Best Chimney Cap Reviews – Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel Chimney Covers for Rain, Snow, Debris and Animal Pests

Chimney caps serve a lot of purposes in both residential and industrial settings. However, there are many of them to choose from on the market, and finding the best chimney cap among them might not be so easy. This buying guide review will enable you to skip the boring, tedious task of finding a chimney cap, freeing you up for the many other things that require your attention.

We’ve done all the hunting, combing through the market for the top 5 brands that have quality chimney caps. And, to save you even more time, we’ve highlighted these specific ones, a cap from each brand, for you to narrow down your search. Should you decide that these particular ones are not to your liking, we invite you to check out these brands for yourself to see which cap does pique your interest. We even included links to make checking out other options simple.
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Top Shape
Side Design
Flue Size
Our Top Choice
Shelter Bolt On Chimney Cap for Rain & Snow
Shelter manufactures an exhaustive line of high-grade chimney covers for chimneys with single flues and those with multiple flues to keep your family and home protected.
Fits over flue. Maximizes air space. Increases flow of updraft. Attractive black powder coating. Long-lasting. Easy to install. Budget-friendly.
Depending on the model, some of the screws were too short.
Square top
Square/rectangle 3/4" mesh
7 sizes - 9"x9" to 18"x18"
Exterior bolt on
Stainless or galvanized steel
Best Value
Draft King Round Bolt On Chimney Cap
Draft King makes a collection of superior-grade chimney caps that are fabricated to maintain the sturdiness of your chimney and keep your family safe
100% heavy-gauge stainless steel construction. Coated with zinc. Durable and weather-resistant. Heavy-duty. Easy to install. Keeps rain and critters out.
Some found that it fit a little on the larger side.
Square w/ scalloped corners
Round, 3/4" or 5/8" mesh
6 sizes - range 8" - 18" diameter
Exterior bolt on
Stainless or galvanized steel
Copperfield Chimney HomeSaver Guardian
Copperfield is committed to creating premium-grade products, supplies, and accessories for thousands of chimney professionals, masons and contractors.
Weatherproof stainless steel construction. Durable. Base slides tightly into flue. Easy slide-in installation. Versatile and can attach to both liners and solid pack.
Some of these units have sharp edges.
Round, beveled edges
Round, 3/4" or 5/8" mesh
3 sizes - 6", 9" 12"
Interior slide in
Stainless steel alloy
The Forever Cap Single Flue Chimney Cap
The Forever Cap is a line of patented superior-quality chimney caps made by Chim Cap Corporation, a leading name in chimney product manufacturing.
Made in USA, Unique 2-piece hood and base design. 100% heavy-duty stainless-steel construction. Fits multiple flue sizes. Corrosion-resistant. Does not require assembly.
Some might find it somewhat pricey.
Roll formed square; 20" x 20"
Round, 3/4" rolled mesh
Fits 11" x 11" to 14" x 14"
Exterior bolt on
Stainless steel (24 and 20 gauge)
Fireside Chimney Supply Rain Cap
Fireside Chimney Supply was set up with one mission: to revolutionize the chimney and fireplace industry with ingeniously designed and remarkably crafted products.
Keeps rain and pesky creatures out. 100% stainless-steel construction. Has a mechanism for fine, small adjustments. Durable. Corrosion-resistant.
Edges of some units may be sharp.
Square, slanted edges
Round, mesh sides
13 sizes - 3" to 12" diameter
Interior slide in
Stainless steel

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What Is the Best Chimney Cap for Rain, Snow and Pests? Read Our Chimney Cap Reviews

A chimney cap should alleviate downdraft discomfort while protecting your home from wild life. If you’ve read our guide, determining the best chimney cap should come easy as you go through this review.

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Our Top Choice
The Shelter Galvanized Steel Chimney Cap with a 9” x 13” dimension has a design that allows it to fit over the flue tiles, maximizing the air space and increasing the updraft flow for warmer fires. If you’d like a chimney cap that can be adjusted to fit from 8” to 13”-sized flues, we suggest you take a look at the Shelter Adjustable Clamp On Chimney Cap.

HY-C Shelter Bolt On Single Flue Chimney Cover – Engineered to Attach to Existing Clay Flue Tile, Choice of Black Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel, 7 Sizes


Shelter has its sights set on fitting every home with top quality chimney caps. These caps have animal control mesh screens that are as functional and durable as they are good-looking, capable of complimenting the overall appearance of your brick or stone chimney. This way, you can rest assured that your family and home – and the occasional bird or raccoon – is safe. Shelter also takes special orders for customized caps that are made to fit your chimney’s unique specifications. Shelter is a member of the HY-C company which has been keeping families safe and improving homes since 1947.

The Shelter Galvanized Steel Chimney Cap is made with galvanized steel and features an attractive black powder coating. These two features reduce water, snow and UV ray wear-and-tear, making it weather durable and rust-resistant. Its hood is a single piece with edges bent downwards and scalloped corners. This will keep raindrops rolling effortlessly off your chimney thus preventing leakages.

For the securest fit possible, the cap is made to attach to the corners of square and rectangular flues. Its hood is made with 24-guage steel while its base and mesh are made with 14 and 18-gauge steel respectively. The chimney cap is designed to fit outside flue tiles with seven sizes available from 9 x 9” to 18 x 18”. Within the base, the mesh ends with an inward 900 turn that will fit snugly atop the flue or go around it (depending on your chimney size). The exterior-mounting style ensures that it has maximum air space thus increasing the inflow of upward moving drafts to the chimney, for brighter and warmer fires on those cold winter days.

Other chimney caps from Shelter include:

  • The Shelter 13" x 13" Stainless Steel Chimney Cap: With an outside-mounting design
  • The Shelter 9" x 9" Stainless Steel Chimney Cap: With an exterior-mounting design, for use in California and Oregon
  • The Shelter Large Adjustable Black Galvanized Steel Chimney Cap: For use in California and Oregon
  • The Shelter 13" x 17" Galvanized Steel California Chimney Cap: With an exterior-mounting design, for use in California
  • The Shelter Stainless Steel Multi-Flue Chimney Cap: With a copper finish

Shelter backs its chimney cap with a limited 7-year warranty.

Best Value
The Draft King Galvanized Round Chimney Cap is an attractive black, single flue cap with a 100% stainless steel construction that has been coated with zinc for a lasting, weather-resistant product. Don't want a bolt on chimney cover? Take a look at the Draft King Round Slip In Steel Single Flue Chimney Cap. It is certified for use in California and Oregon.

Draft King 14-Inch Galvanized Steel Round Chimney Cap – Other Sizes Available


Draft King is a collection of chimney caps from the HY-C company. HY-C has been providing homes and families with home improvement and safety products since 1947. Its goal is to deliver superior product development, manufacturing and distribution. HY-C’s Draft King team, workers with extensive skills and experience, provide safe, comfortable and easy-to-use products that are built to deliver consistent service for a long time. With a constantly replenished inventory and a manufacturing process that utilizes products that are sourced mainly from the US, it is able to meet customer demands and supply them with quality craftsmanship.

The Draft King Galvanized Round Chimney Cap is a heavy-duty protective cap for your chimney. From hood to base, it is made entirely of heavy-gauge steel for strength and resistance, ensuring a product that can withstand high winds and severe storm weather. The chimney cap body has a protective zinc coating which prevents it from oxidization and rust.

Additionally, the cap has an innovative outside-mounting design that gives it access to more air, pulling a greater volume of updraft into the chimney. With more updraft, you and your loved ones get warmer fires during the winter months. This design also allows for the smoke and carbon monoxide from the burning fuel to be sucked out of your chimney and living space in higher volumes.

The Draft King chimney cap has an appealing stately charm that will look good atop your chimney. Its square hood has roll-formed edges with scalloped corners that ensure raindrops roll off your chimney. This cover is also available in six other sizes, so it can accommodate nearly any chimney out there.

There’s lots of other Draft King chimney caps, but here’s a list of some of the more popular sizes:

  • The Draft King 13" x 17" Galvanized Steel Chimney Cap: A black, single-flue cap with bolts
  • The Draft King 13” x 13” Copper Chimney Cap: A single-flue cap with bolts
  • The Draft King 12” Round Stainless-Steel Chimney Cap: A single-flue cap with bolts
  • The Draft King 17” x 21” Stainless Steel Chimney Cap: For use in California and Oregon
The Copperfield Chimney Supply 6" Homesaver Chimney Cap has a body that’s made of a stainless steel alloy that is unaffected by long-term exposure to the elements. Its base is designed to slide tightly into your flue. If you have a square chimney Copperfield Chimney Supply has HomeSaver chimney caps to fit.

Copperfield Chimney Supply Homesaver Guardian Chimney Cap with Stainless Steel Body - Multiple Flue Sizes


Robert Daniels, also known as Sooty Bob, established Copperfield Chimney Supply in 1978. What began as a small, one-man operation grew into today’s large company that is committed to keeping chimney professionals supplied with the best of the industry’s product selection, service and technical support. Today, the brand has grown to include manufacturing plants and warehouses across the country and over 5000 products that include industry favorites like Homesaver, Lock-Top, Lyemance and Gelco. In 2005, Copperfield became one of the Interline brands and this has enabled it to leverage the company’s distribution facilities to reach an even larger number of chimney pros, masons, hearth retailers and contractors nationwide.

The Copperfield Chimney Supply 6" Homesaver Chimney Cap is a circular chimney cover made entirely from 304-alloy stainless steel. This means that you do not have to worry about how its integrity is holding up in the face of heavy precipitation and extreme heat as this type of metal is engineered to withstand their destructive effects. Since it is so durable, it’ll last a good number of years.

This cap has a base that’s about 5 inches high which has been designed to fit into your chimney liner and a solid-pack pre-fabricated chimney of an appropriate size. If for any reason at all you need to replace the cap on your metal chimney, this might be just what you need. To install, all you need to do after unpacking this chimney cap is to slide it into the flue. No tools and no assembly is necessary. It stays securely in place thanks to a tight, firm friction-based joint which ensures the cap stays on through winds and storms.

Copperfield has many more chimney caps, and here are a few of them:

  • The Copperfield Chimney Supply Homesaver Pro Stainless Steel 8 Inch x 13 Inch Chimney Cap: An outside-mounting chimney cover
  • The Copperfield Chimney Supply Homesaver 12 Inch Guardian Cap: With 5/8 Inch mesh which slides into the chimney for a secure fit
  • The Copperfield Chimney Supply 13" x 26" Gelco Stainless Steel Chimney Cap: A pre-assembled multi-flue cap
  • The Copperfield Chimney Supply HomeSaver Pro Round 10” Chimney Cap: For clay flue tiles
  • The Copperfield Chimney Supply Gelco 8" x 8" Galvanized Steel Chimney Cap: A black, single-flue cap with a pleasant enamel finish
The Forever Cap 13” x 13” Single Flue Model boasts a unique 2-piece hood and base design. It’s made with 100% heavy-duty stainless-steel and designed to fit the outside of flues with sizes 11” x 11” to 14” x 14”. Now, if your flue is a round one and you’re looking for an easy, secure-fitting, slide-in chimney cap, we suggest you take a look at The Forever Cap Round Slip In Chimney Cap, available in multiple sizes.

The Forever Cap Stainless Steel Single Flue Chimney Cap - Made in USA, Heavy Duty 100% Stainless Steel. Patent 2 Piece Design, Multiple Sizes Available


The Forever Cap is the Chim Cap Corporation’s patented collection of thoughtfully designed chimney caps. This collection has more than twenty distinct styles and a stock with thousands of these caps in various sizes. The caps are deliberately built to be strong, dependable and durable so that you get more than your money’s worth in years of satisfactory service. The Chim Cap Corporation was created in 1983 for the sole purpose of equipping chimney professionals with nothing but the highest-grade stainless-steel chimney covers. Furthermore, this company is the proud recipient of many patents for its innovatively designed caps, and they’re able to build custom-made chimney caps to meet specific requests.

The Forever Cap 13” x 13” Single Flue Model is built to be attached with screws to the outer tile of your flue, and can fit flues with an outer dimension range of 11 inches by 11 inches to 14 inches by 14 inches. This cap features a 100% stainless-steel construction and a unique 2-piece design. The hood is made with 24-gauge steel while the mesh/base component is made with 22-gauge steel.

This mesh, unlike that of most chimney caps, consists of ¾ -sized oval holes that are cut into the steel, producing blunt serrated inner edges. These serrated oval edges minimize the buildup of creosote, ensuring that your chimney cap always looks attractive atop your chimney. The 8-inch height of the mesh increases airflow into the chimney and, in combination with the oval holes that reduce creosote build-up, facilitates the removal of smoke from the burning fuel. With all of these features, your fires are sure to give off the right amount of heat and comfort, perfect for fireside cuddles on a cold winter’s night or during chilly spring storms.

There are more Forever caps on offer and they include:

  • The Forever Cap 8 x 8-Inch Stainless Steel Single Flue Diamond Mesh Chimney Cap: If you’re in need of a smaller cap.
  • The Forever Cap 8-Inch Stainless Steel Liner Top Chimney Cap: With ¾ oval mesh, for round flues.
  • The Forever Cap 13 x 17-Inch Stainless Steel Spark Arrestor Chimney Cap: For a rectangular chimney.
  • The Forever Cap 16 x 16-Inch Stainless Steel Prefab Chimney Cap: With removable hood, a replacement cap for prefab chimneys
  • The Forever Cap 13 x 13-Inch Copper Single Flue Chimney Cap: Which fits 11" by 11" to 14" by 14"-sized masonry flues
The Fireside Chimney Supply Rain Cap will keep out rain and pesky creatures, too! This 8-inch, 100% stainless steel cap is made to fit over round flues and has a mechanism for fine, small adjustments. For those who are disturbed by chimneys with wind-related draft issues, be sure to check out the Fireside Chimney Supply Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap.

Fireside Chimney Supply Round Chimney Cap for Rain and Snow – Stainless Steel Chimney Stack Cover Available in 13 Sizes


Fireside Chimney Supply is a major producer of stainless steel systems for chimney liners as well as a wide array of other fireplace products. This proudly American brand has been in business since 1992 and all of its products till date have been manufactured in the US. With customers from all parts of the USA and Canada, there’s no limit to the production orders that it takes because Fireside Chimney Supply believes that no job is too big or small. In addition to its regular stock, it builds custom chimney caps to meet your particular need, whether it’s industrial or residential. Fireside Chimney Supply has an expert team of technicians that provides the most commendable service, offering advice and consultations with regards to their premium-grade products.

This Fireside Chimney Supply Rain Cap is an 8-inch cap that has been built to attach around the outer tile of a round flue. With its simple, straightforward construction, you won’t have to go through the hassle of finding the appropriate tools for assembly and mounting as none are required. The hood is solidly welded to four bars to which the mesh is attached.

The hood gently slopes downwards at its edges so rain and other forms of precipitation do not have any chance of entering your chimney. The ¾ -sized mesh provides enough room for soot and smoke to escape, and for an updraft to find its way in to fan your fires. This Fireside Chimney Supply Rain Cap is also the right size to keep both scaly and furry critters out, so you won’t have to worry about uninvited guests showing up for dinner!

At one side of the base, small increments can be made to the diameter of this chimney cap to provide a tighter fit around your flue with a buckle-like mechanism.

Some other chimney caps from Fireside Chimney Supply:

  • The Fireside Chimney Supply 8 Inch X 13 Inch Single Flue Chimney Caps: Stainless-steel caps that are available in 9 sizes
  • The Fireside Chimney Supply Weathershield WSA: An 8-inch chimney cap with removable hood for maintenance
  • The Fireside Chimney Supply 8-inch Deluxe Top Kit: For flat top installation
  • The Fireside Chimney Supply Knockdown style Multi Flue Hinged Chimney Caps: Available in 4 different heights

Best Chimney Cover Buying Guide – Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel Chimney Caps for Rain, Debris and Animal Protection

Can you imagine yourself sitting in your favorite recliner next to the roaring fireplace, cozy, warm, and tucked up tight? Many people would agree that this picture sounds so idyllic and welcoming, the perfect way to spend a frosty winter morning or chilly autumn night. Would you feel this lovely scene was just as picturesque if we were to mention that your fireplace, the very source of this seemingly magical experience, is in fact a potential disaster waiting to happen? The truth is, if your chimney is poorly maintained, you’re actually playing with fire as opposed to enjoying it. Even if you’re not a certified chimney professional, you can still ensure that your home is as safe as possible by taking certain precautions to guarantee a safe chimney and a tranquil home, all things that your family deserves. To stay ahead of potential problems, you can have a professional check your fireplaces and chimneys regularly, have the necessary fireplace tools and install safety accessories like a chimney cap.

A chimney cap is an accessory that attaches to and sits atop each of your chimneys. It serves multiple functions which include blocking out critters such as birds, bats, and rodents, creatures that are attracted to the warmth, darkness and isolation that a chimney offers. These creatures then proceed to make their nests in the chimney, and these nests can act as a barrier, limiting the passage of smoke and poisonous or combustible gases. These noxious fumes then flow back into living spaces and are often undetected, unless you have a gas detector, causing your household to feel ill. Aside from protecting you from a dangerous situation such as this one, a chimney cap will also guard your home from rain and other weather conditions. With a cap in place, you won’t have to clean up annoying, preventable water leaks. Moreover, with this simple fix, you can avoid the flow of downdrafts, reverse air currents that result in an ashy mess that you’d have to clean up.

If you need yet another reason to consider these useful accessories, chimney caps also facilitate updraft flow, the current of air that fans the embers of wood burning in your grate, thus giving you a brighter, larger fire which consequently produces more warmth. At the end of the day, we hope that you won’t settle for poor quality chimney accessories and insist on nothing less than the best cap for your household. The last thing you’ll want to see when you arrive from a long day at the office is your inferior-grade, super-cheap chimney cap hanging from the tree in your front yard. Opting for a shoddy, substandard cap may save you a few bucks up front, but do you really want to deal with the end result of such a product?

Video: 5 Reasons to Install a Chimney Cap

What Does a Chimney Cap Do? | Courtesy of Chimney Monkey

Chimney caps are a critical investment. Firstly, they’re going to help keep you from choking on the smoke, carbon monoxide and other gases that downdrafts can blow into your living space. Secondly, they’ll also keep raccoons, birds and other members of the animal kingdom from becoming your housemates. Ultimately, these caps must be sturdy and made from high-quality materials. Having said that, the more features these caps have, the more money you’ll have to shell out for them. They all have a similar design as these items do not have much need for add-ons. Since they serve a basic function, features aren’t necessarily a determining factor for price.

We wouldn’t want you to settle for a flimsy, cheap chimney cap because it may not survive a showdown with a pregnant racoon that’s looking for a warm, safe place to make her nest or even a rough, windy summer rainstorm. In the end, chimney cap prices differ widely, and you can find them for prices ranging between $31 to $200, and sometimes higher.


It would be a total waste of money and time spent researching reviews if you ended up with a cap that has the wrong mesh size. Ensure that it isn’t too small as stuff like soot and creosote, byproducts of burning wood, could block its holes. A cap that is too big is problematic as well since it reduces the likelihood of keeping birds and other animals out. Some other important features to look out for include:

  • Design: Includes the shape and whether it’s single-flue or multi-flue
  • Tile size: The dimension of the outer portion of the flue
  • Mounting: Clarifies if it mounts internally or externally to the flue
  • Material and Finish: Explains what material is used to make the cap
  • Size: Refers to the chimney cap’s dimensions
Construction and Design

When it comes to construction, most chimney caps are made entirely of one type of material, and the three most popular materials for caps are stainless steel, galvanized steel and copper. Of these three, stainless steel is the most commonly used. As stainless steel is an inoxidizable steel alloy, it is resistant to rust or corrosion and is not easily stained by water. When one considers the fact that a chimney cap is going to sit atop our chimneys every day of the year and for, hopefully, many years, the outlined properties become appealing. Galvanized steel is steel that has been given a coating of zinc, making it both corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant. Copper chimney caps generally feature a copper alloy that is popular because of its incredible corrosion resistance.

Chimney caps can be round, square or rectangular. The shape of the chimney cap that will work for your home depends on the shape of your chimney or flue. Let’s briefly talk about the parts of a chimney that are relevant to this review. We’ll start with the most prominent, the flue. The flue is that hollow area in your chimney which acts as the passage for exiting smoke, inbound drafts and Santa on Christmas eve. It can be lined with a fire-resistant material or purchased unlined, as is the case with most older chimneys. Next, is the flue lining, which as the name implies lines the flue’s inner surface. It protects the brick and mortar of masonry chimneys from combustion gases and aids their flow as well.

There are three main parts on a chimney cap: the hood, the mesh, and the base. The hood is the lid or cover of the chimney cap, and is basically the part that you see at the top. Regardless of the shape of the cap, the hood can be round, conical, square or rectangular. The important thing is that the design must ensure that rain flows down its sides instead of entering into the chimney which would result in water leaks. The mesh is usually attached to the base and thus takes on the form of that base, ultimately defining the shape of its flue. The most popular chimney cap mesh sizes ¾ and 5/8 which provide the ideal space for soot to escape, and is also the right size to keep rodents, birds and other critters out.

Video: Quick Tip Galvanized vs Stainless

Stainless Steel Vs Galvanized Chimney Caps? | Courtesy of Short Run Pro
Performance and Ease of Use

To ensure that you get the right fit for your chimney, you’ll need to take out your trusty measuring tape. If you require a square or rectangular cap for your chimney, measure the sides of your flue for the length by width dimensions of both the inner and outer ends. For circular flues, you’ll need to measure the diameter from both the inner and outer ends of the circle. Remember, you’re measuring the flue and not the crown, so double check that you’re assessing the correct aspect of your chimney to avoid purchasing the wrong cap.

Since chimney caps are available in an outside-mounting model or an inner flue model, measurements must be taken in this manner. When it comes to mounting style, there isn’t one that is considered superior. As long as the caps are the right size and tightly secured to the chimney, you’ll end up with a safe, fully-functional, and aesthetically pleasing chimney cap. Some caps are designed to be fastened with bolts to the flues while others have clamps for fastening. There are also caps that are designed to slide into the flue where they fit tightly thanks to friction. In round chimney flues, the latter option is most common.

The flue tiles are the sections of clay that are joined together and stacked atop each other to make the actual chimney flue. When assessing for the proper cap, it’s the exterior part of the topmost tile that you’ll be measuring for an outside-mounting chimney cap. Chimney caps are usually easy to install, particularly when you order the right size. For maintenance, some of them have removable hoods that can be unscrewed to easily clean the cap.

Get the Best Chimney Cap of 2022!

Now that we’ve reached the end of this review, we hope you’re on your way to being united with your snazzy new, indispensable chimney cap. Enjoy!

Our Top Choice
Shelter Bolt On Chimney Cap for Rain & Snow
Best Value
Draft King Round Bolt On Chimney Cap
Copperfield Chimney HomeSaver Guardian
The Forever Cap Single Flue Chimney Cap
Fireside Chimney Supply Rain Cap

Chimney Cap FAQs

What is a chimney cap?
A chimney cap is a protective covering that goes over the tip of the chimney. It is usually in the form of a copper or steel mesh styled to match with the rest of your home. The mesh ring has a cap that protects the chimney from downdrafts and rain. We have a comprehensive review of galvanized and stainless steel chimney caps. Check it out!
How to install a chimney cap?
To install a chimney cap, you should start by assembling the right tools and requirements. That includes the chimney cap, 4 L-brackets, four sheet metal screws, four concrete screws, ladder, hammer drill, drill, drill bit, safety glasses, and safety gear. Now, place the chimney cap on the chimney to see if it is a good fit and locate where you need to fit the screws. Mark the expected positions of the L-brackets, climb down to the ground, and attach the L-brackets. You may need to drill and screwdriver to fasten the screws into your chimney cap. Head straight back to the roof with the concrete screws, hammer drill, chimney cap, and concrete bit. As you place the can on the chimney, ensure the L-brackets are sitting flush on it. Mark the points to drill, remove the cap, drill holes, and drive the screws into the concrete to attach the cap
How much does a chimney cap cost?
A chimney cap may cost anything between $75 and $1,000. On average, you should expect to pay $300 for a chimney cap. Read our buying guide for more information on chimney caps.