Best Children's Playpen Reviews 2022

What would a child's life be without play? Even though play time is vital to growth, children are unable to distinguish the difference between an activity that is safe and one that is dangerous. As a parent, you know the difference, and you also know the importance of play in a child's development. Therefore, you want a playpen that keeps your child safe while having fun. Well, we’ve got you covered! Through our extensive research on playpens, we’ve picked the top five brands that make play yards which cater to a wide range of needs. Although we have put the spotlight on just one product per brand, rest assured that these brands have a large selection of models beyond the reviewed ones, and all deliver products that give you value for your money.
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Age Range
Our Top Choice
Baby Diego Playard & Activity Center
Baby Diego gives parents products that let them share moments to treasure with their kids. It presents a playpen that triggers fun-filled activities and keeps your child safe.
Sturdy walls. Plenty of play room. Keeps child safe in a fun environment. Interesting play things included in the package. Design makes it easy to increase or reduce play space.
Suction cups used to make the panels sturdier don’t work well on carpets, making the playard easy to push around on such surfaces.
31 x 13 x 24 inches; 34lbs
6 - 24 months
Best Value
Summer Infant Playsafe Playard
Summer Infant has a reputation for creating baby products that make life easier for parents. This lightweight play yard makes creating a safe play space for your kids easy.
Taller panels make it harder to climb over. Folds up easily. Lightweight material makes it easy to transport. Neutral color makes it blend easily with your home’s décor.
Its lightweight build makes it easy to fall over when a baby climbs on it. This can be avoided by keeping the door closed and latched.
35.8 x 31 x 8.2 inches; 21.4lbs
6 - 24 months
Kaplan Large Magic Panel Play Yard
Kaplan makes products that help develop the whole child. It offers a colorful playpen that you can assemble in a number of different shapes and sizes.
Very sturdy, making it difficult for a kid to dismantle. Four bright colors kids find attractive. Can be assembled into a lot of different shapes.
It’s a bit pricey, but the quality you get justifies the cost.
Versatile dimensions; 18.5lbs
High density polyethylene
Birth - 5 years
Kiddygem Puzzle And Beep Playpen
Kiddygem, a name you’ll come to associate with practical, high-quality child play products, gives us a playpen that encourages your child to play and explore.
Octagon snap-in lock for sturdy/safe play area. Handle design for easy lifting/rearrangement/storage. Multi-function. Interchangeable/expandable with other Kiddygem playpen panels.
None reported by users as at the time of this review.
28.5 x 2 x 21.5 inches; 15lbs
Info NOT provided
North States 6 Panel Superyard
Choose North States when you want child play products that offer both significant value and high quality. It makes a well-designed, sturdy play yard that fits most budgets.
Self-locking positioning. Non-slip pads. Durable. Panels can be adapted to other uses. Easy to clean. Panel creates a huge area that can hold two babies and one adult.
It does NOT have a gate. However, the design makes it easy for an adult to step over (26" inch high).
26.8 x 8 x 35.4 inches; 19.4lbs
6 - 24 months

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What is the Best Children's Playpen?

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a globe-trotting tourist, when it comes to the right play yard for your family, all families have different requirements. This is also the case when it comes to playpens. Have a look at each of the products and brands reviewed below to see which one has the features that are most important to you. Once you find the brand that has the model you prefer, then you’ve found the best playpen for your child.
Our Top Choice
With Baby Diego, parents can easily share fun moments with their kids. Watch your child play in safety, or go about your activities knowing that he/she won’t wander with the Diego Playard & Activity Center. If you want a different design in a playpen, check out the Playspot (also by Baby Diego).

Baby Diego Cub'Zone Playpen And Activity Center With Detachable Panels For Increasing/Reducing Play Space

Baby Diego is a brand that was born out of a desire to let parents share treasured moments with their children. To fulfill this goal, it has created a number of products that help families share the fun that children bring, while ensuring their safety and giving them the comfort they deserve. If you want baby products that combine simplicity, ease of use and innovation, then Baby Diego it is.

The Playard And Activity Center (selling for $139.00 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) lives up to the goals set forth by Baby Diego. Your child can now have his/her own territory: a space that’s safe, comfortable and designed to give reins to his/her imagination. You don’t have to worry about your baby wandering out of sight, whether you are at home or the office.

You can increase or reduce your child’s “space” by adding or reducing panels. It’s that simple. It is easy to assemble and easy to wipe clean, so your baby always stays in a clean environment. Its sturdy construction means that you’ll use it for years. Your child has a number of playthings included: a play telephone, picture house and ball spinners all come with this playpen.

You have enough room to keep your child’s toys organized, whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors. And, yes, your child’s safety is properly cared for with a swinging hinged door with safety lock.

Diego play yards come with different features depending on the model, giving you more options to pick from.
Best Value
Summer Infant makes products that help you have the time of your life with your kids. You can rest assured your child is having fun or resting in the right spot with the Playsafe Playard. But if you are in the search for a playpen that has a covering like a gazebo, we recommend the Pop 'N Play™ Deluxe Ultimate Playard (also by Summer Infant).

Summer Infant Secure Surround PlaySafe Playard – Four Panel Styles

Summer Infant is dedicated to developing safe, innovative and durable products for children. It works with child development professionals and other experts to ensure that every product that bears its name helps your child’s overall development. The 6-Panel PlaySafe Playard (selling for $74.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) follows in that company tradition.

If you want a safe way to keep your child within a specified area (whether indoor or outdoor) while ensuring he/she has enough space to play and explore the exciting world, this is the right playpen for you. Designed for children 6 to 24 months, this portable and freestanding play yard also features:
  • Lightweight and conveniently portable plastic
  • Neutral colors that blend with your home's décor
  • Safe, weather-resistant materials for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy-access walk-thru door with a handle and bi-directional swing
  • Versatile 32-inch-wide and 30-inch-tall individual panels let you create unique/different play spaces
  • Carry handle with shoulder strap that makes it easy to take with you everywhere you go
Kaplan makes child play products that are solid, durable and well-designed. If you want something that can take a beating, the Large Magic Panel Playpen is the right product. But if you want even more versatility in a play yard, we recommend the Versatile Play Pen by Kaplan.

Kaplan Large Magic Panel Playpen With 32 Colorful Individual Panels (8 Red, 8 Green, 8 Yellow & 8 Blue)

Kaplan makes products that enhance learning through play. This company is dedicated to providing materials that help parents and childhood caregivers foster the complete development of the whole child (socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively).

The Large Magic Panel Playpen (selling for $298.95 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is one product that helps your child explore the world in a safe space. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to the tough and durable high-density polyethylene material the panels are made of. It is sturdy, and you can count on the fact that your child won’t be able to bust it.

Children love bright and colorful things. Since this playpen comes in a set of 32 colorful individual panels (8 green, 8 red, 8 blue and 8 yellow), your child will be drawn to it. These panels come in rounded edges and corners, making it easy for you to set up the playpen in different shapes.
Kiddygem is a name associated with high-quality child play products. Give your child a safe space to play and the tools to start exploring the world with the Puzzle and Beep with HEART! Baby Playpen. If you want taller panels for your playpen, we recommend the Kiddygem M7 extra tall baby playpen.

Kiddygem Baby Playpen, Kid Playzone With Easy-To-Assemble Octagon Snap-In Lock -- Small And Large Panel Options

Kiddygem is a known name when it comes to toys. A look at this brand’s products shows its commitment to innovation, practicality and child safety. If you want a product that helps your child explore the world safely, you’ve found a good company.

The Puzzle and Beep with HEART! Baby Playpen (selling for $139.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) will encourage your little one to play and explore. This playpen comes in a design that will fit your home’s décor, so you don’t have to worry about it looking off. Features include:
  • Easy-to-assemble octagon snap-in lock which makes panels stay tight, giving you a sturdy and safe play area
  • Handle design which makes it easy to lift or rearrange to different shapes or store away
  • Multi-function design which makes it easy to use as a ball pit, fence, playpen, safety gate, play yard, etc.
  • Interchangeable and expandable with other Kiddygem playpen panels, giving you even more options/possibilities
  • Rollers, puzzles, gears and beep buttons encourage kids to play and explore sound
  • Swing-hinged safety lock on door panel
  • BPA free material
Playpens in the Puzzle and Beep with HEART series come in different colors.
You deserve superior quality and convenience in your kid’s playpen. You get these and more from North States. Give your child a great play space with the Superyard® Colorplay®. If you want to enjoy the North States advantage and need more advanced features in a play yard, we recommend the Superyard® Colorplay® Ultimate™.

North States Superyard Colorplay 6 Panel Playard With Self-Locking Positioning And Non-Slip Pads – 2 Sizes; Three Color Options

North States strives to give you quality child play products that enhance your children’s lives and give you assurance that they are safe. You can count on ease of use, high quality, durability and the highest safety standards once you see this name on any product.

The Superyard® Colorplay® comes with six high-quality, brightly colored panels (expandable to 8 panels for even more play space with the Two-Panel Extension Kit – sold separately). It is proudly made in the USA, sells at a low price of $59.99 (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) and comes with features like:
  • Self-locking positioning (clicking sound) that gives the play yard added strength and stability
  • Non-slip pads that work on any surface and won’t scratch hardwood floors
  • Portable, brightly colored, lightweight plastic panels that are easy to set up/fold up quickly with no tools
  • Weather-resistant material for safe outdoor fun and easy cleaning
  • Convenient carry handle, making it easy to take anywhere you go

How Do I Choose the Best Children's Playpen?

Any family that has a child should always be prepared for the different phases children go through and the many changes that come along with them. In the beginning, your child was a newborn infant that remained in their baby crib until someone picked them up. Then, they learned to sit up and attempt to grab at everything in sight, quickly progressing into crawling everywhere possible. At this point, your child is so active that you are constantly on your toes chasing after them to ensure that they don’t hurt themselves. This is when parents need all the help that they can get, both from people and from baby accessories. Products such as an activity center, toys, and play houses will all help to keep the child occupied while their caregiver takes a breather or finishes a quick chore.

Modern playpens combine several of the products we mentioned above. Some models feature most of the things that are found in a child's activity center, have toys and playthings, and play music to help keep baby entertained. That's why it is such a popular option with parents. Unlike items like baby strollers, walkers and jumpers, playpens are multifunctional. They can be used for many purposes, such as a place to rest for a nap, a safe area to play, or as a travel cot.
Playpens come in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and with different features. All these features affect the price. As you make your budget, bear in mind that no two brands will be the same. Playpen models come in several variations and with so many different features, thus, pricing will vary. You should expect a price range of between $60 and $300, but be prepared to pay a bit higher if you are looking for a high-end playpen.

In the course of research, we saw a number of cheap playpens, but they are not featured in this review because they aren’t up to the quality we’d recommend to our readers. They generally wouldn't last long, may not have the right safety measures and aren’t the type we’d let our own kids use. Ultimately, we are confident that any play yard that you select, based on this review, will afford you good value for your money.
As you go shopping for a playpen, bear in mind that some brands label their product as play yards, while others label them as travel cots or playpens. You just need to know what features you prefer so that, no matter what the label calls it, you know exactly what you are looking for. Some of these features include:
  • Safety features – Treat this as the most important factor
  • Design - This determines the space it would occupy, its functionality and its durability
  • Size and Weight – Determines the size of the child it can contain and its stability
  • Ease of use and maintenance – You need to know how easy it is to use, clean and maintain
  • Versatility – Can it serve for multiple purposes?
  • Material it's made of - This affects its general quality and durability
  • Ease of Installation – How easily can you set it up and dismantle it?
  • Portability and ease of storage - Check the ease of mobility and storage
Construction and Design
The design of a playpen for your child is important because it would determine the space that it would occupy. Some are compactly designed to occupy as little space as possible while others are designed assuming space is not an issue. Before buying a playpen, check out the space available in your home and where you'll store it when it's not in use, so you don't end up getting an item that won't fit into your home.

As you check the design, one very important factor that must be in place are the safety features. Ensure that the product has safety certification from authorized bodies to prove that it has passed safety tests. Then, also examine the product to ensure that nothing poses a safety hazard, like ropes or ribbons that can strangle a child, small objects that can be ingested, holes in the netting or frame where little fingers can get stuck, and so on.

Playpens with wheels are a good option because they allow you to move it from one part of the house to another. However, parents must ensure that those wheels have safety locks that lock a playpen into place when the child is inside. Also, remember that the playpen must be taller than the child it is used for so it cannot climb out unaided. Additionally, the play yard may have gates or zippered openings. Parents must ensure that these access points are difficult for the child to escape from but safe and convenient for the caregiver.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most playpens are easy to set up and dismantle, especially the ones that are being manufactured nowadays. Nevertheless, there are some playpens that may be complicated to set up. Typically, these are some of the high end wooden ones that come in several pieces that need to be assembled. If you have the money, know-how or patience to set it up, the wooden ones are usually beautiful and fit in easily with overall home décor. If not, don’t worry, there are several other beautiful designs that are a breeze to set up and also dismantle. These usually have the advantage of being versatile and can easily be converted to travel cots for your child (although some wooden ones can be transported, but not as easily as other designs).

Before you decide on a playpen for your child, ensure that it weighted at the bottom to avoid tilting or falling over when your child gets all excited and active. Also, ensure that whatever material the playpen is made of has not been treated with any substance that contains toxins, as we know that young teething children bite nearly anything they can reach. Be it wood, plastic or fabric, organically treated materials are the safest for your child.

Get the Best Children's Playpen of 2022!

Now that you have read our reviews, we hope that you have enough information to buy the right playpen for your child and your current situation. Let the fun begin (while you rest easy that your bundle of joy is safe)! Buy your preferred playpen now.

Our Top Choice
Baby Diego Playard & Activity Center
Best Value
Summer Infant Playsafe Playard
Kaplan Large Magic Panel Play Yard
Kiddygem Puzzle And Beep Playpen
North States 6 Panel Superyard