Best Chromebox Reviews 2022

We’re at the peak of the technological era, but everything seems to change with every passing day, and computers are taking the lead in this dynamic shift of invention upon invention. Well, it seems that the Chromebox is the new kid on the block and has a lot to offer. But finding the real deal is never that easy, which is why we dove into the industry, and we’re here to walk you through some of the best Chromebox brands in the market. Keep reading as we take you to five of the best options around.
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Our Top Choice
Acer 1.5 GHz Desktop Chromebox
Acer’s quest for greatness is spurned on by its desire to provide great products of great value to people all over the world.
Has sufficient hard drive space with 16 GB SSD. It offers efficient access and protection for your data. The positions of the ports makes connecting your peripheral devices easier.
It doesn’t have wireless keyboard or mouse.
6.81 x 5.5 x 2.27 inches
1.5 GHz Celeron 3205U
2GB or 4 GB
4 USB, 1 HDMI, 1 display
USB Keyboard and Mouse
Best Value
Dell Chromebox 3010 Desktop Computer
No one seeks to empower communities, customers and entire countries to use technology for their development as passionately as Dell has always done.
Used with different types of mice and keyboards. Can support numerous apps for efficiency. Can sign in with any Google account. Integrated graphics card.
It only runs on Chrome browser.
8 x 14 x 3 inches
1.40 GHz Celeron 2955U
2 GB
4 USB, 1 display
No keyboard or mouse
Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktop Chromebox
At Lenovo, commitment and unrivalled value has seen the company gain its customers’ trust over the years and become one of the biggest tech brands in the world today.
Has a simple interface and powerful processor. Several ports for connection make it easy to use. You can make the most of its 16 GB SSD storage space to keep your data safe.
The operating system might not be that efficient for non-browsing functions.
7 x 7.2 x 1.4 inches
1.5 GHz Intel Celeron 3205U
4 GB
2 USB, 1 display, 1 HDMI
Wired keyboard and mouse
HP Desktop Computer Chromebox
If there’s one thing HP is truly focused on, it’s creating technology that can make life better for people, organizations, and whole communities the world over.
Its powerful Celeron processor makes it a high speed multitasking machine. Has a small size and sleek design. Fanless build means quiet operation and no travelling dust.
The Ethernet port in this box might need some attention.
9.4 x 4.4 x 7.5 inches
1.4 GHz Celeron 2955U
4 GB
2 USB, 1 display, 1 HDMI
No keyboard or mouse
ASUS Mini OS Computer Chromebox
A dedication to providing quality products has seen ASUS become the world leader in motherboards and gaming products.
Has 100 GB Google drive storage capacity offering just enough space. It has a full connectivity function. A powerful processor ensures fast multitasking.
It doesn’t come with a keyboard or mouse.
9.4 x 4.4 x 7.5 inches
1.4 GHz Celeron 2955U
4 GB
2 USB, 1 display, 1 HDMI
No mouse and keyboard

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What is the Best Chromebox?

Other than the wealth of information we’ve provided, to find out what type of Chromebox that’ll suit your needs you’ll need to analyze how much time you spend on gadgets, such as your computer. Whatever your needs, there’s a Chromebox out there for you, so let’s jump to our reviews and identify it.
Our Top Choice
With 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 16 gigabyte hard drive, the Acer Desktop Chromebox is the real deal when it comes to storing your files. If you’re looking for a chromebox with integrated Intel HD Graphics 530, then check out the Acer DT.Z0JAA Chromebox Desktop.

Acer Chromebox Desktop with Mouse and Keyboard – Available in 2GB or 4GB

When we’re talking quality products and outstanding customer service, Acer is usually among the best in the market. What’s more, the company does quite a great job in ensuring it performs in other areas as well, and sustainable development is one of them. Another thing it emphasizes is health and well-being, which is why the company has advanced in helping people in monitoring their health as well as fostering development in retirement homes to improve life quality.

Getting a Chromebox is only half the battle; you need to have one that can guarantee speed as well as the security of your data if you’re going to make the most of it. As such, the Acer Desktop Chromebox is designed to bring you the best that Chrome Operating System has to offer in keeping your data safe.

Here are some of the other features this Chromebox comes with:
  • One thing you cannot resist about this box is the thousands of apps that you can use for your work and play.
  • Another exciting feature is that this box brings you the real desktop computing experience and an abundance of frontal access ports. This ideal positioning makes it easier to use your ports for connecting peripheral devices.
  • A 16 GB SSD offers sufficient memory to store your files efficiently.
  • And when you thought connectivity couldn’t get better, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity can make things even more efficient for you.
  • Perhaps the best part is the ability to use your chrome on either large TV screens or a monitor of any size while still accessing your favorite apps.
If 4 GBs is too much RAM for your task, you can always go for the 2 GB Chromebox.
Best Value
The Dell Chromebox 3010 Desktop Computer can be used with different types of mice and keyboards, which makes its use easy and convenient. If you’re looking for a Chromebox with 4 gigabytes of RAM, then check out the Dell 3010 Desktop Computer Chromebox Intel Core i7-4600U.

Dell Chromebox 3010 Desktop Computer with Intel Celeron 2955U & 1.4 GHz

Putting technology and innovation expertise together, Dell has had great success in bringing about exciting possibilities through products of tremendous value. The company’s employees, customers, and partners are keen to offer social as well as environmental development. The company focuses on employing its technological expertise in making life easier for everyone.

When it comes to using a Chromebox, you need the perfect size, but one that packs just the right performance for the job. Well, nothing can be more convenient than the fast booting this Dell Desktop Computer Chromebox provides the user. It’ll start up within seconds, and you can log in almost as fast. Besides, the box also comes with several other features as well:
  • With a fourth generation Intel Celeron processor, this box is quick; from booting to connectivity and carrying out instructions, this machine is immediately responsive.
  • A 16 GB SSD offers enough memory storage for files of all formats.
  • Another unmistakable advantage is the availability of ports, from USB to HDMI, as well as Ethernet connection ports, which makes connectivity easy and convenient.
  • This internet-streaming box makes a great device when it comes to app selection, as you can always get a whole lot of options.
  • Besides, its compatibility with virtually any mouse or keyboard adds to the box’s ease of use and efficiency.
In addition to giving you speedy web browsing, a simple interface and powerful processor make the Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktop Chromebox easy to use. If you’re looking for a Chromebox with a smaller amount of RAM and with a single processor count, then check out the Lenovo 10H5 ThinkCentre Chromebox.

Lenovo Desktop ThinkCentre Chromebox Intel 3205U

If there’s one thing Lenovo focuses on, it’s ensuring that sustainability is achieved, from the customers, suppliers, employees, to the products and sites themselves. The company will stop at nothing in its pursuit to achieve this essential aspect. This reflects not only in its products, but also in the lives of everyone involved in the production process as well as their sales department.

Well, you can say having a Chromebox is experiencing the future of computers today, but not every box can take you there. It takes a lot to achieve this exquisite performance, but this Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktop Chromebox pushes the possibilities to the limit. Designed to be a business desktop, its powerful 1.5GHz 64-bit processor and a 2 MB L3 cache offer a combination of the basics that move the computer world. When it comes to performance, this box never disappoints. Then there are the other features it comes with as well:
  • The 16 GB SSD memory storage in this box is all you need to keep your files protected without having to struggle to meet any memory capacity needs.
  • What’s more, a dual core 64-bit processor offers a fast operation when booting or using your box.
  • Another interesting thing is the well-positioned ports for different peripheral devices; from USB to HDMI and display ports, using your box can’t get any easier.
  • Moreover, the box is small and compact, and versatile enough that it can be used with different accessories.
  • Since it can also be used with a wired keyboard and a mouse, operating this box is efficient, easy, and fun, virtually all you may look for in a Chromebox.
Given its compact size and sleek design, this Desktop Computer Chromebox can fit in almost any place and is super easy to install. If you’re looking for a box with a whole lot of RAM, then check out the HP Mini Chromebox, which has 8 gigs of memory.

HP Desktops Computer Celeron 2955U 4GB Chromebox

It’s through inventing and reinventing that HP has achieved significant milestones in making quality products that customers can be proud of and rely on. With its customers always changing the way they play, live, work and every other aspect in their lives, the company keeps reinventing its technology to suit their needs as closely as possible.

What could be better than a Chromebox that you can use for virtually anything you do with your desktop? Well, meet the HP Desktop Computer Chromebox, which has what it takes to make the best of both worlds. With its SD media card, several USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity, you can conveniently share your photos, videos, and other files across the web. These are just a few of this Chromebox’s strong points; have a look at some more:
  • Built for easy use, this box is small, compact and efficient. This means it can fit in a small space. Not to mention the fact that it can be wall-mounted as well, so space shouldn’t be a problem for you.
  • Since it doesn’t have a fan, you don’t have to worry about dust being deposited inside the case from air being funneled into the box, so it stays clean inside and out.
  • With a high-performance Intel processor, you can stream entertainment as well as access your apps with ease
  • The booting and surfing are super fast, with the process taking only seconds to boot from completely off to searching the web in only 25 seconds; it also only takes 5 seconds to reboot.
The Mini OS Computer Chromebox has 2 gigabytes of RAM and 100 gigabytes of Google Drive storage capacity, which is plenty of room for ordinary data storage needs. If you’re looking for a box with 4 GB of RAM, then check out the Asus Deluxe Chromebox, which also has Bluetooth connectivity.

ASUS Mini OS Computer Desktop Chromebox – Available with 2 Processors and in 2 Sizes

ASUS has been in the pursuit of enhancing mobile trends, and the company is seeing great advancement in augmented reality products as well as virtual reality options. Besides, the company has been on the development line in offering IOT devices as well as robotic technologies. One of its more interesting achievements has been the Zenbo smart home robot, and more are expected to come. When it comes to tech, this company never disappoints.

You can always get plenty of good Chromeboxes in the market, but finding one that can guarantee the safety of your data can be quite a task. As much as this may prove to be difficult, you don’t have to go through this ordeal if you have the ASUS Mini OS Computer Chromebox handy. Its out-of-the-box setup for protection against malware and viruses goes a long way in keeping any threats to your information at bay. Then there are a lot more features that you can also count on:
  • The ability for full connectivity means that virtually everyone in the house can make the most of this box without a struggle, all thanks to several features including wired as well as wireless connectivity that’s always a great deal in this box.
  • What’s more, a powerful processor offers super-fast performance and multitasking, despite the box’s small and slim compact design.
  • With a two-year free 100GB of Google drive and 16GB SSD you can always store plenty of files without necessarily spending more on peripheral storage devices.
  • The sleek design and size of this box make it ideal to fit almost anywhere in the house or office, and the VESA-mountable design makes installing it a breeze.
  • With a secure and safe account access, any member of the family can access their accounts without compromising the safety of anyone’s personal data. Besides, with parental controls available, safe and family-friendly use of the web can’t be more convenient.
This model is available with a more powerful processor as well as an option with more RAM, so you’re well-taken-care-of if you want more from your Chromebox.

How Do I Choose the Best Chromebox?

If you work on a computer every day, then you know just how essential this machine can be to your needs. This is especially true for the game geeks, whose computers are what takes their fun to the next level. But what happens when a new invention hits the market, and everyone is caught up in the craze to get a share of the action? Well, this is the case with the Chromebox, which is already causing a stir in the market and taking every user to the future of computer technology. But what exactly does a Chromebox have that other computers don’t already?

Well, the biggest thing going for the Chromebox is simply its size, which is tiny compared to the big, bulky towers that normally clog up a room or office space. Often covering up less than a foot in space, and weighing just a couple pounds, the Chromebox is compact enough to fit just about anywhere, which means a more streamlined work or entertainment setup. As its name suggests, the Chromebox is fitted to operate Google Chrome (and sometimes other web browsers), which it does more efficiently than your average desktop. With numerous USB, Ethernet, and HDMI ports, it’s also designed to help connect all your devices so that your everyday electronic needs are taken care of.

While of course the minimalist Chromebox cannot compete with the advanced gaming rigs in terms of computing power, they nevertheless often feature powerful processors of their own. They’re more than capable of performing the activities they’re designed for, and they’ll probably boot up faster than many desktop computers too. In fact, you can expect them to get going just as fast as you’d expect your smart TV, computer monitors, or document camera to turn on.

And while using your chromebox may call for rapid connection and performance, one thing remains for sure: you need to find a good way to store your information. If this is all you need at any given time, then you have the right machine for the job. Usually equipped with 2 GB to 4 GB of RAM, sometimes 16GB SSD, and others coming with up to 100GB Google drive storage memory, you have all you need. Keeping and accessing your data can never be easier. This storage can even be sufficient for others at home to use the device, but if you want to use your USB drive, the box has ports for that too.

While keeping your data for long might sound noble, ensuring it’s safe is the real deal. So how do you achieve this? If you have the right chromebox, you never have to worry about this one either. Since most of them feature applications to keep virus and malware at bay, you can use your system while being confident that no harm will get to your data. Most importantly, the aspect of safety here also includes making your computer safe for personal data like passwords as well as parental control needs.

You may need to check out our selection of top Chromeboxes and see for yourself what they have to offer, but you should first check out the defining general features.
When you factor in the things a Chromebox can achieve, you’ll be amazed to find out that they go at a relatively reasonable price. Be ready to spend anything between $150 and $3000, and you can get yourself a great box. But if you want a high-end one, you can always dig deeper into your pocket for the better quality.

It’s also worth noting that several other factors also play a role in determining the price of these devices, and one of them is the features. If you want a box that comes with a mouse and keyboard, then you may need to spend a little more. The same also applies to the brand. When you decide to go for the brand that every person is talking about, you’ll most likely be lucky enough to get quality to be proud of, but this comes at a slightly higher cost too.

Remember, the market is also full of other low-cost chromebox options, which are never the ideal choice for you if you want something to last you long enough. Since they fall short of essential features like powerful processors and efficient memory storage, these cheap Chromebox offers might be enticing but could turn out to be a total waste of your money.
Most Chromeboxes are equipped with excellent features that give them their outstanding performance. These are just a few of the things you should never miss when looking at a specific Chromebox:
  • Size – Chromeboxes come in several sizes, but almost all of them are relatively sleek in design and can fit in small spaces in either the house or the office. Some are well-built for mounting on walls, so if you want a box small enough not to take up space on your table, then this is the one.
  • Processor – In almost every Chromebox, the processors are built to deliver nothing but the best, especially when it comes to speed. The powerful processors fitted in these devices are well-designed to handle heavy duty and keep going, from fast booting to connectivity and other functions.
  • RAM – Some Chromeboxes feature 2 GBs of RAM, others have 4 GBs, but in general, this memory is sufficient to keep the device going even during times of heavy use.
  • Ports – Many of these devices have five ports, with two for USB, a HDMI, a display port and an Ethernet connection port as well. These ports are essential for connecting peripheral devices and go a long way in enhancing usability and efficiency of your device.
  • Accessories – Not all of these devices come with a mouse and keyboard, but most of them feature these accessories in the package. However, if your box doesn’t have any of these, you can always make the most of their versatile design and connect another mouse or keyboard of your choice. Usually, they tend to work with different accessories, so this should never be a problem.
Construction and Design
The construction of one Chromebox may differ from the others, but these machines are built almost the same for several purposes, such as ease of use and fitting into tight places. When looking at the construction and design, this is what you’re faced with:

Sleek design: Many Chromeboxes are slim, small and compact. This sleek design not only makes them stylish but also plays a vital role in making their installation easy for you. Besides, you can always be sure that your Chromebox won’t take up all the space on your desk so that you can place it alongside other equipment.

The fan: Even though not all of these boxes are the same, some of them don’t come with a fan. This isn’t a problem, however, as the fanless design actually reduces the chances of air drawing dust into the case, which could have grave effects in the long term. Moreover, the boxes are well-designed for sufficient ventilation to keep the air circulation going.

Ports: Chromeboxes feature several ports, with some designed for connection purposes while others aid in the use of peripheral devices. Then there are also ports and sockets for other uses, which you can make the most of if you’re connecting your box with other devices. This feature is essential for the connectivity of your Chromebox with TV, monitors and such.

Mounting: Since you might want to mount your box in different locations, the devices are designed for different options. Some come with features that allow wall-mounting, so you can have more space on your table while still using your box. Others have VESA-mountable designs that enable the device to fit almost anywhere, whether in the office or your house.
Performance and Ease of Use
No matter how well your Chromebox may be built or how stylish it looks, if it cannot perform the intended functions, it’s worthless. But when it comes to these boxes, you can always be sure to get a great deal of service. Here’s a few things to expect from a great Chromebox:

Speed: Computing speed is an essential part of the operation of these boxes, and they are damn good at it. From booting to connecting to the internet, usage, rebooting, you name it, it’ll get done, and done quickly. These boxes are built with robust processors that keep them running at the right pace to keep your usage as smooth as possible.

Ease of use: Most Chromeboxes come with an easy-to-use interface that makes using the box quite easy for virtually anyone. Whether it’s for yourself or you’re buying it for a senior or student who isn’t conversant with these sophisticated machines, the box will always be easy to use from the beginning.

Data storage and safety: Another thing you’ll love about these boxes is their memory capacity. Whether you have loads of data to save or files you want to keep safe, the chromebox is all you need. With some featuring 16 GB SSD hard drives and others coming with Google drive memory for a given period, you can be sure there will always be enough space to store your data. And if you want to upload it online or download any data, these boxes will always go the distance to help you achieve your aims.

What’s more, the aspect of ensuring it’s safe is essential as well, and the antivirus that most of these boxes come with is very handy here. Keeping viruses and other malware away, you can rest assured that these devices can be entrusted with your data. The same goes for personal data as well as other sensitive data, so you can keep your passwords safe if you’re using the device in the family, and you can also make the most of the parental control features for safe and worry-free family browsing.

Multitasking: The other interesting aspect of the Chromebox is the number of functions it can achieve. You can create, view and even edit spreadsheets, office documents, presentations, to name just a few. You can do this either online or offline and you can also email them to friends, family or business collaborators as well. This is, in essence, an office in a case.

Get the Best Chromebox of 2022!

After reading through our review, we’re sure you can now make an informed decision on the best Chromebox for your needs. If you’re still having difficulties making your choice, you can visit our recommended brands and check out other alternative boxes too. It’s time to move on to the next generation!

Our Top Choice
Acer 1.5 GHz Desktop Chromebox
Best Value
Dell Chromebox 3010 Desktop Computer
Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktop Chromebox
HP Desktop Computer Chromebox
ASUS Mini OS Computer Chromebox