Best Chiminea Reviews 2023

Nothing provides natural warmth and comfort like an open fire, especially if it’s coming from a small, well-tended chiminea. A good, open-front fireplace, integrated among your flower pots and patio furniture, looks and feels great on a cool night. If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious garden, considering placing a castiron or clay chiminea in it.To help you decide on one, we’ve reviewed 5 of the best chiminea brands and featured our top-pick product from each.
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Fuel Type
Our Top Choice
The Blue Rooster Prairie Chiminea
The Blue Rooster Company designs and manufactures quality, long-lasting chimineas, fireplaces and fire pit products with a customer-oriented approach.
Indoor/outdoor use; removable rain lid; rust-resistant body
Too small for regular-sized logs and firewood
Wood burning
22x22x52 inches; 80 lbs
Cooking grate, rain lid
Screen spark guard
Best Value
Gardeco SEMPRA Large Chiminea
Gardeco is a company that imports numerous outdoor products while educating customers with in-depth information about the items they sell.
Bright color perfect for smaller patios; compact size; uses any fuel to burn; 5-year warranty
Clay body is fragile and best suited for permanent placement
Wood, charcoal or coal
Chimalin AFC 
17x17x43 inches; 60 lbs
Clay lid
Won’t crack under intense heat
La Hacienda Manoa Chiminea
La Hacienda is your one-stop shop when it comes to outdoor heating. Its products include chimineas, outdoor fire pits, fire pit covers, pizza pans, and convection ovens.
Conveneint storage compartment at base for wood/coal; all-steel construction for durability
Some users may find it difficult to assemble
Wood burning
14.2x14.2x59.1 inches; 24.9 lbs
Wood storage compartment
Coated with high-temp. powder
Deeco CP Western Basket Weave Jr. Chiminea
Deeco CP manufactures unique outdoor furniture, heating, and garden-related products that will surely liven up your outdoor space.
Hinged safety screen; basket weave legs for added style; can withstand outdoor conditions
Very compact; best suited for small spaces
Wood burning
17.5x17.5x43 inches; 40 lbs
Removable lid, built-in grill
Protective spark guard
Red Ember Alto Steel Chiminea
Red Ember is a reputable brand that sells all your favorite outdoor products, including chimineas, outdoor heaters, outdoor fire pits, and fire pit covers.
Wood grate; one-of-a-kind, modern design; great for mid-sized patios/porches
Too small for regular-sized logs and firewood
Wood burning
17.2x17.2x47.2 inches; 19 lbs
Can withstand intense weather

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What is the Best Chiminea?

Nothing beats sitting in front of a cozy fireplace during cold winter nights. Now you can enjoy the same ambiance outdoors by purchasing a good chiminea. Whether you’ve got a fire roaring inside it or not, your chiminea will provide a great focal point for any patio or deck space.
Our Top Choice
Blue Rooster Company’s Prairie Chiminea is a sturdy, cast aluminum fireplace that has a removable neck for grilling, and a hinged screen door that’s perfect for toasting marshmallows or hot dogs. Want a smaller size with a different style? Check out The Blue Rooster Co. Wood Burning Chiminea today!

The Blue Rooster Prairie Style Cast Aluminum Wood Burning Chiminea

The aim of Blue Rooster is to design and produce the highest quality, longest lasting outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and chimineas you can find on the market. Their customer service is outstanding and reliable, just like their products.

Simple, traditional, and classy are just a few words that describe the Blue Rooster Prairie Chiminea. This is a must-have unit for your backyard or patio. With a traditional, 180-degree front opening, this chiminea offers efficient drafting for a clean and safe burn. The removable neck and the included cast-iron grilling insert also make it suitable for grilling!

Here are some of its other fabulous features:
  • Handles for easy portability and arrangement
  • Non-rusting, solid cast aluminum alloy body makes it okay to leave outdoors
  • Clean, simple design makes it a perfect fit for small patios
  • Strong and rigid body for long-lasting durability
  • Hinged mouth screen is perfect for toasting marshmallows
  • Removable rain lid ensures it’s protected from water damage when left outdoors
  • Cast iron bottom grate supports the fire
  • Spark arresters around the neck insert for added safety
Best Value
The Gardeco SEMPRA Large Chiminea is made of Chimalin AFC, which is a type of clay that resists cracking even under intense heat. It comes with a clay lid and a metal stand, and requires no assembly. Will black blend better with your décor? Then check out the Gardeco AFC-C21.75 Black Chiminea today!

Gardeco SEMPRA Large Ivory Chiminea

Gardeco is a manufacturer and importer of quality outdoor products, like chimineas and fire pits, and they strive to provide customers with in-depth information about what they sell. After eight years of extensive development, Gardeco released their unique line of clay chimineas in 2015. Because of the length of time they spent researching and developing this line, you can be assured that setting up a fire in a clay chiminea is just as safe, convenient, and easy as it is with a cast-iron model!

The Gardeco SEMPRA Large Chimenea comes complete with a metal stand and a clay lid, and its compact size makes it perfect for smaller patios. It is made from ChimalinAFC, so it won’t crack even under intense heat, but you’ll want to be careful about dropping it since it’s made from clay. It also comes with a five-year warranty against thermal shock, so your purchase is protected against fire-related accidents.

Other features we liked include:
  • Burns any fuel, including wood, coal, and charcoal
  • No assembly required
  • Glazed finish gives it a classic look
  • Beautiful, ivory color is easy to match to patio or deck furniture
  • Traditional shape makes it easy to arrange around your other furniture
The La Hacienda ManoaChimineastands at 59-inches tall and features a unique design on the chimney. There’s plenty of space inside its center pit for creating a long-lasting, roaring log fire. Want to make sure that your chiminea can withstand the changing weather conditions? Buy the La Hacienda 60549US Deluxe Steel Chimnea Rain Cover today!

La Hacienda Manoa Chiminea - Grey with Log Storage Space

La Hacienda was founded in 1989 by two brothers, John and Simon Goodwin, when they were only 21 and 22-years old. They stock a wide range of alfresco heating and cooking products that are designed to enhance your outdoor entertainment areas. Whether you cherish real wood fires, or you like cooking alfresco feasts for friends and family, this company has a chiminea for you!

Transform your outdoor décor with the La Hacienda Manoa Chimenea. It comes with a storage compartment at its base so you don’t have to buy a separate crate or tray to store your fuel. It's made from steel and features a unique design on the chimney, and its spacious center pit is perfect for those long, roaring log fires. If you’re looking for a chiminea with a sleek, contemporary design, we recommend the Manoa!
The Deeco CP Western Basket Weave Jr. Chiminea comes with a built-in grill for cooking chicken, steaks, or burgers, and it has a removable lid for covering the grill when not in use. Keep your Deecochiminea looking new and beautiful, season after season, withthe Deeco CP DM-RC-CJ-W Chiminea Jr. Rain cover today!

Deeco CP Western Basket Weave Jr. Chiminea with Cast Aluminum and Spark Guard Screen

Deeco CP is a premier manufacturer of unique outdoor fireplaces, furniture, and garden products that uplift the look of any landscape. Their products are unique, so you won’t find them in the “Big Box” stores, which gives you a major sales advantage in the global market.

With its compact design, the Deeco CP Western Basket Weave Junior delivers a lot of heat for your next gathering. Its smaller size is perfect for patios, porches, and balconies that have limited space. The removable lid keeps rain water and any debris at bay when not in use. The flue can be lifted for grilling hamburgers, chicken, or steaks over the open flame.

Other features include:
  • The hinged safety screen keeps embers inside and makes refilling easy
  • The lightweight, but durable, cast iron metal makes it easily portable
  • The legs are surrounded with a basket weave for style
  • Handles for transporting it
  • Can withstand many types of weather conditions
  • Has a log grate for easy handling of fuel
  • Antique bronze color gives it a classic look
The Red Ember Alto Steel Chiminea features an all-steel construction and comes with a cover so your fireplace is fully protected from the weather. Want more warmth and light? Get the Red Ember Wellington 4 ft. Fireplace that has enough space for several logs.

Red Ember Alto Chiminea with Robust Steel Construction and Deep Black Finish

Red Ember has steadily evolved into a reputable brand and is among the leading names in home furnishings and garden décor, including outdoor living products like chimineas.

The Red Ember Alto Steel Chiminea allows you to extend the party to your patio or porch. You can entertain your guests anytime of the year with this wood-burning, all-steel chiminea. It has a handsome black finish with a unique shape, making it an attractive piece of outdoor décor.

We really loved its:
  • Beautifully modern, one-of-a-kind look
  • Perfect for mid-sized patios
  • All-steel construction can withstand the elements
  • Includes cover to further protect the fire place from rain or snow
  • Fire-pit design makes it seem more like a traditional camp fire (great for roasting marshmallows!)
  • Wood grate makes it easy to manage fuel

How Do I Choose the Best Chiminea?

A chiminea provides a perfect way to bring warmth, light and style to your porch, deck or patio. Whether you want to enjoy a crackling wood fire to warm everyone who stands by, or you want to toast some marshmallows or hot dogs over its flames, a decent chiminea adds great aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.

When choosing the right chiminea for your home, there are two critical consideration factors to look for: the physical space it’s going to occupy and the primary function of the unit. These two factors should be given equal consideration. For instance, if you’re going to use your chiminea for wood fires, think about where you want to place the unit, and if you have enough space for a firewood rack. However, if the primary purpose is for decoration, your chiminea can probably go anywhere.

If you have a patio with plenty of room, you may consider a chiminea with a full, 360-degree exposure to the fire tray, which is great for a family gathering. Some families prefer using modern electric fireplaces or inserts in the living room, but a chiminea provides that extra warmth if you need to take your gathering to the patio or garden.

One thing you should avoid is placing chimineas with all-around exposures in areas where the flames could potentially set something on fire, such as flowers or plants, or your home. However, if the chiminea has enough space around and above it, a bulb-shaped model is ideal because it takes up minimal space.

Consider chimineas with tall chimneys so that smoke and sparks are directed away from the people around it. Some models come with the tops removed, which lets you enjoy them more as a fire pit. This generates that intimate, nostalgic campfire experience.

With that said, let’s go through the critical features to look for when shopping for a chiminea, starting with price.
Chimineas come in a wide range of prices, from cheap clay models to moderately priced cast iron ones, to extremely expensive, fully decorated chimineas. However, with a budget of between $70 and $450, you can find a quality chiminea that’ll transform your patio into a warm and elegant living space. The main price determinant for chimineas is the material they are made of and the aesthetic value they offer. You can choose between cheap chimineas or moderately priced cast iron models. High-end models will come with elegant decorations as well as extra features, like lids, grill racks, and covers, that let you utilize the chiminea for more than just getting warm.
Apart from price, considering a few critical features will ensure you get a chiminea that best suits your needs.Perhaps most importantly, consider the amount of space you have on your patio or porch before shopping around, as this might eliminate a lot of larger-sized models.

Here are the features to look for:
  • Fuel Types – Most chimineas are designed to use coal fuel, but you can get ones that burn firewood/logs, peat, or briquettes.
  • Weight –If you want a chiminea that you can easily move around your garden or patio, you should consider lightweight ones. Some may look tall and bulky but are actually not very heavy.Something that weighs between 20 and 40 pounds should be easy enough to move around.
  • Accessories – Most come with a grill, but some include a charcoal grill and other accessories. Always check the extra accessories or attachments that a chiminea comes with before you decide on which model to buy. If you’re going to use charcoal as your fuel, consider models with a charcoal grate. If you go with firewood or logs, consider models with a log grate.
Construction and Design
Traditionally, chimineas were made from clay, but modern designs utilize steel and cast iron.Nevertheless, not all chiminea units are built the same. You’ll find different sizes, shapes, and styles. Some designs incorporate more decorative finishes with a contemporary touch, though the performance may not be any different. The idea is to choose a style that will work best for your patio or garden.
  • Clay Chimineas– These chimineas are the most traditional and require minimal maintenance. You don’t need to struggle to assemble them as you might with metal units. The only downside to a clay chiminea is that it’s prone to crack if you move it around a lot, or if it falls over.
  • Cast Iron Chimineas– These chimineas are less susceptible to cracks and breaks. However, frosting tends to be a major problem as opposed to high temperatures. If you choose a bigger size, you can also use it to do some light barbecue.
  • Steel Chimineas– These are the latest design of chimineas and are based on the Mexican design of wood-burning stoves. They are generally made with steel in cast iron.
Larger models burn more fuel, but also heat larger areas. The best size is the size that’ll effectively heat your patio space. For a very large space, you may need to have two chimineas at either end.
Performance and Ease of Use
All chimineas are relatively easy to use and maintain, although clay chimineas are the simplest. You simply need to place the chiminea on its metal stand, add lava stones, put in some fuel, light it up and you can start enjoying your newly-warmed patio. Just be aware that clay units are made to withstand really intense heat, so they’re only in danger of cracking if there’s impact on it.

With proper care and maintenance, any good chiminea should last for several years, whether you’re using it actively for fires or you’ve simply kept it for outdoor decoration.

Be aware that the quickest way to ruin your chiminea is to extinguish the fire using a bucket of water. If a fire is actively burning in a clay chiminea, or the unit is still hot with some residual heat from coal or charcoal, any water poured on it can result in cracks that might permanently ruin it. The secret is to always let the fire die out naturally (and we strongly recommend using a fire extinguisher).

Most chimineas allow for multiple fuel sources, but be sure to use a layer of sand or lava stones on clay chimineas when using charcoal or coal fuels, which generate scorching fires that can leave unsightly black marks on the clay.Use stove paint once in a while to improve the appearance of your clay chiminea, especially if it lives outdoors. Finally, always ensure your chiminea has a cover to protect it from water damage if you plan to leave it outside all year long.

Get the Best Chiminea of 2023!

For centuries, chimineas have been utilized as central space heaters and ovens for homes as well as huts. These units are still embraced today, although not so much for cooking. Today, they’re used to provide warmth, and to add a certain level of décor and ambiance to your garden. Hopefully, we helped you find the best chiminea that suits your style. If our featured models didn’t cut it, feel free to browse alternative models from our recommended brands for an ideal fit.

Our Top Choice
The Blue Rooster Prairie Chiminea
Best Value
Gardeco SEMPRA Large Chiminea
La Hacienda Manoa Chiminea
Deeco CP Western Basket Weave Jr. Chiminea
Red Ember Alto Steel Chiminea