Best Chimney Starter Reviews 2023

Because of the stress and time involved in choosing a great chimney starter that’ll meet your requirements, we’ve taken the time to carry out extensive research and have come up with a short list of some of the best chimney starter brands that’ll make your job easier. These manufacturers have other chimney starters apart from the featured ones and as you read through this review, one of them might appeal to you. Please, feel free to check it out. Rest assured, any product you choose based on this review is of good quality.
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Lighting time
Our Top Choice
Charcoal Companion Black Chimney Starter
Charcoal Companion has a wide range of grilling products. Its goal isn’t just profit but to enhance the grilling experience of its customers with safe and affordable products.
Hardwood handle makes for a good grip. Fast kindling. Easy to assemble and use. Safe and friendly to the environment.
Upper part of the handle isn’t firmly attached.
15 minutes
6.7 x 6.7 x 10.8”; 2.3 pounds
5 pounds
Brushed stainless steel/hardwood
Best Value
GrillPro Charcoal Starter
GrillPro has built a reputation with its top quality grilling products, which are functional, innovative and always offer great value to ensure customer satisfaction.
Charcoal gets hot and red in ten minutes, faster than many other starters. Preserves a healthy environment. Made in the USA and Canada.
Handle could be longer.
10 minutes
6.5 x 11 x 10.6”; 2 pounds
2 pounds
Galvanized steel
Outset Collapsible Camping Grill and Chimney Starter
Outset offers quality chill waree and grillware that are useful for outdoor entertaining. It endeavors to make products affordable without compromising quality.
Easy to assemble and use. Portable and easy to store. Eco-friendly and fast. Large capacity. Made of carbon steel that’s coated with aluminum. Has double handles.
The handle gets very hot.
Square; collapsible
15 seconds
8.8 x 11.1 x 4”; 4.5 pounds
7 pounds
Aluminum plated steel/nylon
Char-Broil Half-Time Chimney Starter
Char-Broil was founded close to 70 years ago. Through the years it’s continued to make products that make grilling enjoyable for its customers at affordable prices.
Innovative and advanced design. Comfortable and protective handle. Eco-friendly and safe to use. Charcoal gets hot fast. Perfect for lump charcoal.
Design makes it complicated to assemble.
Round; large diameter
2 -3 minutes
8 x 8 x 8”; 1.3 pounds
5 pounds
Heavy-duty aluminized steel
Weber Rapidfire Compact Chimney Starter
Weber has built a reputation as an expert in its industry with products that are innovative, affordable and are all guaranteed to provide a great grilling experience.
Compact design. Charcoal gets hot fast. Easy to use. Made with lightweight but long lasting material. Ideal for grills such as the Smokey Joe and Jumbo Joe.
It’s really small and the handle gets quite hot.
15 minutes
8 x 5.8 x 17.3”; 1.6 pounds
10 briquettes
Galvanized steel/hard plastic

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What is the Best Chimney Starter?

The best chimney starter is one that meets the requirement of the owner/user. What appeals to “A” might not work well for “B,” so, as you read the review, note the features that suit you. This would go a long way in helping you make the right choice and get the best chimney starter.
Our Top Choice
Are you tired of getting that aftertaste of lighter fuel on your food? The Charcoal Companion Chimney Starter proffers an eco-friendly and safe solution to igniting your charcoal. If you’re looking for a charcoal starter lighter, we recommend the Charcoal Companion Charcoal Starter Wand.

Charcoal Companion Black Chimney Charcoal Starter with Hardwood Handle

Charcoal Companion is a brand of The Companion Group that offers comprehensive and exclusive label services for the creation of unrivaled personalized programs that are built on the premise of widespread and solid recognition of store brands. Charcoal Companion has a wide range of grilling and barbeque products and accessories. Although it started out with just one product for grilling, today, through innovation and research, it has churned out a great many useful grill accessories. Its products enable the user to feel, look and perform like a grill pro because of the high performance, versatility and functionality of these products. It’s a people– and family-friendly business that cares not only about the profit made from its products, but also about the welfare of its staff, customers and everyone affiliated to it in one way or another. The bottom line for it is not the dollars made, but the satisfaction that it can offer to its customers. It constantly listens to customer feedback so that it keeps innovating and raising the bar of the performance of its products. It’s surely a brand to be trusted!

Starting a grill fire can be either frustrating or time consuming. Most times people use lighter fluids or other types of fuel to ignite and heat up charcoal. Not only is this not a healthy method to adopt, it isn’t environmentally safe and most often leaves an aftertaste of the fuel or lighter fluid used. The Charcoal Companion Chimney Starter enables you to ignite charcoal lumps, briquettes or pieces of firewood fast without using lighter fluid, so you’re assured of a safe and eco-friendly means of igniting your grill fire.

It has some other great features which include the following:
  • Hardwood Handle — This allows you to hold the handle safely
  • Fast Kindling — It doesn’t take more than fifteen minutes for the coals to get hot and red
  • Easy to assemble and use — It doesn’t require anything other than placing crumpled newspaper, safely combustible paper or fire starter and lighting it
  • Capacity — It can hold charcoal up to a maximum of five pounds
Best Value
The GrillPro Chimney Starter helps you eliminate the use of lighter fluid to get your grill fire going. It’s eco-friendly, safe and healthy, and best of all, you don’t get the taste of fumes or fuel on your food. Looking for a great set of briquettes? You’re in luck! The GrillPro Ultimate Briquettes is highly recommended, as they not only retain heat for a long time, they also help control flare-ups in the grill.

GrillPro Silver Charcoal Starter, Holds 4 Pounds of Charcoal — Available in 2 Styles

The Onward Manufacturing Company was founded in 1906, and GrillPro is the brand that manufactures products and accessories for grills. Its innovative design, meticulous attention to even the tiniest detail and the use of heat engineering all combine to produce top quality gear that can stand the test of time. Employing the experience gathered over the years with constant research and innovation, it continues to ensure that it remains relevant to consumers.

As a brand that has been in existence for years, it’s built a reputation that it wouldn’t want to sacrifice at the altar of a quick buck. You’re assured that the products it allows into the market are tested, tried and proven and would surely provide great value for money and, ultimately, continuous customer satisfaction.

Some years back, it was normal for folks to start a grill fire with some form of fuel. But in these days of environmental awareness (the world is going green), everyone’s looking for a safer, more eco-friendly means of cooking. The GrillPro Chimney Starter helps you to ignite your grill without any form of fuel or lighter fluid. It has the capacity to contain charcoal up to two pounds, which is adequate to get you started while you load another set. It gets the charcoals hot in ten minutes so you don’t need to wait for long before you start your cooking. Another great thing about this tool is that it eliminates the aftertaste of the fuel used to heat the coals from food, which results in grills that retain their natural taste and flavors.

If you’d appreciate the power of electricity, this chimney starter is also available in an electric version.

GrillPro has other wonderful chimney starters for your consideration:
  • GrillPro Heavy Duty Chimney Style Charcoal Starter — Ignites charcoal without the use of any form of starter fluid, can contain two pounds of charcoal, gets the charcoal ready in ten minutes and the rolled edge gives it extra strength
  • GrillPro Chimney Style Charcoal Starter — It’s large and made of ceramic, can hold four pounds of charcoal, heats up in ten minutes and needs no starter fluid to ignite it
The Outset Chimney Starter is combined with a collapsible camping grill, giving you an exciting innovation that’s easy to fold up and carry wherever you want for a swell grilling experience. And when you’re done, it’s naturally quite easy to store. If you want a chimney starter at a lower cost and wouldn’t mind losing the grill, you can check out the Outset QS20 Collapsible Chimney Starter, whose handle is specially designed to remain relatively cool.

Outset Collapsible Camping Grill and Chimney Starter with Zinc Body, Chromed Grill Plates, and Nylon Handle

Outset was established in 2002 and manufactures premium quality products for bars and barbecue. It features a wide range of high-end chill ware and grill ware that are useful for almost any kind of outdoor entertaining that you can imagine. It takes pride in innovating and leading the development of new ideas and is always willing to listen to positive feedback. Though its products are of top quality, it understands the importance of making these products affordable without compromising quality.

The Outset Collapsible Camping Grill and Chimney Starter presents a unique combination that offers us the best of both worlds. This is an exciting innovation that makes for ideal grilling whether on hiking trails, camps or any outdoor adventure. All you need to do is set up the collapsible grill and use the chimney starter to heat up the charcoal.

This novel product has other great features that include following:
  • Easy to assemble and use — You don’t need any tools to set it up and you can assemble it in seconds
  • Portable and easy to store — Because it’s collapsible, it’s easy to fold up and carry wherever you want. It’s also easy to store when not in use as you don’t require much storage space for it
  • Eco friendly and fast — It’s environmentally safe as you don’t need any lighter fluid to ignite the coal. You’re sure of chemical-free charcoals
  • Made of carbon steel that’s coated with aluminum — This ensures that it is durable
The Char-Broil Half-Time Chimney Starter makes starting up a grill fire a lot easier as you don’t have to sit around waiting for the coals to get hot. With this tool, your cooking time is reduced by at least ten minutes. You might also need a fire starter for your chimney starter, so we recommend the Char-Broil Fire starters, which don’t leave any kind of foul aftertaste on your food.

Char-Broil Half-Time Charcoal Chimney Starter

Char-Broil introduced its first product to the market in 1948. Since then it hasn’t stopped manufacturing innovative grill products, leading the way and setting the standard for modern barbecue and grill wares. With constant research and attention to feedback from customers, it continues to innovate in order to manufacture products that make grilling more pleasurable and memorable. These products are also easy to use and reasonably priced. All over America, it has testimonials of satisfied customers who can trace happy memories back to cookouts that were enhanced by its products. It remains committed to consistently meeting and even surpassing customer expectations.

The Char-Broil Half-Time Chimney Starter, though a simple tool, makes grilling easier, especially the aspect of starting up the grill fire. You don’t have to sit around waiting for the coals to get hot. With this tool, your cooking time is reduced by at least ten minutes. Another great thing about it is that it eliminates the aftertaste that you get in your food when you use some form of fuel or lighter fluid to start the grill fire. It helps you to be environmentally responsible and also cook healthy. You can also use the Char-Broil fire starter to light the charcoals.

This starter has some other great features which include the following:
  • Innovative and great design — The design enables it to hold lumps of charcoal
  • Comfortable and protective handle — The heat guard protects your hand from being burnt or scalded
  • Eco-friendly and safe to use — it doesn’t need lighter fluid to start it; this makes it a chemical-free means of igniting charcoal
  • Fast heat up time — This chimney starter gets the charcoals hot faster than other Char-Broil starters do
The Weber Rapidfire Compact Chimney Starter gets charcoal hot fast, enabling you to start grilling faster and reducing your cooking time. Its durable but lightweight material ensures many years of use while saving you the stress of lugging it around. Would you like a fire starter too? In that case, we recommend the Weber FireStarters Lighter Cubes, which fire up even when they’re wet!

Weber Rapidfire Compact Chimney Starter, Ideal for Smokey Joe and Jumbo Joe Grills

The Weber-Stephen Products LLC is a private company that makes electric, gas and charcoal outdoor grills and barbecue accessories. It was established in 1952 and has since built a reputation as an expert in the industry. Its products are unique and bear the stamp of years of experience. One thing that makes Weber stand out is that it started out on the love of barbecuing, meaning that it’s an active particpant and not just an aloof researcher. With hands-on participation in grilling and barbecuing, it has garnered years of experience and knowledge. It has many products that are pioneers in the barbecue and grill industry. Any product that carries the Weber stamp is guaranteed to provide the ultimate in grilling experience and help in the creation of unforgettable memories.

When you think of a product that’d simplify your life and remove stress from your grilling experience, the Weber Rapidfire Compact Chimney Starter comes to mind. We know that it’s a means of lighting coals and briquettes, but this simple tool achieves the amazing result of getting your charcoal or briquettes hot in a short while and it does this without the use of lighter fluid. This enables you to be environmentally responsible and to cook healthy. This wonderful tool has other great features that include the following:
  • Compact design – This allows it to fit on the Jumbo Joe or Smoky Joe charcoal grill, which works well if that’s the only grill you own and you want to grill a small quantity of food that doesn’t require the use of the entire surface of the grill
  • Charcoal gets hot fast – It heats up your charcoal in fifteen minutes, thus enabling you to start your grilling faster and reducing your cooking time
  • Easy to use – It doesn’t need any tool to set up anything or assemble. It’s a one-piece tool
  • Made with lightweight but durable material – The quality of material used in the manufacture ensures that it’d last for a long time while still being far from cumbersome

How Do I Choose the Best Chimney Starter?

Grilling is an exciting past time, especially in the summer. Some people are just Sunday chefs while others are diehard grill professionals. Masters of the BBQ love it when the weather clears up, since it means that they can pull off the grill covers, light up their grills and churn out seared and sumptuous meat for the whole family – if they don’t keep it all to themselves, of course.

What makes grilling exciting? Maybe the idea of something different from the regular meal of spaghetti and meatballs, or simply not having to bring out your dinnerware to set the table. Or better still, the idea of hanging out by the poolside on a balmy summer night enjoying with your friends and family.

Not everyone likes to use gas grills; some prefer to use charcoal grills. For this type of griller, one of the most frustrating chores can be to get the coals burning. Most people use lighter fluids, kerosene, oils or some other sort of fuel. Not only is this unhealthy for both the user and the environment, it leaves a residue of chemical taste on the food grilled. That’s why you may see the need for a chimney starter. A chimney starter is a device that you use to heat up your charcoal, briquette or wood chunks without the use of any lighter fluid or fuel.

With a chimney starter, all that’s required is to crumple up newspaper or any combustible paper and stuff it in the lower compartment of the starter and then place your coals in the upper compartment and light it up. Sit back and relax and in the next ten to twenty minutes you’ll have your charcoal heated and your grill up and roaring!
Anyone who has basic knowledge of economics knows about factors of production. These factors are land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. We’ve been taught that land includes any natural resources used in manufacturing, so we can safely include raw materials. All these affect the price tag that the finished product would carry. So, note that if you’re looking for a good product of top quality, you’ll naturally be prepared to pay commensurately.

That said, we found out that a good chimney starter costs between $13 and $30. There may be some high end brands that cost higher but you won’t go wrong with any of our products within this price range.

In the course of our research, we came across some cheap chimney starters, but they aren’t featured in this review. Some of them aren’t safe to use — their handles aren’t well attached and can fall off at any point — while others are just too cheaply made and wouldn’t last long.
A chimney starter (also known as a charcoal chimney or starter) is an important accessory for any griller. It helps you get your grill started faster and chemical-free (since it works without the use of any lighter fluid). Before buying a chimney starter, there are features to look out for to ensure that the product will serve its purpose and adequately too. Some of these features include:
  • Design — The design of the starter refers to its shape whether round or square. This determines the type and size of charcoal or briquettes that’d fit into it
  • Size — This is important because it determines what size of grill it’d be appropriate for
  • Capacity — This determines the quantity of coals it can hold
  • Kindling time — This is the time it takes for the charcoal to heat up
  • Material — The material used often determines how long it lasts
  • Handle(s) — Some come with a single handle while others have two. The material of the handle determines how safe it is
As we discuss further, you’ll see how these features affect the performance of the product.
Construction and Design
Chimney starters are usually designed in a barrel shape and are made of metal, stainless steel or aluminum-coated carbon steel. Some have wide diameters and these allow you to use lump charcoals while others are narrower and may require you use briquettes or wood chunks. So before you decide on any model, consider whether you’ll be using charcoal, briquettes or wood chunks. Which one is readily available to you?

The material used to make the starter determines how long it lasts. Since all the materials that are commonly used to make them have the potential to either last a long time or be of low quality, it may be difficult to determine this just by looking at the product. It’s therefore advisable to read reviews by people who have bought and used the brand you’re considering to find out whether the product is made with the best and most durable materials.

The design of the starter is also important. Most designs have holes that regulate the ventilation of the starter. A well-ventilated starter would operate faster than one that isn’t well ventilated. So look for starters that have holes on the sides as these would operate better and faster than the ones that don’t have them.
Performance and Ease of Use
Getting a chimney starter that has adequate capacity for your grilling need is important. A starter that can hold only a small quantity of charcoal, briquettes or wood chunks would frustrate your cooking, especially if you’re grilling something that requires slow cooking. This is because you can only replenish a small amount of coals per time. Small or compact starters are adequate for people who grill for maybe one or two persons and rarely do stuff that require a long time to cook. This means that the quantity of stuff that you frequently grill, the size of your grill and the recipes should all be considered before you decide on a model. The bigger your grill, the more charcoal you need, and as such you require a commensurate size of starter. Compact-sized starters are for small grills and people who don’t cook large quantities of food.

The handle of a chimney starter is also an important feature because it determines the safety of the starter. Some starters have protective shields on their handles, which helps to protect the user from burns. Others don’t have protective handles, but are made with materials that are heat-resistant and remain cool to the touch, even when the coal is hot and ready to use. It’s important to read the description of any product that you’re considering, but also read the reviews (we can’t say this enough), as there are issues that you may not discover from reading the production description that you’d see in users’ reviews. You don’t want to get a starter with a handle that’ll fall off when you’re about to transfer the coals, nor one that’ll burn your fingers.

Different chimney starters have different time frames within which the coals get hot. On the average, a good chimney starter should get charcoals hot in ten to twenty minutes. So, if you get one that doesn’t heat up charcoals in less than twenty minutes, then it’s not a high performing starter. The faster it gets charcoals heated, the better for you. This also impacts your cooking because you’ll be able to replenish your grills faster and as quickly as you need it.

Get the Best Chimney Starter of 2023!

We appreciate the time you’ve taken to read this review of some of the best chimney starters around today, but that time and effort would be wasted if you don’t quickly utilize the information gained. Go ahead and make that purchase now so that your grill can be fired up faster and with less hassle.

Our Top Choice
Charcoal Companion Black Chimney Starter
Best Value
GrillPro Charcoal Starter
Outset Collapsible Camping Grill and Chimney Starter
Char-Broil Half-Time Chimney Starter
Weber Rapidfire Compact Chimney Starter