Best Christmas Wrapping Paper - Vintage, Seasonal, Fun and Funny Wrapping Paper Rolls for Gifts

Oh, the joy of seeing piles of carefully wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. Or watching the delight in someone’s eyes when you hand them a specially chosen gift that has just as much attention given to what’s on the outside as on the inside. And of course, tearing them open is part of the fun! Now, we know you could pick up wrapping paper rolls from any retail store. But what if you want something special?

With many wrapping papers on the market, we’ve tried to help you navigate the crazy world of X-mas wrapping papers. But ultimately the final decision depends upon your personal style, or that of the gift recipient if you are trying to match their personality or favorite things. So, what we did was choose 5 of the best brands that offer a wide variety of holiday wrapping papers to choose from. This means that, if you don't like the featured gift wrap, you can click the “see more options” link within each review to, well, see more!

When you get to our reviews, you’ll probably notice we showcased more traditional or vintage holiday wrapping papers. Yes, these brands have more styles and designs, but we also wanted to showcase some less traditional options. You know, for people who like off-color or funny gift wrap for wrapping Christmas gifts. So, if that’s you, here you go…

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Our Top Choice
Hallmark Reversible Foil Holiday Wrapping Paper
Hallmark is a popular brand that has been in business since 1910, and is most well-known for its popular greeting cards on sale in over 40,000 retail stores worldwide and online.
High quality wrapping papers. Affordable. Reversible and versatile.
Not ideal for large gifts.
3 Rolls/kids/mixed design
Available in 9 designs
20 Square feet
Smooth foil
Storage bag
Best Value
Current Jumbo Reindeer Wrapping Paper Roll
Current is a household name in selling greeting cards, stationery and gifts, with Christmas packages ranging from gifts and décor to ornaments and treat holders.
High quality. Does not tear easily. Large enough to wrap a big present or several small gifts.
Not ideal for small gifts, as it can lead to wasting excess paper.
1 Giant roll
Red & black patterns and icons
72 Square feet
Self-stick labels, ribbon
Jam Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Bundle
Jam Paper is a family-owned brand that retails paper, envelopes, office supplies, cards and gift wrappers. Their wrapping paper four pack is a classic theme reinvented.
High quality. Large and up to 45 square feet per roll. Strong enough to last years of reuse.
Not ideal for wrapping a single large gift.
4 Rolls
Available in 12 colorful designs
180 Square feet
Shiny/glossy paper
Gift bows, glossy bags
Buttons Bags and Bows Elegant Gift Wrap
Buttons Bags and Bows is a brand aimed at ensuring that you get to gift your loved ones in style, whether it’s their wedding, birthday or just the coming festive season.
High quality. Attractive. Environment friendly, since recycled paper is used.
Not ideal for wrapping large gifts.
1 Roll
Trendy Christmas tree patterns
32 Square feet
Recycled paper
Gift bags
Caspari Wild Christmas Gold Foil Wrap Roll
Caspari is a design store that designs and prints exquisite paper products. They boast over 6-decades of experience reproducing the works of museums and artists across the globe.
Stylish and convenient. Environment-friendly. Affordable. Splendid designs. High quality.
Not ideal for wrapping large gifts.
1 Roll
Wild Christmas gold
8 Square feet
Ribbon, paper plates, napkins

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What Is the Best Christmas Gift Wrap? Read Our Christmas Wrapping Paper to Find Brands with Wide Selection of Holiday Paper Rolls and Sheets!

When shopping around for Christmas wrapping papers, you need to find those that are the right size to properly wrap your gifts, made of materials that’ll survive until the big day, and come in a design that fits your theme. The best gift wrap papers come in rolls to ensure that they’re crease-free, and even feature extras such as gift bags and ribbons (usually sold separately).

Now with these factors in mind, feel free to go through our reviews and see if you can find out if one of our recommended Christmas wrapping papers is what you need. And if you were looking for vintage gift wrap, most of our featured brands offer them but we also wanted to showcase a few designs to give you some ideas of what's out there.

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Our Top Choice
Christmas comes only once a year and the Hallmark Reversible Christmas Wrapping Paper is a great way to mark your upcoming holiday in stylish gifts. Shopping for a Disney fan? Hallmark has a wide variety of officially licensed Disney Christmas gift wrap, including every little girl's favorite Frozen characters.

Hallmark Reversible Foil Christmas Wrapping Paper for Gifts - Pack of 3 Rolls, Available in Multiple Seasonal Holiday Designs


The Hallmark Reversible Wrapping Paper comes in whimsical patterns and icons for Christmas, making them perfect for presenting various kinds of gifts. The high-quality reversible wrapping paper comes in various themes and colors that your kids, family and friends can love.

Each roll of Christmas wrapping paper measures 30 inches by 96 inches, making a total of 20 square feet. The pack comes with three rolls of wrapping paper to ensure that your need to wrap gifts this festive season are met. Moreover, the fact that they’re reversible means either side can face inside or outside.

The Reversible Wrapping Paper comes in the following fun colors and designs:

  • Cozy patterns
  • Elegant foil
  • Foil ho ho ho
  • Foil Santa
  • Kids’ foil
  • Kids’ icons
  • Merry holidays
  • Plaid
  • Winter scene

Whichever design you choose, the holiday spirit will definitely be present (pun totally intended) as you put your gifts under the tree.

Best Value
The Reindeer gift wrap doesn’t just come in a giant roll, heavyweight, great thickness and boutique-quality, but is colored in white, red and black patterns with icons to attract attention. Not in the mood for Saint Nick or his reindeer? Want funny Christmas wrapping paper that will bring a chuckle? Take a look at the jumbo Goofy Emoji gift wrapping paper roll.

Current Reindeer on Black Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper - Giant Roll, Heavyweight, Tear-Resistant, Holiday Wrapping Paper


Wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas not just with a memorable gift, but starting from the wrapping paper. The Jumbo Rolled Gift Wrap is large enough to wrap a single large gift of up to 72 square feet or about 18 boxes in the size of shirts. Current has been in the industry long enough to know what customers look for in Christmas wrapping papers.

The Gift Wrap is boutique-quality and heavyweight in addition to thickness that doesn’t allow you to peek through it. This contributes to the wrapper’s durability and strength, meaning it can’t tear off accidentally so easily as you wrap your Christmas gifts. The gift wraps come with self-stick labels and ribbons, which are normally sold separately. You save big time by buying at least two rolls.

Although Current has many product offerings under this category, here are 3 interesting picks to consider:

  • Decked Out Decker Jumbo Rolled Gift Wrap
  • Chalk Up Christmas Jumbo Rolled Gift Wrap
  • Snowy Trees Jumbo Rolled Gift Wrap

Current has several holiday or Christmas gift wraps for you to choose from.

The Jam Wrapping Paper is perfect for ushering in the season with a festive spirit because Christmas is a time for giving; these papers are excellent for either a Baroque or modern-themed Christmas. Looking for a vintage Christmas gift wrap look? The Christmas Kraft Wrapping Paper bundle should do the trick.

JAM Paper® Assorted Premium Christmas Wrapping Paper Rolls - Holly Jolly Extravaganza Holiday Gift Wrap


The Jam Christmas Design Wrapping Paper is meant for the festive holiday season. Since Christmas is a time for giving, this gift wrap comes in a set of four rolls to ensure that you can give as many presents as you can without the lack of a wrapper being your only limitation.

With each roll in a set measuring 45 sq ft, you get a total of 180 sq ft of beautiful Christmas wrapping paper. The various themes packed in a set will get you excited as you prepare to usher in Christmas. What’s more, the persons receiving the gifts might like the paper so much that they’d be tempted to open those presents a little early.

Jam Paper has various themes under this category for a wide range of customer preferences this coming Christmas:

  • Christmas characters
  • Antique Christmas
  • Red & Gold Christmas
  • Classic Christmas
  • Lights & Stripes
  • Festive Christmas
  • Folksy Holiday
  • Modern Christmas
  • Ready Reindeer
  • Merry Reindeer
  • Traditional Christmas

With this great collection of 9 Christmas themes, it’s far more likely you can find your match for your presents.

This Holly, Berries and Trees Gift Wrap Paper is a premium Christmas wrapping paper in trendy colors for modern holiday-themed festive parties. Want a more vintage gift wrap that still has a classy, elegant look? Take a look at the Kraft Metallic Gold Swirling Stars Holiday Wrap Paper from Buttons Bags and Bows.

Buttons Bags and Bows Holly, Berries & Trees Elegant Christmas Wrapping Paper – Holiday Gift Wrap


Is trendy, elegant and modern your style? This Christmas wrapping paper comes in clear, trendy and modern colors, making them ideal for a special event or the festive holiday season. Buttons Bags and Bows tries to make it so that you don’t just give this Christmas, but that you have fun doing so.

The gift wrap paper is large enough to wrap a gift of about 32 square feet. It comes in red, metallic gold, white and tan colors for an attractive look. Every roll is cellophane protected, so they arrive in perfect condition.

Here are a few other gift wrap papers by Buttons Bags and Bows to consider:

  • Woodland Snowmen Snowman
  • Bright Red & White Snowflake Flurry
  • Red & White Peppermint Stripe
  • Merry Christmas Red Silver
  • Reindeer & Snowflakes
  • Gold & Silver Holiday Wishes
  • Tan & White Snowflake
The Christmas Gift Wrap Gold Foil is made from managed forests and embossed with well-dressed wild animals in the festive spirit to ensure you give your gifts in style. Do you prefer angels to animals? Then Go for the Caspari The Spirit of Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Roll for a feel-good Christmas spirit look on your gifts.

Caspari Continuous Roll Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper –Splendid Designs, Wild Animal Embossing, Gold Foil


For the love of nature and wild animals, this Christmas wrapping paper is designed to promote a wild Christmas theme on a continuous roll that’s 8 feet long. It’s perfect for a traditional or festive holiday themed occasions. Inspired by art, the gift wraps are so beautiful, you might just want to frame them for a wall hanging.

The gift wrap papers are entertaining and feature various wild animals getting into the Christmas spirit. They’re 30 inches wide and 8 feet long, just the right size to wrap your gifts this festive season.

Here are other Caspari products you can buy to prepare for Christmas:

  • Napkins
  • Holiday cards
  • Gift bags
  • Candles
  • Christmas crackers
  • Plates
  • Tabletop pieces
  • Place mats

Best Christmas Wrapping Paper Buying Guide- How to Choose a Gift Wrapper or Paper Roll for Your Gifts

Christmas is a time of merriment. It’s a time where you need no excuse to crack out the champagne glasses at 8am; no-one can judge you, it’s Christmas! And one of the best parts of Christmas, (besides spending time with your family, of course), is seeing that Christmas tree all lit up with lights and, yes, the presents underneath! Everyone loves receiving gifts at Christmas, but sometimes the best part is giving them and, we don’t know about you, but wrapping them up can be a joy as well!

Those receiving gifts notice the wrapping paper used on their gifts and acknowledge the work that went into the presentation or wrapping process. They appreciate the anticipation to discover what’s wrapped and the actual gift. What’s more, you come out as a generous and kind person who values the whole gift-giving process and communication whenever you lovingly wrap your Christmas gifts. It shows how much you value and care about the person you’re gifting.

For this, however, you will need some good-quality wrapping paper. There is NOTHING worse than trying to cut a straight line through your paper and causing a huge, unsightly tear because you’ve decided to buy some budget Christmas wrapping paper this year. The dollars you save doing this is truly never worth the pain of trying to cut and wrap with cheap, thin paper. So, to help you this year, we’ve compiled a guide to aid you in making your wrapping paper decision.

When it comes to choosing Christmas wrapping paper, the choices are endless; there are so many brands, styles, types and colors to choose from that it can get a little daunting. It can get to the point where you don't even know what you want! Your Christmas wrapping color theme can change daily, depending on who is receiving the gift.

The best Christmas wrapping paper for you will depend entirely on your preferences. Decide what sort of design or color you want and maybe the quality you’re considering and with this guide, you’ll be able to choose the best Christmas wrapping paper for the gifts you want to give out this season.


Video: How to Perfectly Wrap a Christmas Gift

Learn to Perfectly Wrap a Christmas Gift. | Courtesy of HGTV Handmade

The brand, size, material, type, design, colors, quality and any extras a Christmas wrapping paper comes with influence its price. Working on a tight budget? No problem. Find an inexpensive Christmas wrapping paper that has all the features you need to present your gifts in beautiful packages. Depending on any given gift wrap, wrapping papers typically range in price from $5 to $50.


Christmas wrapping papers come in all sorts of designs, colors, patterns, prints and many other themes to choose from. With knowledge of the right features, you’ll be in a position to find a gift wrap that suits your style and be attractive enough to pass across the right message to the recipient.

Here are a few important features to look out for in your Christmas wrapping paper:

  • Colors
  • Type
  • Design
  • Size
  • Material
  • Extras

A Christmas gift wrapped in the right wrapping paper doesn’t just create excitement and anticipation to find out what’s enclosed, but according to the SMU study, it can also be pretty enough to change the recipient’s attitude.

Construction and Design

Is the color of a Christmas wrapping paper important? Although green and red are the typical Christmas colors, you can play around with other colors and modern designs for fun, trendy-looking gifts. When gifting female or male friends, you might want to consider gender when picking colors for your wrapping papers. Whereas blue, green, red, and black colors suit men, women tend to appreciate gifts wrapped in purple, yellow, pink, purple, white, and orange.

The color you pick can also be influenced by the design or style of the gift you want to wrap. Gifts wrapped in silver, cream, white or gold look chic and elegant. Creative wrapping papers in natural colors such as craft papers are ideal for handmade gifts. Culturally themed wrap papers are also ideal; for instance, in the U.S., wrapping papers with reindeer, Santa Clauses, etc. are popular among Americans over the festive season.

Wrapping gifts in red colors symbolizes high energy and longevity. Opt for pastels if you’re exchanging gifts with your family, relatives, friends or colleagues. Wrapping gifts in colorful papers and decorating them in ribbons, bows, toy flowers, etc. make beautiful presentations. Choose gift wrap colors that complement your Christmas tree and/or theme; opt for either matching or contrasting colors for an attractive appeal.

Buying non-holiday gift wrappers or those without a Christmas theme and accessorizing them with embellishments in Christmas colors can also be a success; picture a white and black chevron paper decorated with a red ribbon. Traditional brown paper gift wraps have a waxy feel and are designed for sturdiness. Opt for a white finish to complement the snow outside for a clean, crisp look and use graphic tapes to give them color and life.

With double-sided wrapping paper, you can use fun folding mechanisms to decorate your gifts for fun, cheery presentations. Also, consider the many Christmas wrapping papers with whimsical designs or prints and patterns for a personal touch. Glittery wrapping papers are attractive and add a personal touch to the gifts. Choose whether you want a paper or foil gift wrap and the kind of finishing it should have: smooth, glittery, shiny, glossy, etc.

The material should be strong and of high quality, and large enough to cover the gift from end to end. Christmas wrapping papers come in two major types: rolls and folded gift wraps. Pick what’s ideal and suitable for your gift(s). Finally, consider any extras the gift wrap might come with such as storage bags, ribbons, napkins, self-stick labels, and any other kind of embellishment.


Video: 24 Last- Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas. | Courtesy of 5-Minute Crafts PLAY
Performance and Ease of Use

It’s enough for your Christmas wrapping paper to be large enough to cover your gift(s), be made of a strong material and comes in colors and patterns to blend into your Christmas party theme. Your wrapped gift should be attractive enough to show you care, to excite your friends and loved ones to want to know what’s inside, and cherish the gift itself.

Get the Best Christmas Wrapping Paper of 2022!

Whatever reason you want to gift a friend or loved one, there’s a great wrapping paper out there to suit your style, taste and personal preferences. We hope that, with our review of five of the top Christmas wrapping papers, you will have found the right gift wrap paper that meets your needs. If you need something different, check out our other wrapping paper reviews.

Our Top Choice
Hallmark Reversible Foil Holiday Wrapping Paper
Best Value
Current Jumbo Reindeer Wrapping Paper Roll
Jam Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Bundle
Buttons Bags and Bows Elegant Gift Wrap
Caspari Wild Christmas Gold Foil Wrap Roll

Christmas Wrapping Paper FAQs

How to organize Christmas wrapping paper?
You can organize Christmas wrapping paper using a clip-on device attached to a table, a storage container, a hanger, and rolling it. Other methods include your workstation, Christmas cart, a flipped stool, a wheeled cart, a garment bag, plastic tote, mason jars, and a pegboard. The purpose of that is to keep the wrapping paper safely and neatly tacked away.
How much wrapping paper is thrown away at Christmas in the US?
In the US, people through away 227,000 miles of wrapping paper annually. Many of them never think of recycling the paper or keeping it for the following year. They would rather throw away the remaining piece and buy a new one the next year.
Where to buy Christmas wrapping paper
You can buy Christmas wrapping paper from Amazon and other online stores where you will enjoy great deals and a wide variety of products. If you are looking for Christmas wrapping paper to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.