Best Christmas Dinnerware – Modern, Classic and Vintage Christmas Dinnerware Sets for Your Holiday Table

A set of dishes may be one of the most important purchases you make for your home. Quality dinnerware creates a warm and welcoming table for you, your family, and your friends. Holiday place settings and serving dishes can be extra special because they help to set a festive tone for a memorable gathering.

We’ve selected five of the best dinnerware brands, and chosen one pattern from each to showcase, along with lists of other holiday dinnerware sets they offer. Of course, choosing a pattern is a personal decision so feel free to check out the other options. Or take a look at the more ideas we have have highlighted from other brands throughout this review.

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Total Pieces
Our Top Choice
Gibson Elite Winter Cottage Dinnerware
Gibson is one of the USA’s top makers of dinnerware, flatware, glassware, and related items. The Elite Winter Cottage collection is one of their many attractive and durable sets.
Made of durable porcelain. Easy to care for. Design is good for all winter long, not just on Christmas.
Pieces may not be available for individual purchase.
16 Pieces, Service for 4
Plates (2 Sizes), Bowls, Mugs
Microwave and Dishwasher safe
Oven Safe
Best Value
Melange Santa Comes Home Dinnerware Set for Christmas
Melange produces quality, affordable dinnerware, cutlery, and cookware to suit a range of tastes. The Santa Comes Home set is one of several nice holiday-themed dinnerware sets.
Chip-resistant edges. Easily stackable. More durable than stoneware or earthenware. Also available in 32-piece set (service for 8).
Not oven safe. Available as a set only. Additional pieces may not be available.
16 Pieces, Service for 4
Vitrified Porcelain
Plates (2 Sizes), Bowls, Mugs
Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
Chip Resistant
Lenox Holiday Gatherings Berry Dinnerware Set
Lenox is well known for making collectible-quality items, including figurines, ornaments and dinnerware. The Holiday Gatherings collection is a beautiful ironstone dinnerware set.
Pieces can be purchased individually. Matching serveware and accessories available. Backed by Lenox’s breakage replacement program.
On the expensive side (but you get collectible-quality dishware that may last a lifetime).
12 Pieces – Service for 4
Dinner and Accent Plates, Mugs
Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
Matches with Wreath Collection
Royal Doulton Old Country Roses Christmas Dinnerware
Royal Albert has been crafting floral patterned tea sets and dishware since 1904. Today’s collections, including Old Country Roses Christmas Tree, have a vintage but timeless feel.
Traditional styling and intricate details on fine bone china. Matching Serveware and accessories available. Set can be purchased without the Christmas tree on the dishes.
Not microwave or oven safe.
5 Pieces – Single Setting
Bone China
Plates (3 Sizes), Saucer, Teacup
Dishwasher Safe
Gold Rim
Spode Christmas Tree Gold Collection Dinnerware Set
Spode is an American company known for producing quality dinnerware for different tastes and budgets. The Christmas Tree Gold collection is one of their two holiday collections.
Elegant design accented by real 22 karat gold. Matching accessories and serveware available. Pieces can also be purchased individually.
Gold accents mean the pieces cannot be used in the microwave. Pretty pricey but this is because of the fine porcelain and 22K gold.
4 Pieces – Single Setting
Fine Porcelain
Plates (2 Sizes), Teacup, Saucer
Dishwasher Safe
22 Karat Gold Border

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What is the Best Christmas Dinnerware Set? Read our Review to Find Out More

So, if you read our buying guide, you know what things to consider when it comes to choosing the ideal Christmas dinnerware for you, you should be ready to dive into our reviews of five trusted brands. Bear in mind the most important features you’re looking for; number of pieces in the set, design and material and you should be well on your way to purchasing the best Christmas dinnerware for your home this holiday.

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Our Top Choice
Gibson’s Elite Winter Cottage 16-piece dinnerware set is a lovely and practical option for Christmas and holiday dining. If this particular set doesn’t tickle your fancy, Gibson offers a variety of other holiday and winter dinnerware sets, including the Christmas Tree Trimmings set with bright festive colors.

Gibson Red Elite Winter Cottage Vintage Christmas Dinnerware Set – Dishwasher, Oven and Microwave, Service for 4


Gibson is a major player in the dinnerware, cookware, and flatware industry, and for good reason. This USA-based company produces dining and cooking items of high quality in a wide array of colors and patterns. Our pick is the Elite Winter Cottage set, which is a lovely 16-piece dinnerware set featuring red-on-white scenes of a quiet, snow-covered village at night.

The Elite Winter Cottage dinnerware set is constructed of durable and chip-resistant porcelain. The pieces are dishwasher safe, and can be used in the microwave and oven as well. This is a service for 4, which includes 10.5” dinner plates, 8” dessert plates, 5.5” bowls, and 12 oz. mugs.

In addition to the Elite Winter Cottage collection, Gibson makes a wide array of other Christmas, winter, and holiday-themed dinnerware sets. Here are a few of the ones we found on Amazon that would fit well:

  • Gibson Home Christmas Toile
  • Gibson Home Noble Poinsettia
  • Gibson Christmas Elegance Gathering

Of course, Gibson also offers a huge range of non holiday specific dinnerware. If none of their Christmas collections appeal to you, solid red, white, or green can be festive options as well.

Best Value
Santa Comes Home is one of the holiday dinnerware sets available from Melange, a brand specializing in simple but impactful designs. Our selected design is no exception, with eye-catching pops of color set against a clean white background. This stylish dinnerware set for Christmas is available in a more affordable, shatter-proof and chip-resistant melamine version with a grey background.

Melange Couple Porcelain Santa Comes Home Dinnerware Set– Chip Resistant, Microwave, Dishwasher and Oven Safe, Service for 4


The great thing about Melange dinnerware is that the pieces are simple in terms of design, but they stand out because of their contrasting colors and clean lines. These are plates, bowls, and cups that will look lovely against a brightly colored tablecloth or a bare tabletop. 

From the holiday collection, we chose to feature the 16-piece Santa Comes Home set because it captures the playful spirit of the Christmas season while retaining the understated elegance that Melange is known for. The 16-piece set comes with 4 each 10 ½ inch dinner plates, 8 ½ inch salad plates, soup bowls, and mugs. All are dishwasher and microwave safe.  

Melange also has some winter and holiday dishware that don’t feature Santa. If that’s what you want, you may like one of these sets:

  • Melange Winterberry Fox & Friends Coupe Porcelain Dinnerware Set
  • Melange Bird in Forest Coupe Porcelain Place Dinnerware Set
  • Melange Christmas Tree Collection Melamine Dinnerware Set
  • Melange Christmas Collection Grey Holly Melamine Dinnerware Set
  • Melange Christmas Collection Red Xmas Melamine Dinnerware Set

All of these sets give you dinnerware pieces with chip and crack-resistant design at an affordable price.

The Holiday Gatherings collection is one of Lenox’s many beautiful dinnerware sets. They offer fine china, casual dinnerware, and holiday dinnerware. We have chosen to feature the Holiday Berry Dinnerware set with festive holly and berries. It would look lovely with coordinating pieces from the Holiday Gatherings Wreath collection which add a splash of holiday red to the look.

Lenox Holiday Gatherings Holly and Berry Dinnerware Set– Microwave and Dishwasher Safe, Service for 4, Matching Serveware Available


When you buy from Lenox, you know you are getting beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime. The company specializes in designing and producing aesthetically pleasing, high-quality collectibles, gifts, and home and kitchen items. Lenox stands behind the quality of its dinnerware with its breakage replacement program. If a piece of dishware breaks under conditions of normal use, the company will offer a replacement at half the suggested retail price.

If you want holiday dinnerware that will bring joy to your table year after year, Lenox is an excellent choice. We’ve chosen to feature the Holiday Gatherings collection. This collection features holly and berries on earthenware. For perfect customization, the pieces are available for individual purchase. You can get dinner plates, pasta bowls, fruit bowls, and more. Or choose the 12-piece set, which serves 4 and comes with dinner plates, salad plates, and mugs.

When it comes to the holiday pieces, Lenox offers of the most intricate and attractive designs available. We particularly likes these festive holiday dishware collections:

  • Winter Greetings Plaid Collection by Lenox
  • Holiday Tartan Collection by Lenox
  • Winter Song Collection by Lenox
  • Winter Greetings Collection by Lenox
  • Simply Fine Scarlet Chirp Collection by Lenox

Lenox dishware may be available either in complete place settings or as individual pieces. There are also additional pieces available, such as fruit bowls and serving dishes.

Royal Albert is an English company making traditionally styled dinnerware. The Old Country Roses Christmas Tree collection combines the tasteful elegance of roses with Christmas trees. This is Royal Albert’s only Christmas-themed dinnerware collection, but they do have some very nice Christmas figurines and decorations

Royal Doulton Old Country Roses Pattern Dinnerware with Christmas Tree – Vintage Christmas Look, Dishwasher Safe Fine Bone China, Gold Rim, Service for 1


If you love all things traditional, then Royal Albert likely has something to suit your tastes. Their dinnerware collections feature elegant, detailed flower motifs. The Old Country Rose Christmas Tree collection displays classically decorated Christmas trees on a background of red, yellow, and pink roses.

Each 5-piece place setting comes with a dinner plate, a salad plate, a dessert plate, and a teacup and saucer. The dishes in this set are dishwasher safe, but cannot be used in microwave or oven. You can get matching serveware and specialty pieces, including fruit bowls, platters, and cake stands. They even have flatware with the same intricate old country rose design.

Royal Albert also has a number of different dishware collections that you can enjoy year-round. Here are a few:

  • Royal Albert Rose Confetti
  • Royal Albert Lady Carlyle
  • Royal Albert Moonlight Rose

You can purchase place settings or individual pieces. There are also serving dishes, tea sets, and mugs available in some patterns.

If you want to make your holidays extra special, the Christmas Tree Gold collection by Spode is an excellent choice. If the gold accents are too much for you, or if the price is too high, you might like the Christmas Rose collection or one of Spode’s all-occasion designs.

Spode Christmas Tree Collection Dinnerware Set with 22K Gold Border – Dishwasher Safe, Setting for 1, Matching Server Available


Spode makes dinnerware in multiple patterns, colors, and materials. They also offer dishes in a range of prices, so you can be sure that you will find something to suit your budget. We are featuring the Christmas Tree Gold collection because the pieces are truly stunning with elegant gold borders.

This particular set comes with 10 ½ inch dinner plates, 8 inch salad plates, 6 ¼ inch bread plates, teacups, and saucers. All the pieces are made of fine bone china and could last a lifetime if handled properly. Of course, we know that 22K gold accented dishes aren’t for everyone. For those who want less flashy and less pricey dishes, Spode offers some pieces with the Christmas tree pattern and without the gold border.

Spode also offers an array of all-purpose dishware made from a variety of materials such as porcelain, earthenware, and bone china. A few collections we particularly liked include:

  • Spode Blue Italian
  • Spode Delamere
  • Spode Giallo

Best Christmas Dinnerware Buying Guide - How to Pick Dinnerware for your Christmas Feast


If you’re going to be having guests over for the holiday season, buying the appropriate dinnerware is a great way to make each moment unique and memorable. For example, a thanksgiving dinnerware set for roast turkey and sides, winter dinnerware to celebrate the frosty season, or a fine dining dinnerware set to bring in the New Year.

Christmas dinnerware sets allows you to serve turkey, stuffing and the whole nine yards in the midst of intricate festive designs, and can be ordered in a wide range of styles, some even adorned with real 24K gold accents. Before you set out shopping for the best Christmas dinnerware set, it is worth considering the number of people who will be indulging in your festive hallmark events in order to bring home the right number of pieces. Next, it is worth giving some thought to how easy the dishes are to clean, and if they are microwave safe because leftover meats and sides are inevitable during this holiday season. Read on for a few tips on what to look for in the best Christmas dinnerware set.


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Elegant Christmas Dinner Setting. | Courtesy of Christopher Hiedeman

When it comes to prices of Christmas dinnerware sets, they are spread across both the lower and higher end of the spectrum. There are several factors that contribute to the price including the material and how many guests it can serve. For example, expect to pay a bit more for dinnerware with gold accents than for one emblazoned with a winter cottage theme. Furthermore, the number of place settings (i.e. the number of pieces required for each guest) may very well spike up the price, so a 16-piece set will in most cases cost more than one that comes with 4 pieces.

However, there some 4-piece Christmas dinnerware sets that can cost way more than a set with 16 pieces owing to their priceless designs. And just like everything else we buy, there are cheap Christmas dinnerware sets available, but they probably won’t last through the holiday season owing to poor craftsmanship. To give you a rough idea, prices for Christmas dinnerware sets can range from $50 to over $200 for one that will leave your guests in awe before the tantalizing meal is even served!


All in all, the best Christmas dinnerware set is all a matter of personal taste, and with a plethora of options available, there’s definitely one to match the design to have in mind and your budget.

Having said that, here are a few factors to consider when in the market for a Christmas dinnerware set:

  • Material – Common choices include porcelain, ironstone, vitrified porcelain, bone China, and fine porcelain
  • Number of Pieces – This is the number of items included in the set such as different sizes of plates, bowls, mugs, etc.
  • Care – Some sets can be washed in the dishwasher, while others gently by hand
  • Microwave and Oven Safe – If you are going to be heating up leftovers, look for dinnerware sets that won’t damage when placed in the microwave or oven
  • Scratch and Chip Resistant – Scratches and chips can ruin the appeal of your dinnerware, so it makes sense to buy a set that that won’t damage in the midst of the holiday season excitement
Construction and Design

When it comes to the construction and design aspects of Christmas dinnerware, the main consideration factor is the material. Most high-quality Christmas dinnerware sets are crafted from bone China, porcelain or the like. China and porcelain are durable but thin and therefore probably not the best if you have a lot of kids around at Christmas. If this is the case, perhaps consider a set made of stoneware as it is glazed and a type of fired ceramic dinnerware that’s thicker and therefore less likely to be dropped by unsteady hands. You can also get sets that are chip-resistant which would be great to ensure you don’t need to buy a new set each year.


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Holiday Dinner Recipes. | Courtesy of Allrecipes
Performance and Ease of Use

When it comes to the performance of your dinnerware, the main thing you want it to do is hold food and preferably not get too hot! You can check the temperature that each set can withstand to see if it will be good for serving or just for use when eating off of them. Also, you may want to see if they’re oven-safe. It could be a life saver to be able to make up an extra plate and warm it up in the oven, rather than having to take all the ingredients off to heat up on the stove again.

Lastly, no-one likes doing the dishes, do they? Especially washing them by hand after a hearty Christmas meal. Look for sets that are dishwasher safe, so you can wash them easily and have them ready for leftovers first thing in the morning. Some dinnerware may not be microwave friendly, especially those with gold accents, but you can always heat your leftovers in a separate dish, and relish them once again on your 24K gold accented plates.

Get the Best Christmas Dinnerware of 2023!

Now that you know about the best dinnerware available, it is time to pick the set that most closely matches your needs, tastes, and budget. With all the excellent options available, you are certain to find the perfect dinnerware collection for you. Keep in mind that we have chosen some of the best dinnerware brands, so if you don’t like the one we have pictured, make sure you check out what else they have to offer. Happy holidays!

Our Top Choice
Gibson Elite Winter Cottage Dinnerware
Best Value
Melange Santa Comes Home Dinnerware Set for Christmas
Lenox Holiday Gatherings Berry Dinnerware Set
Royal Doulton Old Country Roses Christmas Dinnerware
Spode Christmas Tree Gold Collection Dinnerware Set

Christmas Dinnerware FAQs

Who makes Christmas dinnerware?
Several companies make Christmas dinnerware, including Royal Albert, Lenox Gatherings, Melange, and Gibson. All of these manufacturers have various models of dinnerware under their stables. Therefore, it’s essential to assess the attributes of each before buying.
Where to buy Christmas dinnerware?
You can buy Christmas dinnerware on Amazon and enjoy a wide variety of products. The prices on this platform are also very affordable. If you are looking for dinnerware to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.
What is the best Christmas dinnerware?
The best Christmas dinnerware is one you can use to serve all your dishes, including turkey. The pieces in a set should also be enough to serve a given number of guests. Common materials include ironstone, porcelain, fine porcelain, vitrified porcelain, and bone china. Apart from being scratch-resistant, the Christmas dinnerware should be easy to clean. Check out our buying guide for more information.