the level of protection it can offer your phone. It is also possible to find charger cases made from special materials that protect your phone without adding too much weight and bulk.

When considering the convenience of using a charger case, look at how easy it will be to sync or charge the phone with the case on. Some cases will not let you sync or charge the phone while it is on, meaning you'll have to remove it every time you want to sync or charge it. If this is an inconvenience you'd rather not deal with, opt for those that let you sync or charge the phone even with the charger on.

Some charger cases may also limit the accessories you will be able to use. It is important you confirm this before making your purchase. Will it accept your headphone jack or lightning cable? Does it affect your call clarity or reception? How quickly does it charge the phone? How easy is it to get on and off? These are some good questions to ask as you decide which brand and model to choose.

You need to be able to know how much charge you have left on the case. Some charger cases have LED indicators that show how much charge is left. Others integrate with the phone’s operating system to show the case’s power level within the operating system. Look carefully at these features before finally settling for a case.

Get the Best Charger Case of 2023!

Thanks for staying for the ride. We hope you found this guide and review informative. Hopefully, you now know exactly the type of smartphone battery case you need, and may have even found one that fits the bill. All you need to do now is to go ahead and place your order, so you can begin to enjoy extended battery life on your smartphone.

Our Top Choice
Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case
Best Value
Smiphee 3800mAh Galaxy S8 Charging Case
Apple iPhone 6/6s Smart Battery Case
Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S5
Anker PowerCore 2200mAh Charger Case