Best Christmas Tree Toppers - Unique, Vintage, Stars, Ribbon, Angel and Lighted Tree Toppers for Your Christmas Tree

When it comes to Christmas tree toppers, there are so many great options in terms of brands, styles, and types. Therefore, we chose to showcase 5 that stood out in some special way when we did our research. And of course, we have more holiday and Christmas reviews to complete your decorating with style and joy.

Before we move on, we want to acknowledge the fact that finding the right topper for your Christmas tree is a matter of personal preference. Will you choose a simple Christmas tree ribbon topper? A lighted angel topper to watch over your tree and family? Does your family prefer a vintage theme or a modern and maybe even humorous vibe?

We also understand that it can take years to find the perfect one that will adorn your tree year after year. All we can do is provide you with some of our favorite, unique tree topper ideas and hope one speaks to you. If it turns out that the brands or products don’t match what you are looking for, we’ve included other ideas and links throughout this article. Here’s a few to start you off before we get to our reviews.

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Color (s)
Our Top Choice
Dregano German Vintage Tree Topper
Dregano is a German brand that manufactures Christmas tree toppers among other décor and accessories for home decorations.
Wooden and lightweight. Durable. Handmade. Attractive. High quality. Outstanding colors and designs. Easy to install.
Risk of décor clashing and requires relative technical knowledge and experience to attach to the Xmas tree.
No Lights
8.5’’ in diameter
No, indoor trees only
Best Value
HolidayGiftShops Twisted Glass Tree Topper
Xmas Ornaments World is a brand that manufactures glass ornaments in the USA, Europe and Canada for decorating Christmas trees.
Durable. Affordable. Attractive with a unique design. Easy to install. Lightweight, balances easily on top of the tree.
Glass can break if dropped. Can get scratches.
No lights, Secure
Multiple Options
10.5’’ in height
Yes, good for outdoor trees
Summit Arbor Santa Clause Tree Topper
Summit Arbor LLC is a brand known for its high quality Christmas tree toppers with unique designs, styles, color finishes and methods of attachment to the trees.
An attractive, unique and stylish design. High quality. A well-known brand. Unique and awesome features. Great reviews on Amazon. Durable, easy to install.
It is costly.
No lights
Red, white
11’’ in height
Yes, good for outdoor trees
National Tree Company Bethlehem Star Tree Topper
The National Tree Company manufactures decorative plastic tree toppers for indoor and outdoor use during special occasions.
Energy efficient and green. Durable. Brightly colored and very attractive.
Breaks easily if dropped. Only works with a particular type of light (National Tree Company dual color lights). Insufficient information on how the product works.
Dual color low Voltage LED lights
White, Multicolor
11’’ in height
Yes, good for outdoor trees
Kurt Adler Rattan Natural Star Tree topper
Kurt Adler manufactures beautiful, unique Christmas Tree Toppers with varying yet unique lighting and a 5-point star design (with a natural look) for decorative purposes.
Adds a warm, rustic feeling to your interior space. It is affordable and durable. Easy to install. A simple, elegant and attractive design.
It is restricted to indoor use.
10 small lights
Beige, Gold
10.5’’ in height
No, indoor trees only

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What Is the Best Tree Topper for Decorating Your Tree? Read Our Christmas Tree Toppers Reviews to Find Yours!

When shopping around for Christmas tree toppers, you might want to consider whether or not they have lights and whether they can be used indoors and/or outdoors; you might also consider if they are made of lightweight or more durable materials, and if they come in a theme or design that fits your Christmas spirit. The best Christmas tree toppers come in small sizes to ensure that they can balance on tree tops. Also look out for any extras the tree toppers might come with, like gift bags and ribbons (usually sold separately). Find out if one of our recommended Christmas tree toppers is what you’re looking for!

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Our Top Choice
The Dregano Shaved Star Christmas Tree Topper is hand carved and perfect for a rustic, folk, farmhouse or vintage themed tree. If you prefer a star for the top of your Christmas tree that's just as intricate but with a simpler design, take a look at this handmade Traditional German Folk Art tree topper.

Dregano Shaved Star Tree Topper Ornament - Hand Made in Germany, Wood Christmas Tree Topper or Easter Decor


Dregano Tree Topper Ornament is a small German figurine used for spring and Easter décor, allowing for more decorating versatility. The ornaments are also used in traditional German Folk art, making them a perfect artistic addition to your interior space this Christmas. You can use these Christmas tree toppers during other kinds of celebrations like Easter to give your home an appealing look.

The Shaved Star Tree Topper German Ornament is wooden and measures about 8 1/2 inches in diameter, sure to make a big enough statement on the top of your tree. Its intricate star-shape will be a conversation piece with your family. Dregano also makes other star shaped tree toppers with slightly different designs and colors; some in a brighter gold color if that suits your style better.

Best Value
The Xmas Ornaments Twisted Glass Tree Topper is hand-painted for a unique and personal touch in your interior space. This blue pointed tree topper is just one of many colors and designs available for this classic, vintage Christmas tree topper. We also love the look of their beaded star Glass Christmas Tree Topper.

HolidayGiftShops Glass Christmas Tree Topper – Twisted Glass Topper, Hand Made, Available in Variety of Designs and Colors


Xmas Ornaments World offers various glass Christmas tree ornaments to embellish your Xmas tree and decorate your house, setting it in the festive mood. Designed by professionals and hand-painted for a personal touch, these accessories are a Christmas spirit symbol for many people across the world.

The Twisted Glass Tree Topper is unique and looks like an upside down icicle. A silver flourish at its top is decorated with a leafy style pattern with silver glitter, making a beautiful accessory to elevate the look of your interior space this festive season. At the bottom of the finial is a decorated ball in matte cobalt blue. The silver glitter element is minimally sprayed all over the ornament for a shiny, glittery look.

If you're not sold on this particular topper, here are some other interesting designs Xmas Ornaments World offers:

  • Crystal Red Night Christmas Tree Topper
  • Baby Jesus Is Born Glass Christmas Tree Topper
  • Twisted Glass Christmas Tree Topper in Cobalt Blue
  • Angel Glass Christmas Tree Topper

There are many more hand-made glass ornaments by this brand in varying colors and designs to choose from.

The Summit Arbor Santa Christmas Tree Topper is designed for artificial trees of up to 9 feet in height and attaches using the included Shepherd's Staff™ pole. We also love the Summit Arbor Angel Watching Over Holy Family Christmas Tree Topper. This unique tree topper perfectly depicts the true reason for the season.

Summit Arbor Santa in Chimney Delivering Gifts Christmas Tree Topper - Other Designs Available


Many homes are decorated during the festive season. Summit Arbor came up with this design as a solution to many problems homeowners faced while trying to decorate the top of their Christmas trees. After many years of research, design and experiments, the Summit Arbor came up with the Tree Topper with Santa in Chimney, delivering Xmas gifts to all. This is a unique and attractive Christmas tree topper designed to last years.

This Christmas tree topper is made of polyresin and comes with The Shepherd's Staff™ for attachment to the top of your Christmas tree. Measuring 11’’ in height, 5.5’’ in width and 5’’ in diameter, the accessory has red and white color finishes for a true festive spirit.

Here are some Summit Arbor LLC Christmas tree topper designs to consider:

  • Mosaic Angel Embracing Holy Family
  • Mosaic Angel with Horn
  • Playing Polar Bear Sitting
  • Kneeling Santa with Baby Jesus
  • Laying Hen
  • Holy Family with Star
  • Angel Log with Holy Family

This is not all; you have many more Christmas tree toppers to choose from.

The Bethlehem Star Tree Topper was designed specifically for decorating purposes during the holidays. But if you are going for a more rustic or farmhouse look, we recommend taking a look at this ribbon Christmas tree topper. It features a large burlap bow tree topper and trailing ribbons.

National Tree Company Star of Bethlehem Christmas Tree Topper – LED Lighted Tree Topper with 9-Function Hand Switch Controls, Energy Efficient


Designed in the form of a star, this decorative Christmas tree topper is a perfect addition to your home this holiday season for a warm, inviting look. The colors that change in unison from white to multi-colors will definitely give your home a new, modern look.

The Christmas tree topper is made of clear plastics. It is 11" in height and comes in the form of a lighted star decoration. It only works with the Dual Color LED lights manufactured by the national Tree Company. A tree top connection is used to attach the accessory to your Christmas tree. The LED bulbs are energy efficient, durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Here are other great National Tree Company Christmas decorative accessories to explore:

  • National Tree Christmas Lights
  • National Tree Tree Stands and Skirts
  • National Tree Tree Storage Bags
  • National Tree Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree toppers and accessories by the National Tree Company are so many that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

With this unique and beautiful Rattan Natural Star Christmas tree topper, you don’t just get to improve your interior décor for Christmas, but enhance on your Christmas tree lighting. For a more modern theme, we love the Kurt Adler 10-Light LED Snowflake Treetop. This tree topper will make perfect snowy addition to any Christmas tree and comes with your choice of white or blue lights.

Kurt Adler 10 Light Rattan Natural Star Christmas Tree Topper - Vintage Tree Topper for Indoor Use Only


This Christmas tree topper is bound to add a natural look to your Christmas tree for a natural-themed Christmas holiday. The accessory is bright enough to light your interior space with a warm touch, screaming the festive spirit of your household (and your elegant style) to your visitors.

This Kurt Adler Christmas tree topper is pre-lit by 10 bulbs and comes with four extra bulbs (and a fuse) for backup purposes. It has a beautiful and unique yet simple star design to pimp your décor and take your Christmas tree lighting a notch higher.

Here are some other great Kurt Adler Christmas tree decoration accessories to consider:

  • Glass Decorative Egg Ornament
  • Assorted Clear Glass Icicle Ornaments
  • Jeweled Golden Treetopper Ornament
  • Lighted Angel Christmas Tree Toppers
  • Mickey Mouse Tree Topper or Tablepiece 

This Christmas tree topper comes in beige and gold; however, Kurt Adler has many more attractive accessories to decorate your Christmas tree this festive season.

Best Christmas Tree Topper Ideas – From Unique to Vintage, From Angels to Ribbons, From Wood to Lighted Toppers: The Decision is Yours!

Christmas celebrations provide excellent ways to end the year on a good note, and getting to decorate for festivities isn’t just fun, but it also brightens your winter. There’s nothing quite like hanging up your Christmas stockings on the mantelpiece. With the Christmas tree as an integral part of the celebrations, you can add tree toppers to give it a finishing touch for a beautiful look. Whether yours is a crafty Christmas theme or a modern minimalist holiday theme, there are sleek and quirky tree toppers to match.

Just like Christmas tree ornaments, tree toppers bring out the classic beauty of the festive season with a stylish twist. Although you can go for the traditional Christmas tree toppers such as the gold stars and Santa Claus, there are modern signature designs and refined color palettes to give your tree an innovative look. If you’re considering a casual, friendly arrangement, DIY elements would go well with a trendy metallic tree decorated with gleams, glitters and twinkles.

Whichever part of your Christmas tree you want illuminated, there’s a suitable tree topper just for that. Contrast your tree topper lights with string lights for an elevated look and ambience. Although you can take the traditional approach to decorate your Christmas tree, you’re certainly allowed to create your own unique true design by being creative.

Get personal with your winter holiday décor theme and use it to tell a story. What’s more, you can reuse your Christmas tree toppers year-in and year-out irrespective of the underlying theme. Although tree toppers come in unique styles and designs, they’re mostly versatile to blend into any interior décor, ranging from contemporary and glam looks to elegant and rustic styles.

If you have more than one Christmas tree, you can create a cohesive look by topping each tree with the same kind of topper or by using unique toppers for a contrasting look. Whichever tree topper you pick for your Christmas decoration, remember that it’s all about being happy.

Whether you’re planning to host friends, family members, relatives, colleagues or simply want to throw a party in a bar or restaurant, Christmas tree toppers create the right decorative arrangement for any which purpose. This guide will help you make an informed decision for the best tree topper to buy for your specific X-mas tree and holiday theme.


Video: How to Make a Christmas Tree Bow Topper

How to Make a Bow Tree Topper Using Wired Ribbon. | Courtesy of Grace Monroe Home

The material, quality, brand, style, color and features of a tree topper such as lighting and weatherproof properties determine its price. Although tree toppers are usually reasonably-priced, some top quality variations can be a bit costly. Go for the more inexpensive Christmas tree toppers if you’re working on a tight budget. Good quality Christmas tree toppers range in price from $10 for basic toppers to $150 for higher-end, top quality toppers.


Just like any other product, there are features you may consider when shopping for Christmas tree toppers for your holiday celebrations.

Here are a few features to look out for in a Christmas tree topper:

  • Lights
  • Material
  • Size and design
  • Weatherproof
  • Color

With a strong material and color for your tree topper, your home won’t just glow for the holiday celebrations, you’ll get to use your topper for many years to come.

Construction and Design

When shopping for Christmas tree toppers, consider the right material, size, color, weatherproof properties and lighting. A properly sized tree topper balances well on your Christmas tree without falling off. If you want your tree illuminated, opt for toppers with lights, and if you want to use your tree outdoors, ensure the topper is weatherproof for outdoor use. Choose a material (wood, glass, plastic, paper, polyresin, etc.) and color that improve the aesthetic appeal of your tree and blends into your holiday décor theme.

Some popular traditional tree toppers to consider include snowflakes, Santa Claus, angels, stars, snowmen and monogram tree toppers. Whichever tree topper you pick, be sure that it reflects your personal style and taste because you can always reuse them. Also consider 3D and double tree toppers for a realistic and voluminous look, respectively.


Video: Tree Topper Ideas

Quick and Easy Tree Topper Ideas. | Courtesy of Melrose International
Performance and Ease of Use

Tree toppers are designed to balance on Christmas tree tops, hence they are light in weight. The right topper doesn’t just crown your tree with a beautiful touch; it is strong enough to last many years of use. Moreover, tree toppers don’t require installation, meaning they’re easy to use; simply place them at the top of your tree to create a masterpiece indoors or outdoors. Whichever topper you pick to crown your Christmas tree, ensure that it is functional, attractive and complements the ornaments used for decoration.

Get the Best Christmas Tree Topper of 2023!

Whether you want a Christmas tree topper for yourself or to present a friend as a gift, there’s a great tree topper out there to suit your style, taste and personal preferences. We hope our review of five of the top Christmas tree toppers has served you well, and you can now happily pick the right accessory to decorate your tree. If you need something different, check out our other tree topper reviews.

Our Top Choice
Dregano German Vintage Tree Topper
Best Value
HolidayGiftShops Twisted Glass Tree Topper
Summit Arbor Santa Clause Tree Topper
National Tree Company Bethlehem Star Tree Topper
Kurt Adler Rattan Natural Star Tree topper

Christmas Tree Topper FAQs

How to plug in Christmas tree toppers?
You can easily plug in Christmas tree toppers with or without an electric extension. If you must use an extension, then ensure you run it down its back. However, you can avoid the power extension cable if you have the right supplies. In that case, you need black electric tape, needle-nose pliers, and ornamator, two plastic twist-on connectors, and a tree topper. Cut into two the wires connecting the motor spinner and its bottom half. Strip the end and take it. Cut and strip the tree topper’s wires. Splice twist the cables to connect them, and apply the black tape. Repeat with the additional two wires and use black tape. Once you finish that, you can go ahead and plug in your tree topper.
What are the two most popular Christmas tree toppers?
The two most popular Christmas tree toppers are the stars and lighted angels. Thus, you are likely to find these no matter the brand or model you choose.
Where to buy a lighted angel Christmas tree topper?
You can buy a lighted angel Christmas tree topper from online stores such as Amazon. Apart from a wide variety of products, the site has some of the best deals, especially during the holidays. If you are looking for a lighted angel Christmas tree topper to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.