Best Cherry Pitter Reviews 2022

A cherry pitter is a device perfectly capable of completely disemboweling an unsuspecting cherry in a matter of seconds. Some of them do it one at the time, some of them do four at a time, and then some of them are semi-automatic- much like firearms, really! If you'd like to get your own cherry pitter, read through our top 5 reviews and learn more about the best cherry pitter brands! Most of them are made to handle just cherries, but others can also be used to pit olives. You may want to read our best olive pitter review for other “multi-tasking” options.
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Type of Feed
Our Top Choice
Norpro Deluxe Cherry Pitter
Well-established in the market for home-improvement products, the Norpro company is one of the most prominent online suppliers of various kitchen tools. .
Tough spring-loaded plunger. Has a hatch hopper. Helpful instructions sheets. Sturdy construction capable of dealing with even the toughest of cherries.
Can't be used with olives as it was designed exclusively for cherries.
Pitter with a suction base
6.25 inches
18 ounces
Automatic feed
Best Value
Talisman Chomper Cherry Pitter
Talisman Designs is there to always equip you with top-tier equipment for a variety of cooking or food preservation tasks!
Cheeky compact design. Kid-friendly finger protection. Dishwasher safe. Tough and durable.
Only works on small to medium sized cherries.
Pitter with suction base
6 inches
6.4 Ounces
Manual feed
Victorio Kitchen Products Cherry Pitter
Whether you need some stuff for your upcoming summer canning session, or a simple cooking pot, the Victorio Kitchen Products folk have got you covered!
Strong suction base. Sturdy construction. Durable chrome plunger.
Can't really be used for olives. (But then again, it's not meant to be)
Pitter with a suction base
6.5 inches
14.4 Ounces
Automatic feed
Leifheit Cherrystone Remover
With experience of over half a century dedicated to creating top-tier kitchen and cleaning gear, the Leifheit folk know their cherry pitters inside and out!
Stainless steel plunger. Sturdy stone catcher. Completely dishwasher safe. Rookie-friendly operation.
Handle is awkwardly-shaped which may lead to storage difficulties.
Pitter with a stone catcher
10.5 inches
15.8 ounces
Automatic feed
Progressive Cherry Pitter
Boasting over 40 years of experience making kitchen utensils, Progressive International is a company that needs no introduction!
Can pit four cherries at once. Spring-loaded mechanism. Stone-catching tray for no mess.
Leaves a hole right through the cherry.
Pitter with a stone catcher
7 inches
9.3 ounces
Manual feed

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What is the Best Cherry Pitter?

If you've ever had the torturous and inhumane displeasure of making a cherry pie without a cherry pitter to help you out with your preparatory tasks, you know just how valuable these simple kitchen tools can be. We hope our guide’s helped you figure out what type of pitter you need. To see some of the best models on the market, check out our top 5 list of the best cherry pitters!
Our Top Choice
Coming from an avid manufacturer of home-improvement appliances, the Norpro Cherry Pitter is a nice-looking contraption that will disembowel a cherry faster than you can say 'Jack Nicholson'! If you want a cherry pitter that you could also use with olives, we suggest that you get yourself the Norpro Deluxe Cherry and Oliver Corer. It’s a heavy duty scissor type with oversized hinge!

Norpro Automatic Cherry Pitter with Seed Pit Hauler, Suction Base and Spring-Loaded Plunger

Norpro, Inc. is a company dedicated to producing all kinds of home improvement apparatus and utensils, all of which is available at the Norpro Webstore. Whether it's kitchen tools, chef's knives, food-processing equipment or just a cherry pitter, chances are you can find it there. The Norpro business motto is a simple one: 'It's about value and quality.'

Other than customer-friendly one-liners, the Norpro folk have got some pretty interesting products to offer a young chef or recent home-owner – superb stainless steel cookware, cutlery, pans and cookie jars galore! Whatever you happen to be in need of at the moment, the Norpro folk will have already been selling it for ages. To learn more about what makes them tick and what other kitchen-bound products these boys and girls are selling, check out their web store and see for yourself!

For this review right here, we've researched long enough to find you the Norpro Cherry Pitter with Suction Base! Exaggeration aside, this little pitter will happily remove all the pits from your cherries, thus saving you a lot of effort if you’re baking a cake or for canning procedures and other seasonal jobs regarding cherries.

The list of features for the Norpro Cherry Pitter with Suction Base:
  • Comes with a Suction Base
  • It Does not Bruise Cherries
  • Spring-Loaded Plunger
  • Sturdy Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Comes with an Instruction Sheet
  • Includes a Hatch Hopper
  • Automatic Feed Tray
If you've got fruits to can, freeze or otherwise preserve for later, using one of these utensils is a great way to save yourself some effort.
Best Value
With the appearance of a kid's toy but a talent for disemboweling cherries, the Talisman Designs Cherry Pitter is an excellent kitchen tool that everyone should have on their side! If you want a model with a BPA-free construction and a nice, thoughtful design, you may like this Cherry Chomper with Adjustable Pie Crust Shield!

Talisman Designs Cherry Chomper - Mess-Free, Kid-Friendly and Dishwasher Safe

The story of the Talisman Designs company is an inspirational one: a young woman named Katherine Waymire, now the president of the business, decided it was time for her to embark upon an entrepreneurial journey. This began in a certain basement, where wine accessories were handmade by Ms. Katherine Waymire herself!

As you will see from the item we're featuring on this list, the company philosophy revolves around creativity, fun, and also simplicity with every item made. When these notions are combined, what you get is a bunch of cheeky-looking products that nevertheless do their job perfectly every time.

The Talisman Designs Cherry Chomper is a happy-go-lucky kitchen tool that helps you immensely in the often boring and arduous task of eviscerating a bunch of cherries! Its kid-friendly design also means you can employ your unsuspecting children to do the work for you so you can go away and take a nap (and, of course, also it will teach them about responsibility and so on and so forth)!

The list of features of the Talisman Designs' Cherry Chomper:
  • Pits both Cherries and Olives
  • Mess-Free
  • Kid-Friendly Design
  • Uses Plunger-Type Action
  • Comes with a Bottom Container
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Includes a Protective 'Tooth'
Cherry-chompin' is a serious task that requires the hands of a surgeon and patience of a saint to perform successfully! If you haven't really got either of those, how about you get yourself a cherry-chomping device to do it for ya! This Talisman Designs model can be a great place to start. Plus, the kids will love using this almost "robot looking" gadget to lend a hand.
Coming from a company dealing in all kinds of kitchen-based apparatus, from canning contraptions to food strainers, this Victorio Cherry Pitter is one tough bugger of a cherry chomper! If you need an apple-peeler as well, you can get yourself the Johnny Apple Peeler VKP1010.

Victorio Kitchen Products Cherry Pitter with a Strong Suction Base and Chromed Metal Plunger

Boasting a sizeable roster of products dedicated to making your life significantly easier, Victorio Kitchen Products is a company that doesn't fail to deliver a bunch of high-quality products to their faithful customers every new season! From cooking a simple Sunday meal, to canning a whole bunch of cherries for the winter months, the Victorio folk have got you covered with their top notch steam canners and measuring cups.

For those interested in visiting a green-themed website where they may learn more about home improvement and operating a bunch of modern-looking cookin' and fruit disemboweling contraptions, look no further than the Victorio Kitchen Products official web page. Also, here you can find user manuals as well as a list of freshly discounted products!

Now, following the trend of odd-looking devices from Victorio Kitchen Products, here we have a cherry pitter that looks as though it was taken from a medieval museum of torture devices. Uhm, we meant a present-day museum of medieval torturing devices. It's got a strong suction base capable of slaughtering any given cherry, no matter how awkwardly-shaped.

The list of features for the Victorio Kitchen Products cherry pitter:
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Strong Suction Base
  • Chromed Metal Plunger
  • A Large-Capacity Hopper
  • See-Through Container
  • 1-Year Warranty
If you feel that you were born out of your predestined generation, or that you need a splash 'o' gore in your life but aren't particularly keen on going to prison, how about you get yourself a medieval-looking torture contraption- for cherries, of all things! It's fun for the entire family, really!
Coming from a company that's been dealing in all sorts of kitchen-related and cleaning utensils, the Leifheit Cherry Pitter is a contraption that's simple and does its job well! For a couple of bucks less, you can also get yourself the Leifheit Comfortline Cherry Pitter, in white!

Leifheit Cherrymat Cherry Pitter with Stone Catcher Container - Hand-Operated, Dishwasher-Safe

For over 55 years, Leifheit Aktiengesellschaft has been manufacturing kitchen supplies. Among its products, you can also find such niceties as cleaning utensils, detergents and also laundry care products designed to help you keep your house or business building as clean as a whistle!

Employing around 1,000 employees at the moment, the Leifheit company operates from its headquarters in Germany, where the company factories operate. Finished products ship to over 80 countries worldwide and the list is expanding. If you'd like to learn more about the history and well-being of this company, you can also check out their official web page, and read more about them.

The Leifheit Cherry Pitter with Stone Catcher Container looks like a hollow dustpan with a see-through container underneath for good measure. It's completely hand-operated and it comes with a stainless steel plunger which can easily pit a whole bunch of unsuspecting cherries at a fast rate! What's more, the thing's completely dishwasher safe, making the maintenance a piece of cake!

The list of features for the Leifheit Cherry Pitter:
  • Comes with a Stone Catcher
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Stainless Steel Plunger
  • Quick pitting action
  • Features an Inbuilt Funnel
  • 3-Year Warranty
The Leifheit Cherry Pitter is a working man and woman's kind of cooking contraption that can save you a lot of time when it comes to preparing your cherries for any sort of cooking or canning process. The canister for the pits helps you prevent a messy environment.
The Progressive's Cherry-It Cherry Pitter is a compact pitting contraption that can easily take on 4 cherries and chomp the hell out of them in a jiffy! Want a 6 cherry pitter with a non-skid base? If your answer is yes, then we bet you will love the Cherry Pitter 6-hole model!

Progressive Cherry Pitter with Spring-Loaded Mechanism - Dishwasher Safe, Patent-Pending Design

As we all know, food preparation can turn into a tricky business. Progressive International is a company that's spent over 40 years mitigating such issues, and they don't intend to stop.

Its corporate philosophy is a simple and fruitful one: make products which are tough, durable and espouse a no-nonsense design principle that's simple and doesn't require specialized training to be used straight away. Bottom line, it's about making the lives of young cooks easier by making the completion of mundane cooking tasks a piece of cake. To learn more about the corporate policy of this business, check out the website and see for yourself!

Progressive International’s cherry pitter is a smallish contraption that nevertheless packs a powerful pitting punch with its ability to pit 4 cherries at once! To make it work, this device comes with a spring-loaded mechanism as well as non-skid base so your pitter will stay in place no matter how vigorous your cherry-disemboweling gets!

The list of features for the Progressive International Cherry Pitter:
  • Can Pit 4 Cherries at Once
  • Features a Spring-Loaded Mechanism
  • Non-Skid Base
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Patented design
  • Reversible Trade
  • Press Plate
All in all, this Progressive Cherry Pitter is a device that can make your pitting job easier, and at 4 times the speed of the regular model! Thanks to its spring-loaded mechanism and the easily washable tray, this particular model can be a true cherry destroyer in the hands of the right user.

How Do I Choose the Best Cherry Pitter?

Baking a cherry pie or cake might seem like a happy occasion, but baking shows always skip over the arduous task of removing the stones from every cherry beforehand, often skipping ahead to the wonderful goodies being dumped into a prepared pie plate. Cherry pitters are simple and rookie-friendly, so you can even employ your kids to do the boring stuff for you without paying them a dime! We're going to delve right into explaining the factors that contribute to a well-shaped and organized cherry pitter, and how to know one when you see it.

First of all, the method a cherry pitter uses to pit cherries is the primary thing to look out for. Most manufacturers go with some variation of a metal prong capable of entering the cherry and driving out the stone with minimal loss of juice or cherry fruit.

Usually, they come equipped with some sort of spring-loaded plunger, enabling you to quickly and efficiently pit a cherry by simply pressing the plunger with your hand. Accompanying this is usually a sizeable base housing the cherries about to be pitted. The goal is to allow gravity to do a part of the job for you, as a sloped tray or base means the cherries you've loaded in will roll towards the puncturing hole on their own, so all you have to do is press every now and then!

Alternatively, some manufacturers opt for a design which has a bunch of premade holes into which you introduce cherries for instant results. The idea is simple – there are a couple of holes (typically several small ones and then several big ones), and depending on the size of the cherry itself, you line them up and then just de-stone them by clamping them from above! Lovely stuff, and saves time, too! What's not to love? There are also models which can double as olive pitters, which is great if you want to add a multi-tasking tool to your arsenal of kitchen appliances and gadgets.

Whichever type you opt for, some design principles are universal. For example, every model we've reviewed features a container beneath the hole-boring top so it can catch the stones without creating a mess for you to clean up afterward. The size and shape of this 'stone catcher' varies between pitters but, since these stones aren't particularly large, even the smallest of containers can house a great number of them before you'll have to change it.
When it comes to the pricing of cherry pitters, it's worth noting they come in many different shapes and sizes, so the amount of money you'll need to pay will vary depending on their stone-collecting capacity, number of holes for the cherries and the speed at which it operates. Also, models that can be washed in a dishwasher, as well as a famous brand name, will add a couple of bucks. All in all, the idea is to buy a model that suits your needs, as there's really no use in buying an elaborate and pricey cherry pitter if you make cherry pie only twice a year. Equally, avoid an excessively cheap cherry pitter as you’ll end up with something flimsy that breaks or jams before you’re finished with it.
Possessing the look of a medieval torture device and the fruit-disemboweling tenacity of an enraged honey badger, cherry pitters are kitchen utensils that usually feature a simple construction with some sort of mechanism for puncturing the cherry and removing the stone. That being said, modern day versions often have a special feature or two that's been added for user convenience. Below, we've listed all the things to look out for when buying yourself a brand new cherry pitter.

The list of features to look out for when getting yourself a cherry pitter:
  • How Many Cherries Can It Pit at Once
  • Is It Dishwasher-Safe
  • The Material of the Container
  • The Material of the Plunger
  • Does It Come with a Funnel
  • Non-Skid Base
  • The Kind of Chomping Mechanism
  • How Much Mess Does It Create
  • Warranty
Construction and Design
Cherry pitters are simple, user-friendly kitchen tools that really need no introduction. Most of them fall into two major groups: they either come with pre-made holes for cherries or have a single hole into which individual cherries are fed by gravity. Some of the models are dishwasher-safe and others feature special protective pieces, but that about does it for variation!
Performance and Ease of Use
A cherry pitter is a kitchen tool that can make your life much easier in the cherry season. It will de-stone a lot of cherries much quicker than you can do on your own, and also won't make as much mess. If you've already bought one, or are pretty sure you're about to do so in the near future, we'd advise you to wash it regularly, (that is, after every use). We hope this buying guide helped you decide what your perfect cherry pitter might be! Our team wishes you best of luck with your purchase.

Get the Best Cherry Pitter of 2022!

Having done a fair amount of research in the important category of cherry pitters, we at TopProducts can say that we've found some products that are both sturdy and can pit a bunch of cherries in a relatively short period of time without much hassle! We hope our article’s helped you choose one, and you’ll be making delicious cherry pie before you know it!

Our Top Choice
Norpro Deluxe Cherry Pitter
Best Value
Talisman Chomper Cherry Pitter
Victorio Kitchen Products Cherry Pitter
Leifheit Cherrystone Remover
Progressive Cherry Pitter