Best Christmas Tree Lights – Incandescent, LED and Ceramic Christmas Lights for Your Indoor and Outdoor Tree

Christmas has always been a time of fun, reunion and exchanging gifts, but nothing brightens up the holiday season more than Christmas lights. Well except for the smiling faces of family! But can you imagine a Christmas without sparkling lights? Neither can we. Choosing the best Christmas lights can, however, pose a challenge, as you’d like them to be as special as the season. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Within this article, you’ll find a thorough review of some of the best Christmas tree light brands and one set of lights from each. If you decide that you’d like more options, feel free to check these companies out – yeah, they’ve got more lights (and we provided links within the reviews). While many of our featured products are indoor and outdoor Christmas tree lights, we also have a separate review has more outdoor Christmas light options as well as one for holiday laser projection lights.

Now, we didn’t forget about those of you who prefer larger, vintage Christmas tree bulbs. Before we get to our reviews, here’s some of our favorite ceramic Christmas tree lights. And the good news is that these modern versions are safer than the ones your grandparents used!

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# of Bulbs
Our Top Choice
EchoSari Star Shaped LED Fairy String Lights
EchoSari has been manufacturing stylish LED lights for years and it is dedicated to innovative ideas. Its 4M 40 LED Battery Powered Fairy String Light is a popular product.
Battery power makes it usable outdoors. The white light is quite bright. It can be used for various decorations. 8 light modes
The batteries need to be changed frequently.
Indoor/Outdoor LED Lights
13 feet
4M 40 LED Battery
Best Value
LEDwholesalers Color-Changing Xmas Lights
LED Wholesalers prides itself on being able to provide great LED lighting solutions to its customers. This LED Color-Changing Linkable Christmas Light String sets it apart.
The color transition is smooth. It can used it beyond Christmas. It is beautiful.
The bulbs don’t last long. Otherwise, it's a beautiful product.
Outdoor/Indoor LED Lights
16 feet
Creative Design Starry String Tree Lights
Creative Design has been making LED lights to give its customers beautiful solutions. The Starry 150 LED 49ft Dimmable Light with Remote Control is a stands out from the crowd.
The lights are elegant. Application is only limited by your creativity. The remote makes it easy to use.
Sincerely we can't find a downside to this product. Maybe it's just us.
10 Light Modes Indoor/Outdoor
49 feet
5V USB Powered
Foneso LED Moroccan Ball Christmas Lights
Foneso has been manufacturing LED lights for years with a solid track record of pleasing their customers. Its Solar20 LED Ball Lights are beautiful and the solar concept is an innovative change of pace.
Can be used both outdoors and indoors (if you have sun source). Very beautiful. The power source is free - Solar!
We tried but couldn't find fault with these balls.
Outdoor Solar Lights
15' plus 4.9' lead
Gold ball w/ 2 light colors
IP65 Protect Grade
Holiday Clear Miniature Christmas Tree Lights
Ticoze specializes in creating LED lights that bring out the beauty in your decorative designs. Its Mini 100-Count Clear Light Bulbs Christmas light is a popular design.
Comes with extra bulbs and a fuse. Looks great. Versatile: can be used for other occasions than Christmas.
It's quite short at 25 ft if you compare it with others.
Indoor/Outdoor Incandescent
24.9 feet
Built-in fuse for safety

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What Are the Best Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Lights? Read Our Christmas Tree Light Reviews to Find Your Favorite?

Depending on where the Christmas lights are needed – home or office – there are so many Christmas lights brands to choose from, and making the right choice is not a walk in the park. Hopefully, our guide (located below if you haven't read it yet) has given you the power to cruise through the following reviews in confidence. And to make things even better, we went ahead and picked out a few more of our favorite and unique Christmas lights to show you.

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Our Top Choice
It is very reassuring buying products from a company that is innovative enough to meet the changing needs of its customers. The 4M 40 LED Battery Powered Fairy String with star shaped lights is such a beautiful product for your indoor or outdoor Christmas tree. Prefer more traditional LED point lights? Then check out the Echosari 100 LED Outdoor Christmas Tree Lights. These fairy string lights are also battery operated so you don’t have to use an extension cord. Plus, they come with a remote and can also be used indoors.

EchoSari 4M 40 LED Christmas Tree Lights - Battery Powered Fairy String Light with Five-pointed Star String Christmas Lights – Four Color Options


If you’re looking for cheap but quality decorative lights, EchoSari has it all. With different intricate designs to suit the season or occasion, you’ll gladly buy more to decorate your home or office – for more than just Christmas. The design of these lights gladdens your heart with the season. You’ll be so glad you bought your decorative lights from EchoSari.

We picked EchoSari’s battery powered fairy string lights (warm white) because the five-pointed star stands out. Its warm white glow gives the occasion a great feel, no matter the occasion. The lights are great for decorating your Christmas tree, your garden or a party. These lights are also battery-powered with two modes in which they function – steady and twinkling. Because the lights aren’t completely waterproof, it is important to be careful with them when it rains.
Don’t really fancy star lights? We’re sure that these other EchoSari lights will cater to your decorative dreams and desires. Some of them are:

  • 4M 40 LED Battery Powered fairy string light, snowflake styled – has 40 snowflake styled lights giving off a white light
  • 4M 40 LED Battery Powered double deck lotus fairy string light – has 8 light modes: combination, in wave, sequential, slo glo, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, steady on
  • 33 Feet 100 LED Battery Operated waterproof fairy string light in warm white – does not require battery use and waterproof

We know that these lights aren’t for everyday use, but the beauty they add to an occasion is unmatched.

Best Value
There's nothing more pleasing than buying the products made by a company that knows what its customers want. LED Wholesalers almost read people's minds. This 16 Feet Christmas Light String with 50 RGB Globes is much sought after. Prefer old school ceramic bulb outdoor Christmas lights? Take a look at this Ceramic Christmas String Light Set!

LEDwholesalers LED Color-Changing Linkable 16 Feet Christmas Light String With 50 RGB Globes – Indoor and Outdoor LED Christmas Lights


LED Wholesalers has been supplying LED lights that are ecofriendly for over a decade, making them a top brand for users. They make a variety of lights – both decorative and plain. They have unique features as a brand because they make use of technology to provide the best LED lighting solutions.

The LED Color-Changing Christmas Light String is a wonderful addition to the Christmas decorations in your home. The lights change color randomly and independent of the other bulbs in the set. This set can also be elongated by linking with up to six sets, covering long distances. These lights are also power-saving and long-lasting.

If you don’t think these are for you, then we’ve got plenty more options for you to choose from! Here are a few:

  • LEDwholesalers 16.4 feet 120 LED Icicle Christmas Holiday Lights with white wire in warm white – consumes little power and can be linked up to 7 sets
  • LEDwholesalers 5M LED Strip Kit in warm white – features an inline dimmer and power supply
  • 18-Inch Diameter 5-Function White and Blue Starburst Light with 240 LEDs – features 5 function modes: steady white, steady blue, flash white, flash blue, alternate
Some brands compromise on quality to increase profit. Creative Design never does that. The Starry 150 LED 49ft Dimmable Light with Remote Control is evident of that claim. We also love their solar path lights which can be set to reflect magical snowflakes on your sidewalk, driveway, house or lawn.

Creative Design Starry String Waterproof Christmas Tree Light - 150 LEDs 49ft Dimmable Copper Wire Light With Remote Control – Three Style Options


Creative Design Inc. aims to produce innovative designs for the home and office through catering to the needs of their consumers. The best part is that they’re really cheap for such good quality products.

The Starry String Light is everything you want in a decorative piece: long-lasting, flexible, very long length, remote-controlled, and best of all, affordable! What’s not to love about this product? It also gives off a beautiful color scheme around the home, office, or wherever you choose to use of it. This light is also waterproof, so you will have nothing to worry about even if the rain pouring down was not a part of your plan. Your neighbors and friends will ooh and ah at this one.

An amazing part of the Starry String Light is its color but if you’re a fan of this shade, Creative Design Inc. has got more that we’re absolutely sure you’ll love. They are:

  • Creative Design Solar String Light, 17.4 feet 30 LEDs Crystal Ball Outdoor String Light, Waterproof Globe Fairy String Lights Starry Light – features a solar panel and an automatic switch
  • Creative Design Laser Christmas Lights, Waterproof Outdoor Star Laser Light with Red Light Show – features a red star that can project thousands of blinking red stars on surfaces

The Starry String Light comes in three styles: Multicolored, Solar 200 LED and Warm White.

These Solar LED Christmas Tree Lights are simply amazing – “Free energy”. We love how the bulbs look like tiny Christmas ornaments which is great for decorating an outdoor tree. Then again, we also love the look of these Solar LED Outdoor Strawberry String Lights. We think they look like brightly colored miniature pinecones.

Foneso 20 Solar LED Outdoor Christmas Ball String Lights For Home, Patio, Graden, Holidays, Party, Christmas Trees, Indoor And Outdoor Decorations


Foneso is a brand dedicated to quality in service and products. They have some of the most cost-effective products in the market and they are clearly here to stay. A combination of creativity, colors and electrical genius, Foneso has definitely earned their place on the market.

Still looking for Christmas or party lights for your home? Look no further because Foneso has something that we’re sure you’ll love. The Solar LED Light in warm white is a beautiful sight to behold and comes in two modes – steady and blinking. The Moroccan pattern of this light gives off a comfortable and warm feel that makes it suitable for the holidays or parties.

If you don’t want this Moroccan feel, Foneso has got other lights that are sure to brighten your home. Some you may like are:

  • 33 Feet 100LED String Light, Foneso Christmas Ball Fairy Light Outdoor Decorations (Warm White) – features 8 modes controller
  • String Lights Foneso Starry Lights, Christmas Lights, Outdoor Decorations (Warm White) – features 8 modes controller

All the lights from Foneso are eye-catching and beautiful, when you decorate with these lights you won’t regret your decision.

Ticoze is deeply passionate about creating products that meet customer needs. The Mini 100-Count Clear Light Bulbs Christmas Lights is a beauty to behold. If you would multi-colored miniature string lights, those are available too!

Holiday Time Christmas Lights Mini String Lights with 100-Count Clear Light Bulbs with Green Wire


If you’re last-minute shopping and can’t decide which brand to get, we’ll help you – you should get a Ticoze. You get your money’s worth, which is just one reason we love this brand. There’s no beating about the bush, you’ll be glad you chose Ticoze.

These Ticoze party and Christmas lights will be the life of the party. These lights are linkable from end to end and have 100 tiny bulbs that come with replacements. We love this product because it doubles as Christmas lights and tree lights. And all of this for a small fee! You’ll love yourself for this one.
But if you aren’t sure about this one, we’ve got some more in store for you. Check these out:

  • Ticoze Christmas Lights 100 Clear Light Bulbs Mini String Lights Set Warm White Indoor Outdoor Lighting – features replacement bulbs
  • 25 Feet Patio Lights Party String Lights G40 Globe Bulbs Warm White Outdoor Indoor Night Lighting 25 Bulbs Dancing String Lights – features connectable end to end strands
  • Ticoze Landscape Lights 10W LED Flood light Waterproof 1800K – 2300K – consumes small amounts of energy yet efficient and bright

Any of these lights is sure to make you very satisfied with its glow.

Best Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Tree Light Guide – What to Look for When Buying Christmas Lights for Your Tree, Home or Yard

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree… yeah, yeah, you know the rest of the song and we do agree that those branches are indeed lovely, staying green and giving us a beautiful splash of color in all that winter white. We can take that beauty some notches higher by wrapping our trees in colorful strings of light, and that’s exactly what Christmas tree lights are for.

Christmas tree lights became an integral part of the Christmas tradition in the 17th century. Then, small candles were attached to the trees and they held a significant meaning for the people of that time. However, the inconvenience of fixing them with pins or wax to the trees and the inherent danger of a fire outbreak probably put a damper on what was supposed to be a fun experience. Constantly conscious of the fire hazard, they only let the candles burn for a short while, with buckets of water or sand nearby and never without supervision.

Today’s lights are more fun and demand no special care; ahh, thank God for technology. Whether you’re sprucing up an artificial Christmas tree or a natural one, these lights can take it from nice to awesome as soon as they’re up. They complement your Christmas ornaments, as they’re available in many colors, shapes and sizes. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about the picture that a brightly lit Christmas tree with beautifully wrapped packages underneath it provides.


Video: How to Install Christmas Lights on your House

How to Light Up Your House During Christmas. | Courtesy of Canadian Tire

Christmas tree lights are relatively inexpensive investments, and the great thing about them is that they can be used year after year if properly handled. They are sold for as little as $10 to as much as $45, and a number of factors like bulb technology, length, number of bulbs etc. are responsible for the difference in their price. Okay, let’s talk about this some more; LEDs are the latest in the lighting technology, and with their many advantages over their incandescent peers, they’re usually priced higher. As for the issue of length and number of bulbs, it’s only natural that tree lights with more bulbs be generally longer and cost more dollars. We did come across cheap Christmas tree lights, but we don’t recommend those, as we aren’t sure they’ll live up to their hype.


If you want your Christmas tree to sparkle, you’ll be deliberate in choosing your lights and look out for certain features. Those features include:

  • Type
  • Length
  • Number of Bulbs
  • Colors
  • Power Source
Construction and Design

Christmas tree lights can be divided into types based on two criteria. Those criteria are the type of technology and where it’ll be located. Based on the former, they’re divided into LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Christmas lights and incandescent Christmas lights. Incandescent Christmas lights were introduced by Thomas Edison and Edward Johnson in the early 19th century, but they were expensive until the 20th century. Today, LED lights are doing to those incandescent bulbs what they did to the candles; LEDs have a number of advantages over the incandescent bulbs, the major one being that they use way less energy, which is great if you’re trying to cut down on those humongous power bills that come at the end of the holiday. It also means that you can connect more of these lights, end-to-end, using one outlet, which sure makes decorating much easier.

If you’d like to decorate the outside of your house or that big pine, palm or oak tree in your yard, outdoor tree lights have been specially engineered to ensure that such trees aren’t left out of the festivities. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and are weather-proof and robustly constructed to be used year after year in the cold of winter. The indoor lights are designed to beautify your Christmas trees in the house.


Video: Christmas Lights, Decoration Ideas & Hacks

Easy DIY Christmas Lights Ideas. | Courtesy of DaveHax
Performance and Ease of Use

It goes without saying that you’re going to need longer sets of tree lights for larger trees and shorter ones for smaller trees; the same principle applies if your tree is bushy and full or on the slim side. If you find that the longest length you can find won’t do, you won’t have to fret, as they can be connected for added length. A similar issue to be considered is the number of bulbs; you’d wouldn’t want so many bulbs if your tree is small so that they don’t overwhelm it, neither would you want your large trees looking bare, which is what would happen if the number of bulbs are too few and far apart. There’s an easy way to get around this problem and it’s a simple formula you can use to determine the number of bulbs to be used for your tree. Here it is: for every 3 feet of tree, use 100 bulbs – simple, right?

When it comes to colors, you’ll find virtually all of them on Christmas tree lights. The white bulbs are also called fairy lights; they’re a classic and timeless color option. Warm lights are another option; they give the golden glow without which it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. There are other colors available – blue, green, red, yellow and purple, you name it. Many of them allow you to set them to turn on and off automatically, choose patterns or alternate between colors.

Power is a very important factor, as it determines how many bulbs you can light up and how long they’ll last. While many of these lights depend on your home or office power supply, many others are battery powered or solar powered. This increases your options, as you won’t need to worry about power consumption or an absence of electrical power, just enjoy the process.

Get the Best Christmas Tree Light of 2023!

We’re at the end of the review; you’ve got your lights, haven’t you? Then get to work, those trees aren’t going to light themselves.

Our Top Choice
EchoSari Star Shaped LED Fairy String Lights
Best Value
LEDwholesalers Color-Changing Xmas Lights
Creative Design Starry String Tree Lights
Foneso LED Moroccan Ball Christmas Lights
Holiday Clear Miniature Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas Tree Light FAQs

How to put lights on a Christmas tree
When putting lights on a Christmas tree, you want to use a top to bottom approach. Start by dividing the tree into three vertical sections from the trunk to the tip. Then, from the bottom, weave the string in and out of the tree’s branches, placing them around 4 inches from the tips. You can place some closer to the tip and others a bit further. Once you reach the top of the tree, start your way back to the bottom. You want to avoid an obvious spiral, so it is best you do this in a random fashion such that it looks effortless.
How many lights for a Christmas tree
The number of lights you place on your Christmas tree mainly depends on the size of your tree. However, the average tree typically takes up about 100 lights for every 1.5 feet of the tree. However, if you are a big fan of lights, you can double or triple this, depending on your preference.
How to fix Christmas tree lights
Repairing your Christmas tree light is actually quite simple. You want to start by checking the light’s fuse. Do this by sliding the plastic covering on the plug. Replace any fuses that have blown or look charred. If the process persists proceed by untangling the string and check for any broken bulbs or frayed wires. You can also test the light bulbs using a Christmas light tester. Most times, by changing or tightening a problematic bulb, you get to fix the whole strand.