Best Christmas Ornaments Set Reviews 2017

If you are like most mums and dads, you know that choosing the right ornaments to decorate your Christmas Tree can be a herculean task, especially when there are just so many types of ornaments in the market. Whether you are a young couple, older couple or single parent, you want to get your Christmas decorations right, as nothing makes a home feel more festive than a well decorated tree. We have done the hard work for you already – We’ve picked the top five brands and have highlighted one product from each brand to give you a peep into what you can expect from them. So, relax and let us guide you into the world of Christmas ornaments.
Our Top Choice
Sea Team Hanging Baubles Ornaments Set
Sea Team’s business slogan is “creating quality life”, as illustrated through the quality of the materials combined with beautiful designs in their shatterproof glittering Christmas tree pendants.
Child and pet-friendly. Handmade Christmas elements. Shatterproof pieces.
The material might not be sturdy enough for some people.
5.5 x 5.5x12.2 inches; 0.55lbs
21 pieces
Gold & white
No warranty
Best Value
Disney Sofia the First Christmas Ornaments
Disney’s experience and expertise in family entertainment cannot be easily matched. This Christmas Ornament set will create the warmth and memories associated with Disney.
Shatterproof and child-safe. Gets your kids actively involved in decorating for Christmas.
We have yet to see any negative reviews as at the time of writing this review.
8.6 x 26.5 x 2.3 inches; 0.25lbs
7 pieces
No warranty
Lenox Merry Little Christmas Ornament Set
Lenox’s vision of “making the finest America’s porcelain dinnerware” for 340 years is one reason this Merry Christmas 5-piece ornament is a true beauty of trusted quality.
Handcrafted for a high-quality look. Made to last.
The ornament is made of china, which can break if not handled properly.
1x1x6.5inches; 0.41lbs
5 pieces
White & gold
Breakage replacement
KSA Glass Baby Girl Christmas Ornament
KSA is a one stop-shop for your Christmas needs. This 4-piece glass ornament is a carefully selected “baby’s first Christmas” ornament set that you will love.
Comes in a well-cushioned pink box resembling a jewelry box. Lasts long - They can pass it on to their kids!
None reported as at the time of writing this review.
12.1 x 11.2 x5.4 inches; 2.8lbs
4 pieces
No warranty
OTC Multicolor Glass Ornaments Set
Oriental Trading Company poses as America’s largest direct retailer of value-priced party supplies. Their glass icicle ornaments will make you appreciate crystalline beauty in a new way.
Beautiful piece to add to your Christmas collection. Can be used after Christmas for stuffed stockings, your windows or anything else your creativity suggests.
The glass icicle ornament comes in a plain white Styrofoam box with a flimsy cover.
10.9 x 1.9 x7 inches; 0.05lbs
12 pieces
No warranty

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What is the Best Christmas Ornaments Set?

So, which out of the Christmas ornaments set is the best for you? Does one size fit all? Can I simply get the exact ornaments my neighbor with teenage children just bought when my children are toddlers? What if you have a pet? These are some reasons you need to pay attention to the features of the various Christmas Decors offered by different brands. Look out for the color mix, the sturdiness of the ornaments, etc. Thereafter, pick the brand/product that has the features you really need in your peculiar position.
Our Top Choice
The Sea Team Hanging Baubles Ornaments Set offer a classy solution to Christmas decoration. If what you need is a more colorful Christmas tree, you should consider the Colorful Painting & Glittering Pendants.
Sea Team Delicate Contrast Color Theme Decorative Hanging Christmas Baubles Balls Ornaments Set – Six Color Combinations

Sea Team Christmas Ornaments Set B01LWN9KF9 -- Gold & White

If you want some Christmas decorations for your home that look unique and different, Sea Team is the brand for you. With them, you’ll get the very best ornaments for Christmas, bringing joy to you and your family.

This glittering gold and white 24-piece from Sea Team is both child and pet-friendly. Unlike the normal stiff Christmas tree pendants, these ornaments are handmade, making them especially unique. The blend of colors will adorn your Christmas - and best of all, these pieces are shatterproof!

Not the biggest fan of gold? You have nothing to worry about! Sea Team still has pieces like this one in different colors and different styles so you can touch up your Christmas tree in many different ways. Here are some you may like:
  • Sea Team 60mm/2.36” Colorful Painting & Glittering Christmas Tree Pendants Decorative Hanging Christmas Baubles Balls Ornaments Set (24 pieces) – features a colorful set of bauble balls instead of one standard color
  • Sea Team 21-Pack Assorted Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments Set of Decorative Baubles and Pendants with Reusable Gift Package for Christmas Tree – features other ornaments apart from Christmas balls all in red
With these Sea Team ornaments, your Christmas is definitely going to be better.
Best Value
There is nothing more heartwarming than using a product made by a brand that understands the emotions attached to toys and holiday ornaments. Disney has proven its expertise in this Sofia the First Ornaments Collection. That said; if you prefer a different character ornament, you check out the Mickey Mouse Ornament set.
Disney Sofia the First 7 Piece Holiday Christmas Shatterproof Ornament Set - Available with Other Characters

Disney Christmas Ornaments Set B00P72QT10

Disney has been around for a long time, giving us magical moments, so it’s no surprise they still lead the Christmas decorations field. They have made children smile across generations and today’s youngsters are no exception. So, let the kids be even more excited this festive season by bringing in some Disney merchandise. They’ll be sure to love them.

This Sofia the First ornament is the perfect way for your child to be an active participant in the decorating. This 7-piece ornament set features characters that your child will love, and the materials are safe for kids. You won’t even have to worry about your child playing with the ornament too much because these ornaments are shatterproof.
But if your child doesn’t particularly like Sofia the First, other Disney ornaments are sure to make your child happy. Here are some of them:
  • Disney – 2016 Mickey Mouse and Friends Sketchbook Ball Ornament Set – features Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy and Chip ‘n Dale
  • Disney’s Doc McStuffins 6-piece Holiday Ornament Set PVC Figure Ornaments Included – features all characters from the show
Your child will delight in decorating the Christmas tree with these pieces from Disney.
340 years of making tabletop giftware and collectibles has placed Lenox in a position of leadership in the industry of china items. This Merry Christmas 5-Piece Ornament Set was made with hand crafted ivory china and 24k gold accents; a gift worth giving this holiday. If you prefer to get a different set of designs, then check out the Lenox Angels set.
Lenox Very Merry Christmas 5 Piece Ornament Set - Snowman, Penguin, Santa, Tree & Bear

Lenox Christmas Ornaments Set B01M1M77TG – 5 Pieces

For over 125 years, American brand Lenox has been delivering timeless pieces for the home, adored by all who use their products. They have put in effort to make the most creative and beautiful pieces that will stand out anywhere they are placed. Lenox is one of the most popular names out there – it has even featured at the White House! So look no further for sophistication and beauty, for Lenox has it all.

Looking for the right piece by Lenox that screams Christmas and class? Then the 5-Piece Ornament Set is your best bet. It’s a beautiful combination of Christmas themes, and each ornament comes in its own red Lenox box. These pieces are made from ivory china and are handcrafted, giving them an authentic look. They are made to last and will definitely earn their place on your Christmas tree.

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, Lenox still has Christmas pieces that are equally deserving of a place on your Christmas tree. You might want to check these out:
  • Lenox Sparkle and Scroll Ornament Set of 8 – these are much simpler but still look classic and timeless
  • Snowcapped Owl 4-piece Glass Ornament Set – these add a touch of nature to your holiday
  • Angel 4-piece Pastel Ornament Set – handcrafted, each is unique with a different color
  • 6-piece Ornament Set – this features all your favorite Christmas symbols which you will absolutely love
You’ll love all the Lenox Christmas pieces, we’re sure of that.
KSA’s Hollywood Nutcrackers Collection is one of the most sought after Christmas items in the last 10 years. KSA is a brand that gives a personal touch to its products, such as with the 4-piece glass ornament specifically handpicked to serve as a perfect baby gift set. Need a set that can go for the whole family? Look at the 12-set ice cream cones ornament.
KSA 4-Piece Pink "Baby's First Christmas" Girl Glass Ornament Boxed Gift Set

KSA Christmas Ornament Set 9971408

Kurt S. Adler is a brand that is widely known for its holiday ornaments and products. For 70 years, they have produced popular Christmas items sold all over America. Their devotion to satisfying customers’ needs is what makes them a one stop shop for all your holiday decorations. Your Christmas will come alive with them.

There’s a new baby girl in the family and the holidays have come! What better way to celebrate your little one’s first Christmas in the family than with the Noble Gems Glass Baby Girl Ornament 4-piece Set? This pink ensemble is sure to make your Christmas tree shine with everything that perfectly embodies your family. It even comes in a well-cushioned pink box resembling a jewelry box, keeping your quality ornaments safe! This set is incredibly cute and lasts for a very long time, so when the recipient grows up she could pass it on to the next generation!

Not quite what you were looking for? Kurt S. Adler has many beautiful ornaments whether it’s for a baby’s first Christmas or a nativity. Check some of these out:
    Set of 12 Sugar Town Decorated Ice Cream Cones Holiday Christmas Ornaments 5” – if you have a sweet tooth, this will be a nice addition to your Christmas tree
  • 4-Piece Blue “Baby’s First Christmas” Boy Glass Ornament Boxed Gift Set – the perfect set for a new baby boy in the family
  • Glass Angel with Musical Instrument Ornament (3 Assorted) – these crystal-clear glass angels are beautiful and you will love them instantly
Oriental Trading Company is driven by its passion to make a difference in the world. It gives a portion of its earnings to causes that support education and healthcare. When you purchase the glass icicle ornament, you enjoy beauty but are also giving back to the community. The Resin Blue snowman ornament is also available if you would prefer it.
Oriental Trading Company Multi Color Glass Icicle Christmas Ornaments Set -- Two Package Quantity Options

Oriental Trading Company Christmas Ornaments Set 85559– 12 Count

Oriental Trading Company has been around for more than 80 years and they are still the largest direct retailer of supplies, décor and other things alike. This brand takes special care of its customers and only has their best interests at heart, always striving to make better products.

The Multicolor Glass Icicle is a holiday special that adds a certain hue to your Christmas tree, especially when it is lit up. Even after Christmas, it can be used on your windows or if you don’t want it on display, you can use them to stuff stockings. This product has many uses apart from its original ornamental function. It’s one you’re sure to love in your Christmas collection.

If you don’t like this one, however, there are more options to choose from by Oriental Trading Company. You may like the following:
  • Rustic Tin White Sparkle Snowflake Ornaments Set of 12 Christmas – no two snowflakes in this set are the same
  • Resin Blue Snowman Christmas Ornaments (Pack of 12) – you can also put this on some Christmas presents if you don’t want them on your tree
  • Christmas Character Picture Frame Ornament Craft Kit – makes it easy to put photos of family on the tree
We’re sure that with these ornaments you’ll love your Christmas just as much as we loved the products from Oriental Trading Company.

Get the Best Christmas Ornaments Set of 2017!

Now that you’ve taken time to go through our reviews, we hope it’s now easier to make the right choice of Christmas decorations for your home. Go ahead and beautify your home this Christmas with one of these ornament sets. Remember that beyond the products we reviewed, there are many more from these brands that we have introduced.

Our Top Choice
Sea Team Hanging Baubles Ornaments Set
Best Value
Disney Sofia the First Christmas Ornaments
Lenox Merry Little Christmas Ornament Set
KSA Glass Baby Girl Christmas Ornament
OTC Multicolor Glass Ornaments Set