Best Chess Set Reviews 2023

Chess is a rugged and knightly game of the mind that doesn't really leave much room for failure. What it does leave some room for would be – customization! We're talking elaborately made cheeky figurines and sensational chess boards that can easily double as art exhibits! Check out our list of 5 of the best products currently on the market to learn more!
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Our Top Choice
CHH Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set
Coming from a company that deals in everything game-related, this Roman Gladiators 3D Set is a product that adds a touch of style and gore to the knightly game of chess!
It has a delicately-designed base resembling the Coliseum. The pieces are made out of tough pewter. The glass chessboard fits well with the base and is aesthetically appealing.
The base is a bit touchy and some of the smaller parts can break off easily.
3D Set
Plastic and Glass
King Size- 3 inches; Pewter
20.2 x 20.2 x 9 inches; 1 pound
Board over Coliseum Replica
Best Value
Weigel Wooden Chess Set
Handmade and more Polish than Frederic Chopin, this Consul Chess Set is a fine example of long tradition combined with perfected artisanship.
Made of high-quality birch and beech wood. Each of the pieces is weighted for better feel. The entire set is handmade.
The storage cutouts aren't a perfect match for each of the pieces, so some may fall out of their slot.
Beech and Birch Wood
Wood; 1.77 – 3.54 inches
19 x 19 x 2 inches; 5.1 pound
The Noble Collection The Lord of the Rings Chess Set
The Noble Collection is a unique company that has the license to build figurines and other memorabilia from some of the best fantasy and action movies to date!
Their Lord of the Rings Chess Board is one of the best examples of their craftsmanship, with the pieces representing the characters, and the board representing the Middle Earth itself!
On the downside, some of the parts of this rather bulky board are quite brittle.
Collector's Chess Set
Porcelain with Metal Attachments
18.3 x 18.2 x 9 inches; 22.6 pounds
Map of the Middle Earth
MegaChess Giant Chess Set
Producing possibly the world's largest chess pieces, comes forth a company appropriately named MegaChess, and they're not messing around!
The pieces are made out of tough, UV-resistant plastic. They are also waterproof. The pieces are lightweight so children can carry them around as well.
The offer does not include a playing board.
Giant Chess Set
No board included
High-density plastic; King 25”
28 x 40 x 31 inches; 35.8 pounds
Chess Armory 15" Wooden Chess Set
Building standardized chess sets and teaching young players the ways of the game is the main line of work of The Chess Armory company, a new business dealing in everything chess-related.
The board itself folds in two very easily. Inside it, you can store the pieces and secure them with a strap. Both the board and the pieces are hand-crafted.
The black and white squares on the board can be somewhat misaligned with some models.
Inlaid Walnut
Wood; King 3 inches Tall
15 x 15 x 1 inches; 2.1 pounds
Felted Inside

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What is the Best Chess Set?

As the well-known saying goes: 'It takes two to play a game of chess on a richly decorated platform and with delicate pieces that look like Harry Potter characters!' Or was it to tango? Oh well, it's the same thing practically! If you'd like to treat yourself or a good friend to a custom-made chess set, check out this top 5 list and learn more! Top tier products only, we promise!
Our Top Choice
Even though the Holy Roman Empire is not the place which spawned the excellent game of chess, its magnificent public slaughter houses can really improve the look of a chessboard! If you prefer to play chess surrounded by Sphinxes instead of Gladiators, this Egyptian Chess Set may suit you better!

CHH 16.25" Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set, Bronze & Silver Color


If you're passionate about chess, and also like ancient gladiators of the Holy Roman Empire, we would advise you to pursue these two glorious activities: 1) watch Ridley Scott's Gladiator again (as the first line of action), and 2) equip your-knightly-self with an exquisite Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set! The CHH company that's behind this masterpiece has spared no effort to build a vivid representation of the Coliseum and the gory intricacies of its past. If you want to add a bit of extra savagery to your typical chess games, you too can do the thumbs-up thumbs-down gesture as you're about to beat your opponent! (Of course, they may beat you up as a result)

The CHH Company is a small business that creates and sells various items of household ware meant for leisure, so to speak. Among their products, you may find such cheeky, yet stylish contraptions as illuminated globes, wooden toys, chess sets, and also unilluminated globes! For advertising all of these fine gift-able objects, they've developed a simple yet well-designed web site where you can see what they're selling.

Out of all their best-selling models, we've decided to feature the Coliseum-themed chess set, an elaborately-made game platform that has the chess board made of glass, suspended from a frame. The pieces are made of metal and will likely survive any unknightly behavior. The glass board, however, probably won't, so do take care of it!

The list of properties for the CHH Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set:

  • Coliseum-themed.
  • Glass chess board.
  • Metal chess pieces.
  • Resin frame.

All in all, a stunning rendition of one of the world's most impressive (if somewhat violent) sports grounds! The pewter pieces have been made with much care and precision so that, once they're deployed on the battlefield, that is chessboard, they look dignified and also ready to do some damage to the opponent. They might even inspire you to play better, who knows?

Best Value
Coming from a Polish company with a long history manufacturing game sets, this Węgiel chess set is a must-have for a true chess aficionado! If you'd like some other model produced by this company, maybe this Chess Royal Set can be your new playing surface.

Weigel Chess Set - Consul Chess Pieces And Board - European Wooden Handmade Game


Situated in Tarnów, Poland, the world-renowned Węgiel Company has been delivering worldwide, some of the best chess and backgammon sets to the eager players of these two great pastimes. From its initial stages, this small business has retained its simple work environment, which relies mostly on the individual skills and artisanship of its few employees. Over the years, their business has been growing both in volume and in quality of their ware, and nowadays, the folks behind these exquisite chess and backgammon sets enjoy a rather special place among the builders of these game props.

If you'd like to find out more about this company, you can visit their web page which is available in Polish, German and English. You can also browse through their products to see which one piques your interest best, and even contact them at their headquarters in Poland for additional information.

Each of the models they're selling has been completely hand-made, which adds a sort of personal touch to each piece. Both the board and the pieces are made out of wood and the pieces are weighted to accentuate the importance of every move you make in the game! (Well, not necessarily, but still)

The Consul Chess Set- a list of features:

  • Made of beech and birch wood.
  • Each piece is weighted.
  • Hand-made in Poland.
  • The pieces are stored in the board itself.

Handcrafted and featuring a finely-made storage inside of the board itself, this Consul chess set from the experienced Polish artisan crew at Węgiel can be an excellent present for an avid chess player! Also, the fact that each of the pieces are weighted, adds a certain old-fashioned feel to the game! You've got to have one!

With one of these Lord of the Rings chess sets, you can recreate your favorite battles between good and evil in the shape of a knightly chess bout! If you're more into the Batman Series of movies, this Dark Knight vs The Joker Set can be a perfect solution for you!

The Noble Collection The Lord of the Rings Collector’s Chess Set


Would you like to own a company which can make the characters from your favorite fantasy movie assume the shape of chess pieces? Well we would like that too, but currently we're writing reviews, what can we do? The Noble Collection folks, however, are a passionate bunch of Disney-and-Warner Bros-licensed folks that do exactly that! Whether it's Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, these guys are capable of turning the entire casts of these TV and cinema classics into stylish chess pieces in no time!

Their noble line of work doesn't stop there either! Whatever it is that can be turned into a real life accessory by virtue of modern technology and some hefty licensing, The Noble Collection crew will be on top of it! They also produce iPhone cases, various sculptures, as well as customized game sets.

As our list is about chess sets, the product we've decided to feature is their Lord of The Ring's Collector's Chess Set, an elaborately-made piece of chess equipment that pitches a bunch of hobbits against a horde of orcs! To have a better grip of the area you're at, there's also a map of the Middle Earth beneath the playing board for good measure!

The list of features of the Noble Collection's Lord of the Rings chess set:

  • Authorized by Warner Bros.
  • A map of the Middle Earth included.
  • Sculptures made out of pewter.
  • Images of the scenes from the movie printed on the board.

In conclusion, a well-made sculpture-like chess board that can be a proper treat for any Lord of the Rings fan, even if they don't like chess that much! Also, the whole board comes in a nicely-designed package so that you can protect the board from dust when you're not playing.

If you'd like to combine the brain-power-depleting game of chess with some physical activity, then this MegaChess Giant Chess Set can be a perfect solution for you! If you'd like a cloth board included in the offer as well, maybe this Large Chess Set with a Mat will suit you better!

MegaChess Giant Chess Set - Black and White - Plastic - 25 inch King


On the list of brilliant, world-changing ideas regarding chess, only a few would qualify to come anywhere close to what occurred to Peter Shikli on one bright day. Namely, in an effort to make a unique chess set, and seeing how all the best ideas have already been taken, he decided he needed a radical solution! After a bit of thinking, he realized what he needed to do- he decided NOT to make a chess board, and instead make his chess pieces ginormous! Soon enough, a brand new company was born bearing the glorious name of Mega Chess!

As their giant chess sets became increasingly popular, Shikli realized that he could market these funny-looking game props to a larger audience. He wanted to make chess also a physically-demanding game, so that everyone, including kids, can use not only their brains, but also their muscles in order to win a game of Giant Chess! They're particularly targeting kids, nowadays, in an effort to snatch them away from video games, and introduce them to a world of thinking! (And also moving heavy objects about)

The Black & White Chess Set that we've decided to feature on this list is one of their most popular installations so far. Although quite large, these pieces aren't too heavy and feature a tough and durable build made out of dense plastic. Since they're meant for either indoor or outdoor use, they were also made to be completely weather and UV-proof!

The list of features of the MegaChess Giant Chess Set:

  • Lightweight so that kids can use them as well.
  • Waterproof.
  • Protected against UV rays.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Made out of high-density plastic.

All in all, an interesting take on the classic chess set that can also be a great way to decorate your garden. The protective UV-coating combined with the durable, water-resistant plastic, make it a low-maintenance kind of product that you don't have to worry about leaving outdoors for awhile!

If you need a standard chess set to play with your friends, look no further than the Chess Armory's Wooden Chess Set! It's a perfect idea for a gift as well! If you'd like a more substantial chess box instead, then this Chess Armory's Chess Box Set can be a better solution for you!

Chess Armory 15" Wooden Chess Set with Felted Game Board Interior for Storage


Chess Armory is a relatively new company that specializes in producing high-quality chess boards. Their designs are often simplified and tend to make the pieces in their standardized form. The boards are also sturdy and well-made with nothing but the best kinds of wood used for their construction. When it comes to storage of the pieces, they make special slots inside the chess board so that each piece can fit snugly. Additionally, these slots are further secured by small bands so that they don't fall out when you spread the board.

This company has a small but neatly organized website where you can see their new boards and pieces. Also, there is a sheet included which talks about the rules of chess, which can be handy if you're a rookie and still need some guidance. On their blog, you can learn more about the noble art of chess-boxing as well!

The chess set we're presenting to you here is one of their most standard models, featuring a typical wooden board and a set of wooden pieces built in Staunton style. The interior of the board is fully felted so that you can safely store your pieces. As an additional security measure, there are also some straps which you can use to secure the pieces snugly.

The Chess Armory Chess Set- a list of features:

  • The board folds in half.
  • Made out of inlaid walnut.
  • The interior is felted.
  • The pieces are made in Staunton style.

All things considered, a well-made standard chess set by the Chess Armory folks. Both the board and the pieces have been made out of high-quality walnut, and the felted interior makes the storage of the pieces a piece of cake! Also, an excellent choice for a gift!

How Do I Choose the Best Chess Set?

Boasting an impressive 'roster' of playable characters that includes knights, castles, and even kings 'n' queens, chess is surely a board game that doesn't lack in imagination! Add to that the elite-level complexity of the variety of different moves and strategies you can employ in order to outplay the opponent and you've got yourself a massively popular discipline which never fails to attract scores upon scores of new players with every new generation! In this section of our buying guide, we'll talk about the 'skins' (in computer gaming parlance) for chess boards and pieces, and what makes them a great addition to the overall appeal of this ancient game!

First and foremost, the material of choice for the board and the pieces. When you think of a chess set, chances are the first thing that springs to mind is a traditionally-designed wooden board with a bunch of milky-looking figurines that carries about it a certain serene sense of times of yore. Now, while it’s true that most chess sets are still made in this image nowadays, the newly-developing shapes made out of new materials are taking their place as well! For example, aside from wood, you may expect to find plastic boards and pieces, glass boards with glass pieces, or even glass boards with pewter pieces! These new solutions bring a coveted variety to the table, so to speak, as these materials allow for more designing liberty on the part of the artisans.

The second parameter worth taking into account would be the size of a chess set. The thing is, these sets come in some radically different sizes, and one can be of a typical board game size you're used to seeing, while others can be as big as a swimming pool, with pieces the size of a shorter human! Also, add to that the fact that many 'normal'-sized sets are heavily customized with a variety of additions, and you've got yourself a board game category that differs significantly from other board game props such as Ouija boards and backgammon sets. All in all, one of these specialized chess sets can represent a great gift idea and massively spice up your chess matches! So, grab your trusty rocking chair, fill up yer pipe and call up a friend to play a game or two of chess against you!


As is the case with any customizable gaming set, chess sets can get pretty darn complicated and also quite visually impressive, so it really shouldn't come as that much of a surprise that price ranges for these collections can fluctuate so much. Speaking in some concrete digits, a customized chess set can set you back anywhere between 25 all the way to 500 dollars! Features such as the material of the board and the figurines as well as the size of the entire set and the license needed to make a design happen (Disney-themed chess sets, for example) all add up to the final price, so take these factors into consideration before you make a purchase!


Whether we're talking about a fancy Lord of the Rings-themed board with surroundings reminiscent of the great battle between the Orcs and well, everyone else, or a kid-friendly Harry Potter collection of figurines, chess sets can be enhanced to a great extent! If you'd like to learn more about all the different directions these inventive customizations can take up, check out the list below and see for yourself!

The list of features to pay attention to when buying your very own customized chess set:

  • The Material for the Board
  • The Material for the Chess Pieces
  • The Weight of the Set
  • The Theme of the Customization
  • The Size of the Set
  • Accessories (Maps, Figurines)

All in all, there are a myriad ways in which a chess set can be successfully customized. If you'd like to have a proper playing experience with the additional air of suspense created by the particular theme of the customization itself, you may want to look for a model which comes with a healthy amount of accessories to spice up the whole deal!

Construction and Design

As far as chess sets are concerned, the customization can get pretty wild and outlandish indeed! Be it a set o' Orcish pawns that advance at the elite forces of the light, or smooth 'n' polished pieces made out of rare wood, you can expect the props for this game to come in all kinds of possible and impossible forms (as long as the manufacturer manages to get their license, of course). The models we've provided in our top 5 reviews are made of wood, pewter, glass, and plastic, but you may find those that are made out of some other wacky material as well if you look hard enough! All in all, when buying a customized chess set, make sure that it's made out of high-quality material, because if you get yourself a model which looks good but is poorly executed, you may not get to enjoy it for a longer period of time, which would definitely be a bummer.

Performance and Ease of Use

The functionality of a chess setis a pretty limited category, in all fairness, as what you see is pretty much what you get. About the only way that various manufacturers have managed to enhance the user's experience with one of these in mind would be the inclusion of some sort of folding system, so you can save some space when you're not playing. As for the ease of use, well, getting better at the game of chess will certainly help with that, so it may be wise of you to invest in a training manual or a great sparring partner to sharpen your skills to the point of becoming a master of the discipline.

Other than that, so far as maintenance goes, make sure not to lose any of the pieces, as they may be expensive to replace, and also, keep the set away from children, because these little buggers may find new creative ways to swallow or otherwise destroy the props for this great knightly game!

Get the Best Chess Set of 2023!

After a long and sweaty deliberation, we at TopProducts have concluded that books and the reading kind o' smarts should be our number one priority for our employees, so we've devised a program to teach them how to play the game of chess. So far, after 5 years of fundraising and endless hours of training, we can proudly say that three of our employees can successfully arrange the pieces in the correct order. A couple of other workers have learned to play Black-Jack in the meantime, but that was outside of the program. A great game this chess, indeed, and we hope our top 5 list helped you find the best model for yourself or someone you love! May you have a merry purchase, and cheers!

Our Top Choice
CHH Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set
Best Value
Weigel Wooden Chess Set
The Noble Collection The Lord of the Rings Chess Set
MegaChess Giant Chess Set
Chess Armory 15" Wooden Chess Set