Best Chicken Coop Reviews 2022

Birds, birdies, feathered friends, whatever we call them, one truth is universal: we all love birds! Rearing them can be hard work, but it can also be rewarding and fulfilling for many. And we can’t talk rearing without mentioning coops! Since these coops don’t exactly go for chicken change, it simply means that any coop we wish to get had better be worth it. We have graciously taken off your shoulders the burden of scouring the market for the best chicken coops; thus, we’ve researched some of the best chicken coop brands in the market, showcasing our picks some of the best chicken coops money can buy. Save the thank you and delve in already! Remember, though, that these brands also have other chicken coops apart from those we featured. Enjoy!
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Our Top Choice
Pawhut Wooden Chicken Coop
Aosom, mother of Pawhut and other brands, seeks to redefine the buying experience by offering online services with a variety of great products and customer service.
Large run and nesting area. Double-grid nesting box for multiple hens. Made of light but sturdy materials. Moving coop around is easy.
Assembling instructions aren’t straightforward.
Coop with outdoor run
88 x 37 x 56.3 inches
3-4 chicken
Expert assembly
Best Value
ChickenCoop Outlet Large Deluxe Chicken Coop
ChickenCoop Outlet, through its professional staff, reliable manufacturers, and culture of impeccable service delivery, has distinguished itself in the world of bird housing.
Can house up to 6 bantam chickens. Easy assembly. Resistant to the elements. Durable. Well-secured bolts to keep predators out. Easy to clean.
Hinges and latches aren’t exactly perfect.
Coop with large run
99 x 41 x 61 inches
Fir wood
3 large chickens or 6 bantams
Assemble with screw driver
Snap Lock Large Chicken Coop
There are few other brands that match up to Snap Lock by reason of its creativity and ingenuity in pet product manufacturing and service delivery.
Large enough for 12 bantams or 6 large chickens. Adjustable vents for adequate ventilation. Attractive look. Double-layered insulation. Impact-resistant.
Might need more nest boxes commensurate to number of birds.
Coop without run
64 x 39 x 42 inches
12 standard breed hens
No tools required
TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop
TRIXIE Pet Products has, for over four decades, built and maintained a reputation for delivering high-quality pet products at fair prices.
Doors fold down to create roaming space. Roofs open for easy egg collection. Hinged roof and air vents over sleeping house. Comes with removable roosting poles.
Some have complained of defective hinges and latches.
Coop without run
59 × 31 × 32 inches
Glazed pines/plastic/metal
2 large hens; 4 bantams
Expert assembly
New Age Pet ecoFLEX Chicken Barn
New Age Pet is devoted to the welfare of your pets. This is the reason it goes to great lengths to ensure that your pets are afforded the best products at the fairest prices.
Made of highly resistant ecoFLEX to ensure durability. Removable roof for ease of cleaning. Easy assembly. Ventilation at back. Warranty lasts 10 years.
Roosting pole hangs a little too low.
Coop without run
53 x 29 x 28.5 inches
6 – 12 hens
Easy to assemble

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What is the Best Chicken Coop?

So now you’ve read through the guide we put together just for you. Your question now might be: where do I get a coop with all these features? Don’t worry; we’ve added a comprehensive review of the best chicken coops immediately after this section. Grab your checklist and pick the coop that works for you and your birdies.
Our Top Choice
The Pawhut Wooden Backyard Poultry Hen House Chicken Coop comes with a nicely-sized living space and double-grid nesting box so your chickens can flap their feathers without feeling cramped. If a larger, multi-layer, luxury coop sounds more desirable to you, then you should have a look at this Three-layer Deluxe Backyard Chicken Coop.

Pawhut Wooden Backyard Poultry Chicken Coop

It’s a point at Pawhut to always leave every customer happy and content after every purchase. It’s also a solemn promise by Aosom (mother brand of Pawhut and other similar brands) to employ every means to ensure that every customer has the most pleasurable buying experience possible. It does this by working hard and constantly searching for only the most superior products from a wide variety of product categories at unbeatable prices, so that you can shop in comfort and confidence. Combining this with an awesome customer-centric approach, Aesom’s brands have certainly proven themselves trustworthy.

The Pawhut Wooden Chicken Coop is, without a doubt, a coop that your chickens will definitely love to coop in for so many reasons. It has a nicely-sized living space that’s just right for your birds. From the run to the nesting area, your birds’ only burden is one of choice—to roam or to rest. The immaculately designed coop has created a wide expanse (83.25 x 35.5 x 48 inches) for your birdies to explore, and has even thrown in a nesting box so that your layers can lay those eggs you love with a lot more ease.

Still better, taking into consideration the fact that coops are for living and not incarceration, this roomy coop is made of light but amazingly sturdy materials that ensure easy transport from location to location. Now you needn’t rack your brain with worry over how your chickens are faring. You can simply trust your gut, and up and move them whenever the need arises! Double the benefit is that your birdies are going to love the exploration too!

Admittedly, this coop has a bit of an issue when it comes to understanding the manufacturer’s instructions for assembling, but this coop still has more amazing features that cannot, in good conscience, be overlooked. By the way, some people mentioned that they caught on when they actually began setting up the coop. So, here are some of its other amazing features:
  • Sturdy treated wood, reinforced and toughened against weather changes for durability
  • Removable tray for droppings, making cleaning a lot easier
  • Multiple doors on the hoop, allowing you to reach your chickens anytime, without exception
  • Roosting poles so your birds can roost just the way they like
  • Heavy-duty wire that surrounds and protects your birds, keeping predators at bay
  • Composite roof made from asphalt so you’re doubly confident your birds are safe, come rain or shine
Best Value
The fantastic ChickenCoop Outlet Large 99” Huge Deluxe Solid Wood Chicken Coop with Run Nesting Box is large enough to conveniently house 6 bantam chickens. It’s easy to set up too! What if you could get a larger, more luxurious coop made of metal? If you’d prefer that, then you might want to see the ChickenCoop Outlet Large Metal Chicken Coop.

ChickenCoop Outlet Large 99” Huge Deluxe Solid Wood Chicken Coop with Run Nesting Box

One brand that has stayed true to everything that the business of bird housing is, is the ChickenCoop Outlet brand. It has meritoriously earned itself a place in its line of trade, and many positive testimonials from customers and manufacturers alike prove that. Over the years, ChickenCoop Outlet has prided itself in its ability to deliver not only superb products at great prices, but efficient customer service. Its team of professional and experienced staff makes it a point of duty to cater to every need of returning and first-time customers. This singular action has won it a huge number of loyal customers. The Large Deluxe Chicken Coop is a good example of its top-quality products.

It’s good to know that you won’t be needing a degree in carpentry and hammer work to set up the ChickenCoop Outlet Large Deluxe Chicken Coop. And it’s even better to know that after setting up and putting your feathered friends into their new living quarters, you can sleep with your eyes closed knowing that your birds are safe from every danger possible: the elements and predators being chief. The materials from which this coop is made are sturdy and lightweight, meaning it’s easy to maneuver and quite durable.

Also, your coop already comes waterproof with a solid roof of asphalt to ensure that your birds are never drenched by the rain (we all know how they hate that). The bolts are super-secure, and so is the spray wire. If you have a rather “chewy” animal, you can protect her in this coop without raining on her parade, as the spray wire is non-toxic. So, when she chooses to jilt her food for the wire, she remains safe till she gets hungry enough to realize that wires don’t exactly make for great meals. There are still many more features to see. Here are some:
  • Comes with two large access doors and a door at the rear that’s super easy to access for cleaning
  • Ground-based, so your birds can stretch their legs with convenience
  • Zinc tray which pulls out easily in case you need to clean
  • Holes are pre-drilled for you, saving you the extra time
  • Good ventilation so your birds have a healthy and comfortable living space
The Snap Lock Formex Large Chicken Coop is simply adorable! It can house up to 12 bantam chickens or 6 large ones, and although it’s plastic, its adjustable vents are more than adequate! Also available are smaller chicken coops for about 3 large and 6 bantam chickens at a more affordable price, such as the Snap Lock Standard Chicken Coop.

Snap Lock Formex Large Chicken Coop – Available in Two Sizes

Snap Lock is a unique brand that has stayed way ahead of the pack by keeping innovation and creativity as its watchword in the manufacture of its products and the rendering of its services. Since its inception, it hasn’t missed a beat in creating the trend by intelligently calculating and envisaging consumers’ wants and needs. This unique attribute has singlehandedly earned Snap Lock a place among the star brands and an unshakeable position in the hearts of its customers—new and returning. With an awesome customer relations service, innovative products, and excellent prices, Snap Lock is more than ably prepared to make you satisfied and leave you hooked on its products. Now, let’s introduce you to the Snap Lock Large Chicken Coop.

One of the reasons the Snap Lock Large Chicken Coop might be staying around for a long time is this: not only does the coop look like a castle in a chicken fairytale, it’s made entirely of plastic! In case you still don’t get it, then hold on, you’ll catch on now. This coop—entirely made of plastic—is UV-resistant, definitely water-resistant, and impact-resistant! Therefore, come rain or shine, your coop thrives. Come hell or high water (literally), your coop remains. And come playful children, adventurous teenagers, or even a probably clumsy you, your coop remains unshakeable. Isn’t that just great?

And with the large capacity of this coop, we know the fear arises. No good “friend of the feather” will, in all good conscience, not be a little worried about ventilation for his birdies, especially seeing as the coop is entirely plastic and the birds aren’t exactly few (even one bird in there is sufficient enough to cause worry). But worry not, Snap Lock is way ahead of you there. The Snap Lock Large Chicken Coop also has adjustable vents to ensure that all 12 of your birdies have access to more air than they know what to do with. And many happy customers have validated this truth! That’s not all. The coop also comes with:
  • Three 36-inch roosts for all your birds to roost conveniently without bickering or getting into a fight
  • A removable litter tray which makes for easier cleaning, and consequently healthier birds
  • Pre-drilled holes which make for quick and easy assembling, so you don’t need tools at all
  • A well-secured access to ward off dangerous predators from your feathered friends
  • Walls that are double-constructed for insulation, so even during the winters, your birds remain cozy and warm
  • Plus, easy access for collecting your eggs
The Snap Lock Large Chicken Coop, being made of plastic, is also maintenance-free, lightweight (but impact-resistant), and resistant to chemicals. Like we said, hell or high water!
Because all birdies need their “beauty stretch”, the TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop comes with front and side doors that fold down to create space for your chickens to roam and have themselves some adventure! Do you want a larger chicken coop with a different style? How does a duplex sound? Then have a look at the TRIXIE Chicken Coop Duplex.

TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop – Available in 8 Styles

In the world of Pet Products and Care, you won’t count the top brands too long before mentioning TRIXIE Pet Products. And this is largely due to its untainted record of setting the pace in said industry by offering excellent products at fair prices. It owns a warehouse built in a central location that affords it the advantage of short shipping times. And being in partnership with TRIXIE Germany ensures that the brand never lacks in delivering on a wide range of other products to keep customers satisfied and returning for more. TRIXIE North America’s concern isn’t limited to your birds alone; it offers a range of other products that your dogs, cats, and other small animals will absolutely love.

Every good poultry farmer, you for instance, wants the best coop possible for his/her brood and will definitely not leave any stone unturned in making sure of that. One of such “stones” is “the stone of durability and structural integrity”. You wouldn’t want a coop that could easily collapse any day, anytime—and heaven forbid, probably on your pets. So, what does TRIXIE do? It has ensured that the TRIXIE Chicken Coop is constructed with only solid wood, galvanized metal, and composite asphalt (for the shingles). This way, you can be rest assured that your coop will stay around for a while and not cave in announced or unannounced.

Many other things affecting your birds’ welfare and yours are also taken into consideration in the manufacture of this coop. For instance, the coop comes with a front door and a side door that you can easily fold down to enable your birds to stretch and roam around a little. (We all know how “institutionalization” affects birds negatively, both behaviorally and physically.) It also comes with removable roosting poles for your chickens to rest after a hard day’s roam.

Plus, your hens already do so much for you, laying those eggs already, just like you do so much for them by searching for the right coop. You won’t want to inconvenience either them or yourself while doing something as simple as trying to retrieve eggs. Life should never be that difficult. And that’s why the roof of this coop can readily be opened when you need to collect your eggs. Birds are happy. You are happy. The world is at peace! Other amenities this coop comes with include:
  • Removable, plastic-coated floorboards for low and easy maintenance
  • A large nesting box with a divider so you can, according to need, divide the box to create more room for your hens
  • Weatherproof-finished wood that protects your coop from the elements and ensures its durability for a long time
  • Room enough for two standard or 4 bantam chickens
  • Fresh air vents to let in enough air to go around for every bird
The TRIXIE Chicken Coop also comes with a one-year warranty.
The New Age Pet ecoFLEX Fontana Chicken Barn is made of ecoFLEX—a unique, non-toxic, recycled wood-polymer combination—that’s resistant to just about anything you could think of. If you would love even more room for your feathered friends to play, then you might want to add this New Age Pet ecoFLEX Fontana Pen to your cart. Your birds will love it!

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Fontana Chicken Barn – Available in 2 Colors

This brand has shown its commitment to you, pets, and our environment at large by introducing this new wood-plastic composite blend in the manufacture of its pet products under the aegis of New Age Pet. To further ensure the safety of its products, it has taken the extra step to use materials from only the most trusted and reliable sources. New Age Pet also shares strong ties with its mother company, Hang Wing Environmental Ltd., and consequently, a direct relationship with the factory. This relationship permits the minimization of cost and snappy response to market demands. The ecoFLEX Chicken Barn is an example of what New Age Pet offers, and this review will focus on it.

Wouldn’t you just love a coop that stands a fighting (and winning, if we might add) chance of surviving whatever is thrown at it? That’s what the New Age Pet ecoFLEX Chicken Barn is about. The most amazing thing about this coop, especially for those rightfully concerned about our environment (like we all should be), is that it’s entirely made of recycled materials! This means that as you use your coop, you do so knowing that it didn’t come at any cost to our already-endangered environment. But what does this material uniquely offer? High resistance is one. The ecoFLEX material (a wood-plastic combo) is highly resistant to anything you can possibly think of, including water and even splitting! It will take a “Noah flood” to take down this coop!

Furthermore, this chicken coop comes maintenance-free. So, you don’t have to worry about acquired expenses with the purchase of your coop. Simply setup, startup, and kick up (your feet)! For cleaning needs, simply bring down the roof. Literally. The roof is detachable. Open up a few hinges and your coop will be ready to clean in no time. Remember, a clean coop makes for healthier chickens. Healthier chickens make for happier chickens and happier chickens make for a happier and more-fulfilled you!

The beautiful color that this coop comes in makes a very exciting and attractive pick that’ll fit nicely in your backyard, but there’s more:
  • It comes with air vents behind and they are adjustable, so you can be sure that your coop stays airy enough for your birds
  • It’s extremely easy to set up, requiring no tools or special skills so you can save up that time and care for your birds instead
  • The material of construction is non-toxic for you, your birds, and your environment and is therefore safe for all involved
  • Although the manufacturers give no word on capacity, many customers have confirmed that this coop will take about 4 to 6 chickens
The New Age Pet ecoFLEX Chicken Barn comes with a 10-year warranty!

How Do I Choose the Best Chicken Coop?

Rearing chickens can almost be like raising children. One, both names have almost the same letters. Two, you worry about housing them and keeping them safe. Three, you worry about when they fall ill. And four, you worry about feeding them, ad infinitum. No doubt, a huge burden of responsibility comes with raising chickens even though it isn’t without its rewards: collecting fresh eggs for poaching and other recipes, environment-friendly (and free!) manure, some fun, learning opportunities for the kids, etc.

But when it comes to choosing a coop, is it us or does it feel like the burden of responsibility triples? We know well that it’s so easy for the worst to happen; you could choose a coop with a poor security system and your chickens end up being doomed to predators. Choose one that’s not large enough, and your chickens become rascals, probably even physically ill, and worst-case scenario, handicapped. Or choose one that requires high maintenance and you spend the money that you should have used on your brood to take care of a coop that should actually be taking care of your birds.

It’s so easy to get the wrong chicken coop, especially with fakes all over the place like viruses. There are so many things to put into consideration before choosing a coop for your precious birds; birds vary in their type and needs, so one bird’s coop might be another’s prison. But generally, all birds can thrive in the same coop.

Also, chickens have an actual pecking order. There’s always the alpha bird, so if you want peace to reign, we advise that you give your birds space (about 3 or 4 feet per bird) and don’t cramp them. If you don’t, you might just be setting up the opening act for a free-for-all, that you’d have to be a certain kind of evil to enjoy. And you’re not that. So watch it.

Predators! We do not want them anywhere near our chickens. So, we will ensure that all doors and other entrances (the nesting box for instance) are lockable and the locks work! Galvanized, heavy-duty bolts are a great idea that we will definitely implement.

And who says that you can’t get your “va-va-voom” on, even with your chicken coop. Because, a “va-va-voom” is an absolute most, you can get your backyard popping with an attractively colored coop that’s of course well able to perform its duties. The good thing about painted coops (they mostly come in wood) is that you can be sure that they’ll stand not just the test of time, but the harsh test of elements too.

Just before you go, a word on BS (lol). Replace “bull” with “bird” and you’re safe. So, you will definitely need a compost bin. You certainly cannot “va-va-voom” in a stinky yard. It’s physiologically and “va-va-voomically” impossible. With a good compost bin, you can generate enough safe manure for your farm (if you run one) and/or for your neighbors. Go across the street and gift your neighbor with a well-deserved serving of composted BS, won’t you? (Strictly the one we discussed, of course).
There’s a wide range of prices for chicken coops depending on what you (and your pocket) would like. We didn’t even bother with cheap chicken coops because the ones we found looked frail, like they could be brought down even by a gentle breeze. And many of them looked very tight and unsanitary for the birds, too. So, no, don’t even think about them.

Rather, save up, if you must, and get your birds a coop they’ll be grateful for (they could even lay you a couple more eggs out of gratitude!). Prices generally range from about $150 to about $700 plus, if you factor in the type of materials used, the capacity, and the works.
Chicken coops differ from brand to brand, no doubt. But then again, there are some basic ground rules that a chicken coop must obey before it qualifies to even be called a chicken coop. Listed below are some of the features that you might want to check and ascertain before you make a choice of where your chickens will be spending a good part of their lives:
  • Type
  • Size and Capacity
  • Nesting Boxes
  • Perches
  • Ventilation
  • Lock System
  • Aesthetics
  • Ease of Cleaning and Egg Collection
  • The Run Area
We will go into detail shortly.
Construction and Design
When it comes to construction and design, there are two main types of chicken coops:
  • Portable Chicken Coop: Sometimes called a tractor chicken coop, this is best used with a small space and a few chickens. It usually comes with a fence surrounding a living area, handles, and wheels on one end of the house, much like a wheelbarrow. Ensure that your tractor coop is light enough to be lifted; otherwise, it defeats the entire purpose of getting a tractor coop in the first place.
  • Stationary Chicken Coop: Also called a fixed or permanent chicken coop, this kind will work with almost any amount of space since they come in different sizes. Smaller coops, though, should only be considered if you only intend to keep the chickens in at night alone, as the space will be too cramped for them to stay in perpetually.
Either type of coop can be made from a wide variety of materials such as metal, plastic or wood, but whichever you choose, it is essential that you choose materials that can both withstand the elements from the weather on the outside, as well as the "elements" from the chickens on the inside, and proper ventilation is an absolute MUST!

What if your intended coop doesn’t have a good ventilation system? Short answer: Avoid! Long answer: You are setting your birds up for disaster, and yourself up for a major heartbreak. Why? Because your chickens will poop and their poop contains ammonia. And ammonia, if left in a tight room, can accumulate till it gets to a toxic level. And toxic and your chickens should never co-exist in the same sentence, much less in the same room. You’re getting the picture now, aren’t you?

Your coop should have at least two ventilation points for the sake of cross-ventilation. Even more preferably, ensure that your coop has a vent close to the roof; chickens don’t fare well in a draft. Still on your vents: Some will be adjustable, some won’t. If adjustable, opening or closing your vent will really be more a matter of common sense than any straitjacket rule. But then, if your vents are widely spaced, reinforce with wire mesh to keep predators out. Some of these animals are animals. ‘nuff said.

Hens normally perch higher up. Apparently, they took that from their wilder relations. Based on this premise, therefore, your perches should be high enough, wide enough, flat enough on the surface, and round enough at the edges for a good grip. Your perches should be long enough to take more than one bird as birds like to roost closely together in the cold. A good idea might be to go for a removable perch so cleaning is easier.

Nesting boxes should ideally be lower than the perch in position. Remember that birds love to perch as high as possible, so if the nesting box is higher than the perch, guess where they’ll roost? You got it. And you can be sure that your darling eggs will be all messed by poop and all if they aren’t already broken or cracked by the time you get to them. By the way, eew!

No gainsaying, your coop should be properly constructed from durable materials that will stand the test of time and many other things. The wood should be finished, galvanized steel and metal hinges should be rustproof and not defective, and the coop itself must sit on a solid base and be of a sound structure.
Performance and Ease of Use
Usually, hens prefer to lay in a dark, quiet place due to their vulnerability during their laying period. So, since you now know this, you might want to try to get a nesting coop that’s easy to clean, and maybe divided into compartments. Many brands provide compartmentalized boxes, so that more than one hen can comfortably lay at once. If they don’t, just get one for yourself or construct one. They are pretty easy to get.

Since you’ll be collecting eggs every other day, you sure won’t want to have too much difficulty doing so. Really, it’s just egg collection. It should never be difficult. Well, thankfully, most coops come with direct access to the nesting box so you can collect your eggs without stress.

Also, your coop must be kept clean for the sake of your chickens’ health. A rule of thumb is to clean on a weekly basis at least. During your cleaning, you’ll need to change the old beddings, the dirt, and give the whole coop a total hose down, generally. Understandably, this sounds hard and time-consuming but a good coop should give you little or no issues cleaning out the place.

If a coop comes with removable perches, detachable nesting boxes, and easy access (a roof that opens wide, a large door, etc), it will facilitate an even easier and faster cleaning. If a coop with such features falls within your budget, we advise you to get it. Pronto!

Generally, treat your coop annually with preservatives even if they come pre-treated. It’s wood after all, people. Wood! These things age with time. So, for the love of birds, treat your coop. And make sure the treatment is non-toxic to you, your animal, and your environment. Don’t go blaming the manufacturer for something that’s the fault of time and nature. Not cool. Coops age with time so get ready to repair leaking roofs, broken latches, rotten timber, etc. If the coop becomes too dilapidated, just change the entire thing and invest in a new and stronger one. Learn to draw the line between when to fix what’s broken and when to, you know, just crush it to bits and get new stuff.

Now this is the reason you might need a run. Your birds need to stretch; you know that already, but you also know that your garden or yard does not need to stink at all. So that’s where the run comes in. It gives your birds an outdoor feel in a safe environment. So, if your coop doesn’t come with a run, getting one might not be so bad.

On protection, we know that you need all your doors, hinges, and latches secure, but they should still be easily accessible to you. If not, cleaning? You’ll hate it. Also, in times of an emergency, reaching your chickens might be impossible (you’re panicking and all, and therefore not functioning at max capacity). Keep all openings well-secure, but easily accessible.

Finally, to get the best out of your coop, combine it with accessories such as: feeders, waterers, and cleaning supplies. These things are usually affordable and almost always pay off in the end.

Get the Best Chicken Coop of 2022!

You’re a good farmer/pet owner, deserving only the best coop available. We know this because you’ve stayed with us throughout this review. Thank you. Now, your chicken coop awaits you, ready to serve. Make that purchase!

Our Top Choice
Pawhut Wooden Chicken Coop
Best Value
ChickenCoop Outlet Large Deluxe Chicken Coop
Snap Lock Large Chicken Coop
TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop
New Age Pet ecoFLEX Chicken Barn