Best China Cabinet Reviews 2022

Do you have silverware, glassware, decorative plates or a set of dinnerware that you have no space for? It’s about time you brought them to your dining room in style, and there can’t be a better way to keep them beautifully displayed than with a quality china cabinet. Finding an ideal cabinet can be a challenging feat, and selecting the right one is never a piece of cake for everyone. Not to worry, we’re here to walk you through some of the best china cabinet brands in town.
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Our Top Choice
Coaster Home Andrea Hutch China Cabinet
With a dedication to quality and an attention to detail, Coaster Home Furnishings has been a trend setter in the home furnishings industry.
Made of solid poplar wood for lasting sturdiness. Has three lightings in the hutch offering light for your collectibles. Drawers and shelves offer excellent storage space.
Its traditional style might not be ideal for all.
3 lights
6 doors, 3 drawers
21.5 x 72 x 88.8 inches
Poplar wood
Brown cherry
Best Value
Magnussen Bellamy China Cabinet
Offering high-quality products has seen Magnussen grow significantly and win the trust of domestic and foreign customers alike.
Wood-framed glass doors offer ample space for both display and storage. Dustproof thanks to tight sealing. Pewter coating. Classy brass hardware.
The finish might be too dark for some.
2 lights
4 doors, 3 drawers
19 x 44 x 78 inches
Deep weathered pine
American Drew Cherry Grove China Cabinet
When it comes to the variety of styles ranging from the classical to modern types, American Dew’s furniture design never disappoints.
Has a touch lighting feature. Designed with an adjustable glass shelf behind each of the six doors and a silver tray for sufficient storage. Elegant, classical design.
The finish might wear out fast when not properly cleaned.
4 lights
2 doors, 3 drawers
20 x 66 x 84 inches
Antique cherry color
Hillsdale Furniture Wilshire Hutch Cabinet
When it comes to taking designs seriously, Hillsdale Furniture takes the lead, a commitment the company has kept for over two decades.
Made from solid yet finely finished wood to offer lasting service. Has an impressive finish with attention to detail. Stylish combination of a country accent and cottage comeliness.
Somewhat difficult to assemble.
1 light
2 doors, 7 drawers
66 x 63 x 79 inches
Antique white
Million Dollar Rustic 2-Piece Star China Cabinet
At Million Dollar Rustic, quality comes before everything else, and the company has always fascinated its customers with this unprecedented commitment.
Has a rugged wooden build to last for generations. The glass doors offer an attractive display for your collectibles. The stained finish offers an attractive look.
The wood isn’t sanded as well as we’d like.
No lights
5 doors, 3 drawers
63 x 78 x 19.5 inches
Pine wood construction

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What is the Best China Cabinet?

China Cabinets come in different styles, colors and sizes, making shopping for the best one for your home a headache. We’re sure we’ve made it easier for you to pick the best china cabinet with our informative guide, so let’s jump to our review and help identify the one that suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
The solid poplar wood used in the Coaster Home Furnishings Andrea Hutch Cherry China Cabinet construction offers it lasting sturdiness and durability. If you’re looking for a contemporary look in a china cabinet with a breakfront molding that’ll create a creative visual across the room, then check out the Coaster Home Furnishings Curio Contemporary China Cabinet.

Coaster Home Furnishings Andrea Leaf Embellishments Hutch Cherry Veneer China Cabinet with 6 Doors and 3 Drawers

Offering value in home furnishings business is never an easy feat, but Coaster Home Furnishings is fixed to chase this achievement beyond customers’ expectations. The company seeks to be the leading option with outstanding customer service through ideal operations, cooperation, teamwork and communications in the company’s quest for excellence in offering the best service to customers.

Having an attractive cabinet can be a huge source of pride in your home, but sometimes going the traditional way usually comes with a special feel. Getting an ideal cabinet built in this style won’t be easy either, but the elegant flair in this cabinet will get you there. We also can’t forget that the Coaster Home Furnishings Andrea Hutch China Cabinet doesn’t come at the cost of its performance, since you can’t beat it in that either, especially when it comes to some of its other features:
  • One thing about this cabinet that you’ll fall in love with is the leaf embellishment for covering dust, which will keep the spaces between drawers super clean.
  • A brown cherry finish also makes it an ideal furniture piece to die for, not to mention that the color is designed to match most interior designs.
  • Three lightings in the hutch add to it's magnificence, as well as to the cabinet’s efficiency when it comes to illuminating whatever you want to store inside of it.
  • With three drawers and more spaces on the shelves, you can hardly run out of space for your precious collectibles.
  • Since it’s made from solid poplar wood, it’s certain that this cabinet will last for years.
Best Value
The Magnussen Bellamy China Cabinet offers ample space for both the display and storage of your souvenirs with its four spacious shelves. If a china cabinet articulated with architectural details and stylish dentil moldings entices you, then check out the Magnussen Anvil Black China Cabinet.

Magnussen Bellamy Wood China Cabinet in Pine

When it comes to value, Magnussen ensures it delivers beyond the ordinary with outstanding style and beauty in its products. The company also works closely with manufacturing partners the world over to offer products that meet the set standards for its customers. The outstanding customer service that this brand provides is just the icing on the cake.

Getting the right cabinet is only one part of the story; putting it together is often the real challenge. If you don’t want to spend more on paying some handyman to do it for you, then you have only one option, and that’s going for an easy-to-assemble cabinet. Well, if there’s one thing about this Magnussen Bellamy China Cabinet that you can’t help falling in love with, it’s the highly simplified design. This makes it super easy to put up and start using in minutes. There’s more to this cabinet as well; have a look at some of its other exciting features:
  • With a solid pine wood construction and a plank detail, you can rest assured that this hutch will offer you lasting beauty and service in your indoors.
  • Besides, a deep-weathered antique brass finish makes it not only elegant but also fits well with most interior décor designs and colors.
  • An adjustable shelf behind the cabinet’s lower doors, as well as the glass shelves inside the upper glass doors, can be all you need for a magnificent display and efficiency.
  • What’s more, the cabinet comes with a perfect display light on your collectibles, with the glass doors offering a simple glimpse at your china or heirloom dishes.
  • With an updated dustproof traditional styling, this cabinet is virtually all you need for a complete décor in your dining room or any other room in your house.
A touch lighting feature in the American Drew Cherry Grove China Cabinet makes it the perfect choice for a convenient yet classy display. If you’re looking for a china cabinet with a buttermilk finish and a base designed with two glass doors for extra storage, then check out the American Drew Buttermilk Finish China Cabinet.

American Drew Antique Cherry Grove Canted China Cabinet

With a combination of creative designs and skilled craftsmen, American Dew’s products have what it takes to bring comfort to your living space, with outstanding materials, colors, and designs being just its most prominent feats. This fantastic company achieves every customer’s dream by creating everything they need to arrange the beautiful home they’ve always wanted.

When it comes to selecting your china cabinet, you likely want something that can blend quite well with your indoor setting. Well, the good news is that this American Drew Cherry Grove China Cabinet goes well with virtually any setting. From the most casual to the classical models, you can never go wrong with your choice. What’s more, the cabinet comes with a bunch of other features you cannot afford to miss out on:
  • If you’re looking for a china cabinet with a silver tray and an adjustable glass shelf behind each door, then you’re in the right place. All this is to offer you more than enough space for keeping your collectibles safe.
  • Another impressive thing about this cabinet is the elegant design, not to mention its glass touch lighting, which keeps your items well-lit for display.
  • Besides making it a stunning feature in your room, the antique cherry finish used on this cabinet makes it blend seamlessly with most interior designs.
  • The finish is also resistant to hazards that come with the use of any furniture, giving you not only a perfect solution for your display needs but one that’ll last you for years. Besides, it’s super easy to clean; all you need is a piece of wet cloth to get the job done.
Made from solid yet finely finished wood, this Hillsdale Furniture Wilshire Hutch and Buffet China Cabinet is built to offer you service for years to come. If you’re looking for a distressed and aged appearance in a china cabinet made of ash solid wood, then check out the Hillsdale Furniture Outback Hutch and Buffet Distressed Chestnut China Cabinet.

Hillsdale Furniture Wilshire Hutch and Buffet Antique White China Cabinet – Available with or Without Expert Assembly

If you’re looking for a wide variety of furniture options to choose from, then Hillsdale Furniture is the place to turn. From contemporary designs to traditional, transitional and just about anything else, the company always offers something for everyone. Moreover, with each piece designed with a distinct feel, customers couldn’t ask for more than the home furnishing deals that they get here.

The first thing you’ll need to look for in any cabinet is its efficiency, and the Hillsdale Furniture Wilshire Hutch and Buffet China Cabinet offers just that. The tongue and groove drawers on the bottom are just part of the vast storage space you can count on, which will be great if you have many collectibles to preserve. What’s more, the cabinet also comes with several other features that might be of interest too:
  • With cottage comeliness and country accent, this cabinet is more than just a storage and display piece of furniture; it’s the real deal when it comes to adding a touch to your room’s décor.
  • The English dovetail build makes it both durable and stylish.
  • The other impressive thing to go for is the traditional artisanship that makes it a classic piece of furniture for your living or dining room.
  • With sturdy and thick wood drawers, you can be sure this cabinet is one of the things you’ll see in your house for years to come.
  • The finish is completed with absolute attention to detail, giving your cabinet an impressive look and a coating that’ll offer durable preservation.
If the cabinet without expert assembly seems difficult to put together, instead you can spend a little more and get the expert assembly one.
The rugged wood frame of the 2-Piece Star China Cabinet makes it an ideal piece to have in your house, especially if you want to hand it down to future generations. How about pairing your purchase with this Million Dollar Rustic Star Flat-Screen Wall Unit? It’ll be the perfect entertainment center for your living room!

Million Dollar Rustic 2 Piece China Cabinet with Stars, Medium, Solid Wood Construction

The customer is always the priority when it comes to the furniture industry, and no one knows this better than Million Dollar Rustic. The company is devoted to giving its customers an ideal service that not only touches on the sales aspect, but also goes further in addressing their concerns. Combined with the availability of a wide range of products, this has seen the company win the trust of a wide range of customers.

Getting a china cabinet comes at a cost, from the price to other aspects that you must consider. The last thing you want to face after putting your money on the line is a cabinet that can’t last more than a couple years. However, thanks to its solid rustic pine build, this Million Dollar Rustic 2-Piece Star Medium China Cabinet is just about the right cabinet to invest in. Moreover, its longevity hardly compromises its attractive nature, as the finely stained finish goes well with just about any living space. And the cabinet has a lot more features to go by as well:
  • The glass doors to the top offer an unparalleled display of your souvenir, besides being attractive in their design.
    Coming in both larger and smaller sizes, you always have the advantage to go for what works best for you.
  • The finish not only blends seamlessly with the décor in your room, but it also offers endless protection to the already sturdy wood used in the construction.
  • The cabinet is also lightweight enough, so fixing it where you want it or moving it around shouldn’t be a challenge.
  • Its drawers are yet another impressive aspect, as they offer additional space to keep the items that you don’t need on display.

How Do I Choose the Best China Cabinet?

Call them china hutch, buffet with hutch, china display case, sideboard with hutch, china cabinet, or server with hutch, all these cabinets do more or less the same thing. If you’ve been scratching your head looking for the right addition to your dining or living room, then this could be the perfect answer. Nothing could be more magnificent in your room than some well-displayed chinaware or crystals. Wait, so what does it take for a china cabinet to offer an elegant display?

To begin with, the design of any china cabinet should allow for the accommodation of several items. From a few sets of fruit bowls to china collectibles, or other souvenirs that grandpa gave, you can only see their real elegance if they’re displayed in the right cabinet. There’s no better way to achieve this challenge than through a well-designed cabinet in a wide variety of styles.

Depending on your preferred style, you can go for a traditional, country, contemporary or transitional design, but what matters most is having the right style that matches your collection of items and other furniture that make your interior décor. From that console table in the corner to the picture frames on the wall, your room's outlook remains uncompromised.

The other aspect to factor in is the safety of your items. Having them on display is one thing, but being sure that safety is accounted for is a different story. Just imagine your crystal, Christmas dinnerware set or chinaware crumbling to the ground and shattering into pieces; even the mere thought of it doesn’t settle well with anyone. But if this is your worst nightmare, then the features of the cabinet itself come into play. These range from the doors to the shelves, the construction, lighting, drawers and lock systems among others.

Fortunately, most cabinets are built from the solid wooden material for lasting durability, so not only will your items be safe, but they’ll last for years too. Always remember to select a cabinet that can fit in the place available, and with these cabinets coming in a variety of sizes, you can be sure to get one that’ll fit right where you want it.

Before you proceed to check out our top five selected china cabinets, you can to get a glimpse at the features you may want to look out for by reading on below.
China cabinets are a unique type of furniture to have in your house. Considering the efficiency and elegance they offer, it’s fair to say that these cabinets come at a good price, with most of them in the price range of $1,000 and $3,000. Naturally, if you want higher quality, you may need to dig deeper into your pocket.

Also, remember that the price tag in any of these cabinets can be determined by several different factors. For instance, if you want to go for a cabinet with the most doors and shelves, you’ll have to spend a little more than you would with the other options.

Similarly, the material it’s made of matters too. So if you’re looking for a cabinet made from durable wood, you’ll have to push further with the price for the higher quality. And when it comes to the brand, the same rule applies, where the most renowned brand in the market may offer high-end cabinets, but at a higher cost than others.

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for china cabinets is the numerous lower end options in the market. These cheap china cabinet options aren’t the best for you, as they lack essential features such as lighting, locks, or convenient shelves, which could mean your purchase was just a waste of money.
For any cabinet, features mean the difference between an adorable cabinet and a piece of crap. Well, if you want to get yourself a cabinet you’ll be proud of, this is where you should base your focus.

These are the feature we are talking about:
  • Style – When it comes to different styles, you can’t beat these cabinets. From contemporary to traditional as well as other styles, they always have something to match your preferred indoor décor. If you want to go the classic way or the modern style, there’s always something for you.
  • Design – Depending on your space needs, you can select the right cabinet to cater for your needs. With these cabinets featuring several doors and drawers, you can go for what best fits your favored design. Most of them have about two to four doors at the top and several drawers at the bottom. It all comes down to the one that best fits your taste.
  • Size – Generally, china cabinets are quite hefty from their intricate design and the sheer size. Even then, the sizes differ from one cabinet to the other, with the weight shifting as well. The best thing you can do is go for a cabinet that can get the job done without taking space or being too heavy to move it around.
  • Material – China cabinets feature different types of materials, from different types of wood and glass doors to mention just a couple. However, the best part is that despite the differences across different types, these cabinets usually feature sturdy materials that offer a stunning look as well as a lasting service. All you need to do is select your favored material, and leave the rest to the designers’ artisanship.
  • Color – Just like any other aspect in these cabinets, the color is equally diverse, to cater to different people’s needs. Whether white, brown, gray, you name it, you can always get your favorite color out there. Besides, you can choose the right cabinet color that’ll be a great fit for your existing indoor décor.
  • Lighting – Like most features, lights are essential in china cabinets. They come in different numbers in every cabinet; some cabinets have two, others three, and others even four. Despite the differences though, it all serves a similar purpose: adding elegance to your cabinet, as well as making its use easier since you can clearly see the items inside.
Construction and Design
If there’s another aspect you should never get wrong when making your decision for the best cabinet, it has to be its construction. Not to worry, spotting a well-made cabinet isn’t a problem if you’re familiar with these designs:

Traditional Design: No cabinet commands attention as this style does. These cabinets feature wood frames and other elegant aspects such as broken pediments, inlays, as well as perfectly-carved features. With a rich and lustrous finish as well as structural elements, the decorative nature of this cabinet reflects customs and thoughts from a completely different world. And if you’re lucky to get one made from genuine wood, then you’ll be in for a priceless appeal to last for generations.

Contemporary: This type of cabinet is usually crafted from relatively lighter types of woods. The finish usually features soft, subtle colors such as beige, espresso, cream white, and so forth. It also comes with clean and smooth lines with the maximum use of geometric forms. Another interesting thing about these cabinets’ construction is that they can feature different materials, including brass accents and inlay panels among others.

Transitional: These cabinets are slightly different from their traditional style cousins with a simple detail in the decoration. In these cabinets, the lines are more abundant but retain that same flow. Comfortable and a sophisticated allure is what makes these cabinets the go-to choice when it comes to deciding on an ideal display is.

Country: If you are looking for a cabinet with a simple design, then the country style will be a perfect choice. However, the simplicity of these cabinets does not compromise the elegant and charming aspect, as they pack some decorative details too. Some of their decorative features include a blunt arrow, stenciling, and scalped apron to mention but a few. They make a perfect option for anyone looking for a traditional cabinet feel without much stylized or formal touch in it.
Performance and Ease of Use
No matter how attractive your cabinet may look, if it doesn’t have what it takes for a cabinet, it could be a total waste of money. This efficiency comes from several essential features.

Drawers: Not all cabinets come with drawers, but those that have this important feature are always a plus for your storage needs. Quite often, drawers are located at the bottom of the cabinet and make ideal space for keeping stuff that you don’t want to put on display in the upper sections.

Shelves: This feature goes a long way in organizing your cabinet an easy task. Most of them are built from wood or glass, so the choice depends on your preferred type. However, regardless of the shelf material you go for, you can always get the best from them when it comes to keeping your items in different positions inside the cabinet. Besides, since they can come in either fixed or adjustable types, you can always make the most of them when it comes to the kind of items you have. If you have collections of different sizes, adjustable shelves go a long way, but if you want to display dishes and plates only, then a fixed shelf could be all you need.

Doors: The door is obviously one of the most important features in any cabinet, but they can vary from one type to the other. You can decide on what to go for from the wide variety of outward opening doors, sliding doors, or side entry types. On the bottom line, what matters is the duty the doors play, which is keeping your items from falling off the cabinet. What’s more, these doors usually add to the attractive nature of the cabinets, especially if you have the glass type.

Plate Grooves: These are channels cut out at the back of the shelf for vertically displaying your plates or flat dishes. Besides making placing your items super easy, these grooves can be very handy in cases where you have vintage items to display in your cabinet.

Locks: If you have kids running up and down the house, your items could be at a high risk if the locks aren’t working properly. The option of locking one or all the doors could differ in several cabinet types, but the most important thing is being able to keep your most treasured items safe, and locks are very helpful here.

Inside Lighting: This aspect is always an additional advantage to your cabinet. These lights could range from halogen to canister types or track lighting for cabinets, depending on the manufacturer’s design. The best thing about the light on your cabinet is that besides drawing the eye and attention to the displayed items, they can make placing or retrieving your items a breeze as you can clearly see them.

Get the Best China Cabinet of 2022!

If deciding the best china cabinet has been a formidable challenge, we believe you’ve presently overcome it, at least after reading our detailed review of some of the options available. But if you haven’t yet found the perfect cabinet, you can browse through more of our recommended brands as they have more deals that are interesting for you. It’s time to add an elegant feel to your home.

Our Top Choice
Coaster Home Andrea Hutch China Cabinet
Best Value
Magnussen Bellamy China Cabinet
American Drew Cherry Grove China Cabinet
Hillsdale Furniture Wilshire Hutch Cabinet
Million Dollar Rustic 2-Piece Star China Cabinet