Best Christmas Stocking - Knit, Embroidered, Vintage, Large and Cheap Christmas Stockings for Your Holiday Goodies

Christmas is coming quickly, and you need to be prepared to receive your gifts from Santa! The best way you can do this is by buying Christmas stockings, preferably large ones, to accommodate more goodies. The market is full of attractive Christmas stockings, and it was quite difficult for us to pick just five products. However, we stumbled upon a few special ones and we think they deserve a spot on our list.

If, by any chance, these Christmas socks don’t match your preferences, we’ve provided links for more options within each review. Then, to top things off, we’ve showcased more of our favorite designs throughout this article, including some fantastic, personalized Christmas Stockings. As a matter of fact, let’s start now with our top picks for some oversized and large Christmas stockings!

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Our Top Choice
Kurt Adler Vintage Style Knit Xmas Stockings
Kurt Adler manufactures multiple types of Christmas stockings at affordable prices. The White and Green Christmas socks can accommodate a lot of gifts at once.
Attractive and well-made. Can accommodate medium-sized toys. Durable. Can fit almost any décor. Reasonably priced.
Isolated complaints regarding size. Kurt Adler makes other size stockings if that’s what you are looking for.
Knit Stockings
8.3 inches tall
Tree and snowflake design
Material can be embroidered
Best Value
Classic Embroidered Christmas Stocking Sets
Imperial Home makes household products and Christmas decorations. The Classic Christmas Stockings are incredibly beautiful and spacious.
Available in numerous designs. Made from durable fabric materials. Can accommodate multiple goodies. 3 socks in a set.
A few customers complained that the hanging hook is not very strong.
Classic Christmas Stockings
18 inches tall
7 Stylish designs available
Embroidered fabric
Set of 3 coordinated stockings
RUCKUP Tactical Christmas Stocking
RUCKUP manufactures military-style Christmas socks at affordable prices. The Khaki Christmas stocking has an outside pocket and can hold small toys and candies.
Available in 2 colors. Unique, eye-catching design. Comes with outside pocket. Hanging hook. Durable and lightweight.
Isolated complaints regarding handle color.
Military-Style Stocking
17 inches tall
OD Green design
Has MOLLE attachments
Northlight Baby's First Christmas Stocking
Northlight makes a wide range of Christmas accessories at reduced prices. The Velveteen Snowman Christmas Stocking is an adorable Christmas sock suitable for small babies.
Durable and lightweight. Metallic embroidery. Design incorporates sequins.
Not available in more colors but other styles available.
Baby Christmas Stocking
10 inches tall
Blue velvet hologram design
Features attractive sequins
Rustic Burlap Rustic Christmas Stockings
HUAN XUN specializes in accessories and Christmas decorations. These Christmas stockings come in various designs and can be decorated in any way you want.
Amazon Best Seller. Excellent for DIY purposes. Sufficiently large to accommodate small toys. Available in numerous designs.
Cannot accommodate large toys, but small toys and candies fit just fine.
Personalized Burlap Stocking
8.9 inches tall
9 Stylish designs available
Cotton and linen
Great for DIY

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What is the Best Christmas Stocking?

Picking Christmas stockings, as well as Christmas presents and related accessories, is usually a special moment and it shouldn’t be done in haste. Sit back, relax and take a look at these five excellent models we wholeheartedly recommend! Want to add a personal touch or name to your stocking? Here's some of our favorite ideas as an extra bonus.

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Our Top Choice
The White and Green Christmas Stockings from Kurt Adler are affordable and feature an eye-catching design that gives you a sensation of warmth and harmony. These is just one of the many different stocking designs by Adler. We especially love the reindeer and snowflake ones!

Kurt Adler Red, White And Green Christmas Tree And Snowflake Design – Set of 2 Knit Christmas Stockings


Kurt Adler specializes in Christmas accessories and decorations that will liven up your household during winter. This brand makes a wide variety of Christmas stockings, in different colors, designs and sizes. You can even find stockings with Hello Kitty from this brand. The majority of Kurt Adler's products have excellent reviews on Amazon.

The White And Green Christmas stockings are attractive, reasonably priced, sufficiently spacious and can fit almost any interior décor. These socks are made from acrylic, and the material can be embroidered if necessary.

Kurt Adler offers numerous amazing Christmas decorations. Here are just a few of them.

  • Heavy Knit Stockings – available in sets of 3 and capable of accommodating medium-sized toys
  • Batman Christmas Stockings – your kids will absolutely love them!
  • Reindeer Stocking Holders – made from metal and available in 2 designs
  • John Wayne's Boot Stocking – stylish and with numerous positive reviews on Amazon
Best Value
The Classic Christmas Stockings from Imperial Home are available in several designs and come in sets of 3 stockings. These are probably some of the most attractive and beautiful Christmas stockings currently on the market. Imperial Home also offers a great selection of embroidered tree skirts - some of which even match their stockings!

Imperial Home 18" Embroidered Christmas Stockings for Kids and Adults - Set of 3, Available in Multiple Designs


Imperial Home strives to provide its customers with affordable, useful household products, and it specializes in Christmas socks. The Christmas stockings made by this brand are made from different materials, have different sizes and come in a multitude of designs and colors.

The Classic Christmas Stockings are 18 inches long, available in many attractive designs and come in a set of 3. Kids will instantly love them, as these stockings help create that authentic, warm and pleasant Christmas atmosphere.

Here are some more products from Imperial Home.

  • Embroidered Christmas Stockings – made from satin and 19 inches long
  • 3D Classic Christmas Stocking – 22 inches long, can accommodate larger toys
  • Food Storage Containers – available in different sizes and at ridiculously low prices
  • Picnic Baskets – stylish, versatile and spacious
The Tactical Christmas Stocking from RUCKUP is available in 3 different color options, and it is the ideal gift for shooting and hunting enthusiasts. It comes with a zipper and can accommodate small multiple goodies. RUCKUP tactical Christmas stockings come in a variety of colors including camo!

RUCKUP Tactical Christmas Stocking with Molle Gear Attachments - Christmas Stocking with Velcro US Flag Patch for Military, Survivalists, or Hunting and Shooting Enthusiasts


RUCKUP is a brand that makes Christmas stockings, but the specialists behind this brand are not afraid to think outside the box and make these socks absolutely unique. Most of the Christmas stockings made by RUCKUP feature a tactical/military style design, yet they remain attractive and appropriate for the winter season.

The Tactical Christmas Stocking from this brand has a hanging hook and 4 MOLLE attachments. It is available in 2 colors: khaki and OD green. It also features a zipper and can accommodate small and medium-sized toys. This gift is excellent for someone in your family who is a hunter or shooter, or who loves military-style designs.

We would also like to let you know about the other products made by RUCKUP.

  • Tactical Christmas Stocking Digital Camo – featuring hanging hook and made from nylon
  • Tactical Christmas Stocking Pink – suitable for girls
  • Tactical Christmas Stocking Red – 11 inches long, attractive and eye-catching
  • Automatic Beard Comb – excellent gift for lumbersexuals!
The Velveteen Snowman Christmas Stockings are ideal for babies, and they are made entirely from polyester. These socks can hold toys, and they feature sequin embroidery. We've pictured a pale blue stocking which is both unisex or perfect for little boys. However Northlight also has a pink first Christmas stocking, as well as many, many more stocking designs to choose from.

Northlight Velveteen Snowman Christmas Stocking for Babies, 100% Polyester, Embroidered Design


Northlight is a brand that sells a wide variety of Christmas accessories, including Christmas stockings. This brand makes high-quality Christmas socks from velvet, and these items come in various designs and colors. Some of the Christmas stockings Northlight makes are embroidered, featuring a unique design.

We wanted to offer you variety in this review, and that’s why we picked the Velveteen Snowman Christmas Stocking as the last product on our list. This Christmas accessory is suitable for babies celebrating their first Christmas, and it comes in an attractive blue/white design. The sock can accommodate toys, and it will put a big smile on your baby's face.

Let's take a look at some of the other products made by Northlight and sold by Amazon.

  • Plush Christmas Stockings – incredibly soft and attractive, available in different sizes
  • Pink Christmas Stockings – suitable for girls, featuring a faux fur cuff
  • Christmas Lights – set of 100 mini light bulbs in numerous colors
  • Decorative Tree Balls – colorful, eye-catching and durable – set of 14
The Wood Heart Tree Snoflower Bell stocking set from HUAN XUN is currently an Amazon Best Seller and available in multiple designs. It has a neutral color, which gives you the opportunity to decorate to your heart's content. Or, if you prefer burlap stockings already designed with a vintage look, take a look at these Rustic Farmhouse Stockings.

Niashop Christmas Stockings,18 inches Personalized Burlap Cotton Large Luxury in Bulk Stockings Set for Farmhouse Rustic Family Holiday Xmas Decorations


HUAN XUN is a reputable manufacturer that specializes in accessories and Christmas decorations. This brand sells several types of Christmas stockings that will look awesome above your fireplace. These stockings have a neutral color, so you can decorate them according to your wishes.

For our review, we have picked a pair of stockings that are currently Amazon Best Sellers. These Christmas accessories are available in several designs, and they come at a reasonable price. The socks are made from cotton and can easily accommodate small toys, candies, fruits and similar gifts.

Here are some other types of products HUAN XUN makes.

  • Personalized Necklaces – highly customizable and available in different finishes
  • Christmas Reindeer Antlers – fun and eye-catching, these decorative antlers will make your Christmas pictures absolutely unique!
  • Women Scarves – available in many colors and designs
  • Plush Pillows – they feature aesthetically pleasing animal prints and are available in several sizes

Burlap stocking are great for creating your own look, or just as they are - take a look at at more options!

How Do I Choose the Best Christmas Stocking?

Winter brings with it snow, low temperatures and one of the most joyful and exciting times of the year! In December, everyone strives to buy gifts for the loved ones and celebrate the birth of Christ. For this special moment of the year, you need to prepare yourself and buy Christmas-related accessories, such as an artificial Christmas tree, maybe a Christmas-themed dinnerware set and, of course, eye-candy tree lights that make kids burst with joy!
Since this is a period of offering and receiving gifts, it is customary to also buy Christmas stockings, which are usually hung over the fireplace. When Santa comes, he will put his little surprises and gifts into these stockings, so if you have been a good person the entire year, go for large stockings that are capable of accommodating more good stuff!

The market is full of attractive and eye-catching Christmas stockings at affordable prices, and that’s why we have created this guide, to help you pick the right stockings for this special moment, save money and avoid confusion when buying. Keep reading to learn more about Christmas stockings and their decorative purposes!


Video: 200 Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $2

Cheap Christmas Stocking Stuffing Ideas. | Courtesy of The Melea Show

As you probably already know, Christmas accessories are not that expensive, unless you want to show off and buy a platinum tree topper or Christmas globes made of solid gold. When buying Christmas stockings, you need to take into account how many pieces are offered in one package. For example, most high-quality stockings are priced between approximately $10 and $30, but in some cases you receive a single stocking for your money or a set of three or four.

Obviously, the materials of which the Christmas stockings are made significantly influence the price. For example, those items that incorporate velvet might cost a little bit more, but they are softer to the touch, so the money is well spent. In any case, make sure you stay away from cheap Christmas stockings, as Santa won’t be impressed, and he might even refrain from offering you the best gifts! Christmas stockings priced way below 10 dollars are usually rather boring and might get torn apart quickly. This is an item you will use every Christmas, so it might not be a good time to think about saving money.


Even if you have bought Christmas stockings before, it is a good idea to keep the following aspects in mind to make sure you are buying the right stockings for your family.

  • Design - This is probably the most important and exciting aspect, as Christmas stockings come in thousands of designs and colors. You can buy stockings for kids, regular ones, military-style stockings (for dads who served in the army), you name it.
  • Size - Some stockings are large; others are small or even baby-sized, which are very cute.
  • Style - Most Christmas stockings are already decorated or even embroidered, but some of them are simpler and allow you to apply your own decorations or colorful inks.
  • Material - Stockings come in various materials, such as velvet, fabric, acrylic and more.

If you are unsure what to do at this point, start by setting a budget, and then decide if you want a regular stocking or a "DIY" type, meaning that you will decorate it with your kids. Also, find out how many stockings you need and their approximate size. In the next section, we are going to look at Christmas stockings in greater detail and find out more about their design.

Construction and Design

As mentioned earlier, most Christmas stockings are made of different types of fabric, such as cotton, acrylic, and others. Some of them are elegant and might incorporate velvet, which makes them softer to the touch. The designs usually incorporate funny reindeer, smiling snowmen or even Santa and his little helpers. However, if you want a military-style stocking, these might be available in a camouflage design and come with additional pockets and compartments. A good Christmas stocking should have durable hooks, so that you can hang them above the fireplace.

When it comes to size, stockings vary greatly: you can get large ones with a length of approximately 15 inches, or smaller ones for little kids. Undecorated Christmas stockings are very popular these days, because they give you the opportunity to color, draw or write on them using colored pencils and markers. This is an interesting DIY project for little children which enhances their creativity!


Video: DIY Christmas Stocking

How to Sew a Christmas Stocking with Pattern. | Courtesy of Sew Anastasia
Performance and Ease of Use

One of the most important advantages of Christmas stockings is that they are quite durable, so you… ahem… Santa can safely deposit candies and toys of different sizes. These stockings are also easy to clean, as they can be thrown into the washing machine and washed according to the specifications on the label. As a last piece of advice, try seeing multiple Christmas stockings to find out exactly which ones you prefer the most and what design suits your interior décor the best!

Get the Best Christmas Stocking of 2023!

Everybody deserves to receive gifts from Santa, and that’s why you should prepare well ahead and get some of the best Christmas stockings on the market. Pick your favorite stockings today and Santa will definitely be impressed!

Our Top Choice
Kurt Adler Vintage Style Knit Xmas Stockings
Best Value
Classic Embroidered Christmas Stocking Sets
RUCKUP Tactical Christmas Stocking
Northlight Baby's First Christmas Stocking
Rustic Burlap Rustic Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stocking FAQs

What to put in Christmas stockings
There are a ton of fun stuff you can put in Christmas stockings. But it mostly depends on the target age group. You can put random stuff like movie scratch-off posters, phone card holders, mini Bluetooth speakers, or customized gifts for teenagers. You can put some bubble gum, hot wheels, crayons, cookies, candy, nail polish, small dolls, or even chocolate coins for kids. And for adults, you can put more basic objects like stationary, stickers, jewelry, socks and even underwear.
Where to buy christmas stockings
Towards the holiday season, you can buy christmas stockings almost anywhere. This includes retail stores as well as online platforms like Amazon. In this case, Amazon is most recommended because it offers a wider variety of goods at a broader price range. You also get to do your shopping in the comfort of your home. Read our Christmas stocking review for more information.
How to hang christmas stockings
There are a few simple ways you can hang your christmas stockings without using much effort. The most efficient is to use a brick wall hanger. Therefore, begin by purchasing a brick wall hanger from your local hardware. Choose an appropriate position for your hanger, preferably above your fireplace. Clamp it securely in place and hang your stockings by pulling out the hanging tabs from its center. Once the job is finished, you can snap it off the wall and store it for the next season.